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  1. Beauty Response !
  2. Already registered. The club can save time and money by etching my name on the trophy now.
  3. And another oldie
  4. Another favourite
  5. Done.
  6. You say this like it's a bad thing........???
  7. I'm ordering this month. BRP. Debating amongst myselves which model.
  8. The gender argument and my urine soaked clothes pale in comparison to an incident I witnessed when sledding was in its infancy. We wore no helmet, they were not legislated then, and we all wore a one-piece suit with a hood. Joe (we'll call him that for now) was caught short in a forested area on what has now become SCTrail 3. He stopped close to a horizontal log, collected some pine needles for 'clean-up' and settled over the log to relieve himself. We occupied our time changing spark plugs, drive belts and bogie wheels because we had already gone 20 miles in the last 2 hours. Relieved of his lower intestinal pressures, Joe employed his pine needles, lifted all his garments and, smiling, zipped up the one-piece. He pulled the old rip cord several times and his machine coughed to life, surrounding him in a blue cloud of smoke and, almost, drowning out the yelp we heard as Joe prepared himself for the ride by flipping the hood up over his head. Thereinafter, Joe has always been referred to as Sh*tHead. Always check the back side of the log for your hood lest it become the resting place for your log. it was a long ride home for Joe and we all rode upwind.
  9. It's easier to strip naked and go than to try to whiz trail-side fully clothed ! (except for the laughing)
  10. Soupkids, All the clothing and zippers when snowmobiling can be quite a challenge; even when you do get the zipper open. Under shorts, then long underwear, then a pair of jeans or baggy track pants, then the snowmobile pants........I figure about 5 inches, or so, of heavy clothing through which I have to negotiate a 3 and a quarter inch d*ck ! I've never had a dry ride and my snowmobile suit smells like the 3rd floor at New Horizons nursing home. People talk about yellow snow. How do they do it ?
  11. Which one ?? Every June the Gravenhurst post office is flooded with Fathers' Day cards addressed "To Whom it May Concern".
  12. No. Nothing in Florida. I just wanted to be sure the deal closed before I asked publicly how much it cost to have the diver retrieve it.