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  1. ToSlow


    i thought you had to pay to advertise business on thus site
  2. ToSlow


    go for a drive and check the dealers out
  3. ToSlow

    Pretty bummed out

    i'm a "421A" heavy equipment tech. plus i got a few other licences
  4. ToSlow

    Pretty bummed out

    That's the job, I'm a field tech for a demolition company so there is always lots of repairs to do, plus it's a fast paced industry so it's go go go
  5. ToSlow

    Pretty bummed out

    he seems to be doing fine, hopefully he can get a placement for the summer. thanks for asking
  6. ToSlow

    Pretty bummed out

    I didn't even get my sled out of the trailer this yr, between working 13 to 14 hr days 6 days a week it just seems it isn't worth to even be in the sport for me
  7. ToSlow

    2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    whats the price on the quad?
  8. ToSlow

    She is singing

    i haven't even taken my sled out of the trailer this yr
  9. ToSlow

    South bound 400

    I was driving south bound on the 400 today just north of king Side road and seen someone has lost the tail snap on piece to what looks to be off a rev sled. Don't know if it belongs to someone o'n here or not.
  10. ToSlow

    Sunday Jan 7 ride..

    them 2 cowboys riding the poo's can be fairly quick
  11. ToSlow

    Sunday Jan 7 ride..

    you loved the sport regardless of what you're riding. oh and nice looking sleds
  12. ToSlow

    Wingham to Collingwood

    should be able to do wingham to collingwood in 4 to 5 hrs, 6 if you take your time
  13. ToSlow

    Need More Snow

    We are in much need of more snow in the Mount Forest area, mostly what came is wind blown off the fields. here's to hoping for some lake streamers
  14. ToSlow

    First opening in D9

    where abouts you running out of? what trails are open
  15. ToSlow


    going to bump this up