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  1. Congratulations The Groomer Guy!

    Congrats Luc and we always look forward to our visits to your great little town!!
  2. I will be at the Snowcrest booth all day Saturday helping out and staying in the area Saturday night if anyone wants to meet up for dinner, Karen and I will be at the show Sunday for ourselves to wander around.
  3. Christmas/New Years Ride 2017

    Online reviews are like an opinion, everyone has one and take them with a grain of salt, If you are looking at the Cabanon to be the Marriott, It's not and they don't claim to be, rooms are decent similar to a lot of the places you find when sledding, what they do have is an excellent facility and locked compound for the trucks and sleds and gas and they are truly the HUB of sledding in that area. I would stay there again in a minute next time we head that way.
  4. I did it.. can't believe it !

  5. Olympic 340

    Denis if u want it make the deal and we can bring it north for you at some point
  6. Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    I'm still in Thanks
  7. Christmas/New Years Ride 2017

    Hi Spanky, Great seeing your post, We actually all stayed at the Thriftlodge lol, You may very well see us there this year again, Hope all is well and thank you for the kind words!!! Chat soon
  8. Christmas/New Years Ride 2017

    Good Morning Dave and Tess, Glad to see I'm not the only one thinking about New Year's Ride, We are also starting to plan our ride for New Year's, In the past couple of years we have done the Cochrane/Hearst ride for New Years and had some really good early season riding and a lot of fun with a bunch of peeps from here. Weather is certainly a factor for sure. A couple of winters ago we took the big drive to Mont Valin and had an amazing time and stayed at Auberge du 31km Resort, Fantastic place right on the trail excellent restaurant but not much else as far as facilities, I have a friend Linda that also went and stayed at a place called Passions and loved it, about an hour closer as well, We are seriously considering booking there this year as we are planning on a few trips to Quebec this winter, Also going to do the Gaspe trip finally in February. We have never had an issue with the language barrier in Quebec. The other place we are considering is Le Bannick in Ville Marie area, again depending on the snow and trails. If you are interested PM me and we can start to make some early plans. That being said, if we get a ton of early snow and trails are open we will also be looking into the Cochrane area as well, as it is one of my favourite areas to ride. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks so much for the beans, they were very yummy, had them with our dinner last night, Sounded like trumpets playing later in the evening though lololol.... Good seeing you and the guys and again thank you.
  10. Lol they are know we are Sled freaks
  11. Thanks to everyone that came out it was great see you!!! We are hoping to make this an annual summer event!!
  12. All ready for u guys!!
  13. John, hoping it doesn't rain, if it's clear just text me when you are coming up and we can do the boat ride, Maybe Sledjunk will come up early as well, you Yamaha guys will feel right at home on the Pontoon boat!!! Hahahahahahahaha
  14. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, looking like weather might not be on our side but the Polaris cave will be ready, Getting burgers and beer later this week!! Nunz
  15. Hello from SCBATECH

    Welcome to the forum!!! Here's to hoping for a great winter..

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