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    If it's FREE Why not? If the OFSC can get an article for free in every Magazine in Canada.... go for it, the more our Sport get's out there the better. I'm often on CBC radio talking about Snowmobiling in the mornings, People will say "The young don't listen to CBC radio... that will not get new blood" It might not but it get's us in the news in a positive way and not because one guy wrapped his sled around a tree or sank in the bottom of the lake and died. It's getting our Sport in the public in a positive way.
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    Thank you guys, it's funny because I was getting emails and phone calls asking if I was going to this year's OFSC AGM and I told them I could not go with the store very busy and we are short of staff. I was then told that I had won the award and it was for all of Canada, a National award... I was speechless..... Wow ok.... I still cant go tho lol So I made a youtube video for them to play at the AGM for everyone to see. I guess my next award will be the Snowmobiling/Grooming Hall of fame one day Hahahahha!!!!! Thank you all for following my stuff, We are getting a new groomer so this winter should be fun and lots of videos, I got 2 GoPros and I found myself a Digital Camcorder for better videos, I will be able to zoom and carry it with me all the time as it's small and compact. I will try to come on here more often to chat with you guys.
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    Hi everybody, the 2018 season is around the corner, time for a new thread...and time to start exercising the throttle thumb. Think snow!!
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    OMG guys..... quit the complaining and whining. Any Publicity is good, I'm sure the OFSC was approached by Zoomer with the idea and the OFSC agreed to go along..... what wrong with that? for #uck's sake for once it's not Trump.. or something that is always in the news or magazine covers. I know we need to attract the young and I'm all for that but let's not forget the people that have been at it for a long time, the ones before us that have ben doing the work. Anything is good to get our Sport out there, maybe there's somebody sitting in a doctor's office reading this Mag and looking for a change in his life and wants to try something new and sees an article about snowmobiling. Let's keep an open mind and stop going ape shit every time someone types the four letters OFSC.
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    Chicken fumes?
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    Hi Blake... sale started at 8am . Got my pass also. Number 17 to be exact. Be back in Canada when the snow flies . Hello everyone on OC.
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    Snowmobiling in Ontario does indeed need an injection of new blood, no question. But, just a thought. Is this not also the exact demographic that is buying up cottage property in the snowmobile hub? The "new" property owners that come from the city and tend to be very unenlightened about the essence of the organized club trail systems and the great fun it offers. The same who decide they do not care if there has been a snowmobile trail going across their new retirement property for 30 years previous, they do not want those "skidoos" buzzing by. Food for thought. The "free" exposure and advertising may resonate in more ways than one.
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    Milverton Club had a work party at one of the shacks on the weekend. Got the inside and outside of one of our shacks painted. A huge improvement over what it was. If anyone recalls what the shack looked like before, you will know what I am talking about. This is the one north of Milverton. Thanks to all who came out and helped
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    Nutter comments. Disagree with the guy, fine, toss crap his way because you don't agree, really? Dude lives n breathes sledding and promotes it every place he goes each and every month of the year, nothing but respect from where I sit plus he's genuinely a good guy (yea even though he rides a piss wagon). I also hear nothing but the same from millennials, you'd have to finance sledding for them at zero cost to see many out on the trails. New advertising, If the OFSC truly did this at zero or even little cost, see no downside.
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    I'll take the blame for the cool summer. I have been doing my snow dance since April.
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    My little guy and I watched the show at 3. Was cool. I thought they were going to high 5 the roof! Met wild bill in person while buying a suit from him and hung out with Jim bob for good part of the show. Country corners had great deal on jackets for 40 bucks out the door. For my first show, I was impressed.
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    I saw Livin', irREVerent, STG, 14Snow, Snocrazy, WB, and a couple of others. The show seemed bigger with more real vendors (actually selling things). Enjoyed the day
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    Just got back from the snowmobile show and one of the topics of conversation for a lot of people was the ITG. When I asked the people at the OFSC booth which doesn't really jump out at you since it primarily consists of a Prinooth Groomer and a sign about buy your permit now and ride they were of little to no help. The standard answer about everything was... it's a work in progress and it will take time. I asked about the option to build your own route rather than the shortest.... a work in progress. I asked about the 1/3 screen of instructions on how to use it that you can't get rid of and he cited liability concerns. I tried to clarify I wasn't talking about the disclaimer Terms and Conditions that pops up and you have to click on that goes away but the instructions on how to navigate the map. He never really understood what I was asking I don't think. He explained that they were way behind schedule and rather than delay it any further they released it as is and cited companies do this all the time. Not quite. They may put out a software release that may have a few flaws that were missed in testing but they sure don't release a product that is definitely inferior to the existing one, far from complete let alone a couple of fixes and say it's a work in progress.
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    The Great Northern Loop
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    Just for the record, Yes you can put "Pending" in the VIN and Licence fields in your profile and the system will process your order. This is illegal however as the permit has to be registered to a specific sled. Yes you can use your old VIN/Licence number to purchase this years permit. Could be illegal as you might not be the current registered owner if you have sold or traded the sled. Only the registered owner can complete the application form and accept the terms and conditions and Limitation of Liability. No you can not go back into your profile and add/amend the VIN/Licence to an existing sled in your profile. You have to add a new sled but then the permit stays attached to the existing sled in the profile. OFSC will not change it. Your District/Club can not change it. If OFSC changes it, they are condoning an illegal practice. If you use your old VIN/Licence number to purchase a permit, you must then go through the Transfer/Replacement process by completing the required form and paying the fee ($15.00) To the best of my knowledge the permit system is an OFSC system not an MTO system. So unless OFSC has provided OPP with access to our system there is no practical way to check a permit on-trail. So in reality there is very little risk or consequence to doing 1 or 2 above.To me the biggest risk is if something should happen, like being involved in a serious accident. Police will check the permit and I have no idea what happens if the investigation shows the permit is not properly assigned to the sled. Would it nbe similar to driving your car with someone else's plate on it? I am sure some litigation lawyer would have a field day with that and what would your insurance say about an improperly permitted sled.
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    A member from a club did suggest that a local connection would be beneficial which it is but when said person transfers out and you get some unwilling nitwit in that refuses to divulge out ANY info then thats a problem! I did mention it to OPP Blair at AGM that it actually is beneficial to both parties that it should be policy when an accident occurs on OUR trails that the OPP should notify right away that an accident occurred on said trail at said time etc instead of saying we cant say anything for privacy reasons and he actually said he would consider that. Cause a lot of the time the ORS responders dont get any info about an accident or might hear it from word of mouth or sometimes dont know about it till the accident party files a lawsuit with your club. As for OPP and STOP, 2 seasons ago we had our STOP officers and a bad winter with less fatalities than this season. This season we no longer have our STOP officers and another bad winter and fatalities were up. Is it related to us having no STOP hard to say but i would put a big yes on it. You got Mrs Reid at the OFSC and her committee wanting to run down our current trail patrol to walmart greeters! they are wanting to get rid of the enforcement aspect of it all together, such BS especially now when we have next to no enforcement on our trails.
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    Dont care,,,,,have put the signage up for 2yrs not one day open trails......Dont care,,,,,,its all fun getting out about meeting our landowners the peeps in the the club etc.... Dont care.....if mother nature blesses us or not........Truck,trailer,sleds are ready for the track Up Nord,
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    Maybe the OFSC sould've gone for the ink crowd? From the covers they seem to be aimed @ a younger demographic.
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    Thanks Dave That would be my dream doing that full time... have the equipment support and have help, I would go around and visit clubs and go out on the trails and do groomer work, trail work and document it, share with everyone what each and every clubs challenges they face every season, Spend the good times and the hard times. Talk to people on the trails but in our own view of things,,, be different. When I started oh boy was I told not to do this, filming everything, \posting about everything and doing live updates and saying like it is not sugar coating it, I stuck to my guns and said NO, I was speaking as "The Groomer Guy" and not a club. like dweese said by sharing them it helps. Thanks Brian
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    OFSC revenues run in the $17-18 million mark so DWeese is pretty close and I would agree that $110-120k for senior/executive level positions is not out of line. The question to ask is "Are you getting an acceptable level of performance?"
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    On a bright noter, there are lots of 50+ year olds retiring early in our area. A few take up sledding as they meet people. All my friends are folks like that.
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    All I keep hearing from so many of the millenials is how tough it is for them financially and they struggle to make ends meet which translates to I can't afford to do something like sledding since I spend all my money on a new smart phone every six months and partying at the bars for a large number of them. Yes we need to keep attracting new people to the sport but at what cost. Do we really want a lot of snowcross wannabes' racing over the crest of a hill on the wrong side. Yes this is a generalization and there are exceptions but those riding like that tend to be younger than older. Attracting riders that are in the Zoomer range, who are typically more financially stable at that point in their life and are able to afford the truck, trailer, sled, gear and operating expense is not a bad thing. Especially when it isn't costing the OFSC anything. I would much rather see and encounter a Zoomer family riding the trails responsibly and in control than a herd of 18-22 year olds seeing who can get through the twisting trail fastest regardless of how many blind corners or hill crests they encounter. Any free publicity is good publicity. If a presence in Zoomer magazine is able to attract even just a handful of new riders that's a positive situation. Then word of mouth kicks in between them and some of their friends who are also perhaps enticed to participate in the sport. I know that's how I got started... a friend of mine was having so much fun riding he convinced me to try it. Without that happening sledding was one of those things which were not really that interesting then.
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    I would think that the only way you would know the OPP were or were not checking for permits would be if a) you didn't have one and got ticketed or (b) you had one but not in the proper place (i.e. behind the windshield) so they had to ask if you had one. Otherwise if the permit is where it is supposed to be they don't need to do anything that would make it obvious they were looking for permits.
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    I know its early but i think its time to plan a big Friday or Saturday ride in February and try and get as many of us together for a nice ride and lunch. I know most people probably have the big trips already booked so we can try and figure out when would be a good time. Conditions will strongly impact this but based on the past few winters conditions seem to be the best in early feb. Just want to see if there is interest in this maybe we can try and get something going. Let me know what everyone thinks. Cheers
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    Just got home from a great weekend at the sled show, Met lots of OC members and had a blast Saturday at the Gravenhurst booth, I’ll definitely do that again in the future, Karen and I went today as visitors to the show and ordered a set of the Qualpieces dual carbide runners and a bunch of Polaris oil that was on Sale. It certainly was amazing seeing everyone and I swear you could feel the buzz about the coming season. Had a nice long with the Quebec operators about our big trip to Gaspe this coming year.
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    AC+YA. I was at the Toronto Sled show today and got some updates from the district 15 governor. Trail work is almost complete for the section out towards Geraldton from Hearst. Trails will be open all the way through to Geraldton this season. Gas in Calstock and also 91 octane available at Klotz lake, and best of all they have a guy working on putting pumps and a small building similar setup to dubeurville at the old truck stop/gas station at hwy 11 before turning south towards Hornepayne for this season. Then he wants to open up a restaurant also if all goes well. Sounds like longlac has half decent accommodations and food and fuel. He also stated they are looking at opening up from Geraldton/longlac down to Hornepayne for another loop. The trail out to longlac will have a small detour out to run near the hwy to avoid a old deteriorating bridge for this season only. Next year a new bridge will be installed. Just not enough time this year to get done..I was really impressed with the conversation and the hard work happening to open this all back up. Looking forward to making the run this year.
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    Just got home from the show. Picked up a few things. Nice to see Revrnd, Chandos Rob and Nunz. The show seemed a bit better then in previous years. Had a conversation with the OFSC treasurer near the Husky groomer. WOW! is all i will say about that!.. Chatted with a few reps from the Northern Corridor du Nord. And spent a bit of time at the quebec boths. All in all a good day..
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    I'm interested! From experience, a suggestion would be to find a location with accommodations and food so that participants can stay over and extend the experience if they choose. Good luck.
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    Doug & I will be working the district 6 booth on Friday and throughout the weekend. So may see a few of you there!
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    D4 booth Saturday morning. HSSZ, Canada 150, black ball cap. Afternoon gathering maps like a squirrel and doing re-con on Quebec regions.
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    Well it's snowing in Everett ON. It's a coming folks!! VID_20171016_095330.mp4
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    Hey everyone, I picked up a NOS 2014 XF7000 Ltd a few weeks back. I'm planning on doing quite a bit of riding this winter, and was wondering about the stock windshield (or lack there of) that came with it. I am hoping those who have experience with both high and low could help me out before my sticker arrives lol. I have only used med/high windshields, and could only imagine it might get chilly on the hands/upper body area with the low one. I was also contemplating the hand guards if I keep the low one.... Any advice appreciated! Cheers, Wimpy
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    I have been going down this road with the OFSC for some months now. In early August I was told they have a committee looking at a revamp and rejuvenation of the Trail Patrol Program. In the OFSC clubhouse web site there is documentation on Trail Patrol that was created for the 2015/2016 season. That is the most current. There is a document and a powerpoint to view. You can STILL issue a notice of trespass (also found on the website) as was done in the past. The only difference is you can't sell the permit trailside. I have had success for quite some time with issuing a notice of trespass and telling them that if they provide me proof of buying a permit within the next 7 days I tear it up and it is a non issue.
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    Just got my Trail Pass in the mail .. . It' Brown Goldish in color
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    North of Sault Ste. Marie Lake Superior Surface temperatures are +6 F above the normal (October 10th) for this time of year. This will equate to good December snow north between the Sault and Wawa, until the lake freezes up. Last year, temperatures were +7 F above normal and the region got pounded for the entire month of December. I snowblew the driveway literally every day. A photo below taken on December 11th in the mountains north of the Sault. Dan-Senior
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    Absolutely disgraceful lack of support from the Provincial Government. The OFSC obviously has no influence whatsoever with this government. The Freeloading situation and decreased OPP trail presence will ultimately be the death knell for organized snowmobiling. This needs to be dealt with ASAP. Follow Quebec’s lead.
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    E 102 from Eganville to Griffith should be open the club has found a new route to get around lockouts. Just now dealing with a property that's for sale , owner said if it does not sell we are still good .If it does sell we go from there , we have options but don't have the money to change more trail this year Lots of changes from Killaloe to Eganville but open, but the rail bed between Killaloe and Wilno is CLOSED . So down the road for a few km is the only way.
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    Kind of sounds like blackmail. You allow a hiking trail and you can get a severance. No trail no severance. Actually sounds kind of illegal.
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    Based on the extra high size of the salt pile at the highway maintenance yard, I would say we are in for a snowy winter .......because the MTO contractors and government never get things wrong !! .....................
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    Just wait until you qualify for a seniors discount some places it starts at 50. I just saved money on a haircut with the seniors discount. Regardless of age I should qualify anyhow since I don't have much left to cut.
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    2017 New non-current ZR 5000 LXR 137
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    That would be very welcome. Always enjoy hearing your stories and opinions.
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    On a recent roadtrip from Midland to Thunder Bay I took a 35 km side trip off the Trans-Canada into Dubreuilville. Travelled down the newly paved winding highway about as smooth as when Luc grooms his trails. I was on mission to find the great groomer guy just to say hello and thank him for being such a great ambassador to our sport. I found his groomer parked outside and went looking for him at his store. His daughter said that it was his day off and we chatted a little. They were very proud of the award of excellence he received from the OFSC and rightly so. I have never personally met Luc but i wanted to stop by and let him know what great work he is doing for snowmobiling. Luc and others like him with their dedication and steadfast determination have given us the best snowmobile trails in the world.
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    How can the 2017 figures be posted? The year isn't over? Something funny going on here. Also so does anyone see anything really wrong here? These people are heading the organization. Lots of responsibility involved along with the expectation that they will be available at off hours on a regular basis. $120,000 is a respectable salary, but it's not excessive for what we're talking about. Compare the OFSC to other similar organizations and you'll find it's ran quite lean. Just walk into the OFAH office and count the number of bodies. Then do the same at OFSC head office and you'll see its lean.
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    Hey, Hyrdo One is a money making company might not be a bad idea. Mind you we'd all be charged a delivery fee for the snow.
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    Nutter gives as good as he gets.
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    You are starting to sound like a grumpy old man!
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    I'm here!! I've never left OC or do I plan to!! Been working a little more than I have been used to, but kinda needed to keep busy. Technology is a bugger, you can change your name on anything on the web but your history follows you! Good catch on that jrhz06, did someone tip you off? LOL. Gobills, Thank You for being supportive of me. I will reserve further comments on the postings of our new/old member until over the weekend when I have some time. I will be posting trail conditions as I see them this year, along with the usual cast of characters that have done so in the past!! Livin'