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    Below is a FB post from the North Bay Snowmobile Club from late last night. Well done NBSC volunteers and everyone else who helped out in some way! The last 24 hours have been very tiring for NBSC Thursday night at approx 7 pm, during a snow storm one of our groomers slid off a bridge approach & landed upside down in a creek. Fortunately there were no serious injuries to the 2 operators We would like to thank Adrienne Gamble at the OFSC our OPP contact Marvin Miller Trans Canda Pipeline Corey Ragan Robert Mantha - Bruman Construction Bartletts Towing The Velti's( for allowing us a short cut through their property) to be able to recover our sunk groomer NBSC volunteers for showing up not only that night during a significant snow fall, but the day after to assist in the recovery effort. In less than 24 hours we had our groomer out of the creek and delivered to The Shop Industrial for assesment. A HUGE THANK we couldn’t have done this without your support!
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    Good afternoon everyone, Sorry for the late reply as I am catching up on all of the posts. Firstly I appreciate everyone's concerns and thank you to those that have welcomed me to the site. Brian you are more than welcome to post any portion of the email that I sent you the other day. It may help as many people may have the same questions. It states on our website and on our media sections that this is a RIDE and NOT A RACE. For obvious reasons and liability, you can not host a race on public sanctioned trails. With that being said... We had a meeting with our event committee and have decided to remove the time limit. As Dave K mentioned above in this post "this is no different than someone hosting a poker run on the trails" and he is 100% correct. Everyone who enters the event will be placed into a draw for all of our prizes from our sponsors. Also, we are putting together 40 bags (for the first 40 registered) with promotional items which will include swag and discounts on items from our sponsors. This event has been in the process of coming together for over a year. There are many things to take into consideration when putting together an event of this magnitude. Being our first year there will be growing pains, changes that will need to be made leading up to the event etc. which will all happen prior to the event commencing. Bear with us as certain things take time but I can assure you that we will have all of our basis covered come March 2nd. We have the OFSC's approval. I was in contact with them and went over certain requirements such as proper wording, legalities etc. I have included a link to an article that I wrote for them in this months Go Snowmobiling that is about our event. Keep in mind that this was published prior to making changes which will continue to happen prior to the Expedition. Page 15 http://www.ofsc.on.ca/sites/default/content/images/rider cafe/2018_GSOM_%232_WEB.pdf In years to come will will be including off trail segments for those that wish to venture off trail. For our first year we will be staying 100% on OFSC trails. Catering to the entire snowmobiling population is our goal as we continue to grow the event. Our website has been updated and all of our advertising for the event from here on out will include any changes that have been made to date. For those of you that have already registered I appreciate your support. I will be sending out email blasts leading up to the event to those who have registered. Details will include start times, detailed information regarding the event, and a few other things that will be detrimental leading up to the big day. I am currently working on the routes so please be patient. Trails are still opening and we will not be including any part of the route that is marked as closed. For this reason, exact routes will be posted a couple of weeks in advance prior to the event. Expect to explore areas such as Cochrane, Abitibi Canyon, Kapuskasing, Timmins and Iroquois Falls. We may have to make last minute changes to the route due to conditions or Mother Nature if need be, but the above areas should give you a pretty good idea of where you'll be riding. We have some great sponsors backing us for which we are very appreciative!! Our sponsors see the progression of a unique event such as ours. We are trying to develop something that may be out of the norm for most riders and provide a positive experience within the snowmobiling community. If anyone would like to volunteer their time to assist with the event we would be more than happy to use your expertise. In the end, this is going to be a great day for everyone involved and money will be raised for the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation that hits very close to home for our family. Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if anyone has any further questions or concerns. I will be 100% transparent and up to any constructive feedback as it arises. Being a snowmobile ambassador, it is important to think outside of the box and give back to ensure that snowmobiling continues to grow. Having events like The Great Northern Expedition promotes the sport that we all love, so lets all work together in a positive manner. Kindest regards, Ryan Hawkins Canuck Powersports canuckpowersports@gmail.com
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    What an Amazing Day ────────────── When you find a secret gem, what do you do? You keep going back. Another spectacular day of snowmobiling at Black Creek Outfitters on highway 129 where we racked up 160 kms today. Thank you Jean and Don for the wonderful hospitality including a tasty lunch, coffee and social chat. Looking forward to more visits this winter. Today's video attached below.
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    I have a few employees 65 to 77 years of age and I can tell you that the knowledge that they pass down to todays generation is priceless, not to mention their work etthics appose to todays younger peoples work ethics.(That's a whole different topic and I will leave it at that). If this fellow is still capable and willing and does the job right why force him out.
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    Last night I'm in the hallway using the computer close to the wifi trying to upload this pic to ms. slomo - It's a thing the local tv station did in Edmundston - put up the tree and let six cats loose in an enclosure - took 3 hours but they wrecked the tree. Thought I had clicked on the wrong button later -MEET GIRLS FROM ST. ZENON! - there is a knock on the motel room outside door and there is one standing there in the cold - locked her key n her own room so brief excitement there. Next day, up and out as the restaurant opens to hit the trails - all in very good shape- some icey patches but didn't get pictures of those brings back memories of 02sled's and white dragon's favourite song...... quand le soliel dit bonjour sur les mountains..... Supposed to rain here briefly vendredi but I don't expect much damage to the trails....not as many folks out as I expected either as this is one of the few areas open in any eastern province....good burger here....more tomorrow if I can get a connection.....
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    My three days here came to an end on Friday morning - left a darkened parking lot at 6 am and good news for arriving sledders was 6 - 8 inches of new snow on the ground. St. Zenon (about 12 km's north of the motel by sled) is the community at highest elevation in the area so no freezing rain or very little there. Snow falling from that point for 65 km's or so to the junction of highway 40 where the rain started, but Quebec has a very effective highway maintenance crew. A few pics from last day's ride... As for the motel, http://www.laglaciere.com/en/ it is basic and clean, fairly inexpensive ($80 per night depending on room type) has resto bar, gas and blocked shelter for sleds after hours. The loading ramp was also in constant use... Lionel, the owner, is fluently bilingual, and makes you feel right at home - reminded me of the Pats at the motel in Dubrieville who would go out of their way to make sure your stay was pleasurable and could be counted on if you ran into troubles. A couple of cons - no cell phone or spotty in the motel area, although some in other areas close by, no English language TV (had a few movies on the lap top to catch up on) and internet is located only or close to the restaurant part of the motel. It is in a centrally located spot and it seems any direction provides good trail conditions. One thing I'd point out is that currently water overflows and icey patches can provide sudden dangerous conditions especially if you loose concentration on a silky smooth upon which these things suddenly crop up. Try to get on Lionel's email list where he keeps folks up to date on trail conditions - after seeing these conditions after the massive rain event December 23 where the whole province was shut down- .....figured I was going to be completely skunked on this trip but Lionel had sent out a movie showing plenty of snow...and off in that direction went I..... snow movie.MP4 If you have ever been stuck in a Montreal traffic jam (three hours for me last summer) here is a route that will get you around most of it if heading for the Lanaudiere area on highway 131 north from highway 40....can be approached and is well worth it from north Ottawa way or south 401 to 30 north.... On a personal note, I was quite pleased and gratified to engage in my first conversation conducted entirely in French ! I was actually understood and my pronounciation was not laughed at - that being said the folks I talked to were on a rental sled, no map, and desperately lost - perhaps best to play along. Anywhoo, had a paper map, the Quebec trail app on the smart phone (okay had to use words "GPS" ) and got them on their way. As I had a paper route as a kid and can converse in both official languages, I can now become Prime Minister ! .....we're going to build a wall folks....it's gonna be yuge...the U.S. is gonna pay for it.....
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    My dad is 94 and lives at home alone. He drove his car right up to last spring. He could still drive it today but his hip is shot so his mobility is the issue getting in and out. Everyone is different and every situation is different. To make a blanket age would be wrong, and totally against human rights. I can also tell you that this is not coming from the OFSC. DD
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    When you consider how many empty beer cans you see left in the clubhouses/warm-up shacks or garbage pails on the trail there seems to be more drinking and riding than there needs to be. I don't know if these riders are impaired but you can kill yourself easy enough when you are sober. I welcome police attempting to get the alcohol off the snow. I can wait until I'm home before having my bourbon.
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    Santa came through! Kap Sno-Rovers have (finally) opened some trails. Start your engines.....and remember to Ride Safe, Ride Sober. All the best of the season to everyone!
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    Internet. Unlimited, uncurated information is everywhere. People often consume the drivel that reinforces their pre-existing views (which may be half-baked or even wrong). Folks are encouraged to see things in black and white, when reality is actually very complex. Movements and interest groups deliberately reinforce and capitalize on the black and white thinking. Presto. Polarization. Millions of people have come to believe their personal opinion on a topic is as valid as the opinion of an actual expert in the field.
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    Looking east near the Bessemer mines: Heading back to the main railbed on TOP E: Looking west: Southbound on TOP E above Mackenzie Lane. I think this is Spring Lake. You could feel a bit of gravel in the snow, but nothing terrible. Turning off for the highway: Back to the truck. 130 klicks for the day. On the way north I met a couple of large groups southbound by Jan Woodlands. On the way home it appeared that the trail south of Bancroft is holding up well. TOP E east was a bit icy in spots. Just north of Detlor, there is an icy patch developing in a small rock cut. One little flowage north of Brinklow Rd, but nothing terrible. Up north around Hybla or Graphite there was a 'hole' in the moguls that could quite easily throw a rider off their sled if they were travelling @ a good clip.
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    Hitting Seguin Trail now.
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    OMFG. Can you two ladies Please get a room ? A PRIVATE room? HOLEY CRAP ALREADY.
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    Does the operator do the job well ? If yes why discriminate because of age? You may grow old one day is it your wish to be treated badly because of age without ability mattering?
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    sounds like some people have a problem with a certain groomer operator but, don't have the balls to "ask him to leave". so, they make up some b.s. age limit to "feel good" about backhanding this guy out of their way. call a spade a spade, tell the guy why they don't want him around and be done with it. Ski
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    I completely disagree. This is directly related and an integral part of snowmobiling; unlike many discussions on this board. My thoughts on this matter is that it should not be age but capability that determines if an operator be able to groom the trails. There is no fixed age to cut off the ability to drive a vehicle but there are guidelines/tests to do so. If there is a major concern in this area, the OFSC or District should establish guidelines/tests to determine if an operator is acceptable or not. These guidelines/tests would kick in at a certain age but could be used on any operator if there are concerns about their abilities. This probably would help identify anyone, regardless of age, that should not be driving a groomer.
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    X2 ,this debate club is getting boring ,we need snow
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    I actually emailed Ryan Hawkins at Canuck Powersports on Saturday and asked some of your same questions. He replied quickly and in great detail to my questions. I hesitate to provide his actual answers without approval to distribute same. He is a new member to OC and had a post on this thread yesterday. He did say that he has approval from the OFSC and will be using OFSC trails. He said that for the most part the routes are a loop with some parts require riding return on the same trail section in spots. He also mentioned that they have liability insurance in place although waivers have to be signed. I asked about the fact that the time/distances do not allow for legal speed riding. He said that they used the 400 and 600 km distances for advertising and will either adjust the distances to account for time required for 1 fuel stop for the 400 km and 2 fuel stops for the 600 km. OR they will eliminate the time limits. I was very impressed with his detailed responses and based on what he said, this has been a venture in process for quite some time. I now realize that I forgot to welcome him to our forum. Welcome to OC Ryan! I wish you success with your event ,hope you have time to update us on the Expedition as it unfolds and stay with us long after this year's event is over.
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    Been keeping an eye on the weather and conditions in this part of Quebec - blizzard blew across west to east yesterday, gave them some time to clean up the roads and surface the trails - arrived this afternoon. Beaucoup de neige. Last time I went through here, the rain had pretty well beaten everything down. From my location in Ontario, this area is a shorter and much better drive than to Cochrane and environs and a four lane highway the entire route as well. Once again, my Prime Ministerial command of the French language came in handy as the lady at the motel check in did not speak English. This included having to change rooms as "mon cle ne march pas" as the door lock did not work. Got settled in and out for about 20 kilometer initiation tour before dark and get the cob webs out of the sled. Here's a few pics: And that is the mighty St. Lawrence in the background Looking forward to some good sun rise shots in the am..... Meantime to return briefly to the Lanaudierre area in which I was sledding at last report.....here's some info that might make judging trail conditions easier....they give a list of "sectors" on the trail reports, but this doesn't really make sense unless you actually follow the link to the map and use the little links to determine where each sector is as in the example below: Did not know this before starting out this last trip. Will be smarted next time. Tough work though and takes time to get used to it. As Slow Touring Guy used to say.............................................................Slow Touring Guy said a lot of things..... I think I will head to the hills tomorrow.....more later.
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    I don't think that's Hydraulic Fluid. Looks to me like that's where the operator got out of the cab and shook his pants empty.
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    Oh for goodness sakes poor Santa ate some cookies while dropping off coal at Trudeaus and now he is under arrest for impaired driving!. Merry Christmas everyone!!! Like
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    OOPS. Time to step away from the keyboard. Christmas cheers to all!
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    Sounds like an internal district issue that has no place on a forum of this type.