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    Are we talking snowmobiles only or snowmobiles and ATV's in Saskatchewan? I believe the original idea in Ontario promoted by OFSC was that both snowmobiles and ATV's being required to pay an annual contribution to the organized trail systems. As much as the OFSC is looking for outside monies, I believe that persons owning snowmobiles who do not utilize OFSC trails should not be required to fund OFSC programs. In a somewhat contrary opinion, I believe that too many ATV owners are utilizing OFSC infrastructure, primarily bridges & culverts, at absolute zero $$ contribution and causing expensive damage to OFSC trails to boot. The question is how to correct that inequity and really there is no fair way as the majority of ATVs areprobably not using OFSC trail infrastructure. We need much stronger enforcement and penalties like Quebec appears to have.
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    Hi all, I thank you all for the well wishes!! Lots of folks were aware this would be my last season with HCSA for some time now, it was my third winter at the helm and although the season was short, it was by far the most successful. We started with a new Piston Bully, a trail improvement grant, a rave review from Craig and crew on their tour here, and finished up with meeting our grooming hour forecast, a positive bank account and most importantly a re- invented public image. The support from everyone on here and the sledding community towards HCSA has been awesome!! Haliburton county as a whole is very supportive of HCSA as demonstrated by the club achieving the Warden's award at the recent Chamber Of Commerce night. The internal issues are most definitely the reason for my and others departure from this organization. As I live and sled here I only have the best of wishes for the new/old leaders of HCSA and look forward to riding from my home next season. Livin'
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    Great to be here!!! NUNZ....SENDIN IT!!!!
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    Was on The Westways facebook page and noticed a picture of some oc members enjoying some summer riding.. Bikes look good Evil and sis...Look forward to another group ride with you guys..
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    Please start off by telling us a bit about yourselves. You will be surprised whom is in your area.If you want to start a new section under Newbie Introductions, just hit the new topic and type away. Welcome to the site.
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    Thank you to Karen and Nunz for hosting the get together! It's always great to see some familiar faces. And Wilkie's products. Special appearance by the Cottage Maid. Someone is an artiste.
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    Was just on facebook, and have seen that Marie and Bill have sold Post 392.. Just wanted to wish them best of luck in their new adventures and to say that i am very thankfull for getting the opportunity to stay there last season and get to know them. Best wishes..
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    Weather/ trail conditions makes all the difference. When it is cold, hard trail can get cut up more from studs than lugs and powder suffers most from the throttle jockeys with any size lugs. We followed a group with no respect for others last season. They had met the groomer running back to Wawa from Halfway in the daytime and the throttle jockeys had no mercy on that trail! Six sleds on a day-race-ride out to Halfway and back to Wawa destroyed the grooming for all. It does matter how you treat the trail with your throttle! When the weather is on the warm side, the bigger lugs throw large chunks especially as the trail starts to freeze back up. Nobody can help this, but scratchers are needed as the trail turns to ice. Scratchers also tear deep grooves in the trails. Warm temps make the trail vulnerable. In fact, I have seen the most severe damage to soft trails come from heavy 4-stroke machines pushing in corners and sinking deep ruts in straight portions of trails. This is fact and caused by nothing more than the physics involved. I have a 4-stroke and hate riding it in warm weather. In cold hard conditions it is great! In loose conditions like snow packed but not hard or unpacked, deep lugs will start and stop better. On anything hard like plowed road or icy trail, studs will far better start and stop. When the trail jumps onto a plowed road or you hit an icy patch, the safety of studs is unsurpassed and sooner or later you will get a surprise if you don't have studs. I don't run studs and have had many surprises, but tempered with many track and heat exchanger failures due to studs, I just run slower on hard conditions. I plan to try screw-in studs to see what happens. I may add some regular studs to another sled also for safety.
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    We use the Spot system after Sledjunk showing us his a couple of winters ago and although it doesn't have the two way communication, I am totally fine with that. We have a few family members on our tracking list. We have thankfully never needed to use the 911 feature and can only hope that one day if we were to need it that it would work as advertised. When we went to Mont Valin for New Years it was quite funny as my mom and brother were tracking us and due to my lack of direction skills missed a turn and had to detour after about 30 miles of driving into no mans land my mom sent us a text message asking us if were lost as we were not heading to our intended destination lol.
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    I miss the snow! Right after the end of the season, I bought an '06 sdi. Nothing against my fanner. Learning/fiddling with it all summer. Chaincase oil done (two bolts sheared off... argh). Removed and cleaned injectors (and my eyes), flushed fuel lines, drained old stale gas, changed fuel filter, plugs (huge improvement), started polishing chaincase/tunnel (until wife caught me). Still lots to do this summer. Bought doolys, and a new rear shock. Thinking about adding a temp gauge. And picked up a used single tilt trailer (im tired of renting. ) Off season prices helped make this all possible. Im planning to keep both sleds for friends/family as none of them have tried sledding. After the Rev is ready, I'll spend time on the Polaris fan maintenance..wear bars... sliders etc. Hope to meet some folks on here and go riding this winter.
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    Not sure if us Cat guys are allowed anywhere near the premises. Sounds like team Poo and Doo are well represented.
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    it seems like the touring sledders, halfway haven, the soo club, the Elliot lake club, the wawa and chapleau clubs, AND ALL LOCAL COMMUNITIES AFFECTED BY A CLOSURE OF THIS TRAIL, WILL HAVE TO JOIN FORCES, to get the ofsc, mto, mnr to get these washouts fixed. without support, and working together, this trail will close, halfway will close again, and the D trail will be lost again. effectively cutting off the soo, Elliott lake, and their riders from traveling north by sled. also this puts a HUGE hole between the north of lake huron system, with the northeast of superior system, hurting all communities along the ofsc top trail system in the northern corridor region. Ski
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    Last Wednesday, OF7 and I headed to Kapuskasing and as the Super 8 had a hockey tournament on the weekend, I booked at the Advantage Motel on the west end of town. This is a basic motel, so no pool or hot tub, but the rooms are clean and comfortable. There is plenty of room to spread out gear and the rooms have typical boiler style rads (great for gloves and balaclavas) with thermostats in each room so you can set your own comfort level. There is also an electric wall mounted heated for supplementary heat, if required. The temperatures outside were -28 to -32 overnight and the rooms were easily warm enough. The bathrooms are equipped with typical tub and shower combo and plenty of clean towels. We were quite impressed with the place as it has lots of parking for trailers and Papa Franco's restaurant is next door for breakfast and dinner. I would certainly recommend this to anyone traveling to or through Kap looking for clean, basic accommodations. The regular rate is $69.99 / night + tax and we were given the sledders rate of $60 + tax / night. We were single occupancy, so I don't know if it is more for more people, two beds, etc. Here is a link to their website . http://www.advantagemotel.com/
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    I do at least two trip to Quebec every year ..no problems so far. love sledding there and aways had a good time with the locals. We stay in small town east of river du loup one night and went to a local bar and had a hard time to buy a drink. The locals kept paying even the bartender bought us drinks , had a great time and my french is almost nil as was most of there english. Its like anywhere be careful where you go and where you park.
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    Thank you everyone for your well wishes. As members of the Haliburton community we hope for the best. We will continue to stay in touch on this forum, especially now that we have our life back!
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    Last trip to Quebec, while stopped for a trailside break, passed by a group of 12 or so sleds, all longer deep lug tracks. Was surprised how much they chewed / chunked the trail up just cruising, always figured it was only an issue when someone acted the fool n dug a trench to hell and back on take off. Rained hard that late afternoon n well into the late evening, woke up to dramatically lower temps and nothing but hard / icey trails. Couple of groups at our hotel (deep lugs / no studs) marooned until around lunch time when temps climbed back up and the rain returned. I'll gladly give up the killer bite / loss of fuel mileage from a huge lug track for my studded 1.25. Have always felt it's the breaking point for an all around trail sled but thats just my take on things.
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    Hello everyone, the attached picture is of a group of great sledders that joined the Northbound Sno Drifters Snowmobile Club on a trek from Chelmsford to Elliot Lake Feb. 2017 This is me introducing myself ! Location SUDBURY Main Riding Area SUDBURY TRAIL PLAN Club NSD Sled 2017 GRAND TOURING LE 900 ACE Previous and/or Other Sleds SKIDOO GTX 2007- YAMAHA VENTURE - YAMAHA EXCITER - ARCTIC CAT COUGAR - JOHNSON - (1ST MACHINE 12.3 SKIDOO ) 16/17 Mileage 1000 miles 15/16 Mileage 700 miles 14/15 Mileage 500 miles Interests snowmobiling , bowling , scuba diving , travelling , fishing , golfing Gender Male
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    Denis007, Viperules700, and signfan are all nice guys. I always enjoy their posts.
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    Nahhhh! Cant be the only thing..
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    Having recently bought a 16 Renegade Enduro 800, I've been spending some time reading the Doo Talk forums, and threads about Renegades in particular. There are plenty of extremely happy 900 ACE owners, many calling the 900 the best engine they've ever experienced.
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    Why does STG come to mind?
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    Hi All, I recently moved to Sudbury and live on Long Lake. After seeing many snowmobiles fly by my place I decided I wanna get in on the fun! I picked up a 2008 Yamaha Apex. If you`re looking for condition info in the south end or for a partner on the weekend trails let me know! Cheers.
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    Looks like a great time. What a great sport for camaraderie.
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    Thanks to everyone that came out it was great see you!!! We are hoping to make this an annual summer event!!
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    Thanks, Nunz. See you there. Catinental Couch, sending magic your way
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    The Trooper is 140 HP, cost with a drag is comparable to cost of Husky only. One bonus with the Trooper is you can fit 5 in the cab if you needed to for trail work or opening up trails etc
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    Between this show and Novi, they are both reasons to get together with trail buddies and collect maps and maybe an acessory or two and start to kick off the season. Can't wait new Sidewinder and new 25ft in line trailer.
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    Just the same old me, but I had to generate a new login. Something went wonky with my old one, I couldn't see any forums at all. I've been trying to login and let you know to unpin the trailer parking map because I've taken it offline. Last spring the OFSC Online Trail Guide seemed to get a real upgrade for staging areas and I didn't want to have to resources, possibly giving conflicting information to riders out there. I hope my effort bridged the gap while the OTG got caught up and I appreciate all the info that riders from all over sent me to keep the map updated.
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    I'm going to be working the booth (of whichever district Paudash is being designated) @ the Int'l Center. I'll be there on Sat' Oct' 21 from 4 to 7 PM. Hope to see some of you guys. there. Chandos Rob will be helping out as well.
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    Not sure where you get your understanding from but prescribed signage is supposed to be the done the same all over the province.
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    I don't think you want me to say what I am thinking after the fiasco with my wife's Polaris. It happened up in the same country that yours gave up the ghost. Maybe Denis has put a Poo curse on the Hearst area.
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    You left out the Ministry of Tourism. They're always promoting the 'wonderful' snowmobiling opportunities in the province. Too bad the 3 ministries involved couldn't get on the same page & work together.
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    Who's riding the Orange thing ? You know that's not a motorcycle, it's a Snowmobile with a Birth Defect ....
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    Thanks IQ Turbo, I'm sure we will run into you again this winter! Had to check out the new sign too!
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    All Skandics are 20 or 24 inches wide. Turning will be nearly identical from one to the other. Probably be better climbing hills with the wider track . Only thing you got right was the flotation issue.
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    Good point, Panther. It is worth clarifying that, as as far as I recall, the OFSC was not the driving force behind Bill 100. OFSC simply got caught up in the fiasco.
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    Thank Gawd. Sorry, Pal, that Draft is on backorder.
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    I must visit that place, to imprint the name in my mind. GoBills, I do admit to having eaten one tart from each batch, before taking the photo....as shown by the evidence. Thank you to Sledjunk and TheNavigator for bringing the tarts. I believe Dan Brappman may have provided the cake. Lots of goodies on hand thanks to Nunz, Karen, and the guests.
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    We go each year. Yes i know its the same each and every year, but its part if the culture..
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    Don't have a daughter, that's the geriatric creeping up big guy. Cheers
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    gonna try to get bill to take aft off to come to party.will also call glen & fab & chris & taxi home...
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    That seems like a very bad idea. One size does not fit all situations. This could really result in some Clubs/Associations getting very upset.
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    I know that Stoney but some people wouldn't pick up on that and cause themselves grief.
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    Good one! In actual fact the drinking age at the time was 18, the cops made a sweep through the place, and the keyboard player was underage by a few weeks, so had to quickly get out the back. I knew most of the chords for one set which was enough to drive the cops out and the regular keyboardist came back. What's that they say?....we live to make memories....