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    Day before yesterday. April 25th between North Bay and Mattawa. 200 km truck ride from Gravenhurst. There is still rideable snow. Anybody want to go tomorrow?
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    Last ride was 3 weeks ago, on the 6th. Rode 130 miles in D13.
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    Just got home from Trail Cleanup - Ken Reid Conservation Park to Fenlon Falls. The Railbed was without snow - even though snow fell for a few hours all the way into Fenlon Fall. Lot of water run off and creek/drains were bulging with water. Lots of Beer Cans and Pop cans off the side of the trail..... couldn't believe it, along with garbage and cigarette boxes etc. One tree was blown over.... we cut that up and took it off trail. Left the garbage in Fenlon Falls and had lunch with the group --- 15 of us in total. I know that we shouldn't drink on the trails, but it wasn't that bad as statistics go...... a few will drink but most of us snowmobilers are good ppl and mean well for each other. Conclusion ..... trails were clean as can be. Cheers to all of us who respected the trails and to those of you who had a few it was a good season.
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    could still be riding in Dubreuilvile, fresh this morning. Ski
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    Last ride of trip to Corridor. Decided to head south on the 4th of April... trails were mint!
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    Nice job Blake. I need your number. Thought about going up there to poke around, I knew there was still some trail left. Usually its Quebec for some last miles at this time of year but I've rode those trails east of NB too the odd year. I wrapped it up on the 14th, trails were still perfect in certain places.
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    Sure it is. But that doesn't mean that buyers and potential buyers shouldn't speak up about something that concerns them with an approximate $20K purchase. One trip meter seems like a huge step backwards. My current sled has a total of four trip meters, although two of them are 'hardware specific'. By hardware specific, I am referring to the Oil Change odometer, which displays only after the oil change interval has been exceeded, and the Fuel odometer, which counts the distance traveled with the fuel light on. All four of these are very useful and I would certainly miss them.
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    X 2...great people, comfortable accommodations, great food.
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    I agree but who says you are invited next year? bahahahahahahaha
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    Just a shout-out to recognize the new owners. About a week ago we were forced to abandon the last 3 days of our northern tour. My best riding buddy slipped on ice and wrenched his back to the point he couldn't go on. Bummer. On very short notice the fine folks at Tatachikapika Lodge were very understanding in cancelling our stay. We would have understood if they needed to charge us, but they did not. Thank you for making a shitty situation a little less so. We will definitely be back, and recommend anyone travelling Gogama area give them a try.
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    I believe they got a couple newbies to step in.
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    you are an animal Blake!! Good on you buddy!!
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    It again depends on the weather, but when I ran that stretch near Powassan it was snow covered road running and was nothing detrimental. It does run for a while, but I think its blown out of proportion. The majority of the time that road is snow covered. One of those sections that 80% of the time is fine. The other 20% its brutal. There is a few other big road running sections south of Kearney north of Dwight as well. Same scenario. RAP is not dead. It's still the great tour it has always been. I would recommend it. Especially in mid February.
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    Most of the time, the isn't anything available to use to clean it up. No broom, no firewood/kindling/matches available to light the stove. If its available, I use, bring an armload of firewood in etc... Be careful who you accuse of not doing their part. I'm vice Pres of our club, cook at every wing night, and stake 8 km of field trail every year.
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    It's never needed any cleaning when I've been there. It is not owned or maintained by the club. The landowner cleans it daily and makes sure the fire is going if someone hasn't already started it.
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    ────────────────── Cross-Country - Dunlop Lake ────────────────── Video II from Sunday's Cross-Country 18 Lake Trip.
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    Great place and great hosts. I would go back as well.
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    Sounds like the same building I might have stayed in when I was there. Nice place. I’d go back.
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    Last time we were there we had a cabin. Are there rooms in the main lodge as well?
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    We should stay there next year.
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    We had a great stay @ the lodge on our trip. All the best to them in the future.
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    Yesterday, 45 minutes from downtown Ottawa.