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  1. Nunz

    Who's going to Sledarama?

    We will be going, hoping to be there around 11am,
  2. Nunz

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Yes for me as well and no change. Thanks again
  3. Nunz

    ceo at OFSC gone

    From what we were told he is going to help out his family's business, I can totally respect that.
  4. Nunz

    Haliburton Forest

    It’s a good place For an early season ride, Is it perfect nope, and depending on the conditions it may be good or not so good. But a ride is a ride, last Christmas instead of going there we trailered to Mattawa and rode missing links trails instead and had a great days ride.
  5. Nunz

    ceo at OFSC gone

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan for a few minutes at the Agm this fall and was very impressed with him and again at the Toronto sled show, it’s a big loss for the Ofsc and big shoes to fill no doubt.
  6. Nunz

    Holiday place to stay???

    If going to Cochrane you may want to check out Floods landing., nice place that opened up last year.
  7. Thanks I’m guessing it’s time to book for New Years up north
  8. Nunz

    Early and late rides 2019 - 2020

    Awesome Blake, we will be out very soon together.
  9. Nunz

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    No problem buddy, See you soon enough and I know we will be chatting again. Take care and as always thank you.
  10. Nunz

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    LOL, here is the link to Luc's podcasts for anyone interested, if you search the Groomer Guy on the Podcast App you will see his first three Podcasts. https://www.buzzsprout.com/689972/1985809-getting-ready-for-winter-trail-maintenance?fbclid=IwAR2r9F-bxMeqc5erVo4piQYCwNrhN5ETr_H3cTHYa9-vIFIkvD5ZGn_8Q3Q
  11. Nunz

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Glad to see you back on here Luc, you should post a link to your Podcasts!! I'm sure the guys would like to hear them.
  12. Nunz

    Best Trailer Locks

    I only put the locks on once we get to our destination, eliminates all the slush and freezing up that is bound to occur travelling.
  13. Nunz

    OFSC Interactive Map

    They are aware of the issues, I was emailing them an hour ago, there will be updates upcoming very soon, at least they will have a chance to fix them before the season starts.
  14. Nunz

    Newbie Here

    Nice sled and welcome to the forum, let me know if you need any pointers on setting it up, I have had a few of them.
  15. Nunz

    Heart of Ontario Open House 2019

    Would have liked to attend but we are doing a work party on Sunday,