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  1. irREVerent

    Trailer decision

    That's correct, SJ.
  2. irREVerent

    Trailer decision

    SJ is correct, I have the TC-167 too...have had it for 6 years, and similar to BooneBP, I would highly recommend it as well. Mine is single axle...no need for the weight-carrying capacity nor electric brakes of dual axle, nor the extra weight and length of a V-nose. Much nicer to tow than double-wide (either clamshell or hybrid) style...way less wind resistance, and better visibility behind without need for/hassle of clamp-on mirrors. Even fully loaded with our 2 sleds and some gear, the loaded trailer weighs less than 2,600 lbs. As you indicated, revrnd, I tow mine with a Chevy Avalanche (2011, with 5.3L), which handles it just fine.
  3. irREVerent

    Tatachikapika Lodge

    X 2...have stayed there twice over the years. Especially good news since Post 392 closed last year. TCP is in a convenient location right off the C trail, about 30 kms north of Gogama turn-off, as I recall.
  4. irREVerent

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    I second PLC's comments about Gaspe. We've been there twice, for 7-8 days riding both times...definitely a "life experience" for touring snowmobilers. Nothing like it in Ontario. And slomo's comments about how to properly use the Quebec interactive trail map are bang on, IMHO.
  5. irREVerent

    quebec trails map & info

    X 2...and is a really good illustration of what Quebec's interactive mapping resources offer. Hopefully OFSC can (and will) go to school on this comparative information.
  6. irREVerent

    2018 Barrie Spring Preview

    X 2...effing idiot! Cruelty to animals is NOT funny.
  7. irREVerent

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    Very sorry to hear about this, SJ (I think this is the first time I've ever heard of a PB-80 clutch blowing up.) At least you've got a back-up readily at hand, and can keep riding. Looks like you'll have several more days of good riding, judging by the weather forecast...have fun, and stay safe.
  8. irREVerent

    Club mekoos

    Ditto... we actually prefer those to the cabins, because they are handy to bar and dining room without having to put coat and boots on
  9. irREVerent

    My update

    Nunz -- congrats on successfully quitting smoking, and adopting a healthier lifestyle. (believe me, I can relate...) As others have said, you've been missed, both on the trails and on this forum. Glad you have finally been able to get back to work...hope your recovery continues in a positive direction.
  10. irREVerent

    2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    X 2...love that colour.
  11. irREVerent

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    What Ford dealer???... was Don Henley there?... LOL.
  12. irREVerent

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    Lol...I certainly recognize my friend at Northern Delight. But I don't recognize where the gas station is...do tell.
  13. irREVerent

    600 ace true mileage

    When did you become a moderator?
  14. irREVerent

    600 ace true mileage

    I haven't calculated mine, but suspect it was pretty close to your numbers, revrnd. The trip computer on the sled showed an overall running average consumption rate of 10 L/100 kms, so it appears to be a bit optimistic compared to actual consumption. Regardless, 11-12 L/100 kms (which equates to 24-26 mpg) is pretty damn good, especially considering that we weren't dallying much of the time, over our 4 days of riding...lots of "lake running" speeds in the 110-130 kph range, whenever conditions allowed.
  15. irREVerent

    2018 Northern Blastoff Redux

    Looks like you had a great day, Dee. Nice shot of the white moose.. and the teepee...too bad it wasn't available for trailside accommodation... Have fun and stay safe this week.