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  1. Sudbury motels on Opened trails

    does Rocky's not have rooms anymore? they are on the ITG as having rooms available.?
  2. Got home last night from a fun filled 2.5 days in Cochrane, trails are still in great shape, All the local clubs are doing an amazing job grooming. Stayed at the Westway again. Had a nice dinner with a group of us on Thursday night, Kenny and his wife from the Polar Bear club, Soupkids and his son, met Tricky, Muskoka Mike and Alllison that works with Wild Bill and her friend Dave had also come up with us. Ended up riding about 425 miles over a couple days, left Cochrane in the am as there was some freezing fog and faceshields were all icing up. Dodged a big bullet on the way home yesterday, Got pulled over for doing 115km in a 90 zone about 15 min south of Cochrane and the very nice OPP officer sent me off with just a warning. The only issue of the trip was one of the guys driving a brand new 18 850 had an injector failed but the local dealers all jumped in and got him looked after. Looking forward to our next trip to Kirkland Lake next weekend, sounds like we will be meeting up with Ultrafrozen.
  3. End already ?

    My feeling is just ride where there is snow, sure it's an added expense of trailering every week and would love to ride locally but I would rather ride than stay home. 1785 miles on the sled so far this season.
  4. Abitibi Canyon

    Over the first 3 then around the rest lol.
  5. Abitibi Canyon

    We rode the Canyon today, on the way up West side there’s tons of fresh powder, we went quite far back in the hills and it’s been packed down.
  6. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    X2 IQ, couldn't agree any more.
  7. Abitibi Canyon

    Are you doing the canyon this Thursday the 17th, if you are keep your eyes open for us, there will be 5 of us leaving Cochrane in the am.
  8. Abitibi Canyon

    Will be up at the Westway by noon Wednesday and heading home Friday afternoon, the plan right now is to do a loop to Timmins tomorrow, Canyon Thursday, Friday loop to Moonbeam and back to Westway to load up and drive home, Have to work this Saturday.
  9. Weekend of January 26-28th

    The trailering north seems to be the norm now, 2nd year in a road of travelling every weekend, not complaining by any stretch as we love sledding and wait all year for it and we seem to have a lot of fun exploring all the different areas.
  10. If anyone is interested in joining Karen and I we are heading to Kirkland Lake next weekend and staying at the Comfort Inn Friday and Saturday nights. Planning on doing a big ride on the Saturday and a half day ride on the Sunday before heading home. Nunz
  11. Abitibi Canyon

    Ditto for all the above comments, as of last weekend the Greenwater lookout trail has not been opened yet. They have been focusing on the main trails for the time being. I will be back up tomorrow am for a couple of days.
  12. Yup Karen wants to ride this week, I’m off Wednesday through Friday.
  13. This weekend- January 13th

    Well after this weekend and the minus 30 weather we rode in I’m thoroughly impressed no fogging issues at all, the shield seals light excellent visibility, it took some getting used to the face mask part and the white filters. I just replaced one every day. Well worth the money imo so far.
  14. We are heading back up to Cochrane Wednesday for a couple days. Hope to see you up there.
  15. Howdy

    Welcome aboard!!