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  1. SlowTouringGuy

    Thank You Tatachikapika Lodge

    Tata, bravo and welcome to the forum. I look forward to visiting again!
  2. SlowTouringGuy

    Oh the people you meet

    Say “Hi” to the Vintage Idiot for me. That’s more than a few years ago. At one time, half the members here were from the New Dundee Club. Good times!
  3. SlowTouringGuy

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

  4. SlowTouringGuy

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

    But in Quebec they are mounted on the tunnel.
  5. SlowTouringGuy

    Thank You Tatachikapika Lodge

    Sounds like the same building I might have stayed in when I was there. Nice place. I’d go back.
  6. SlowTouringGuy

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    It sure would be nice to find an alternative. There is not a snowmobile destination in Quebec that does not have food/bar on site. Even a ding dang Comfort Inn. The loss of places like lillebelle and nai is a shame. Cochrane is a wasteland when it comes to full service places to stay. When on a saddle bag trip my idea of breakfast is a full highway diner breakfast in the establishment I’ll staying. This “great place; and you only have to walk a few minutes to Timmies for breakfast” is not attractive to us at all. First of all, Timmies doesn’t serve breakfast. And, secondly, a place we’re staying will have a restaurant. There are plenty of destinations within the same trailering time from me that offer stellar trails and the types of accommodations we prefer.
  7. SlowTouringGuy

    North Adventure Inn

    It would be nice to see them make a come back.
  8. SlowTouringGuy

    Thank You Tatachikapika Lodge

    Last time we were there we had a cabin. Are there rooms in the main lodge as well?
  9. SlowTouringGuy

    7 day trip to st-donat Quebec part 2

    We were at Mekoos the night of the 19th and the 20th.
  10. SlowTouringGuy

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

    I was stopped in Rivière Rouge a week or so ago. The officers were very nice to deal with. Nice bunch of guys. One did tell me that the custom numbers on my sled are no longer acceptable in Quebec and, yes, they want to see the ugly 4 by 6 sticker, blue numbers in white affixed to the tunnel. They said they will be enforcing it next year and this year were stopping riders to let them know. I think that IF this is proven to be correct I will mount the Ugly on something, affix it to the tunnel for my trip and remove it when I get home. No big whoop.
  11. SlowTouringGuy

    Unwind Neck Warmer

    You look a lot different than I thought you would look
  12. SlowTouringGuy

    Timmins Hotels

    That’s quite the bump! We paid $110/night just last year.
  13. SlowTouringGuy


    Well remembered ! Steer clear no more if you have the opportunity. Ms. Slomo is especially welcome if you cannot make the connection. The bridge is “in” for her. “En famille”, translated means that “papa paie toujours pou tous ces repas!” .
  14. SlowTouringGuy


    Absolutely 100% agree !
  15. SlowTouringGuy


    Good memory Slomo. Or are you still on the instalment plan for supper that night ?