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  1. Nunz

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    I see quite a few with the deeper lugs yes but for any road running they are crap for sure, I will say the group on Saturday was quite respectful of the trails as most of them were also sledders.
  2. Nunz

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    Great time on Saturday at the ride, they raised over $40000 for Breast Cancer. Amazing group they have and very passionate about the cause. I’ll be back next year and hoping we can get Karen involved in the Snow Run.
  3. Nunz

    Trax for Breast Cancer Ride

    Awesome, Steve is a good guy and I am hoping to try and attend it if possible.
  4. Just wondering if anyone from the forum is attending this ride on the weekend? I will be there Saturday am volunteering with them. http://www.trax4bc.com/?fbclid=IwAR02lxGeyV9Y5iZpjvThRVO6vHR93nEuPh-_bBQydTHAEp9ytvVldRshMSU
  5. Nunz

    Griffith Club needs help

    I believe they got a couple newbies to step in.
  6. Nunz

    Your last ride this April

    you are an animal Blake!! Good on you buddy!!
  7. Nunz

    Beer cans on trails

    Maybe it's just me but when I am out sledding I have no desire to have a beer while out riding, once back at the hotel, different story lol, To each their own I guess, It is frustrating to see empty cans all over on the trails though.
  8. Nunz

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    great place and the price is reasonable, might get in the way of sledding though. To only be 30 years younger....
  9. Nunz

    Idgit Tire Kickers

    Funny, I recently sold my sled privately and while discussing the purchase with the person he mentioned he had a sled he was going to try and sell himself, ended up I have taken his sled on trade and my brother is buying it from me, ended up being a win win for all involved and my brother gets a 2015 Switchback 800 Pro X that looks to be in good condition.
  10. Nunz

    Which Sled To Sell, Or Keep It?

    I would keep both and decide next winter depending on how the season goes on what to sell if any. Congrats on your new sled as well.
  11. Nunz

    2020 Ski-Doo's

    Blah Blah Blah!!! lol
  12. Nunz

    Cochrane Update..

    For anyone heading up there this weekend be aware that Base Camp is out of fuel until Monday as posted on their FB page. Looks like they are going to stay open for another week as well.
  13. Nunz

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    Indy 850 XCR for myself and a Indy 850 137 for Karen on order.
  14. Nunz

    OFSC survey

    same for us, in Quebec or in Ontario
  15. Nunz

    Cochrane Update..

    I can help you make a decision lol!!