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  1. Lake Couchiching

    The Orillia Club has done SO much in the last few years it is incredible. With trail reroutes, tornadoes, the City Official Plan, and so much more! It is, for sure, a remarkable club that deserves Province wide recognition !!
  2. Couple of Gaspesie Questions

    Blow dry your hair or start your Yamaha.
  3. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Growl !!
  4. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Thank You !
  5. Nice Places on the RAP

  6. Nice Places on the RAP

    It was a Yamaha. We'll invite them back into our riding group when they get something that works. (that should stir things up)
  7. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    When is it? Where is it? YES, I know it is in PeterEffingBorough. But where ??
  8. Companion Hotel-Motel - Hearst

    It was a sad day when the ballet closed in Hearst. One memorable sled trip had us entertained by Chewbacca disrobing to old Disco Music. Thank goodness the Bar was open !!!
  9. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    That'll clear up your UTI Slomo. Good move !!
  10. Jakes in Port Loring

    And..... I see it listed in the Real Estate sections again.
  11. Nice Places on the RAP

    So....WAY back in this thread the Northridge, Sundridge/Lake Bernard has been mentioned more than once. I've stayed there more than once. Last year, around the first weekend in February, a group of us stayed there and, once again, I enjoyed their accommodations and their dining. ok, the bar was pretty good too. Sunday morning was to be the return trip to home. One couple had an issue starting a sled. An insane amount of time was devoted to trying to get this buggy going including hair dryers, boiling water, gas line additives, and holding various ignition parts between one's thighs. Nothing. Husband says to wife, "you stay, I'll ride home and get the truck/trailer and drive here to pick up the dead sled". And off he goes with STK3. Wife decides that by the time they sled home, husband hooks up and drives back it will be plenty late and not a great time to be trailering home so she asks the Northridge if she can keep the room for another night. Fortunately, it was a Sunday and not an issue. Husband finally shows up in the dark with truck and trailer. The Northridge owner sends a couple of staff out to help them hump this dead sled into an enclosed trailer. The Northridge owner lets them know that the kitchen/bar is closed but he would whip up something really simple if they wanted. They ordered a couple of sandwiches and a rum and coke and the owner fixed them up. Monday morning they checked out. Husband asks the front desk, "how much to I owe you for last night?". The reply was, "Nothing". He says, "But, we had a room and had some food". And she said, "The owner put last night on the house". She said, "He didn't want your memory of your weekend here to be spoiled by your snowmobile issues. He wanted you to have fond memories of your stay". I'll stay there again.
  12. New sign

    B Trail is a wonderful ride !
  13. haggis - good news, bad news

    Sheep genitals have been enjoyed by many and for many years out this way. The Federal Government has lots of related experience. Hypocrisy !
  14. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    Thanks for the mapping Blake. Martin, you and/or the others at Clear Lake would do well to petition the club to reopen the trail. And be willing to assist $$ with the reopening. Should be the proverbial win/win.
  15. Snowmobile Show

    Looks pretty good for a 50 year old edition.