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    Not much snow yet....but enough for half an hour of figure eights....8 kms in total....at one of my storage sites near Gravenhurst. Looking forward to seeing folks sharing their early and late season fun. The real fun will begin when the OFSC trails are open.
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    A couple of photos from Searchmont today and tonight. Travis was out with his snowmobile and is reporting 30+ cm. Marko was out skiing and reporting the same. An early start to winter this year.
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    Stop by the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region-District 1 booth and get your “Winter Is For Everyone” lottery ticket. This years prize package is a 2019 SkiDoo Renegade Adrenaline 900 Ace, a 2019 SkiDoo Grand Touring Sport 900 Ace and a 11ft Triton double enclosed trailer. Both sleds come 1 season extended warranty and 2020 Trail Permits. Draw date is Dec 19, 2019. Winner takes all. Proceeds support trail and grooming operations in the region.
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    I dunno.... I'm caught between a rock and a hard place.... go to the show and get a $3 discount or go to the Nespresso Boutique this weekend for a 15% discount on coffee pods. Hmmm .... at the Snowmobile show I'll get to see Nunz.... possibly revrnd. Don't know about Blake G.... he'll be looking for snow Or.... I can go to the Nespresso Boutique and possibly get to see G. Clooney I know what I'll do... I'll join Puggz at the Zanzibar for a couple of JUGS Decisions decisions.....
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    Nov 14th / 2018 Quick and nasty storms come off of Lake Superior dumping a good amount of snow in a short period of time, then within 3 days or so, melted until cooler temperatures move back in. This was Nov 14th last year. It is not an early start record, as we have ridden in October before. We will be riding within 30 days from now.
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    14” this morning grey highlands
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    Last year my brother and I went to St Zenon and stayed at Le Cabanon. Before Christmas. Always the first open. Hoping we can do the same this year
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    This is a pic from my younger sister. She sent me this pic this morning on her way back south from Cochrane. Her better half grew up in Cochrane and has a place there, but lives in the south. Obviously sent to me to bug the living you know what outta her older brother..
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    Welcome to the forum, Christy! Just don't ask Nunz to wrench on anything. Karen, maybe. Nunz, no way.
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    That may be true...Sept 7th, to be exact, so I guess that makes me first. Unfortunately, it was on an Arctic Cat 3000 touring sled...what a slug!
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    Just a few pics to share from my younger sister, whos a nurse in london, but lives in Thamesford with her better half from Cochrane.. First pic was from last night at hospital in London. The last 2 are from her place in Thamesford this am..
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    Collingwood. Quite a few sledders in my neighbourhood, and on nights like tonight, we go for a road rip and stop at anyone with open garages (with sleds) and have a bevy and show off your iron etc. It’s a first snow tradition around here.
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    Sault Ste. Marie - Thursday Nov 7th Another photo of the Sault this morning. My work parking lot and my 4 x 4 that is the weekend sled hauler.
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    Luv My Viper and I will go on to address conspiracy theories. Staring with ..... Why does the Interactive Guide direct all snowmobile traffic to Dubreaulville, Ontario? Want to go from Port Severn to Parry Sound? "Via D'ville", of course. I like the sound of it - "via Dubreaulville". Great hearing from you, Luc. Sorry I missed the podcast.
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    New here but I know some of you in real life. I live near Wiarton and sled around this area as well as over to Sundridge/North Bay/Huntsville or wherever there is snow.
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    I didn't have any problems with the permit system.... online and ordered in under two minutes. The toughest part was entering my credit card number. Permit arrived in under a week.
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    Well considering that you're talking about 2 totally unrelated systems I'd say that this comment is totally irrelevant. And unnecessary.
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    I was curious too so I msd'g them. Below is the response I got back. "Lol we have been up for sale now going on 3 yrs thats too funny , yes we will be open year round no worries not going too far too soon"
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    Just got home from the show. Enjoyed chatting with Revrnd. Nice chatting with my Doo dealer, which updated me on that the 2020 Doo is there.. Was great seeing Nunz and chatting with him. Very nice seeing Kenny Johnston from PBR riders in Cochrane and chatting with him about this upcoming season. And was great seeing Evil and her Hubby. Always enjoy chatting and hanging out with you guys. We will be seeing you guys soon enough for a ride and some disco.... And most importantly i talked to a select few companies that had booths there, and have narrowed down a company to go with for stuff!...More on that later, when i post pics of the new 2020 Doo. All in all a great day.. Let the season begin..
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    Sorry about that Revrnd. I should have turned the hearing aids up I guess. Although you Doo guys all look alike LOL.
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    It's been open for a couple of years I believe. Our club (West Carleton Snowmobile Club) is working on another abandoned railway and we are 90 percent complete to get us to the Ottawa River. The river bridge is our next challenge, hopefully next year. At almost 1600 feet across, it is a large and expensive project. It would cross from Fitzroy Harbour to Quyon in Quebec.