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    At the first meeting of the new Snowcrest board, the executive group was elected: President Nunzio Iacobellis, Vice President Paul McNichol, Treasurer Henry Vandevalk, Secretary Rod Cronin, and Past President Kelly Hart. Thank you to these volunteers, and to Bill Horosko for being a club executive for the past several years.
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    So you don't have to trade every year before the crankshaft bearings explode.
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    NUNZ will enter and win! Seems to have what some would call horseshoes located somewhere lol
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    When you are really miss a winter
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    I put my name in the hat.
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    In may not be new news to those involved w/ AC, but is it possible that this is the 1st that they've made it known to the general public.
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    Thanks Everyone your support means a lot to me, Hears to hoping for another epic season around the corner..
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    Thanks buddy, Not expecting to give up much seat time this winter, lots of stuff to do in the next few months, We have a great team and looking forward to the new challenge and role.
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    This, right here. As far as differences go, ride there, then comment. There's nothing that can be done about the terrain (generally speaking) in Ontario, or the snowfall, but getting acceptance in towns and villages could be improved. Many areas in Ontario feature virtual roadblocks, and in Quebec, welcome mats, if not red carpets. It's a chicken and egg thing. Government AND private sector need to get involved. Then there's the almost total lack of rule enforcement and resultant bad publicity and trail closures. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE riding in Ontario. Renfrew area and Missing link get it right. I'm sure there's more, that's just my experience. My local area makes my season worthwhile, riding 5 minutes from my house is what keeps me owning sleds and a trailer. They work HARD to keep things going, and do a great job, but without government assistance to enforce government rules, I can't see it as sustainable.
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    Im hoping to make my 1st appearance
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    I don't think it is a contest? As this seems to be some sort of effort to get people "involved" via reporting (there is a facebook page called real time reports already?) it might be used to help solve two problems - 1) off trail riding and 2) low volunteer turnout and burnout with clubs. If snowmobilers can be encouraged through whatever reporting mechanism this thing might provide to become involved with clubs, a sense of '"ownership" toward the trails might be fostered which could reduce the off trail riding. Given certain facebook sledding sites I am aware of, might be too late. Still maybe a refreshing marketing change from shilling for manufacturers and parts suppliers by those with the marketing contract and friends. I've seen soupkids on Sudbury TV being interviewed on the trails - comfortable in front of the camera and lots of time on his hands these days. Noticed that they seem to have gone back to the old district numbering system again? (or least for this thing)
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    First ride: November 15th Location: tbd
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    Congrats Nunz...... you have stepped up and I'm sure you will do a great job ..... now get Blake G to restart the fun rides
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    Congrats to the new executive and thanks for stepping up! I know a few of those people and they are good people!
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    Sérieusement???????????????????????????????? Consider Quebec trails such as these in December of 2019 prior to your Ontario sledding in 2020. Pics from December 2018..... Just clear your mind of the useless concept that Christmas is family time....unless family is with you!
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    If the amount of snow that consistently falls within an hour of Montreal and Quebec City fell within an hour of Toronto, Ontario would be as good or better. That's the main difference I see between the provinces. It equates to Quebec riders seeing more value in their permits. Yes more gov't support would always help too. Truth is we have excellent trail systems in both provinces. More money is always welcomed.
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    There is a rusted p/up dump box for $800 on Kijiji. No pics. Might be be better to buy it and mount on a sturdy flatbed trailer. Or in an old pick up.
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    I have a 5 by 10 utility trailer from the same company - it is not a dump model though. The trailers are as advertised but for sure not as good quality as a brand name like miska or Weberlane, etc. For example the axel is too far forward thus tongue weight sometimes is too light but as long as you load front heavy it’s fine. The wiring is also mediocre. Like said above the price is not too bad - a good case of you get what you pay for though. If you don’t intend to keep it for 10 years and plan light use, it likely will work for you. A bit off topic of what you asked but hopefully helps in your search.
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    Looks like a nice trailer and a fairly good deal, Blake. Only problem I can see is that you are too far away for me to borrow it.
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    Thats rich. You guys pushing to eliminate the courts simply dont know your history and thats why your not grasping what happens when the rights to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence is removed we effectively have a kangaroo court system. Burn the witch comes to mind. I can't believe any of you are that ignorant of how important the courts are to our way of life and the reasons they keep us FIRST WORLD. Third world countries have rulers and dictators. Here? In the FIRST WORLD? We have ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES and a constitutional guarantee to civil rights which INCLUDE the rights to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence where the law is applied EQUALLY to all, the police, the government, and the private citizens. ALL share the same equal rights Soon as you take the EQUAL out of that? What do you get?
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    Here you go - complete with translation: Just save image and print it out.
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    Congrats to everybody
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    None sound as bad as the fact that there is next to no permit enforcement in Ontario. Its literally just the honour system here.