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  1. Nunz

    Chateau Guay or Moonlight which is Better

    We have stayed at the Moonlight several times in the past few years, Spend the extra 20 bucks and get a Suite, We typically eat our breakfast and dinners at the Chateau Guay that we support both businesses. As mentioned above Gas is close by and Royal is close by in the event of needing anything. The trail is brutal coming and going but once on the main trails they were in great shape a couple of weeks ago. Hope this helps.
  2. Nunz

    Trails in D11 are EXCELLENT

    Great pics, thanks for teasing us, We are heading to the Dinner Bell this weekend and staying there, riding that area Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Nunz


    Will be thinking of you buddy and hope everything works out for you. You know where to reach me if you need anything at all. Nunz
  4. Nunz

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    I see the trails that run over to Lake Muskoka from Bracebridge are open so I am guessing yes they are,
  5. Nunz

    Weekday riding around camp

    Crazy buddy, am starting to think the same in mine. I guess loosing the swing bridge isn't such a big deal this year lol.
  6. Nunz

    Lake muskoka and Rosseau

    guys are riding all over Brydon's Bay near us.
  7. Nunz

    Weekday riding around camp

    Just saw that 10-15 mm of rain, Jesus Christ crazy weather we are having.
  8. Nunz

    Quebec Free Weekend

    He mentioned when he talked to the group that the officer took the information down and would be mailing them tickets, needless the say they weren't very impressed as they were totally legal with paperwork, no modified exhausts but still got the gears anyways.
  9. Nunz

    Quebec Free Weekend

    Was talking to a friend of mine that a bunch of them went to Mont Laurier this past weekend and saw a group of 6 guys all getting tickets for having custom numbers on their sleds.
  10. Nunz

    Mounting my camera??

    I’ve had the sticky mount on my hood and it held on fine.
  11. Nunz

    Oxygen Helmets

    I have a BVS2 and although it is a great helmet I will likely sell it, I am finding it is too heavy and my neck is very sore at the end of the day after using it. I still prefer my Bell MX-9 everyday of the week.
  12. Nunz

    Shining Tree to Timmins

    Thank you for all your efforts as well.
  13. Nunz

    Guess the speed?

    I am thinking around 75km per hour
  14. Nunz

    Was a great weekend locally!!! #RELIVE

    Great videos and glad to see you back on the forum!!
  15. Nunz

    Mileage this season, so far...

    Turned 2500kms this past weekend and riding Thursday and Friday this week with my brother up in North Bay Area. Sunday maybe if I’m not to tired lol.