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    Snowcrest's 2018 AGM has now adjourned. Thank you: to the two dozen hard core sledder attendees, who braved sunny 23 degree skies. to the meeting host , Residence Inn Gravenhurst - Muskoka Wharf. to guest speaker, Paul Murray, our former District 7 Governor and new OFSC President. We are very fortunate to have Paul at the helm of the federation. to retiring Snowcrest Directors Graeme Reading, Glen Debes and Steve McDonald. Thank you and welcome to our new board members: Scott Spencer, Tom Koegler, Henry Vandevalk, John Lake, and Nunzio Iacobellis. These are long standing Snowcrest volunteers, who have now offered their time at the board level. These gentlemen will be working with continuing directors Bill Horosko, Jon Massey, Paul McNichol, and Ron Roberts, along with returning director Kelly Hart. Best of luck, and thank you for volunteering to work for Snowcrest Riders! The group are already involved in their first meeting, to finalize plans for the Snowcrest Annual Golf Tournament, scheduled for Friday, June 15th.
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    Not even close to a hatchet man. Trust that the hiring team at the OFSC took all things into consideration and maybe got a time commitment from him too. Why always think the worst - perhaps he's a builder, a fixer, he certainly has some impressive credentials. Perhaps the hiring team has the best interest of the organization in mind. There are new people at the helm right now in a very strong, forward thinking Excom, the the BOG has put into place, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have picked someone who was going to hurt the organization as a whole. DD
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    I understand the changes required by MOTS Paul and do not have a problem with most of the changes. That said, the only reason that I can see for changing away from a simple numbering system for the "revised Districts" would be to appease those whose district number would have been changed to a neighbouring District's number. I am a keep it simple kind of person and just believe that a numbering system is just much easier to learn and remember than a long name. There will most certainly be costs incurred by using the longer names as they require labour to change, art work, print space costs, etc. I just think that the money spent on those costs could have been kept on the snow.
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    Thanks Blake, I am very much looking forward to my new role as a Director with Snowcrest, and working with the rest of the team!!
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    Smoking. 4 weeks and holding
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    Ryan J. Eickmeier. Was previously with the Canadian Franchise Association as Vice President of Govt Relations and Public Policy. Starts on June 4th.
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    Not sure how anyone else feels about this change but it seems to me to be change for the sake of change. More expenses to keep the dollars off the snow and a way to confuse a system that was much simpler for people to remember the various areas. JMHO.
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    Wife & I are heading to the Bonavista Peninsula June 22nd. Wasn't planning on taking the sled though.
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    I cannot blame him for grinding out a living doing basically nothing. He found a platform and wormed his way deep inside it. Any volunteer would be happy to write about their area for free. No need to pay a guy to ride with permit money. But whom among us would pass on that deal?
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    Wrong. The only one left is P. S.
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    Ah Yes, a Lightning Rod for sure who is in many ways the only recognizable face of the OFSC to most Snowmobilers. Many would certainly like to know what he is paid, especially given that he has so many other irons in the fire with various sponsors, Quebec snowmobiling, etc. He does provide interesting and relevant information to Snowmobilers of various types but possibly he is at the end of the line too.
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    Nunz for president or premier or any or all of the above. lol
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    Someone from 'outside' is best suited for something like this. Hopefully the gravy train is finally over for the 'hangers on'.
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    Ryan Eickmeier Ryan is the Vice President, Government Relations & Public Policy with the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), the recognized authority on franchising in Canada with over 600 corporate members nation-wide representing many of Canada’s best-known brands. Ryan is responsible for increasing the influence of the CFA and advocating for favourable public policy to support franchising in the marketplace through government relations, strategic public policy partnerships and advocacy at the federal and provincial levels. Before CFA, Ryan was the Senior Director, Public Affairs at GS1 Canada, the world’s leading supply chain standards organization. Prior to joining GS1 Canada, Ryan was the Director, Government Relations & Policy at the Real Property Association of Canada (REALpac), where he helped lead the commercial real estate sector through proactive and reactive advocacy campaigns. Ryan was also an Associate at the political consulting firm Greener and Hook, LLC where he worked on both the political and corporate side of the company. Ryan worked extensively with political candidates and corporations at all levels on messaging, strategy, research, and social media communications. Before Greener and Hook, Ryan was a research assistant at The Center for Terrorism and Intelligence Studies (CETIS) where his deliverables helped formulate the Global Terrorism Database (GTD), now the largest open source intelligence database in the world. Ryan also worked as a policy analyst at the grassroots advocacy firm The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition where he produced advocacy literature and political mailers. In the fall of 2007, Ryan accepted a key staff position within United States Senator Fred Thompson’s Presidential Campaign. As an advance and field representative for the State of New Hampshire, Ryan was responsible for the planning and execution of campaign events, grassroots advocacy efforts, and ensuring maximum visibility for the candidate at all times.
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    Good background for the position. I wish him well.
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    It has alot to do with amalgamation of districts and associations which were providing at times duplication of services. The Membership voted in MOTS, with this vote changed the way we do business. Some love the concept, some absolutely hate it and are constantly pushing back. Many bylaws and policy changes needed to be made, as well as shuffling of each regions board of directors. The name changes are really just a reaction to the changes of bylaws, do to the Corporations act. It sounded simple, but it isn't easy getting 1000's of volunteers onto the same page.
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    but there would still be expense and to what benefit?
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    No different. They were operating as one last season...
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    OK, so y'all don't have the corner on the redneck market ....
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    And we wonder why trailer blitz's happen.
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    Should've had the set up I saw on I-81 on Fri' in NY or PA. Pickup towing a trailer (made from an old pickup box) w/ a slide in camper in it.
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    Way to go buddy!! I’m at Just over 3 months no smoking and feel great.. Congrats!!
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    As much as I think the guy is a tool as well. Some monies received by the OFSC have to be spent on programs I are at if on the trail.