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  1. irREVerent


    Wonder if he saw his shadow?
  2. irREVerent

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    Thanks, revrnd...see you tomorrow. Forecast looks good!
  3. irREVerent

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    I look forward to riding with you again, Canuck... should be a great trip.
  4. irREVerent

    2016 mxz 600 ace sport

    You must not ever have ridden in Quebec...many, many 600ACE sleds on the snow -- work sleds, wide-tracks, rentals, 1-ups, 2-ups, etc. As stated elsewhere, despite the low horsepower, it's a very torquey motor, well-suited to trail cruising, especially in tight-and-twisty trails. Definitely not a rail bed or lake runner, but not everybody needs to be able to go 80-100 mph.
  5. irREVerent

    Advice 900 Blizzard High Windshield

    Yup...works quite nicely... especially on those really cold days in the north.
  6. irREVerent

    Warning new skidoo handlebar muffs

    X 2...have used them for several years with no issues...but NOT with throttle flipped around.
  7. irREVerent

    Cleaning Plastic

    Thanks for the tip... where can you find them?
  8. irREVerent

    Throwback Thursday

    X 2... have been across it by sled, and by ATV in the summer. The view is well worth it.
  9. irREVerent

    Mounting my camera??

    I have used the suction cup mount that came with my (older) GoPro...put it on top surface of left side panel, more or less beside the edge of the windshield. It has only ever come off once (at very high speed), and since then I have used a tether, but hasn't ever happened again. Gives a really good perspective of the trail...low enough, but not too low, and without the "fisheye" (extra high) effect of a helmet mount, which I don't like nearly as well.
  10. irREVerent

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Zilch in Muskoka...too freakin' cold!
  11. irREVerent

    Cold weekend comming

    Rode one really cold day on a saddle bag trip in Northern Ontario 3 years ago...started out at -37, "warmed up" to -30 by late morning. Had to stop for more frequent breaks to be sure no frostbite...also had problems with sled tunnels getting excessive ice accumulation, blocking heat exchangers, so had to stop repeatedly to knock the ice off. Good idea to add a wooden "ice club" to your cold weather riding kit, andreyboater.
  12. irREVerent


    X 2...definitely.
  13. irREVerent

    Trail pad locks keep freezing

    X 2...lock de-icer has never failed to work for me.
  14. irREVerent


    118 doesn't go anywhere near Gooderham... don't you mean 503?