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    Looks like the IATG is showing 0km of open trail. Been that way for about 24 hours so I'm going to stop collecting data. Truthfully, I've had enough of it for this year. My data points were collected close to noon each day. I did miss a few days here and there so I averaged the missed day with the data from the day before and after. So here it is. As you recall, we started out good and early but things deteriorated earlier than last year. 2016 was 110 days of open trail with an average of 7865km 2017 was 116 days of open trail with an average of 10374km So this season was a little longer with more trail open.
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    Snowchecked 2018 50th Sidewinder...
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    Not so much that Guy. The older folks remember when people were more courteous, respectful of others, were mannerly, etc. However, this discussion about "old" verses "young" is pointless given the milieu in which the recent generation has been raised. In my day, people kept their strange or different notions to themselves. With the spread of the internet, it wasn't long before a person with any fantasy, kink, fetish, or down right disgusting behaviour couldn't find someone else with similar persuasions and a built in support group on a web site, facebook site, yahoo group or whatever. It you wanted sex with goats, there was somebody out there that found support for this with others by the simple use of a search engine. With all this new freedom came a general breakdown in societal values which have more or less extended to freedom in all aspects of life - manners, courtesy and respect be damned. I wouldn't even bother replying to this thread except for an occurance the other day - sitting waiting for a red light to change at an intersection, the person next to me in the left turn lane, went and made his left turn on a red light. No doubt he looked around to see if cops were present, or at least if there was perpendicular traffic, but this action is something I would not even have contemplated. This was the third time in a month that I've observed such a thing - can't count the number of times people have taken a dump in a public washroom and not flushed a toilet. Even got people on this forum openly supporting riding on a red - meaning closed - trail. The new motto on the family crest now reads "Where's Mine?". As far as a cure for this goes, there isn't one. Education won't work. More enforcement might. Not likely though. I'm thinking the best thing to do is find a place with less density of population, and thus, a decreased asshole factor.
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    Let me pose this to you all. Would you purchase a surf board to ride in Ontario? Would you purchase a Bob Sled to play with and ride in Ontario? Off Trail Sled if there's no place to ride them for what they're built? And then expect the 40 year old trail system to change just because you bought one? You buy a cottage on a non motorized lake. Do you buy a motor boat and expect everybody else to change? Why do you purchase a side by side and expect the multi use trails to change just because you bought one? Can you imagine a side by side ripping down the multi use trail with horses and walkers? If you buy a Mountain Sled take it where it's designed for. The hills and Mountains. Not some poor farmers field that has kindly allowed us to use their land for our enjoyment and TRAIL. I don't buy a dragster to go back and forth to Toronto. Would be nice and quick but really! I was taught you buy a boat you take it to a lake. You buy a trailer you take it to a camp ground. You buy an ATV you take it to the approved ATV trails. You buy a Mountain Sled, Long Track Deep Lugs take it where it's designed. It's definitely not a trail sled and that is what we have here in Ontario. Stop being so greedy. You bought the sled no one twisted your arm. Unless you live in a cave for the last 40 years, Ontario is a Trail Riding Sled System. No Mountains here! Why do some seem to think just because you bought one and the market is pushing them with there commercials and shows that the 40 year old trail system designed for seeing this wonderful province on safe trails has to change to fit you. You bought the sled now you want to have the clubs build mountains so you can play. Then when the do you'll bitch that the pass cost has to up. Come on people this trail system was designed years ago for 50hp sled at 50km's an hour. Not 200 horse power turbo Mountain Sleds to rip up and ruin the hard work the groomers and other volunteers do in one pass. That's just selfish. I would love to see the demographics on the purchases of these sleds. I can only imagine who's purchasing these things. Rant Over!!
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    After yesterdays' dumping of 3" of fresh snow, figured I had to get one more ride in ... Took out the sled at around 9 am, Alexandre and I took a little tour around our end of town, then onto the fitness trail along the river, which is wide open except a couple of places. Little ice jam at the West end of town .... West end of the fitness trail behind the hospital .... Stopped in at the boss's house, left a little Hello snow pile on his garage door .... Headed West from there to the edge of the BIL's property and back out, then North on Cloutier Road ("A" trail crosses it..) all the way to the Marina. I let Alexandre drive for most of the road. Here's the L171 trail heading West of the Marina..... Met a guy having fun on an old Honda ATC on the same road, a Big Red maybe .... we passed him on the return trip. Opened up the sled a bit to show the kid the rocket .... Stopped at a friends' place for a quick chat, Alexandre stayed to play with their son. I carried on and toured around town a bit more, until the Fuel light came on (would alternate between 1 bar and fuel light). Heading home I spotted the wifes' car at another friends' place, little visit there, then home and put away the sled. Snow condition was great, it was good fluffy snow, great for cooling. No overheating, only put down the scratchers to save the slides while driving the roads. 56 km for the day, 220 km on that tank of fuel, still on break-in .... 36% now, was 43% this morning. Coupla more storms and I might get it down to Zero before summer hits for real !!! Thanks for tuning in !!!
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    Ours are home. Already looking forward to next year.
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    I don't think the issue is free riders riding on the trail system, as long as they are on a permitted snowmobile. At that point, they are welcomed trail users, assuming they ride responsibly. The issue is when the free riders stray off trail along the trail system. At that point, they are jeopardizing the sustainability of the trail system unless they ABSOLUTELY KNOW that they are on crown land. Incidentally, not all hydro lines are crown land.
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    I never like to see people abusing trails. ATVers are notorious for trespassing. Bicycle helmets must be mandated because parents are all stupid, Natives are all drunks. Black youths are all criminals. Muslims are all extremists. Woman just can't stop talking. If you stand up on a sled, you are an asshole kid. Arctic Cat sleds are only owned by aggressive riders..... Yamaha sleds weigh more than most cars. These are all statements of mis-perception and not fact. Most couldn't care less if an ATV is on a trail going for a nice ride ON the trail and not IN the trail. So who cares?? Really, who gives a.... if they are not trespassing, pissing off a landowner and creating a problem for others? I like to hear from our OC Members about their ATV adventures, Boating, Motorcycling, Camping, hiking, Prison sentences and even their sheep herding atrocities. This site is not regulated or censored by any association, club or federation. Speak freely, but with respect and all will be good....
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    Going to try the new motor.
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    Have you ever experienced the claustrophobic panic of being trapped inside your clothing? A few weeks back, on a lovely Cochrane winter's day, I stopped at a remote intersection, to enjoy the view and check my phone. I shut off the machine, stepped away, and removed my helmet. Suddenly I realized the zipper was seized on my parka. Crap. It was done up, right to the top. I tried looking in the sled mirror to see why the zipper was stuck....but my glasses were inside my shirt pocket, so everything was blurry. I started to freak out. All the mirror could tell me was that my eyes were bulging out of their sockets. I tried to wiggle the zipper, to no avail. I pulled harder. No good. I lifted up on the collar and tried to pull my head out the bottom. Not a chance. The Klim material wouldn't give an inch. If I'd been wearing a super cheap parka, I'd have ripped it to shreds. I was becoming more alarmed by the second, even though I knew the situation was ridiculous. I tried to calm myself by thinking happy thoughts. It was a struggle. The stuck zipper hadn't been bothering me before I stopped, so I decided the best way to calm down might be to put my helmet back on, and resume riding. It kind of worked. I set a good pace toward Cochrane, trying to convince myself that I was enjoying the ride, and trying to disregard the noose around my neck. Between the waves of alternating enjoyment and panic, I considered possible options for getting out of my coat. Go to the motel office to see if they might have some sharp shears? Maybe a sled dealer, or automotive shop? O.P.P. detachment? Hospital? I was a little desperate and irrational. I rode straight to the motel, saw a fellow changing a belt on his Arctic Cat, and hoped he might be the man to save the day. I was off the sled before it stopped moving, told the fellow I was freaking out, and asked him if he could help me get the hell out of my coat. He freed me in five seconds. Half an hour later I was packed, checked out, loaded up, and southbound. As I hit the road, I instantly regained my composure, and pulled into Terry's Steak House. "Remember me?" I said, "from last winter?" "Oh yes," she said. "Coconut cream pie to go. One, or two?" "One's good. I'm on a diet."
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    OC is a community watering it down could damage what just simply works
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    Thanks guys, it has been a real trying week trying to deal with all this, compounded with the sled issues at New Years, It was a great winter once that was dealt with and as Blake said I rode more than I have ever sledded in a season. With the house we have spoken with our lawyer and we need to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they knew about the water damage prior, We are the 3rd owners of the house so it is entirely possible that it happened when the original owner built the house, I have to believe in my heart that a family member wouldn't have done this to another family member. We have a couple guys coming to the house in the next couple of days to give us a estimate on what the repairs will cost, Also have discovered the interlocking driveway and interlock porch at the rear of the house has settled towards the house so that will also have to get fixed as well. On a side note on top of dealing with all this mess, we were visiting a friends house a couple of weeks ago and his dog also bit my hand so have had to have my hand checked out. What a effin year it's been so far, almost afraid to put the boat in the water. lol I do appreciate the kind comments and messages made by most of you, except for Denis 007 lolololol, I got thick skin and will get him back next winter... Thanks guys.
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    Local OPP, broke up a ring of toy thieves.. http://inquinte.ca/story/four-faces-dozens-of-charges-in-theft-ring Some serious charges laid, good work by our friends at the OPP.. Let's hope the judge they face is a sledder and the system gives them what they deserve.
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    finally got bill's son carter to join us on oc,he's only 15 but rides like the wind is very courteous sledder.welcome carter
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    I ordered a real winter.
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    Snowchecked a 2018 Rene X 1.6" with 4yr warranty at larrys a few days ago...come to think of it, I'll have to change my avatar lol
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    Hi all, I thank you all for the well wishes!! Lots of folks were aware this would be my last season with HCSA for some time now, it was my third winter at the helm and although the season was short, it was by far the most successful. We started with a new Piston Bully, a trail improvement grant, a rave review from Craig and crew on their tour here, and finished up with meeting our grooming hour forecast, a positive bank account and most importantly a re- invented public image. The support from everyone on here and the sledding community towards HCSA has been awesome!! Haliburton county as a whole is very supportive of HCSA as demonstrated by the club achieving the Warden's award at the recent Chamber Of Commerce night. The internal issues are most definitely the reason for my and others departure from this organization. As I live and sled here I only have the best of wishes for the new/old leaders of HCSA and look forward to riding from my home next season. Livin'
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    My passion for snowmobiling started in 1977 when I was a toddler out with my dad and will continue for the rest of my life. There was a time when everyone thought paying $10,000 for a sled was too much now its up to $20,000. Some of is will see $30,000 sleds some day............looks at SxS's. On a side note who ever would have imagined a new GMC Denali Duramax crew cab or Ford Superduty Powerstroke would be almost $90,000 + HST. I remember riding Golden Triangle trails BEFORE there ever was an OFSC and those permits were $20 and grooming was all done my Skidoo Alpines and club maps were photocopied 8.5 x 11 sheets. I too am fortunate to be able to afford to trade when I want too. But my love of this sport motivated me to build a career that allows me the luxury of enjoying it. The weather is disappointing, trails closing is disappointing, the amount of miles I ride these days is disappointing, OFSC issues are also disappointing but I wont quit...........never !!
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    I said I wasnt going to do it but I did afterall. The $1000 in coupons that I had pushed me over the edge.
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    I keep a few pine cones in a ziplock bag. You wimps.
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    Never had a issue with the sleds or truck and trailers in both provinces. If they want it bad enough, they will take it no matter what you do. And if its gone, then i guess thats why we all have insurance..
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    The gender argument and my urine soaked clothes pale in comparison to an incident I witnessed when sledding was in its infancy. We wore no helmet, they were not legislated then, and we all wore a one-piece suit with a hood. Joe (we'll call him that for now) was caught short in a forested area on what has now become SCTrail 3. He stopped close to a horizontal log, collected some pine needles for 'clean-up' and settled over the log to relieve himself. We occupied our time changing spark plugs, drive belts and bogie wheels because we had already gone 20 miles in the last 2 hours. Relieved of his lower intestinal pressures, Joe employed his pine needles, lifted all his garments and, smiling, zipped up the one-piece. He pulled the old rip cord several times and his machine coughed to life, surrounding him in a blue cloud of smoke and, almost, drowning out the yelp we heard as Joe prepared himself for the ride by flipping the hood up over his head. Thereinafter, Joe has always been referred to as Sh*tHead. Always check the back side of the log for your hood lest it become the resting place for your log. it was a long ride home for Joe and we all rode upwind.
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    Soupkids, All the clothing and zippers when snowmobiling can be quite a challenge; even when you do get the zipper open. Under shorts, then long underwear, then a pair of jeans or baggy track pants, then the snowmobile pants........I figure about 5 inches, or so, of heavy clothing through which I have to negotiate a 3 and a quarter inch d*ck ! I've never had a dry ride and my snowmobile suit smells like the 3rd floor at New Horizons nursing home. People talk about yellow snow. How do they do it ?
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    Lol on trying to justify sled purchases. Enjoy them boys. Like the visa ad says some things you just can't put a price on on a smile.
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    jim, I understand your distaste for the current ofsc, and the Lester's but, be careful what you ask for. for years the club elders, club orgs, and mfg'rs have been trying to figure out how to get the younger crowd involved to help prolong the sport of snowmobiling. now with the advent of freeriding, back country riding, mountain riding, exploring offtrail, and snowbikes, the younger crowd is dipping their feet in the pond. are they inexperienced, do they need help, and education to be good stewards of the land? yes but, not all of them. embrace them, or lose them. now I am not saying the ofsc a trail based org, to get involved in making "offtrail riding areas" for this group but, if you don't try to work with them, they will last longer than all of us based on age alone. lets take your wish, and these younger people leave trail riding altogether, and develop offtrail areas and stay off the trails. now you lost that demographic again, and have no real future plan for the trail riders, except the current model, which lets face it... with the aging volunteer base is "don't die", we need to use you up. if these younger people get organized and leave the trail community, you lose all those permit buyers (I know the argument, none of them buy permits anyway, which may be true to an extent but, ALL is a pretty big brush to paint them with). but, you lose their youthful enthusiasm, their time, and energy to help the trail system, and all of the money, funding, economics for trail riding. I like both, everyone sees me as offtrail only but, in reality it is far from the truth. we love trail riding, love fishing, and love the sport overall but, you have to stop acting like the old "get off my lawn you punk kids", or they will do just that, and you will be left with nothing but, memories of the good ole days when you could ride the entire province on one system, and little to no trails to ride without traveling great distances. do the kids need guidance and education, yes, no doubt... but, if you push this group, and this generation of sledders and they WILL take their ball, and their energy, and MONEY, and do their own thing, laughing at you the whole time. I don't have the solutions but, I can see it isn't shunning a group due to the sleds/bikes they ride, the stand up style, or the clothing they wear. if we go down that road, prepare for this to be the last chapter in organized trail riding in North America. when the trail system disintegrates, it was the failure to work with one another among groups of sledders, that ruined it for everyone in organized sledding. I know it comes across as harsh but, I am only trying to tie my first paragraph to the last, no disrespect meant: remember, you asked for it. Ski
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    So because the parents chose not to buy their daughter a floater suit they want to make it mandatory for all people to buy them. I don't want to seem callus but someone made a consous decision as to what suit to buy. If the mother felt so strongly about the use of a floater suit she should have bought one for her daughter.
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    he is grateful but I asked him a direct question so he answered. Now If I really wanted to be a prick of a father I would buy him a cat! Kid works his ass off, high school (studies like a madman) already is career oriented , part time job, plays league hockey and varsity at school, doesn't drink doesn't party, doesn't smoke. Ya your right I should hit him.
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    FYI...just heard back from one of 2 emails I sent out...Was told by EOTA head office that all EOTA trails have been open including on the Easter Weekend.......
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    I agree with what youhave to say......we actually passed about 6 trucks on that rail bed that day....I believe the HATV railine is closed until June 1st but we were nowhere close to there., not even in that system......I am going to double check with the person( executive ) I contacted prior to our short ride to see if we were given proper info.....our group would never ride on closed trails , always have passes ....and I might not be the brightest bulb but if I was to ride on closed trails I sure as hell would not post pics and a story about it..lol...will also add in years passed I was told that some local clubs in that area has invited atver's to go at it once sled trails were permantly closed for the season...Cheers
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    Thanks everyone on the congrats. Not a 850cc motor, but Cat's new 800cc 2-stroke. Seems the 600cc they build has had good reviews so I am going to try it. This sled has some features other brand sleds have had for a few years already. Like LED lighting found on the Cat 9000 series last year, but not yet found on many 2018 Cat models. The new clutch and top end shocks were also part of the choice. The newer body panels may also be nicer? Sold off a few sleds last season so I will be keeping the ZR-7000, ZR-8000, and the Crossfire 1000. Always good to have backup for various snow conditions in the trailer. The new sled would not be good for the hard icy trails we rode so much on this past March, even with scratchers. It will get some good miles on it next year with Paige and I'll have my son Graham ride it to make sure it gets pushed on and off trail. He can always use 20% more fuel than I when we travel together, but he always stops to let me catch up along the way. Hope I get to see you all next season. (I was only in Dub once when you might have been home ski. That was on the sausage-fest weekend in March, but I never got to see you. My boy and I were moving around pretty fast that weekend) Everyone have a great summer! Scott
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    Totally agree Blake good call on the removal. I come on here for a few reasons there is minimal BS, lots of mutual respect for each other, and we have a good group from across Ontario that will help if needed. We all give accurate trail and accommodation conditions. There is not brand slandering on here we all just like to ride. I understand the want for a Facebook group though maybe to expand things but i think it would just turn out bad for this site. This is my go to morning coffee site LOL
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    Fear not, the province will subsidize the purchase price and be installing trail side charging stations
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    Its going to be a long summer!!! At least fishing will keep me occupied!
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    Nothing like a near miss from some clown on a beat up (no graphics) '04 REV that should've been parted out years ago. End of rant.
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    it is official, deposit put on a new 2018 snowcheck Polaris timbersled aro ST 120LE, in blue today. it will fit nicely on the 2015 Yamaha wr450. now we will have two snowbikes... and my wait until delivery begins. the sunset pic is the wife's bike we built this winter. the other 2 are the new 18 pics from Polaris/timbersled. Ski
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    I always used it in the off Season when I was searching for a cottage ,. If the trail wasn't close to the property or required lots of road riding it wasn't a prospect. That being said I take possession of my new "hideaway" next Thursday in The loring area. Going to be a great off season getting it sled ready.
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    My zipper troubles where a little further south. Finally decided to stop and relieve myself and could not get the dam zipper open. I Dam near peed myself before I got the zipper open.
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    To each their own!! He is awesome and all he's doing is having fun. Guys need to chill out!
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    I ride a $20,000 sled,it's like spending $10,000 8 to 10 years ago it is pocket change,i do not miss the money,but the smile i get every time i hit the loud handle is worth it.
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    In my opinion, we can't even begin expect the OFSC and local clubs which are made up of volunteers to provide off trail areas. "Permitted" off trail areas just encourage riders to go off trail wherever they feel, whenever they see fresh powder or snow drifts. I have experienced this first hand, as the snowmobile trail runs through my property and my neighbour's property. The liability the OFSC currently has is huge, let alone adding permitted free riding into the mix. My neighbours also express the same concerns. As for the younger generation, they aren't interested in the meeting and procedure side of things. I have found they are more willing to come out and help with trail set up and maintenance but when it comes to a meeting time, they are occupied with their own lives. The active members of the local clubs typically are middle aged and have more free time. To say that snowmobiling is going to disappear because the clubs don't go out of their way to cater to off trail riding does not mean that snowmobiling will die out. The dealers and the manufacturers promote free riding because these are the guys at the parts counter first thing Monday morning. We need to have our trail patrol actively being present on our trail network. Upset landowners in Southern Ontario will be the main reason snowmobile trails will be shut down, as they are the backbone to the trail network. I believe the OFSC and the local clubs should concentrate on improving the infrastructure of the trail system we currently have.
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    crap-eatin' grin right there!
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    Figured we needed some levity in the forum...
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    More or less the same as I have been thinking the last couple of years.....which is why I have been gently poking IQTurbo, Nunz and others to never mind the spring deals, keep your sled, save your money for travel to other locales. My recent trip to New Brunswick was in my mind setting up for 'Plan B' after the eventual demise of Ontario trails, or at least those in the southern part of the province. Once retired, I'll have the time and hopefully the funds to travel to where the snowmobiling is best at the time - perhaps staying for weeks or months at a time. In addition to the weather, we also have the problem where the adminstrative future of Ontario trails is firmly in the grip of a money oriented circle jerk. Working under the assumption that unless snowmobiling is good for the government in power or snowmobiling will be ignored (which is why Freeloader Weekend will not see any changes despite discontent ) imaginative or innovative solutions are needed for increasing snowmobiler participation from those who normally would not consider it, and for a method in which trails are less under the threat of land use permission being withdrawn. I am sure someone will pipe up with 'snomobiling provides 1 billion, no wait, 2 billion, no, no, 3 billion dollars to Ontario's economy every year' - Yes this is true, but unless you allow the government to capitalize and use this to their advantage - much as the February Freeloader Weekend contributes to the Liberal initiative Family Day holiday - we'll just go on creating the economic largesse without the further benefit of being 'thanked' and supported by a grateful government as which happens in other provinces. The OFSC would have made a wiser choice to hire a marketing firm which had nothing to do with an existing OFSC relationship - a fresh set of eyes, ears, and ideas unburdened by preconceived notions, would have suited Ontario snowmobiling much better. We just hear and read the same old stuff, focused on those who are already participating, and who really don't need to be told information they already know. You know what those sled crossings on highways and roadways are? A marketing and awareness gold mine. (BTW - I predict this will be the next hassle - townships wanting to be reimbursed for sled damage to asphalt.) In terms of trail permanance, I would suggest wiping the current trail system from the map, conduct a survey of available crown and township land and redraw the trail system (where necessary) with emphasis on long term trail access commitments. As most of the land registry is now stored on computer accessed databases, this would not be as difficult as imagined. Not sure how much this would cost, or if it is indeed feasible, but a blue skying approach to being held hostage (and in some Muskoka cases we have seen where this is the case) to trail access might lead to some solutions.
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    It is a Parrot Be-Bop drone ,my son is the controller ,he is doing some editing of the trails and abandoned mines we went to ,should post them up later when he is done,they came out very nice
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    Another favorite....
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    Some of the exceptions are not good news. I have noticed an awful lot of our generation seem to have a huge sense of entitlement. Therefore you have the next generation with the same mindset. It is like the old saying: If you are going to teach the dog anything then you are supposed to be smarter than the dog.
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    Polaris is leading the pack........on recalls, $132,000,000 this fiscal year so far!
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    I do at least two trip to Quebec every year ..no problems so far. love sledding there and aways had a good time with the locals. We stay in small town east of river du loup one night and went to a local bar and had a hard time to buy a drink. The locals kept paying even the bartender bought us drinks , had a great time and my french is almost nil as was most of there english. Its like anywhere be careful where you go and where you park.
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    Wife and I just put another 350 miles on this past weekend in north bay. Redbridge and sand damn area, trails were amazing.