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  1. Nunz

    Helmet of choice

    I’ve tried almost every helmet the past few years and have finally found the two I like and work good for me. The BVS2 is a great cold weather helmet and my Bell MX 9 dual sport on the other days. I like the option of wearing goggles at times when it’s milder out.
  2. Nunz

    Volunteer of the Year

    Congrats and thank you Ed..
  3. Nunz

    Helmet of choice

    my wife got one for her birthday, will be interesting to see how it peforms and as good as they have said it will.
  4. Nunz

    Helmet of choice

    I have the bvs2 which I quite like and the Bell Mx9 with the electric shield which is my favorite for all around riding.
  5. Nunz

    Big Bear Restaurant Hawk Junction

    lol, I was waiting for you to comment, I figured if anyone would have missed eating there it was you. Hope to see you and Paige this winter!!
  6. Just saw on FB that it is reopened and the owner will be opening year round, great news for us sledders in that area..
  7. Nunz

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    I’ll be at the Gravenhurst booth all day Saturday and maybe for a bit on Sunday. Then do a walk around with Karen afterwards. If anyone wants to meet for dinner Saturday night let me know.
  8. Nunz

    Trailer decision

    All depends on what you will be using as the tow vehicle, we had the Triton TC 118 hybrid and although a great trailer next to zero visibility when towing with our Jeeps. Even with mirror extenders it was brutal, have since bought a TC 167 and it’s an amazing trailer to tow. Hope this helps.
  9. Nunz

    Epic ride

    We may be interested possibly as well
  10. Nunz

    Spot Gen 3

  11. Nunz

    Spot Gen 3

    Selling my Spot Gen 3. 3 yrs old and in fully working condition. $75.00 can meet in Muskoka or Barrie.
  12. Nunz

    Thinking of doing a Quebec trip ?

    We are planning on doing Gaspe this year for around 8 days as we never made it last year and another 8 day trip into northern Ontario. We are looking for a couple more to possibly join us in February for the Gaspe trip.
  13. Nunz

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    Thanks to all of you for attending it certainly was a great day and fun times.. it’s funny everyone looks so much smaller without their snowsuits on.. Catinental they arrived right after you left I think they passed you on the road lol..
  14. Nunz

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    Of course they will be the ones all burnt. Lol