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    Yesterday near Latchford.
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    Did a quick 4 day ride in Quebec, trails are in tip top shape.. it’s not over yet.. few pics of the trail conditions..
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    We'll we got to do this ride today... didn't think it was going to happen, but it did. My wife and I were to meet up with Matt17 at Mooseland, to leave there for 9am, and we did just that, right on schedule. Basing from there gave us the advantage of not having to worry about fuel (although we had our Lin-Q tanks anyways), and a shorter ride since it was a return trip day. Cold morning to start, -15 ish ... trails hard and fast. A couple of little stops to check sliders and scratchers, temps getting up due to hard trail conditions. Made a clicker adjustment on the 03 Rev to get the rpms down a bit, and a quick suspension adjustment too. All the sleds had temps a bit above normal, but nothing a little off trail riding wouldn't fix. Matt had plenty of opportunities to do just that, I'm glad he had the chance to play a bit. This is typical of the scenery along the pipeline sections. Once to Longlac, having never been there before by sled, once our destination for lunch had been decided, we headed over to Longlac Pizza and had yummy burgers and homemade fries. Some of us (them) also enjoyed a soup and dessert.... Fueled up the sleds and headed back towards home, with a bit more playing along the way... this switchback is nasty when heading West ... On the West side of the Pagwa River facing East ... About 325 km for the day, bringing my total km's over 5000 for the season. Might even sneak in a couple more local rides As luck would have it, we had our friends AC+YA father daughter team and another couple pop in as we were loading up the sleds, on their way to Longlac ...
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    Just comeback yesterday from my Solo 3 days snowmobile trip. That was awesome, trails 10/10 except some road run. Put 750 km total on my new sled. Sharing some memories I wrote message to my family on ice with my sled So I'm done for this season, time for ATV and Seadoo
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    Was reading the discussion regards the Ontario interactive map - some discontent and reference to the Quebec map.....I have been doing some organizational research over the year in hopes of sledding in Quebec when personal time allows and thought I would help get others started if so inclined. Lots of people here with a lot of Quebec experience - this is not meant to be a do all and end all, but a start to getting up to speed on what can be fairly daunting at first.... This site shows the various regions as being open, fair or closed: http://www.sledmagazine.com/magazines/motoneiges/cartes/carte.jsp?lg=en Conditions of individual regional trails can be found here - list of regions into which you can auger down into the various club trails: http://www.motoneiges.ca/actions/showConditionsSentierFCMQ?lg=fr Shows open/closed, condition, last report. Clicking on the little icons if available (orange square) leads to further regional information in most cases. The map from the FCMQ has a lot of information available including trip planning....and cumulative mileage on your trip.... http://fcmq.viaexplora.com/carte-motoneige/indexen.html#map This map can also be accessed from the Motoneige magazine trail maps and info previous above.... I don't give a darn if these maps originated with volunteers or however the myth goes - no reason why Ontario shouldn't have similar. OF NOTE - some motels and businesses seem to be left off of the Motoneige map - likely have to pay to be included. There are also others on the FCMQ map that are not included either, but might be found through Quebec tourism sources - a link to which is here - get your paper maps! http://snowmobileinquebec.com/snowmobilers-guide/ With everything being Saint this or Saint that, I have found it useful and less befuddling to bookmark accomodations choices in their respective areas And what else have you got to keep you busy until next season?? By way of contrast, the New Brunswick trail map does not show conditions, but indicates the last time a trail was groomed - the inability to program your own riding itinerary has been improved somewhat on the Ontario trail map with little yellow sleds, but does not exist on the NB map which is produced by the same company. However, I do not expect much improvement on the current Ontario map set up as the New Brunswick map has maintained a limited standard including the white area to the left for several years now. Interesting to note that the green trails have been groomed within the last two days - this post being made on April 7!
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    Well after enough suckoling I got "permission" to run out for a solo ride .... decided that Hornepayne would be a good destination, giving me a good option for some exploring. Prepped the sled last night, had it ready for this morning. Took the local trail straight up to the marina, then West and North, catching the Fushimi loop and headed West. Great trail, good conditions, a little dusting of snow helped with cooling and sliders. Pink highlighter on map below .... (days' track in yellow) ... Stopped just above the Fushimi park gates for a couple of photos ... conditions of those trails were 8 or 9 out of 10 ... just excellent. Once back on the A trail, things got back to their usual pogo stick ride ... too bad because that highway trail used to be so fun, different groomer operator obviously 'cause it used to be flat and fast. Now playing with traffic is no longer an option. Got to Mooseland, there was evidence of idiocy on the little bumper trail that cuts across the parking lot, some bonehead felt it was necessary to cut through the groomer trail ... Sure was glad to get back onto the Hornepayne trails, nice and flat as usual (with a couple of normal bumps here & there). Speeds back up to normal, got some good time in, had some nice morning sun, great for long range photos and some sled pics ... Almost into Hornepayne, had to make evasive manoeuvers to prevent injuring this little guy, who was sleeping in the middle of the trail warming up in the sun .... Had a good lunch at Cindy's, coffee with Matt17, and chatted with a gentleman and another lady (and her daughter) that are related to my dad on the Caraquet family side. Nice talking to people with the "down home" accent ... Fueled up and backtracked to Mooseland, this time doing a little bit of exploring some of the firewood / bird hunting bush we frequent in the summer and fall. (the 2 pink highlighted bits.). The 2nd one near Calstock hadn't seen any traffic all winter, poor little short-track sled had its work cut out for it. Thankfully there was a bit of crust to help support the sled, 'cause in 4+ feet deep of snow I didn't want to be getting stuck ... I would never gotten into here if it wasn't for the wider skis. They're a handful to turn, but man, they sure do the job in this stuff .... Back on the A trail heading towards town, got to the Kabina river crossing and spotted this furry little guy ... hadn't seen one before, chatting with Revrnd, we've determined that it's a Mink ... I've seen several Martin before, and a couple of Weasels (they're adorable in their white winter coat), but never a Mink before... Finished the bouncy A trail ride back to local trails, saw I wasn't going to make my goal of 400 km for the day, so detoured back onto the Marina trail and ran the lake and river around to the East (where Sledjunk got a flat tire on his Vector last month ...) and back home. Orange track on the map below .... Goal reached, 408 km for the day. This gives me a season total to date of 5543 km, and sled total since purchased of 6054 km (in 1 season plus a bit late last year).
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    Dubreuilville Monday morning April 2nd in the picture. Rode over 500 miles this past weekend. Went back to Longlac with Paige. Just straight from Hornepayne to Longlac. Same on the way back. Saw Matt and Dennis & Dorris. The trails were so hard that I made it on a tank of fuel no problem. Paige’s sled with the Suzuki 800 probably would have made it, but was down to one bar 20 miles out so we put a gallon in her machine. The Soo had lots of tracks from the weekend yesterday but was burning off again. Lots of riding out of town, but road sections are burned off. Scratchers were needed by most this past weekend in Dubreuilville and north because no snow up there until an inch or two early Monday morning. Missed you again Ski.
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    I think the canyon is a must do at least once. Every trail has a piston alley so that’s not a negative of the canyon. You can be broken down anywhere. I have seen FB posts from the northern clubs looking to get a sled and rider to their truck in Timmins or Kap for free or trying to unite a tool bag and rider or a pair of glasses, try to get that elsewhere. If you start off at Smooth Rock with a full tank, you will need to have or buy less fuel to return. I would like to do the Moosonee run too but $850 is a crazy price. I would rather a week in Cuba. Hotel rooms aren’t any cheaper in Cochrane but the people are a lot more friendly and helpful in the north. They will have great conditions with lots of snow into April and although Quebec and New Brunswick have great trails, this is an Ontario Conditions forum isn’t it? Lol. Last year I rode the canyon and there were warming shacks with a fire going and the trails were perfect. I may have to head to Cochrane again this spring! Well worth the drive imho.
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    Encore season final ride was fantastic. My wife and I rode out of Hailebury last three days. A trail was groomed to south of Latchford and open to Temagami. Big thanks to Tri Town Snow Travellers. This allowed us lots of access to go play in fresh snow! Timiskaming solid and snow covered for lake touring. Even saw some unique wildlife...
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    Pics from today. 140 miles of just about pure powder. Today was THE FIRST TIME I HAVE EVER RODE FROM HOME IN APRIL.
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    An ideal opportunity for “The Intrepid Snowmobiler” to do some research and provide OFSC Trail Permit Holders with some useful and pertinent information.
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    I haven't had a brain freeze since I was a kid eating ice cream. Last Saturday me and the boys were at the LOL Bestro Bar in the Dube drinking Coco Chatta's and it gave me brain freeze. It still hurts.
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    if you were ready to leave... you can always walk up to the bar, to the cash register, and wait for the bill there, they will get right to you. help them, help you. you are in the middle of nowhere, you cant expect fast food, mcdonalds service, in a town of 600 people, 200 miles from the nearest "metropolitan" area. get over yourself, you seem like all you are there to do is pick the place apart. Ski
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    Just a follow up to Fuse6's follow up - for the riders who like to saddle bag, here is a link to a very informative New Brunswick tour story by Motoneiges Magazine - routes, accomodations, pictures - http://www.motoneiges.ca/actions/page?docId=9008&ctx=ctx&p=Snowmobile Tour in New Brunswick&request_locale=en Looks like they paid their own way on the trip - unlike some others.
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    I just rode the best 900km's of my season. Staged in Searchmont and rode to Wawa, White River, Dubruilleville and Hawk Junction on the absolute best trail conditions imaginable. Hats off to all the clubs and their hard work to have the trails in this condition this late in the season.
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    Congrats to Dubreuilville and Timmins - both have sections of trail still open. Dub has 'many' kms, Timmins less. Until next year ....
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    last ride 04/17/2018 season totals 6,022 miles (9,691 km) 189.3 hours 27 ride dates longest single day ride 372 miles (599 km) .
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    rode dubreuilville Saturday 162 miles, saw one sled total. north trail held up really well, a couple of road crossings, and the rr track north of town at km17 were the worst parts. made it to the warm up shack, and then went to the hornepayne side of the d108a for a bit of added mileage all in all was awesome. the south D,F trail didn't fair as well. approx. 10-12 miles south of town the loggers plowed the trail (road) to dirt/mud, with no warning. 2 weeks prior it was mint. the club had a bypass but the warm temps and the multiple road crossings of mud, made it a no go for our group, to try to run to hawk and back. the F trail to missanabie and ernies has been messed up for several weeks, with a power crew in replacing poles so, we didn't even try it. the west trail toward white river, fishing moose lodge held up well, with one small stretch where you cross the magpie, where a work crew worked on the bridge this season. it was getting toward sunset, so we headed to the magpie, v.s riding anymore dirt. the magpie still had the trail markers up. the water level has dropped about 12-15 feet since the freeze in the late fall/early winter. lots of magpie mushrooms, stumps, rocks, sandbars exposed ect... awesome sunset on the reservoir. it was plus15 or better Friday, sat, and sunday. the snow was going FAST. The club did a great job with a late start on snow, then a big wallop the end of feb. then the last storm on Monday, before we arrived. conditions were great almost the whole season. glad it is over. rode in just a tekvest, and mx jersey Saturday. no gloves for most of the day. sunburnt wrists, hands, face. LOL! was a blast. ended up with around 1200 miles for the season, mostly offtrail. broke 7100 miles on my 2009 m8, next year she will be 10 seasons with me, the longest I have ever kept a sled. not planning on replacing her anytime soon. ready for bike season. Ski
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    Probably something like this. A quick 100km after work. Used lots of gas pushing about 4” of slush.
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    Got some trail riding in with my daughter, wife and son and my sister, great day
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    201 mile ride today...all cross-country riding...no trails. Staged at Larimore...rode in the same area as my last ride on 04/07/2018. Snow has not shrunk much in a week....fields are still covered. Today's ride in blue...last weeks ride in red. eagle at 12 o'clock rabbit wants to run me...
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    A little of this and that. Pure satisfaction. We got about 3500 kms on visiting some new and old destinations. Not bad considering no trails open at home much this year. Was indeed a great finish !
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    Wow! Winter 2.0 indeed.
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    Halfway Haven - 1st - Winter Customers Chad, Ray and I, were #1 again this year. 1st winter sledders to make it into Halfway Haven. Date was December 10th Previous Years: #1 - 2016 - December 11th - Dave, Al, Chad, Ray, Dan #1 - 2015 - December 20th - John, Greg, Gerald, Chris, Chad, Ray, Dan #1 - 2011 - January 9th - Dan D., Ricky, Dave, Sean, Chad, Dan Dec 10th - 2017, Dec 11 - 2016, Dec 20th - 2015 and Jan 9th - 2011 photos
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    I tried to zoom-in on that part of the trail just after you cross Hwy11. Open the ITG to see it better. The trail cuts off toward the west at the pipeline and crosses a road and then the river and then takes the next road north to hook back up with the rail bed heading west.
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    Rare canyon sasquatch. He's a hard species to follow as he's a very fast species. Normally all you see is a cloud of white snow when tracking him.
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    Today, Rob and I started off with a quick ride to Bidule Restaurant in town for breakfast as Papa Francos is closed Mondays. Then we figured we would head over to Smooth Rock for lunch as this was going to be a light day to avoid the warm temps. On the way, we did the complete Nursery Loop near Moonbeam. We stopped off at the lookout over the dam at Smooth Rock for a couple of pics. Here you can see the tracks left by an 'adventurous' soul. As we were still a bit early for lunch, we decided to take A to L107 to A103 and back to A for a short 20 Km loop. Had lunch at Smoothy's and again the service was horrible. Left the restaurant, fueled up and headed back. The plan was to take L119, L125, A, L127, A, L123, and L143. On the way across L123, we came across a couple of groups of sledders gathered around a tree that was felled by a beaver across the trail. The tree was about 8 inches in diameter so it had to be cut. Once cut, everyone gathered together to pick it up and throw it off the trail. After chatting for a few minutes, we parted ways and continued on. About 5 minutes down the trail, we encountered a large moose on the trail. By the time I got stopped, he got spooked and jumped off the trail. We proceeded slowly to see if we could catch another glimpse, but no luck. Just around the next corner, and back up to speed, there was an even larger moose running down the trail. Two separate sightings in one day!!! We logged 278 Km on our 'light' day. Here is our track for the day. Back at the motel, Rob loaded up and headed home. I will be departing in the morning. It has been a great trip, logging 2402 Km on the GPS. Hopefully this is not the last trip of the season.
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    Just came home. Sun every day for 5 days It was there, amazing. Piled on 1450 km's. My 71 year old father was worn out by last day. cochrane was abit choppy coming thru on Friday, but was smooth leaving on Saturday. Seems everyone was headed to kap or hearst or doing canyon loop and not riding south.
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    Photos added. Try to add Marathon to your destination list.
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    Still good riding today on Crown Land near North Bay. Left home around 6 to get to trails while temps were still cool and before the snow got too mushy. Unloaded around 830. The base seemed to be a couple of feet thick. Beautiful day with smooth trails. Probably be great again early tomorrow, but I seem to have run out of people to ride with.
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    The only way I am going to get rich is to keep the money I earn and not throw it away. I use quality materials and since I have two feet and a heart beat so far, so I am quite capable of doing so myself. All this work that I do by myself, for myself, limits my time wasted watching the endless crap about Trump. And you know what ? Endless things are learned doing so. This experience is what is so lacking in the world today. Never before in the history of mankind have so many known so much about so little. Never before in the history of mankind have so many known so little about so much. The problem today is that the masses are scared shitless to work on anything because they are told they can't. Well I can and I do.
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    The roads around here are ride able, they are backroads but are just perfect condition. I was able to put in just about 100 km on my rebuild to test it out. Felt good to get it back out and April 15 is a little off.
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    Rode Temiscaming to Rouyn Noranda to Amos to Matagami and back a couple of weeks ago (approx 950 miles) Trails were stellar! We did it in 3 days, but our seat time was only around 20 hours. Not bad for a bunch of old farts in our 60s & 70s.
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    did 256 miles (412 km) today 04/07/2018 This was a cross-country off trail ride but we did end up riding some trail. When we stopped at the Pit Stop in Clifford for lunch there were 6 local riders (all on Arctic Cats) who mentioned that their club trail was signed. So we decided to ride part of it...on the map it was the portion of the ride from Clifford thru Hope, Pillsbury and Page to Galesburg.
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    When you saddlebag for 5-7 days, at some time or another riding new to relatively new sleds you are going to need replacement parts. We have found over the years that if we limped into a dealer with a problem on a sled that was less than 4 years old there was a pretty good chance that they would get us going the same day. A number of times if the dealer didn't have the part needed on the shelf, they would rob it off an inventory sled new or used to get us going. Often same parts are used for a few production years so as long as your sled is less than 4-5 years old the borrowing from new sled inventory is often possible. My point with this is that I want to be riding a sled make where I can find dealers with parts and some new sled inventory when the day comes that I need them and it will come. Our group of 4 has has 30 annual trips together and have been lucky enough to only have to go get the truck once for a storm that put the bottom end out of the motor. We depend on the dealers along our routes to keep us going.
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    I lied about the last ride. 140 miles today in the powder.
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    Yeah, I got the notice a cpl weeks ago that I need to go in for my update for my medical card for my CDL. The first time I was there, I read off "m a d e i n u s a" in my best Donald Southerland voice The guy asked me which line I was on? I said clear to the bottom.... He didn't git the quote ..... .
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    Yup, getting the snow off. It's kinda a joke. First trip of the year I put my sled in the water so I figured I should do the same thing on the last trip.
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    Some pics from Rickwards Antique Sled show in Feb 2018.
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    Might as well get out of sledding completely then, 'cause if you're going to wait on Mother Nature every season, you'll be dissapointed almost every season. You're retired, have the time, can probably afford it easily enough, so quit making excuses and ride... or quit whining that it costs so much or it's too far .... excuses made by the kind that just don't want to put in the effort to enjoy life. I live paycheck to paycheck, have basically nothing left of a pay when the next one comes around, and yet have 3 sleds on the trail all functional, 1 of them on payments, a trailer on payments, 2 kids and a wife, and can STILL pull off 5000 km this year. Don't tell me you can't afford to take 5 days off and ride 3 of them, and spend 4 nights on a motel.
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    I don't know what "new ones" are? Any that I have ever had - you pop the top off and turn it around and strike the flare with the cap to light. You git 20 minutes of HOT flare to dry out and light whatever scrub that you can find - noting that if you are "camping" unexpectedly, you likely don't have all of the tools that you would in your truck to produce clean, dry, kinlin, and you are only gathering what you can find above the snow line. Also - you would want to shovel (?) down to the dirt to start your fire, or - at least gather many pine boughs to lay down first to build your fire on. We tried this once with poor results, but my chum was in a hurry to light it. I wanted to gather many more boughs. Birch bark is the #1 kinlin (sp?) in any areas that I ride yonder anyhow, but there are days that _ that is really wet, and will not just light with a Bic. And getting bigger twigs and such to light (especially when wet) with a match prolly less likely. Of course there is the tampon in the gas tank trick if you want to carry one of those around. I'll stick with the flares. I've used them, and they work very well! A group of Yanks took a wrong turn S of Wawa a cpl yrs ago and ended up on Cross-over rd near Millwood instead of Tik, and spent the night out. (It was a VERY cold night!) The snow was deep, and they had a large group. I seen the hole they dug in the middle of the road - down to dirt. This also shelters you and your fire from the wind, and will help to hold any heat in. They did a good job. My personal experience with fires in the snowbank are that 95% of the heat generated by the fire - is the sweat produced by fetchin' wood out in the snowbank continually. The fire does WAY more for mental porpoises than anything physical in this application. If you have enough tools to take the seat off of your sled, that will give you a warm, and comfy place to sit. We used to carry large tarps and -30 sleeping bags when breaking the Searchmont trail open yrs ago. And even snowshoes for several years. But once we got the 800cc mtn sleds, we really didn't need them nearly as much, and eventually dropped them. But we have used all but the snowshoes. .
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    Sunday's 14 Lake Cross Country I removed most of the cross country footage on this video, however kept the lake running. The fellow in the photo is ice fishing on Dunlop Lake.
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    And that is White Dragon's 1000 words for this year.
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    Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's not false advertising because they will, in fact, warranty your machine for 4 years. The fact that you don't like those terms doesn't make it deceitful.
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    On the majority of trails in the northern corridor you can tailor how many km's you want to do in a day because there are lots of towns and places to stay. You can putter along and watch the scenery, stop for a nice lunch and still easily put 150- 200 km. on before dark if you wish to. A saddlebagging example is riding from Cochrane towards Hearst. You can stay in SRF(45miles), Kapuscasing (100 miles) or Hearst (190 miles). Timmins or Cochrane or Kapuscasing are all great spots to do day tripping out of. Finally, if long drives are an issue, split it into a 2 day trip and if you get to your destination early and feel like it, go for a ride on the local trails. I would suggest going in March as the daytime temps. are more suited to us "seasoned" riders. 02, there is just too much fantastic sledding in the Northern Corridor not to go and ride it at least once. I bet if you did it wouldn't be your last time going up #11. My brother who is in his late 60's said a couple of years ago when we were talking about doing a trip "we better do it because it might not be that long before we can't do it."
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    Cross Country Video Today was a good day. New territory was nice to see and explore. I had my metal detector and digging tool hooked on the back of the sled and managed to locate a few old lumber camps along the way. Unfortunately, I lost my axe on a steep hill at Pathfinder Lake. Otherwise, no other issues.
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    Yesterday, Chandos_Rob, Moosifer and I went to Smoothy's for lunch and finished by doing a bunch of loops. 380 Km for the day and Smooth Rock was the furthest we were from the hotel. Here is the track from the trip.