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  1. SlowTouringGuy

    B112 to 209

    By the way, it was a great trail !
  2. SlowTouringGuy

    B112 to 209

    Yes, they used to connect. Snowcrest Riders and Halliburton connected about midway between your pix (back in the day). That trail, once Snowcrest is now, as you point out in your question, part of ODSC and makes a dandy connection between the Districts. It was, as some of our groomer operators of the time would attest, a bit of a challenge for the equipment of the time. The other question (and I’d have to check the maps) is how much of the pre-existing trail is within the Queen Elizabeth Wildlands Provincial Park and how much of that pre-existing trail the MNRF and/or Parks will recognize as pre-existing which would remove Parks’ barriers to trail “creation”.
  3. SlowTouringGuy


    I’ve crossed the bridge on a sled. No problem. It’s bothers your mind far more than it bothers your sled.
  4. SlowTouringGuy

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    It was devastating. I want the ring back !
  5. SlowTouringGuy

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    I carry an emergency pack - no worries.
  6. SlowTouringGuy

    2018 Toronto Sled Show

    Sorry we missed you. The Indomitable MRS. STG and I toured the show collecting maps, meeting peeps, etc. Arrived about the same time as you and departed about 1:00/1:30. Did you see us and hide?
  7. SlowTouringGuy


    Welcome Volsla! Lots of good information for you here !
  8. SlowTouringGuy


    I agree on Bannik and Temi-Kami and Motel Louise (a surprising gem). Everything has pluses and minuses. I would stay at Temi-Kami again in a heartbeat. The cabins are superior to LaBannik and the restaurant is chi-chi delicious. The restaurant at La Bannik is great and the the cabins are good. The cost is different too. Depends on what you and your group are looking for. I could answer more specific questions too. Motel Louise was a great surprise. From outside it looked less than appealing. Inside we found fully renovated rooms and bathrooms. Clean. And a good restaurant.
  9. SlowTouringGuy

    quebec trails map & info

    A lot of work went into that post for the benefit of all here. Well done, Slomo !
  10. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Domino is straight ???!!!!???
  11. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

  12. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

    No cot. And quit calling me Shirley.
  13. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Still lurking. How’s by you? And my nephew?
  14. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

    “Almost” directly across the highway from Grant’s OSB mill. Trail goes across the front of the property. We’ve stayed in the motel rooms as well. Basic. Clean. Reasonable. Last minute addition to the group resulted in two guys sharing a single bed there one night and we didn’t get kicked out. I guess they must also be rainbow friendly. What happens in Englehart stays in Englehart.
  15. SlowTouringGuy

    Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Cousins. Good restaurant !