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    Yup, the OPP S.A.V.E team members whined and cried to their union that our S.T.O.P officers were taking their jobs away from them and instead of running around on snowmobiles,boats, and atv's etc they were going to have to go back to regular patrol duties. The poor guys/gals. But of course the O.P.P don't say that that's the reason, instead they gave some bs excuse that its for their safety that they don't do police type duties as volunteers etc.If thats true then their OPP auxiliary unit should be disbanded as they are only VOLUNTEERS with the same amount of training! Even though they had NO proof or data to back that up! It's a shame how the OFSC has just bowed down to the OPP and let them take away our STOP program and has watered down our trail patrol to basically walmart greeters! I certainly hope that the OFSC starts to take it's Trail Patrol SERIOUSLY now as thats all we have to patrol our trails with. The OPP are stretched thin enough as it is and not a lot of resources to cover all the trails in the province. A trail patrol model similar to that of Quebec would be a start! Or simply give more powers to the trail patrol so they can actively enforce the trails! These are OUR trails, NOT the OPP's!
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    New OFSC President Paul Murray, and new Executive Director Ryan Eickemeier spoke at the start of the convention, and conveyed an optimistic view of the federation's future. They spent a lot of time visiting and listening to clubs and districts over the past few months, and have plans to address the concerns. Some highlights include a new and better online permit system for this season, and improvements to the Interactive Trail Guide. (An in-house tech expert has been hired to ensure better tech results than we had with the outsourced tech services that formerly existed. A demonstration of the ITG will take place at the convention tomorrow.) Paul and Ryan are promising increased transparency and information sharing between the OFSC Board of Governors and the Districts, as well as increased OFSC Head Office transparency and accessibility. They've also promised a fresh marketing approach to the public, revamped volunteer recognition program, new groomer operator workshops (voluntary), and a newly commissioned economic impact study to make a better case for funding from the province and other levels of government. I expect that more information about these plans and others will be provided over the next weeks and months. Even some of the normally skeptical AGM audience members seemed convinced that a fresh approach is underway. The convention continues through tomorrow.
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    There is no doubt this sport/business is at the crossroads where some change is needed. It sounds like they didn’t proceed with the hiring of the 4 Area Trails Managers probably for several reasons including cost, northern district issues and pushback from Districts and Clubs. It will be interesting to see what the Ford Government does to assist snowmobiling, if anything. Thankfully previous government did provide early TDF $$$. Personally, I doubt Ford Government will openly support snowmobiling. Trail Permit Fees need to go up, which they are scheduled to do this season but revenues need to increase regularly to keep up with inflation, particularly groomers, drags, fuel, etc. Trail Patrol needs tools like Quebec to deter Freeloaders. Biggest improvement would be fine goes against owner of vehicle to eliminate having to identify the Operator in court. Make it like a parking ticket or ETR407, infraction against the vehicle owner. OPP are unable to provide the degree of ongoing enforcement needed. Increase is needed in fines and portion of $$$ should go to OFSC. The government needs to help in this regard. The OFSC needs to get their act together to avoid Volunteers from bailing due to discouragement and poor support. Wildbill is right, change can be made but it is difficult. Hopefully the new leadership can Right the ship before it is too late.
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    Just saw on FB that it is reopened and the owner will be opening year round, great news for us sledders in that area..
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    Just wanted to pass along a facebook post i seen. Good news for the area. Hoping to visit the area a few times this season..
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    I'm guessing the Rockstar booth...
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    And so it begins. Today the NRSA had awesome weather, scenery and of course a great turnout for the first club trail day in preparation of the 2019 season. Some trail brushing, a few obstacles cleared and upgraded but most of all plenty of good times. Thanks for all the help to today's volunteers.
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    New Corp bylaws to pass, 2020 Permit Recommendations to MTO on the agenda for tomorrow. Announced yoday day that a new ITG and a new mobile app to be launched shortly. If I understood correctly you will need to purchase the new app ($3-4). No upgrade from /to old app. New cloud based permit system that is supposed to be more reliable and easier to use will launch for permit sales by Oct 1st. All good things but seeing and using is believing.
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    not sure about that . some things have changed
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    I’ll be at the Gravenhurst booth all day Saturday and maybe for a bit on Sunday. Then do a walk around with Karen afterwards. If anyone wants to meet for dinner Saturday night let me know.
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    Tatchikapika Lodge is under new ownership and will be open this coming winter season. We will have Premium gas, oil (Brand names) as well as our motel and restaurant will be open. Please check us out WWW.tatalodge.com tatalodge@gmail.com Thank You
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    Went on a road trip to Quebec in August to acquaint myself with the various regions - (also admit to dropping down to Edmundston, N.B.'s The Pirate restaurant for a lobster roll) - the area you describe looks pretty good and not too far a drive - - spent some time cataloguing accomodation places for myself travelling alone or some that were slightly upscale for both ms. slomo and myself - The smart phone with trail app comes in handy both for trails and roads- Looking forward to the season -
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    Gee Nunz. Can I get you to sell a bunch of my stuff? I have had my runabout for sale for about 2 years and just sold it. You put stuff up for sale and it is sold in an hour and a half. lol
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    Starting to talk sledding with the boys. Wives loosening up. Can't talk sledding in the summer. Buddy looking at a demo 850. Love it when my friends spend money. Can't wait to get back to Quebec.
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    Have had HJC helmets all the time. From full face, to modular. This year myself and Mrs. IQ Turbo will be each trying the new Ski Doo Oxygen helmet. Along with a new sled too!..
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    Why did they have to remove the trail? What was the reasoning? Giving the adjacent neighbors a say is a little much in my view. They should have an opportunity to comment at most. Not authority to make a yes or no decision. It's public land. They don't own it. Existing trail should be grandfathered as well in my opinion.
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    Exactly, fine the sled owner. They have photo radar that fines the vehicle owner, we could do the same. Picture of trespassing sled on trail taken by TP and a fine gets mailed out. 500 bucks sounds fair with 80% going to OFSC. Person being fined can opt in. to a trail pass if they so desire. This is fair to all involved. It would not take long for the trespassing to stop. As far as AGM, still just a waste of money and could be done in a more prudent manner.
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    TC-167 is the way to go, no extra mirrors to fight with staying in place, tows nice, very mobile for backing up. Well worth the extra $$ in my opinion, went from doublewide clamshell three years ago and more than happy. also no issue with yearly safety and yellow sticker on trailer and tow vehicle if you go with a tandem axle
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    Agreed! Nice lodge, greataccommodations and much needed in that neck of the woods!
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    X 2...have stayed there twice over the years. Especially good news since Post 392 closed last year. TCP is in a convenient location right off the C trail, about 30 kms north of Gogama turn-off, as I recall.
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    I bought an FXR FAST suit 2 winters ago, and it is the warmest suit I've ever had. I wear a layer of the "Dri-Wear" from Marks Work Warehouse underneath, and I'm never cold. We run all day long on the "big trails" in -20 to -35c at speed and there' s no issues. I have the bib pants, and when it's warm, I take out the liner and open vents accordingly. Would highly recommend one. Best time to buy is at a Royal "No Tax" sale or the first day of the Sled Show in T.O.
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    I'm in the house. Room 301 in Pavillion (main building) Beers cold.
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    It is at the site of Dunc Lake Resort, West of White Lake PP I believe. Several years ago (spring of 2011 I believe) the building burned down and this was built as the replacement.