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    I have long been critical of the declining enforcement presence on OFSC Trails so I am pleased to post the following media release from Waterloo Regional Police. Publish Date: Jan 8, 2018 Incident Date: Jan 6, 2018 Location: WILBY RD, WILMOT, ON On January 6, 2018, Waterloo Regional Police Service conducted compliance checks of snowmobiles in Wilmot Township. The purpose was to ensure that users of local trails were complying with all regulations and laws under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act (MSVA). As a result of the initiative, a total of 18 charges were laid under the MSVA, including fail to have trail permit, fail to display registration, insurance violations and failure to provide documentation. Police remind riders to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations under the Motorized Snow Vehicles Act to ensure a safe environment for all those who use the trails.
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    My Daughter and I rode from Sunday through Friday last week. First we ran around SSM trails and into town. It was cold so we were just going through the break-in on the new 800. We decided to run over to Black Creek to visit. The Trail Blazers were getting the loop fixed up and the snow kept building to give them what they needed. Tuesday afternoon we decided to run up to Halfway not knowing how much it had snowed up in the elevations since we came back through Searchmont late Monday night. No gas in Searchmont so we were going from Goulais River to Halfway in one shot. We often do that with groomed trails, but deep powder and no grooming from Searchmont to Halfway was making me wonder about fuel since it is about 130 miles without gas. The trail over to Searchmont was very deep with powder and blowing over my hood. There was a deep track we followed up the Whitman Dam Road. I told Paige if the track stops, we need to turn back. She made me feel better by reminding me that 4 guys were booked for lunch earlier that day at Halfway so the track should keep going all the way. It did and we made it with about 16 liters of gas in the 2017 and 20 liters in the 2018. Both 800cc class but the new Cat motor in the ‘18. The lunch guys were only 2 and on 600 & 800 exec SkiDoo sleds. They started in Searchmont and cut a deep groove to follow. The 600 had run out of fuel and the 800 made it to bring fuel back. They had decided to spend the night so we got to talk. Wednesday we decided to run up to Dubreuilville. Great choice as it was freshly groomed by the Halfway groomer all the way to Angigami. The snow had really come down overnight again to the north of Halfway all the way to Hawk Junction. The D trail to Wawa 5 and all the way to Hawk Lake was groomed flat and had up to a foot of new powder south and 3” up at Hawk Lake. It was not groomed from Hawk to the Dubreuilville warming shack, but only clicked a couple rocks but not bad. Perfect into Dubreuilville but lower snow as you went north. Returned in some wicked cold on Thursday. Took the shortcut down to Halfway from Dub. 98 miles direct. Spent the night at Halfway because a creek crossing had gotten torn up by the groomers coming north out of Searchmont. They fixed it up Friday, but we couldn’t wait, so we took another way around using the Chapleau trail and an untouched logging road. 35 kilometers of deep dense snow after jumping off the Chapleau trail. Then a perfect trail back to Searchmont followed by the run over to Blueberry Flats. 159 miles that way pushing hard for 20 miles. Made it again with no extra gas used. This time I saw all the warning light about fuel on the ‘17 and even the low oil light came on. Too cold, but fantastic trails. Some pictures would not load so I will try to add again later. Thanks to Sean at Halfway and all the groomers making trails possible. Patrick at the Magpie who always is there for you. If you don’t have a PIN for a credit or debit card, get one so you can use the gas station in Dubreuilville. I am getting a PIN since I didn’t have one.
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    This is about the time (2039 or so) the federal Liberals say that the budget will be balanced - looks like hell will freeze over!
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    Staying at the Westway with my brother and GoBills, temp was -31 plus windchill this am it felt like -44. Header out at 9 am to SRF and did the Canyon loop, freshly groomed trails all day from start to finish and tons of powder on the hydro lines, my brother got Karen’s sled stuck playing in it.. lol.. he also got some frostbite today but he’s ok. Had another great dinner at Terry’s and now back in the room watching my Patriots play. I picked up a BVS2 Helmet this eeek with the electric shield and I’m very impressed with it. God it pains me to say that lol. Here’s a few pics from todays ride.
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    As mentioned in previous threads, Mrs. Iq turbo and i rode from the shelburne groomer shed up into Owen Sound for lunch and back on Sunday. Winds and blowing snow were a issue all day. But the plan was just a little tour to break in the new 900, and get more break in on the 850.. Trails were fairly decent, with owen sound trails being the best. Big props to all the clubs involved for all the hard work. A few pics to share..
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    You are bang on. I have wanted to run down and actually beat to death a few tards that damn near killed my kid. Many that have a great deal of experience and can actually navigate tight trails at a higher than average speed forget, the guys they are with will try to keep the pace they are setting. The guys I rode with for many many years were slower than me, and knew their comfort zone and when I got into the throttle they would never give chase, I just had to wait at the next intersection for a bit. Mostly when i would be on the lead, I tried to lead at their pace but would always end up leaving them, so I often simply chose to ride at the back at whatever pace they felt like going. To me trail riding was never a race, it was all about getting out there at the break of dawn and returning as the sun set, stopping, enjoying good conversation over a beer, or shot, or coffee, seeing different things, exploring logging roads and rivers as well as back country lakes, knowing the guys I rode with had my back as I had theirs. There is no shame in riding the way YOU feel comfortable, and nobody should ever push you to keep a pace you do not want to. If you are a person that simply has to ride at an aggressive rate all day and do not want to wait for others, do not ride with those guys that take it easy. however, you may find that there is so much more to see when you take it down a notch and cruise at a more relaxed pace.
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    The club is always looking for ice testers. If you go out and come back the ice is Good, otherwise the club has to wait till the next tester goes.
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    Enjoyed a 2.5 hour ride out of Sundridge this morning. Didn't see any other sleds, just a groomer guy and his grandson whipping things into shape. Was looking forward to an end of run snack at the Red Brick Cafe but it's boarded up. The N410 needs more snow for sure. The N415 was pretty good. Lots of snow covered roads to add variety.
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    Personally, I think the mirrors and first aid kit should be mandatory in Ontario, as well.
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    Well as most of you know i bought a 2018 MXZ X 850. I did indeed keep my 2015 Renny 1200. Mrs iq turbo loves to ride also. So the plan was to keep the 1200 for her. So after a few rides we both decided it was not nearly the well suited sled for her i thought it would be. Not being studded 'which i loved' etc. My plan was to keep it, due to the fact that the sled was super mint, bullet proof and i could not let it go. But decided to trade it on a 2018 Ski doo mxz blizzard 900 ace. Mrs iq turbo loves the new sled, and as the old saying goes' happy wife...happy life'.. Also id like to give a big shoutout to my doo dealer. Leatherdale Marine. A big thanks to John and Baxter for getting this thing ready in less then a week and always treating us good on the deals and service. Thanks guys.. I added a larger windsheild, cause she has to be warm, mirrors and a large tunnel bag for the trips. Some pictures..
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    Well with christmas festivities out of the way, it was time to ride. We left the dutchmans cottage and rode towards barrie. Spent 5 hours out on the trails today. Rode barrie, midland and wasaga way a bit. Barrie had their groomers out making white pavement again. All in all a great first outing on the 850's. Cannot say enough about how much i love this sled. Only had time for one little pic..
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    Bearman, the Abitibi Canyon loop from (and back to) Cochrane is nowhere near 500 kms...as I recall, it is about 330 km, and yes, it is no problem to do it in a day. Just be sure to take cash for fuel at the Canyon...last I heard, the price there was around $3 per litre. Other day trip possibilities include running west from Cochrane through Smooth Rock Falls to Moonbeam clubhouse for lunch and back again (Note: clubhouse is only open from Thursday to Sunday.) Also, riding down to Iroquois Falls, then west to Timmins for lunch, and back north to Cochrane. Also try the L103 club trail side loop, which is a nice scenic ride, with some good photo ops, and if it's open (currently is red on the ITG), the L105 club trail through Greenwater Prov. Park to the lookout is also a very nice little side trip. Hope that helps.
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    I do it too. Not with a saw but I’ll stop to remove debris that 100 other sleds have driven over and cared less about. Branches or garbage etc.
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    Got some good news on 3 fronts today. 1. Sled is covered by insurance - deductible $500 2. Found an insurer that will cover me when my current policy expires for minimally more than I was paying. 3. Finally got or billing situation straightened out with Bell and Fibreop Pretty good day in all.
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    248 mile ride in Manitoba and Ontario with 12 year old grandson. Stopped in at feelthethunder's cabin. Had a bite to eat at West Hawk Lake. Approximately a 11 hour ride. Managed to get some video...batteries did not last long in yesterday's cold weather. YouTube video https://youtu.be/NElpk7F7yqw [/QUOTE]
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    Brian, thank you for the kind words but I am not s CPA but I do have extensive experience in finance having spent the last 35 years with a major FI in commercial lending and in divisional finance department. I know my way around a set of financial statements. Like the OP, I too have concerns about the system running out of money before we run out of snow. There have been many comments about the surpluses from previous seasons being available this year. What most seem to miss is that the BoG transferred those surplus funds to the groomer replacement to fund the new groomers over the last 3 seasons. If memory serves me correctly those transfer have totalled more than $10 million. The EQ fund has a surplus of $750k in it right now. That’s about 13,000 hrs at the current rate of $58/hr. What people have forgotten is that this scenario has already been played out. In the first year of FFC the whole province had a great season. In fact the province groomed about 125% of the 4 yr average. Because there was no reserve at that time the OFSC reduced the rates paid for trails and grooming quite significantly. So while you might have planned on getting $58/hr this year it has the real possibility of being significantly less. How much less we will not know until Msrch 31 when the final reconciliation is done. So I hope clubs/districts have some working capital in reserves just in case. couple of common misconceptions. Clubs do not receive permit money directly. Under MOTS all the permit money goes to the District. Even the 10% direct permit sales. It’s the District that decides how operations are funded. They can decide to fund operations based on the clubs contributions based on permit sales, trails, and grooming hours or they can come up with system that has no bearing permit sales by club. The only reason permit sales are tracked at club level is for OFSC membership eligibility (still based on minimum 50 permits). A simple change to the membership criteria could eliminate the whole “pick a club” nonsense in the permit system. A permit buyer could simply sign in and buy an Ontario Permit. As long as the permit is sold it should not matter where it is sold. Permit sales have nothing to do with Groomer fleet size, allocation to districts or replacement. If there is a place for more transparency and openness it is this area. As I understand the “new” criteria the replacement criteria is 5,000 hrs and/or 16 yrs old. It gets complicated because there is now a cascading feature in that if your District is putting more than approx 300 hours per year on a groomer you are effectively consuming it too quickly. The solution is to cascade that unit after a few years to a district that would groom less than the 300 hours per year. That way you end up meeting the 5000 hr/16 yr average. But here’s the problem. It took about 3 minutes to figure out that if you want new groomers you need to groom a minimum of 300-350 hrs per year per groomer. I have heard stories of groomer operators being told to groom even though conditions do not warrant a grooming run (groom in the rain, groom smooth trails just get your hours in). I just don’t see how this system promotes efficiency. As to finacial reporting to members or permit buyers we need to do a better job. I am my clubs treasurer. I report st every meeting as to the balance sheet and income statement along with cheque registers and bank statements. Any member is welcome to a copy. At Our AGM everybody in attendance gets a copy of the year end financial statements. I use the Standard OFSC accounting model with all the detail shown in the Ops Report. And it’s a year over year comparative report. What i I would like to see is a similar format used by the New York State Association. The annual report of the state Association contained a brief out line of each club, its vital statistics (miles of trails, hours groomed, permits sold) along with a summary financial report. No secrets, no speculation. It’s all on the table. If we were to adopt a similar presentation I think it would put us in a better position to show permit buyers were the money goes, how under funded the system really is and why permit prices need to go up.
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    I know young guys that work the late night shift milking it is not uncommon for them to go for a ride late night ,early morning . They know were food and fuel is available 24 hrs. Awesome to have the trail to your self . This young man lost his life doing what he and us enjoy . Not the thread to discuss how you were raised or what his parents should have done . No need to judge .
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    Yes the Seguin is rideable, a few small water holes but good if someone wants to get the itch out or do a few break in miles.
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    Trail report as of today. A trail to L103 beautiful. East side of L103 is a little rough in places due to only being groomed a couple times. West side to SRF is wicked fast. A trail from SRF to kap is wicked flat and fast.
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    Thanks, I rode about 40 km south yesterday checking and replacing some signs and removing some of the brush that fell onto the trail. The trail north of town will be posted green today (had changed it to yellow because of too much snow and no operators available to deal with it) its freshly groomed and the operator had lots of snow to work with. and the trail south of town to yellow, not so much because of the trail base but there is some brush that has fallen after being cut by the drag, so yellow it is as a CYA. More snow coming next weekend it looks like, trails should be mint by then equipment and manpower willing.
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    Forced by the general uselessness of the OFSC trail guide these days, I have prostituted myself for the sake of my participation in Ontario snowmobiling and got a facebook account. Back to the old days of checking each club's website for trail conditions or facebook as it seems nowadays. However, while you're sitting around the house today, here's something positive you can do - was on the Argyle Snowmobiling club page and noticed this: This trail was closed last year and made a big hole in the system - been on it myself as many of us have here. If you have facebook, why not go there and leave a message thanking Ms. Dobbs for reconsidering and allowing use of her land. A large outpouring would help offset the bad behaviour of the arsholes who got the trail closed in the first place.
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    So me and my little bow saw went for a ride today. A slow cruise around the local area cutting back some brush here and there. Nice way to spend a few hours outside. It got me thinking. If every single rider carried a saw and stopped four times for less than five minutes each time and cut back some brush, and did this on their first two rides of the year, our volunteers would have a much easier go of it during a time they may like to also ride. Now, here is the problem. Liability! Once again this word rears its ugly head. There is no way in today's society could any entity ask this of people without being subject to liability when a guy cuts off his finger and decides to call a lawyer. However, encouraging this be done when you are acting as nothing more than an individual carries with it no risk at all. So, when you meet sledders on the trail this year, ask them if they will do it.
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    We came across the OPP yesterday in Waubaushene. They weren't on sleds but they were out checking. They were on Sandhill Rd. just south of where the C trail heading north comes out onto and follows the road. If you had all the trail permit and val tag clearly visible you slowed down, he gave you a thumbs up and off you went. I have sent an email to the Midland OPP asking if we could coordinate a Saturday for their officers on sleds to assist our Trail Patrol with a permit check trail side this winter and will be following up by phone.
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    Yellow caution tape and 2 minutes to walk back 75 feet to warn of a hole or obstruction can help save a life even. Some may think it’s trash. Clever experienced riders would pick up on the hint.
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    And it shows. P.S. I noticed you had to reroute parts of B to run along roads out by Bass Lake - - and also put up two very long parallel stretches of snow fence, to make a corridor on one farm. Hopefully this will help certain sledders remember where they're supposed to ride. Thank you for the endless work being done by the Orillia club.
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    Actually no... not "Too Bad".. Posting that image of riding 100kms on a closed trail without indicating you had special club permission to do so is irresponsible. Clearly one new member here has gotten the wrong idea and without clarification may have sent him off riding on closed trails and putting him in danger. Riding on closed trails is considered trespassing and can lead to fines. Not to mention they may not be clear of debris or other hidden dangers. Unless you are working with the club, closed trails should not be used. Period!
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    Not to be argumentative, but do you review the balance sheets for the Federal, Provincial & Municipal Governments before paying your income and HST, your property taxes, or your insurance companies balance sheets or when you buy a case of beer or bottle of liquor. We are talking $190 here per sled, not a major expenditure by anyone that can afford a snowmobile in the first place. At the OFSC AGM they spent considerable time with an excellent presentation of revenues and expenditures, superbly done with graphs, pie charts and trends over past few years. This info is available but generally shared with Club and District Executive but in printed form as well. Every Club has 2 reps they can have attend the AGM. The printed material is an inch thick and is sent out prior to the meeting. Could it be shared on a wider basis, Yes. Would it do much good, probably No! The Funding Formula is indeed Complex, not easily explained even to Club Presidents (I was one for 5 years) but the Info is there, there is no hidden Agenda by the OFSC. I have been critical of the OFSC on several issues but I have never felt that info is being withheld. The major expenditures are Insurance, Grooming, Trails, Administrative overhead along with Groomer Replacement. Quebec gets special financial treatment from the Federal Government, quite unfair but a fact of life. Their Provincial Government also provides greater financial assistance than does Ontario.
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    Zoos, don’t forget that the 2018-2019 permit pricing has already been approved at last AGM. The earliest we could get a substantial increase approved by the membership is 2019-2020. I would concur with your assessment that the system will run out of money should the entire province have a great year. I would not be surprised to see the grooming rate reduced from the $58/hr to somewhere in the range of $40-45/ hr. The only saving grace is there is a $750k EQ reserve to offset any shortfall. Bruteman, you forget that the FFC equalization model has been in place for 3 seasons now so clubs that were not grooming did not receive grooming funds. And with the reduction of up front permit sales from 30% to 10% there are no clubs banking large reserves anymore. Granted there are still some clubs with reserves but if we have a good season they will dipping into those reserves to fund their operating costs (as it should be).
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    Lots of speculation here , which isn't fair to the young lads family... For all we know he could have been starting a shift at Tim Hortons...... R.I.P
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    Thanks HCSA for the efforts in getting the rail trail open to Haliburton. The first step to a great sledding season !
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    Just wanted to post that when i came home from work, and noticed the road still snowcovered, and a local field just calling my name, i had to get out and try this 850 thing out. Guys all i can say is Holy F*"&#k....This thing is truly a rocket. Its nuts.. i may just be converted from the 1200... Planning alot more seat time over the holidays.. I am actually speechless about this sled.. I honestly had some doubts about it, but man oh man... And for all you haters, yes i know the land owner..
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    Wont matter to us this year.Both vintage sleds have passes too!
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    White Dragon and Bill keep on the sunny side.mp3
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    Don't give up folks. It is only the second week of January. There is still plenty of winter ahead. Think positive!!!!
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    This is not a short trip, but start early and it is faster than in years past. The "old" trail from Dog Lake (Missanabie) to Chapleau was work and then there was a period where the road (651)had to be used from Ernies to Dalton, but then Big Reg and Luc helped rework the trail and put a new bridge to get that section going again. At that point it was the fastest way to get to Chapleau from Dub and we used it like an express way. It was mostly wide open road and very fast. The washout stopped that and now we run down to Halfway and over to Chapleau. This is relatively fast, but we skip Wawa if in a hurry and just take trail 5 over the Dam whether coming through from the Magpie or coming down the trail past Hawk Lake and run straight to Halfway to get gas. If you go through Wawa and get gas you could find your way past the Polaris dealership and once crossing the big power lines a 2nd time (an almost perpendicular crossing) look left and follow the tracks up to the lookout. You can see the bay on a clear day and very nice view. You will then cross the Dam same as in the faster way to get to Halfway Haven. After getting gas and lunch at Halfway the trails to Chapleau are some of the best and very fast between Pineal Lake and Hwy 129. We take another shortcut, but you should follow the trail to the airport or take the trail along Hwy 101 and turn east at the tee and end up at the same gas station by the airport. From there the trail has been changed to be a bit faster than previous to a few years back. Foleyet is still a long haul but not like back in the day when your arms felt it and you wanted it to end. Then the trail continues towards Timmins and has been routed more along 101 than back in the day. The bridge crossings get old and some of the hills along the way are fun for some and pushes some to run the edge of the road. When ice is good and many use the water crossings, briges are skipped by some, I don't recall any of the water being marked as good to cross. Timmins finally comes and it is the end of a good haul. My daughter and I rode from south of Chapleau to Horwood Lake Lodge and back to Chapleau in a day last season. We spent a few hours there eating and riding around also that day. A couple seasons back we left the Magpie in Dub and rode to Timmins across the top. Paige and I left at 8:00am and had lunch at Moonbeam Clubhouse. We pulled into the Microtel in Timmins and took a cab to dinner at 7:00pm. We continued to Halfway the next day and the final day were back in Dub. Weather was getting warm and the trails went red the day we were riding through Chapleau. great trip.
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    Issue was with the rod bolts... torque or strength issue. Limited number of failures. If you made it past break in you were good to go.
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    It looks like the LOB ATV club has hit a road block. From their FB site. Keep up the great work Happy Wanderers. Our winter ATV trails are temporarily closed, to deal with some liability issues. We will reopen as soon as the issues are resolved, hopefuly in a couple weeks. Thank you for your patience Eric Eichler
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    8 out of the 10 voices in my head are telling me to go sledding today even though the temp is -30
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    That's not true. Myself and a crew of buddies stake Collingwood, it's gotten better. Just be mindful that the trails in town are SHARED - by dog walkers, hikers, etc, so please slow down,. don't go zooming by them. Also cops tend to be out, as long as you're behaving, they just want to see your paperwork and they'll leave you on your way. The by-law is 20km/h around town, as long as you are respectful of them, they are pretty good. View the OFSC maps. If you're coming off the B trail (depending on where you're coming from), either take 703 or 704 to Collingwood. Eventually you'll hit the 703/704 intersection (when you're in collingwood), continue on 703, it'll take you right in to the main strip. There's a Comfort Inn within 100 m of the 703 trail. Lots of food, some of our club sponsors are Montana's which is off the 703, also Kelsey's further inward, is off the 703. Check on our website if you're visiting. www.bluemountainsnowdrifters.com
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    We launched from the railbed at Shelburne. Took the 322 east to Honeywood (rough because not enough snow/base to groom) Then 323 west to Dundalk (much better) Then Conn trail from N of Dundalk toward Mt Forest then N to Durham (all trails in decent shape with good base) North to Berkeley, then small loop around Markdale and down to railline to trailer (all good conditions) In general, very respectable conditions for this early in the season. No mudholes, trail cuts or other nasty surprises on this route. Unfortunately, I notice more roadrunning every year (although even this wasn't a problem today because all roads had good snow cover). Thanks to all the volunteers who help to make this possible.
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    No horse in this race, I did my volunteering time with the club/association/district and OFSC, found it somewhat difficult to sit down with the knives sticking in my back as a result, content nowadays to buy my permit and ride...regardless, I sure wish folks would spend a similar amount of time and resources finding out where their money goes when they vote municipally and provincially, spend their hard-earned money on valtag's, insurance, etc. as they do when they buy a $190 trail permit,just sayin'... The OFSC acts on behalf of the approx. 210 member clubs, each of whom have a vote at AGM. Your path for change is through your club. Do things need to change/improve? Absolutely! Should every permit buyer have a vote? Spend some time on the message boards, or worse on one of the juvenile Facebook sites (such as 613 Sleds & ATV's...a fine example of my tax dollars at work in the education system, other peoples utterly useless juveniles who can barely spell), and decide then if everyone should have a voice...God help us all. I also think the worst thing we did a few years back was lower the permit price, it completely devalued the trail system in Ontario.
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    It should be pointed out that the 100,000 permits are purchased by customers of the OFSC, and these customers are not "members" of the OFSC. The members, with rights to information in considerable detail, are the 200 plus affiliated clubs. If a permit buyer (customer) wants access to financial or other information beyond that provided to the general public, the thing to do is become more involved at the club level. If a permit buyer is really interested, he or she can likely become a leader at the club level. The clubs I've investigated are desperately looking for more involvement on the part of the permit buyers.
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    Here is My creation from 2 years ago, Take it off in the summer and store the box and tarp, Two trailers in one! Took half day to build, 5 or 6 sheets plywood and custom tarp was 500
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    It seems regardless of what we all tell you, you are insistent on doing this. I wonder, why even post to this forum seeking others advice when you were clearly just seeking validation or an argument? ~confused Wyatt
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    Some Pics of snow , Like most clubs in Dist 6 I was out packing trail on boxing day so it will be ready for when we get more snow. Trails Remain Closed Just not enough snow !!!
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    Riding is never without risk. Even the most careful person can be killed out there. However, we can all mitigate the risks by being smart. Ice is never safe, ever, period. Around any corner on a trail can be deadfall, an oncoming sled, or a large animal. Getting back to our families should be at the forefront of our thoughts while we enjoy the trails. When we lose our minds and let the adrenaline take over is when we take greater risks. We all have done it, gone too fast on trails, rode ice we were not sure about, sped down that snow covered concession road at 100mph. I have been lucky on many occasions to not have been killed, yet I still at times find myself taking risks I should not. Have a safe season, and think about family every once in a while while out with the boys.
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    You should PM Dan Senior to get the real lowdown on trails in and around the Soo. He lives in the Soo and has a real handle on what is going on there. Others may be commenting from afar with little actual knowledge of local Soo conditions.
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    243 mile (391 km) ride on a combination of groomed, packed and un-groomed trails. Staged out of Woodridge. The 2018 ZR 8000 RR (Ride Ready..haha) handled the roughest of the un-groomed trails with comfort. Saw one other sled all day. Trail choice for today's ride... those LED lights sure make it nice for loading and securing the sled in the dark... [/QUOTE]
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    My guess is 02 spends too much time thinking about every possible negative outcome