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    Pics of our visit to the Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Site and Snowmobile Museum in Cochrane. Everybody has to visit this at least once in their lifetime.... Couple of the Girards Esso race team sleds ... A Super Sonic L/C 440 ... Kids sleds existed back in the 70's ... A Muckaluk ... The Massey Ferguson Ski Whiz. Same as our across-the-street neighbour in Manitouwadge had ... fond memories of trying to pull-start it when it stalled ... '70 Alpine 399, same as mine but much cleaner and much more original ... '82 Elite ... 3 or 4 T'nt's .... 250 R/V Silver Bullet ... Black Dot ... 72 340 ... Long line of 'Doo's .... Real old school Spitfire ... Skiroule ... Love the Coleman decal on it ... The original Timbersled ... Lots more pics of the sleds, gotta keep some secret ... Part of the Heritage village ... the Homestead ... Typical kitchen cook stove, most had a water heater and warmer on the top section, this one doesn't ... Also typical of the day, many kids per room .... Trapper's cabin, prolly a welcome sight after a long day on the trapline ... Prolly never that clean when he's using it .. 10 Horse Johnson .... In the Blacksmith's shop .... love the old calipers ... Sharpening stone, hand crank ... Drill press .... Forge, c/w air induction to raise the temps ... there were some buckets of coal nearby that would be used for forging... Some of the "vehicles" used back in the day ... Mom's first job as a young adult was to work the switchboards for Bell Telephone in Montreal. This would be a miniature version of a similar board. Very rarely seen today. Some of you might remember the old wood cook stove I have in my garage, it was in fact made by THIS company ... A couple for you Revrnd, I thought you'd be interested in these ... Lots more to see, the rail station is really neat, lots of CN related stuff ... Definitely worthy of a visit ... Portion of the map showing the rail stations and lines in Northern Ontario. Outside the train station... We're definitely going to go back this summer, and bring the in-law's, and spend more time. We saw all 3 polar bears, took plenty of pics of them too. Bigger than our black bears ... lots longer body, and taller ... HUGE paws ... BTW Sledjunk, Terry's was closed for renovations, ended up having lunch at Harvey's / Swiss Chalet (fail, chicken overcooked) ... no-one but me wanted to go to JR's, so I got outvoted .... (I called SJ for lunch advise, knowing his Cochrane experience and love for a good soup ... lol !! )
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    I am getting the MXZ X 850 Etec. Gonna be a little bit of an upgrade from my 600 etec. Cant wait till I get her in November, or first sign of snow.
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    Are we talking snowmobiles only or snowmobiles and ATV's in Saskatchewan? I believe the original idea in Ontario promoted by OFSC was that both snowmobiles and ATV's being required to pay an annual contribution to the organized trail systems. As much as the OFSC is looking for outside monies, I believe that persons owning snowmobiles who do not utilize OFSC trails should not be required to fund OFSC programs. In a somewhat contrary opinion, I believe that too many ATV owners are utilizing OFSC infrastructure, primarily bridges & culverts, at absolute zero $$ contribution and causing expensive damage to OFSC trails to boot. The question is how to correct that inequity and really there is no fair way as the majority of ATVs areprobably not using OFSC trail infrastructure. We need much stronger enforcement and penalties like Quebec appears to have.
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    Thanks Sledjunk. There is a point when you just have to step up whether it's in the original big plan or not. I wanted to stay with D4 through the merge, and make sure all went well, but I know you will be in good hands and I felt my worth could be better used in this position. The majority of the Gov's felt this way too, or there would have been a different outcome. I plan to serve the BOG and also the membership that has put their trust in the BOG and Excom. Anyhow guys, give me some time to get my wheels rolling here and know that I will be doing my best. I don't post here a lot, but I am a member and I do watch the threads. DooDette
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    Marni Smith (Dist 4 Governor) is the new 2nd VP. Congratulations to Marni. I think she'll do an excellent job in her new role.
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    Bonfire? Didn't you just get new sleds? Sorry, couldn't resist Count me in, sounds like a great time
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    Just wondering if there is any interest on a OC barbeque and Bonfire at the Polaris Den in Gravenhurst this summer, Karen and I were talking about it and thought it might be a nice way to get some of together for a afternoon/evening.
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    Received the latest OFSC email & survey - wants folks to indicate which type of radio they listen to - just click on 'don't listen to radio' - might go some way in keeping money being spent in useless ways. Noticed Nutter and his BFF Craig Nicholson in a nice story about trail side butter tarts in the last issue- looks like you started something here Blake G. Good of them to further spread the word seeing as some maintain that few people visit this forum.
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    Selling our boat. Due to work schedules we have decided to sell our boat. A 1995 Wellcraft Eclipse 233. Cuddy cabin; alcohol cooktop, sink, small marine porta potty, table and sleeping for 2-3. 5.7L motor. 10 person safe capacity. Has been winterized, stored and summer ready the last 6 years by the local marina. Currently at Everglades Marina in Pefferlaw, slip paid for the season. Asking $5,300.
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    Maybe a good dose of 2 stroke exhaust I might do, nothing more, I know SJ loves that smell... Going to see if I can find some snow from the local arena and put a pile in the backyard somewhere in case VR700 decides to bring his grandpa sled. lol
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    I remember hearing radio ad's from the OFSC promoting snowmobiling and permits when the season was basically over around here. What a waste of air time and money at that time of year. RW
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    Surveys are always skewed to whatever the surveyors want as answers.
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    Want my Bee Gees? Steve Miller as well.
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    Be nice if they would leave snow on the shoulder of the road in snowmobile country. When I went to Elliot lake the side roads, they would leave the snow on the shoulder of the road and groom it to get from point A to Point B. Not very many area's I see that happening. If we could secure shoulder of roads on side country roads, then it would save hundreds of thousands in trail building costs and culverts etc. Be easier to groom and maintain as well.
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    Feel free to talk as slow or as fast as you like...nobody'll be listening anyway.
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    If the party is going to be crashed by a bunch of skidoo cowboys I think I will find another party lol or just talk slower at any doo gathering
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    Ms Iq turbo and I may attend. That's if ski doo owners are welcome.
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    We have a big project planned! Over the next few months we will be tearing down a groomer we acquired for parts. This is will allow us to keep a healthy stock of parts to get our groomers back on the snow in the event of a break down. Volunteers are hard at work every Wednesday night at the clubhouse. There's lots to do! If you are interested in volunteering join us Wednesdays at 7:30pm at 211 Laidlaw Street South, Cannington.
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    If I'm not mistaken you need internet access to use it and you pay $10 / month. Their web page is less than obvious of how the service works. To each their own but I'm not really interested in downloading music to replay it later. Call me cheap but my cell phone doesn't have a data package. I access to the internet at home or when I stop into places like Timmies or someplace that has free wifi. I don't need to be connected that badly. When I was working the company supplied the smart phone and all the connectivity because I needed it for the job but not anymore. When I listen to radio I use a station that plays the mix of music I like and let them do all the programming. I just turn it on and listen. As it pertains to the snowmobile world, personally I don't believe they need to pay to advertise on radio that permits are on sale which is what I get the sense the survey is about. As for Nicholson... I find his radio spots essentially useless. They appear to be aimed at the simple minded who haven't much of a clue to what they are doing. They are Captain Obvious spots. If the OFSC is going to run ads in any media they need to aim those ads at capturing new snowmobilers rather than preaching to the converted, they loyal and die hard sledder who doesn't need a sales pitch. They need to know the media that the non sledder, who would be a likely convert listens to, reads and watches. This would be the person who has an "outodoor" tendency. Boating, biking, fishing, camping, hiking etc.
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    Wow, Denis Thanks for assembling this (probably not the first time you've heard that, LOL).
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    Sounds like the city folk that buy these things where the chargers are , (and take the up to $14,000 subsidy from us taxpayers) will have wait problems . It will be the new "wait for the boat launch" of the 21st century. I can imagine it now................hey I was next in line, no you were not, I had my app on since 2 hours ago, ...but I was parked here two hours ago, .............but I reserved it three weeks ago when I reserved all the chargers in this area just in case .............. hey who unplugged my car while I was in the can ..... Not for me I will go to the Shell Station , or the Esso Station , and fill up in 5 minutes .
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    eat it all up.......................its not about electric power its about controlling dollars. Enjoy . Btw I love my two stroke
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    All my Yammies are safely tucked away at home. But yeah, I do go off trail, but not intentionally
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    if its for your wife. buy her the 600 etec. I bought a 600 etec for my son and as soon as she road it 1km. She said that is my sled. Don't touch it.
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    I'd be afraid of being pepper-sprayed by the host.
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    Sound waves are linear and cannot travel in a direction that they were not emitted. So in reality by the time you hear the bike, Its too late.
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    Buddy of mine has a sticker on his bike that's says 'If loud pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride that thing could do'
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    Gee are you ever butt hurt cause you can't get published. Always the same thing with you.
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    X3 Nunz for Mayor of Gravenhurst. President of the Local Snowmobile Club and ....
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    Thanks for sharing the pictures, we are planning on heading up next week to see the Bear Habitat & Heritage Site and Snowmobile Museum.
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    Great post, Denis. As Slomo said, they do look small but are probably still young and growing. When we were there a few years ago, there was only 1 lonely bear and my daughter was a little disappointed. We toured the snowmobile museum, but the rest of the buildings were closed, IIRC. It was between Christmas and New Years. Sorry to hear that Terry's was closed, but hopefully it will be open better than ever for next winter. Maybe, they'll even be open for breakfast.
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    Awesome! We are in Cochrane this December 29 - January 1 (weather and trails willing), and hope to be able to visit those spots.
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    You are also taxed at the restaraunts in Niagara falls.Tourist tax they call it. I was there for business for a weekend and asked what it was all about. They said tourists come to see the falls, the lights and fireworks. New years events etc etc that's where the tax goes. I told them I have lived in southern Ontario my whole life have seen the falls before. Whoop! I am not here as a tourist, Its business. They were more than happy to remove the tax from my bill, and then I tipped the waitress a little bit more and said thank you... It's voluntary, but they should tell you up front.
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    I like it Nunz - be happy to drive down after 3 rd week of July....................wait a minute....what's this on the invitation about bringing a shovel?
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    A blue hair dryer would be quite funny. Yamahaha has it's issues. Quite the scene with Yami riders trying to start sleds on a cold morning. In fact, Ron and Giselle want forewarning if I'm still on the Viper next year. Went through the relay issue on Apex/Vector and then starter kickback on the Viper. Cold mornings and Yami...not a good mix (this past year it was simply 'cold' - can't explain why 3 Yammi's didn't start that day, but Ron's boost sure helped). Have now driven thousands of kms with Ski-Doo riders on their reliable 4 strokes. Never a hiccup (hangover, yes, but never a hiccup). Time for a new avatar? LOL
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    I live in GTA. Find that it's an unofficial start to the season. Usually go on opening day. Great place if you know what you need, ready to purchase (usually accessories). Never found the actual OEM snowmobile displays helpful. Can't put my finger on it, but suspect that if you're in one camp (i.e. team Blue) and venture over to Eat Shit Blvd (oh, let's say Polaris) ... you're surrounded by folks who've consumed the kool-aid. Tough to discuss the advantages of a sawed off sled (oh, let's say Polaris) when you're in a Yamaha jacket and the Polaris riders ask how your hernia is healing.
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    Hey Kevin, Sometimes the best course of action is to step away for a time, especially if your currently not enjoying things as they are. Three years back, sold off both sleds, trailer n all the related bits cause I was "done". First year away could not have cared less about sledding, second year the itch started n grew more intense as the days passed. Best thing to happen to me, following spring my wife popped for a new sled cause she was sick of having me home talking about sledding all winter. First full winter back in the rear view, fever is as intense as it's ever been. Hope to get up your way again next winter, enjoyed the area n especially enjoyed the company. PS............please keep the Moose off ye olde trail will ya.
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    Being able to use the steering wheel should be part of getting your boaters license. See my previous posts.
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    I love how people are so eager to be sold down the river.
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    If we are going to run the roads, I will take the car.
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    Having recently bought a 16 Renegade Enduro 800, I've been spending some time reading the Doo Talk forums, and threads about Renegades in particular. There are plenty of extremely happy 900 ACE owners, many calling the 900 the best engine they've ever experienced.
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can think one.
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    Great to see some Estrogen back in the higher ranks. Things seem to have gone for a $hit since Brenda left.
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    X2, by then it will be time to start thinking about sledding again.
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    Radio. Please. What a waste of dollars. Recently purchased my kid a car. All he cared about was whether the radio had an aux cord so he could run spotify.
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    Your input re: Sudbury snowmobiling has been extraordinary. It's difficult to think about sledding in summer, so best not to. Pop open a cold one and enjoy!
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    Good point, Panther. It is worth clarifying that, as as far as I recall, the OFSC was not the driving force behind Bill 100. OFSC simply got caught up in the fiasco.
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    I wonder if Wynne & her spouse drive a Volt or Leaf to their cottage north of Havelock? Does an OPP security team follow them around in a Tahoe when they are up there too?
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    You guys are funny... way to may foolish comments to quote them all. First, your right charge time isn't as fast as filling your tank. But you plug it in every night. Ya if your traveling that can be a problem. But again, the truck is a prototype, and let's look at Tesla. 4 years ago they had a 65kw battery with about 230km range. Now in the same package is a 100kw battery with 500km+ range. Tesla does have their supercharger that will give you 350kms in about 25mins. 25mins to stop on a road trip is nothing. Walk in to an On route on the 401 and you'll be 20 mins waiting to get a coffee. Tesla is working in a new battery that will be around 125kw so about 600km that is basically a capacitor that can be charged in about 5 min. As for running out of chrage and being sruck. How often do you run out if gas in your car? In almost 30 years of driving I've never run out if gas before. Why is that? Because I know how to read that gauge on the dash and plan for it. Actually CAA/AAA gave Tesla the high possible rating for any vehicle currently on the market. There is some rumbling from AAA about trying to jack rates. However well everyone else gives EV discounts, AAA is looking stupid. As for hyrdo cost, power per km cost to chrage your EV is about 30% of what it is for a gas one. Ya hyrdo rates are always going up. But so is gas, hyrdo isn't going to triple in price before gas does. You guys have get to look at the big picture.. Gas powered cars have been around over a hundred years. So ya lots if knowledge and infrastructure to support it. EVs are just now starting to really hit the market. Give them time, they will take over. Here is an easier way to think about it... how many if you said the 4 stroke will never takeoff and take over from the 2 strokes.. Basically 4 strokes are all we have. EVs are the same as 4 stroke selds...