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    Jen,John and I are excited to announce that we have opened a new store in Huntsville carrying our great line of Snowmobile and ATV accesories parts and of course our award winning CFMOTO quads and side by sides. We are locate in the Huntsville place mall on 70 King William Street Huntsville unit 9 right beside the Bell store. The phone number at the store is 705-746-4704. At the Moment it is open Tuesday to Saturday 10-6 As we hire more staff we will extend the hours .
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    A BIG THANK YOU to the town of Deep River (providing the location) and the town of Laurentian Hills for all their support and work in making the relocation of our groomer shed and expansion of the park & ride possible! We are so lucky to have 2 towns working for the better of snowmobiling and toursim! With base materials for the groomer shed donated & delivered by the Town of Laurentian Hill, leveling and packing, clearing of the lot completed by the Town of Deep River the groomer shed is was raised by NRSA volunteers. Below are some pictures of the activities!
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    Sault Ste. Marie - Today Off to a good start in Sault Ste. Marie. I'll be in the mountains northward this weekend. Will report back my findings on Monday. Dan Senior
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    A BIG thanks to the Sudbury Trail Plan and especially to the Sportsman's Wilderness Lodge for offering up the Two Nights, breakfast and Dinner included package Draw at the Toronto Snowmobile Show last weekend. As the winner I am looking forward to a great vacation on some fantastic trails. Make sure you support the clubs and businesses that do so much for our sport I will report back how the stay went www.sportsmanlodge.net http://www.ontariotrails.on.ca/trails/view/sudbury-trail-plan-association-trail
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    I nominate Denis for District Governor!!
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    This winter will be the most epic of all winters. One that will get written into the history books and my kids kids will only dream about. Why you may ask, well I have a guy coming to look at my assault this week. If he buys it we will probably get a fresh dumping of snow that night
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    Sault Ste. Marie - Thursday November 8th - 8 am A start to our day in the city of Sault Ste. Marie this morning. I was chatting with Travis from Searchmont last night and he indicated it was already snowing up there. The area north and north-east of Searchmont is expecting 15-20 cms Friday into Saturday, particularly in higher elevations. Let's see how that unfolds into the weekend.
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    When you pay the bills you can decide what is or is not allowed.
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    kinda like going Christmas shopping December 24th and getting ticked off at the mall parking
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    Thanks, I had messaged and chatted with Kenny after I saw a picture of him on Facebook. They would have done a good job as always I am sure. I would love to make it some day but as you say employment gets in the way. My hope is one of these years I can at least make an AGM. Who knows my wife and I have discussed taking a self funded leave one of these days as we both have that option at our employers. Don't get me wrong I love my job and living where I do but while we both get a fair bit of time off (Teacher and Nurse working 12 hr shifts) neither of us have much flexibility in our time off (I only have 1 personal day a year I can take under limited circumstances) and a day of travel at either end to go anywhere complicate things.
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    I do value your opinion on that and coming from someone of indigenous background instead of coming from someone like me and then being called a racist cause of my opinion on that which is BS! Everyone is totting about wanting to be EQUAL and all that we ALL should be! There should be NO bashing of any groups nor financial gain by any specific group just cause of their background, that to me is discriminating against to ALL the other groups that have had their own share of wrong doings against and hardship etc. The issues that are preached about are generations old! With the exception of residential school survivors which was something completely horrible and shameful of our govt to have done back in the day, as well as getting proper drinking water and housing for many reserves today i believe should be addressed now and not tomorrow. I do believe that the Indian act needs an overhaul and brought into the 21st century. A 1 time payout is fine with me but then it ends!!!! We are as ONE nation so lets ALL contribute and act like it! Can't we ALL just get along ??? Also to the fact regarding natives riding on private property without permit and not needing to provide info etc. If you are native and riding on PRIVATE PROPERTY without a valid permit, you can bet that yes I will stop you and will ask you and will demand your info (not status info), as ANY landowner and that of agents acting on behalf of the landowner as they have the right as you are trespassing on THEIR property and have the right to ask you your info as to identify you to do up a trespass notice or to arrest you for trespassing in extreme cases which would have to be EXTREME for an arrest to be sanctioned. As for crown land have atter but dont think for one minute I wont have a frown on my face if you choose not to have one. An to those that do choose to buy a valid permit THANK YOU on behalf of other HARD WORKING club members across this great province. I know I'll be labeled a racist even though i am NOT but this is my stance on this and my opinion as you are entitled to yours Brapp on everyone
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    Had an enjoyable 4 1/2 hours at the show yesterday. (Got to the door at 9:55. There was a line of about fifty people. I was inside the show area at 10:04. Next time I'll try to arrive at 10:05 to avoid the line.) Spoke with lots of sledding acquaintances and friends. Bought a Garmin inReach Explorer+ satellite messenger, for those inevitable days when I'll be riding alone beyond cell service. $522 plus tax (Nunz got one at Cabella's for $499). From what I can see, the basic freedom subscription plan is about $25 per year, plus $15 per activated month (USD). Allows for two way texting or email messaging. Thinking it will cost less than $200 Canadian a year for the sledding season. An overdue purchase.
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    My wife and I have the Cat sleds with the Yamaha engines and ride in Muskoka with some pretty twisty trails. Love the 4 stroke engine. At the end of the day neither of us have complaints about the weight. Maybe if you are one of those who have a need to fly through the corners and turns as fast as you possibly can. We like to see the scenery. Too each their own but when we ask others who are focussed on getting A to B as fast as humanly possible, "did you see those 4 deer just off the trail?" they say what deer. 4 stroke all the way.... until we started riding 4 strokes we never realized how much those 2 strokes "stink". Now following someone on a 2 stroke we notice the smell and are happy not to have it permeate our snowmobile suits as well.
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    I love the throttle by wire. Leave it in sport mode and it works great. I don't know what everyone is whining about. Sure don't miss having throttle thumb at the end of a 400 km day. I've been very happy with the 900 ace. It's no rocket, but is a great trail sled. The turbo will only improve on that.
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    Some great news from the Carling Trail Blazers. BIG NEWS! We are so excited to announce that we have obtained the MNR permit to reconnect the 404 to the 402! Construction on the trail will begin soon. Special thanks to our volunteers who helped locate the new trail, the people at the MNR who have advocated for us, and our friends at Shawanaga First Nations and Wasauksing First Nations! Our executive is very pleased that we will finally be able to reconnect these trails that have been a central part of our trail system for over 30 years! We are also pleased to announce that the trail will be named ‘The Mike Ryman Memorial Trail’ in memory of Mike Ryman, one of our long standing and dedicated volunteers who tragically lost his life doing what he loved, grooming, in 2007. Some of you who have been members for many years may remember the colourful newsletters that Mike used to mail out as part of his duties as secretary. Mike was an integral part of the club from the early 1980s and he is deeply missed by those of us who knew him. We are very happy that Mike will continue to be part of the future of our club.
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    It's time to mark your calendars with some dates for the coming snowmobile season Baxter Snow Riders Events Baxter Snow Riders / Baxter ATV Christmas Party Once again the two clubs are partnering for our annual Christmas Party. Come out for a great social event and kick off the Christmas season. Baxter Ward Community Centre Saturday December 1 Tickets $35.00 per person Cocktails 6:00 PM - Dinner 7:00 PM For tickets contact: Diane Madore 705-538-1315 dtmadore@gmail.com Port Severn, Honey Harbour Santa Claus Parade Once again this great community family event will begin at Village Marina, Honey Harbour. Sunday December 2 at 1:00 PM. Bring the family out for a fun day. Baxter Snow Riders will again be participating in the parade. Baxter Snow Riders Dance Baxter Ward Community Centre Saturday January 26 A night of dancing and socializing with friends and family Stay tuned for more details Baxter Snow Riders Fund Raising BBQ Saturday February 2 Baxter Snow Riders Groomer Building 35 Violet Drive, Port Severn Sunday February 3 Village Marina Honey Harbour Giants Tomb Ice Caves Saturday February 23 (Conditions permitting) The ice caves on the west side of Giants Tomb are spectacular creations of nature but not always accessible. We are optimistic that this will be one of those years where conditions will allow us to journey safely to the ice caves. It has been a few years since we have been able to make the journey but we just know this will be the year to make the journey. The last time we rode to the ice caves we had about 55 sleds depart from Village Marina and are hoping to experience the same. Pictures from our last time out to the ice caves - staging at Village Marina At the caves Happy Halloween Everyone!
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    Thanks to another NRSA off season project the OFSC Tops A re-route at Moor Lake Station using the abandoned railbed to Moor Lake hydro corridor is almost complete, just have to complete signage!
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    I have a pat myself on the back with the OFSC FB posts on contacting them. Right at the beginning of the thread the have a picture and saying "we are waiting for your call I asked how are we supposed to call if no number is posted anywhere on the website. They did respond by saying they would make it more "prominate". I'm thinking having it listed anyplace is better than nothing. Just in case somebody here needs to call remember this 705-SEX-SNOW, yes folks that honest to god is the number, spell it out on your phone.
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    I was cleaning up my office today and came across this that my mom gave me years ago. Always good to read it again. My grandpa was either the first or second cottage on bay lake in emsdale...now the lake is full, you can barely find a vacant lot anymore. My grandma told me he was the president and she was the VP of the snowmobile club at one point in time, but never mentioned the club. Maybe one of you older guys knew him or know how to find out what club they belonged to. Sure am going to miss that lake! Such a beautiful area, and it’s been about 4 years since I’ve been up to baylake. We spent our weekends up there for around 30 years. Wish he was still around, and the cottage...
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    they pulled sometime this morning. They had it up on their page when I made my comments here. What's up there now is what they should have done in the first place
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    We had one goofball customer from Oilyberta (obviously very rich and not overly laden with brain cells) was driving around here this summer with one. If I was an OPP I'd pull over anyone who had one, fine them and have the rig towed citing unsafe loading of a vehicle. Further, I'd have a case made and brought to the Provincial Government to have them removed from the market and illegal to use. You don't need to be a genius to see the potential for a major screwup with only a minor incident causing an evasive manoeuver. I don't care how rich you are. If it doesn't fit directly in the box, put it in a trailer. End of discussion.
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    You never know. I was selling a 9.9 outboard with very little time on it. It just didn't have enough to get the 14 ft boat up on plane with the bow down and just one person. Especially if going into the wind. I priced it very fairly. A guy comes out, looks at it and tries to offer me way too little and borders on insulting. I'm not in panic to sell it. Just over a week later he comes back. Now I want $100 more. Guess what... he paid it. He found he couldn't get anything comparable elsewhere.
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    Enjoyed the show today. Met Nunz and Karen for breakfast. Spent some time in the ofsc section. Prostate Extreme Team booth looked great. Spoke to some volunteers from District 17 - looks like I'll have company on this season's 14 hour drive north :). Chap lives in Mississauga but sleds up there. Saw Wildbill and John. Home in time for Buffalo Bills' kickoff ( take the bad with the good ).