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    Here is some pics from the other day in Quebec,we have 12 people in our Group Patrick took us to this place it was amazing never seen anything like this,he is leading our group and doing a great Job,also Scott and Paige are here leading the group also and the rest of the crew we are having a great Adventure Trying to catch up on our post
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    My riding buddy lost his Arctic Cat cargo bag on our trip Saturday to Port Sydney. Nunz had posted that on a face book page someone had reported a bag for Michael Kelly was found. Anyway when my buddy checked his house in Toronto this morning, someone had dropped off his bag for him with no note. So anyway just want to say thanks to who ever it was that took the time out of their day to drop the bag off in Toronto. Must be pretty upstanding folks taking the time to do that. To say he was shocked at the turn of events would be a great understatement. Too bad such great stories usually only stay within our community. Thanks again to who ever it was for this great deed.
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    As the season drawing to a close in places I would invite my friends to Sudbury to ride with me for a day or 2. With the weather we are having we will have snow till June. Many of you have helped me in many ways this past year and I would like to say thanks. I know it will cost $$ for people to show up, I will find a way to treat everybody somehow. I'm open to pretty much any dates and times. Kevin
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    Hey Folks - I'm not sure if this is the place for it but want to share some live trail reports with you as my 14 days of trips unfold between now and March 11. Special thanks to Piston Lake Cruiser who was instrumental in helping me plan 2 full weeks of riding. I think it's great that you guys share info to help one another. Another thanks to Soupkids for hooking me up with contact info for some of you who may be around the area's I'll be riding. For some context, I used to live in Elliot Lake and have returned for a couple weeks of riding due to the amazing snowfall the North has had. I drove with truck and trailer from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Elliot Lake through challenging sections of highways covering 4252 km’s in 49 hours of actual driving time including fuel stops. Feb 26 - Sister and I rode Elliot Lake to Spragge to Blind River back to Elliot. Top Trail D hadn't been groomed since the wind storm earlier in the week. Big tree down. Cut as much away as I could with a hand saw, enough to pass through the trail. Due to the rain that fell over the previous weekend the trails became harder and more icy the closer we got to Lake Huron via BR4. Needed ice scratchers to prevent overheating. Once back on Top Trail D (Pipeline) more of that rain had changed to snow and conditions improved. Saw groomer on EL2 trail. 112 km loop. When I left Elliot in 2001, there was a groomed trail to Spragge that provided Restaurant Access next to Algoma Chrysler. Trail is no longer groomed but I found it and we made it to the restaurant after some searching. Owner said they expect the trail to be put in again. Not sure what happened to the land use rights but there used to be more trails in the area. Feb 27 - Sister, Niece and Nephew in tow on 2 sleds. We rode Elliot Lake to Black Creek. Top Trail F was in good shape. Had lunch at Dunlop Lodge. Good stretch of plowed road from Aubrey Lake to Black Creek Outfitters. Not plowed down to ground so the carbides and sliders survived. 109 km's. Had a lot of confusion over whether Black Creek served meals. They told me they didn't but once we showed up they offered us Supper and Breakfast in the price of $90 per person. It was good! We had brought our own food to stay in the cabin but didn't need it in the end. Enjoyed the overnight stay there. Had a couple cm's of snow that day. Busy with lots of sledders. Feb 28 - Still with the family, we rode Black Creek to Iron Bridge (almost) to Elliot Lake. D106 looked like it hadn't been groomed in weeks, if ever. Still was much smoother than the ungroomed riding I do in Yellowknife. Once we hit BM2 the trails were flat and fast. Connected to D134 east to IB3. Both trails were good. Jumped on EL3 home to Elliot. 198 km's. 6 year old Nephew had a blast. Kid is born to ride. Next up - and I'll post in this same thread to update - Mar 1 to 4 - going Elliot to Halfway Haven day 1, Halfway Haven to Timmins day 2, Timmins to Sudbury day 3, Sudbury to Elliot day 4. After that - Mar 6 to 11 - going Sudbury to Tata Chika Pika day 1, Tata Chika Pika to Cochrane day 2, Cochrane to Abitibi Canyon to Kapuskasing day 3, Kap to Dubreville day 4, Dub to Black Creek day 5, Black Creek to Sudbury day 6. Cheers! YK
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    Meaning, like driving trucks down trails.. Freeloaders on trails, no passes, loud cans on sleds.. etc etc etc etc. This sport does not need more idiots..PERIOD...
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    My wife and I just got back from 3 days trip: Gogama - Timmins - Iroquois Falls - Cochrane - Smooth Rock Falls - Abitibi Canyon Pictures tell everything
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    Too bad the Ottawa Police Services don't patrol the rest of the province.
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    Awesome time! lots of miles and smiles. Great ppl and amazing conditions
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    2nd post, is why more are lurking around here.. # LETS MAKE OC GREAT AGAIN..
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    Kenny shared this with me earlier today... What A Ride Probably the best video for promoting sledding in Northern Ontario that I've seen yet...
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    Was in Gaspe at the same time. What a week.... Monday night was mess for us and a bunch of sledders. Stuck with the trail closed going east to the town of gaspe. We ran the road the last 94 KM directly down the highway. Wasn’t as bad as we expected. Just before town Ministry of Transportation pulled us over with a flashing light. We expected to fine or something. Asked what hotel we were staying at and escorted us right down the road into town.
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    Just out fer a rip eh bud ? I played hooky today and got out for a ride with a friend. Rode up the bypass trail all was very good Powertel is trying hard to work with us. Up the nine mile lake run to c then on past Ardbeg to Dunchurch the magnetawan for an excellent lunch then up C104D to 712 then 711 and back to the Seguin and home via C all trails were just fine to excellent ! Food was great in all we went through South Seguin,Carling,Cramadog,Dun-Ahmic and Mag Ridge Runners very proud of District ten clubs they rock through the Rocks. A short but good day in all.
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    We arrived in Hearst around 4 PM. 296 klicks for the day. Sunny most of the way. Be careful there is a big washout on D108A south of the Kabi River warm up shack. Club has a detour around via an ice bridge. At the Companion 21 sleds in the shed when we parked and more arrived later. We met sleds north of Hornepayne in the afternoon (quite a few gassing up there). We followed 3 sleds from Hornepayne, played leapfrog w/ a couple more & had a father & son follow us from D'ville.
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    Interestingly, there are a few on here; OK, one for sure, that never seem to discuss anything about snowmobiling - ever. Probably don't even have a sled. You have definitely come to the right forum for sled / trail info. Some fantastic and knowledgeable people on here.
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    Update - March 3: The shoulders are feelin’ it lol. Rode from Cedar Meadows in Timmins on Top Trail C South towards Sudbury. Lots of stop signs for the first while, including along the hydroline that the trail follows. We played in the power lines. Incredible snow depth. Headed into Shining Tree for our only fuel stop of the day via a short trail and the trail number escapes me now. Trails were flat and in good shape. Not much traffic. Just before we connected onto C111D, we came up on the moose, cow and calf. Mom was not happy. I have incredible helmet cam video that i’ll post next fall. We kept a good distance. I’ve seen the videos of others getting the animals angry. Took C111D into Windy Lake Motel. The last 30 km’s were pretty choppy. 420 km’s on the day. Next we head to Elliot Lake. Trackmaps were off periodically again. Also no food past Gogama that we are aware of and it was too soon in the ride so we skipped lunch. Cheers YK
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    Update bag has been found and am grateful for Todd picking it up - thanks again!!
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    Update - March 6: started from Windy Lake in Sudbury and headed to Tata Chika Pika Lodge via C111D and Top Trail C. Having just run this a couple days earlier conditions were still great. 337 km’s on the day. Fueled up in Shinning Tree again in between. The lodge - wow. What a great place. I wish every overnight was like this. The food was home cooked and amazing. Accommodations were top notch. Full disclosure, once the owner found out my last name he said he went to school with my brother. Turned out both owners are from Elliot Lake. They purchased in August. Service was amazing, drinks were cheap, can’t say enough good things. Highly recommend and will likely remain the accommodation highlight of my time in Ontario. Cheers YK
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    As spring closes in, trails that were great become unsafe in short order. This picture is from Athens A11 South of Toledo. Night riding could be a real hazard if you do not slow down and use caution.
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    Dropped at Snowmobiles Unlimited. Rode up the west side of Durham and up to Walter's Falls Inn for lunch. Rode the Doo for a change just to see what it was like. Missed my big kitty all day. 3-4 inches of fresh snow over night helped this area greatly. (I suspect other clubs will open a few more trails for the weekend.) We were making first tracks for the first hour. Didn't see another sled until almost noon. The railbed and west side of Durham are being ridden more heavily. We made our way back down the B111. Closer to Durham there are a couple fields with tops showing and corners in the bush are bare on the inside but over all really good ride. Durham's groomer is broke down and their Facebook page says they don't expect to get it mobile before the weekend. Too bad cause they could work wonders tonight. Markdale groomer was out today. Get out there and ride folks. The weekend weather looks damaging and the long range is more warm and rain. This may have been my last ride unless I can get north next week.
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    No! This was Patrick Bouchard. He runs the RMR in Dub and is Pat Dubreuil's brother in law. Great guy who set the pace while Paige followed and stopped when he made a wrong turn. Never thought 12 sleds could move so well as a group, but we did.
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    Not sure why Kap wouldn't have been mentioned but Northeastern Ontario Tourism was one of the "sponsors". Hornepayne is technically part of Algoma and Greenstone probably the "West". The photo shoot I was part of was with a photographer who does a lot of work for both Tourism Ontario and also the Algoma tourism association. Although it was focused on backcountry riding mainly, not sure when the material will end up published.
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    Do yourself a favour. Drive a little further to Windy Lake, near Levack on highway 144 northwest of Sudbury. The C111D trail goes right through the Windy Lake Motel parking lot. Excellently maintained trails, no in-town snirt to deal with, and the owners and staff of the motel are excellent. Restaurant on site. Clean and practical accommodation at reasonable price. Not the Holiday Inn, if that is what you are looking for. Oh, and IMHO, much better trails and more selection from there than in the NB area. I just visited both areas the past week.
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    Pay off your mortgage soup. You were concerned about that a little while ago. It is nice to hear of somebody somewhat close have some good fortune. God knows you needed some.