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  1. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    This am at home 27324968-4632-4597-867A-1142B0CF90B0.MOV
  2. New Gloves

    I’ve had good luck with the Arctiva gloves. Bought Fxr gloves and hated them hands were always cold .
  3. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Hope to some fellow OC members there I’ll be there by 930 latest
  4. Lets see your new sleds !

    Wow, that is one beautiful looking sled, love the colours buddy, Congrats.
  5. BIG STORM this weekend - Nov 18

    Can't do this weekend but I am off next Thursday and Friday, I could be up for a ride possibly if the conditions allowed it.
  6. First ride of the season....

    Nice pic, it was a fun bike for the short time I actually had it, apparently it is a known problem with the bolt that attaches to the chaincase, when it went it caused the hole and cracked the case. in fairness to the bike I was pretty hard on it on a couple of mud runs with it.
  7. Couple of Gaspesie Questions

    When are you planning on going? we will be there from Mid Feb for 10 days of riding, Going to do a similar route and make sure we get to most of the interior trails as well. Let me know your dates would be nice to meet up with some fellow OC'ers on the trip.
  8. Polaris cover

    Cover is sold ppu
  9. Polaris cover

    Friend of mine is selling cover for a 15-18 Polaris Switchback, used maybe 5 times last year. He is asking $150 for it. Pm me if interested
  10. Sunday Shakedown Nov 12 1st ride of season

    I put the Rox adjustable riser on mine for the same reasons. Glad to see u getting some early rides in.
  11. First ride of the season....

    Well bike is sold, turned out the chain case knocked out a hole in the engine, my days of atv ownership and Yamaha’s are done for a while. Sledding is much more fun and cleaner.
  12. First ride of the season....

    Yup, Had I known what the day would have entailed I would have stayed home and watched football.
  13. First ride of the season....

    Spent the weekend at a buddies cottage, come out for a Atv ride they said, old forest access roads they said, easy riding for the day, I call bullshit, Warrior is now up for sale, going to look at a 4X4 instead.
  14. Sunday Shakedown Nov 12 1st ride of season

    Nice pics!! How do you like the new sled?
  15. Thank you and looking forward to a visit out your way this year, Have always enjoyed the trails and hospitality in your area. Hope to see you again this year!!