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  1. ToSlow

    New Jacket.

    what was the cost?
  2. ToSlow

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    well i got the call today, they have my sled. 2019 black on black 7000 limited iact. can't wait, BRING ON THE SNOW
  3. ToSlow

    Announcement coming soon

    are you getting back into selling sleds
  4. ToSlow

    Hmmm, any relation I wonder ??

    is he a member on this forum?
  5. ToSlow

    Show us your first snowfall !!!

    2 inches in the mine i just flow out of this morning, lost of frost in the mornings.
  6. ToSlow

    -Thank you Marty-

    I have been around for along time, even back when Rick run the place, might not always see eye to eye with every post but hey its the interweb. But this is my go to forum when i'm getting ready for sled season as it's more about sledding then some other forums, and for that i thanks the folks behind the scene.
  7. ToSlow

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    i went today and put a deposit on a 17 or 18 or 19. 137, 7000 sno pro, just waiting to see what the deals are after cat gives there incentives
  8. ToSlow

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    thanks for the info, going to bring my 07 apex in to trade on this sled. hopefully i can get a good deal on the trade
  9. ToSlow

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    I'm basically looking for the good and the bad on the sled, what are some of the likes and some of the don't likes, looking also to trade in a 07 apex
  10. ToSlow

    ZR 7000 artic cat

    Anyone have any info on these sleds they can share? I'm looking at a new 2017, new old stock
  11. ToSlow

    Snow for the end of September?

    didn't know elliot lake and kenora was considered south, and thunder bay?
  12. ToSlow

    New helmet or parts

    iv'e ordered parts for my helmet when the side mechanism came off, i ordered through two wheel motor sports. i didn't look through this but maybe you can find something https://www.fxrracing.com/snow/helmets/accessories.html
  13. ToSlow

    No respect!

    what? running a wire across someplace to intentionally harm someone. REALLY
  14. ToSlow

    No respect!

    that's a stupid thing to post?
  15. ToSlow


    that's just silly.