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  1. quebec trails map & info

    A lot of work went into that post for the benefit of all here. Well done, Slomo !
  2. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Domino is straight ???!!!!???
  3. Glasses lost in Cochrane

  4. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    No cot. And quit calling me Shirley.
  5. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Still lurking. How’s by you? And my nephew?
  6. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    “Almost” directly across the highway from Grant’s OSB mill. Trail goes across the front of the property. We’ve stayed in the motel rooms as well. Basic. Clean. Reasonable. Last minute addition to the group resulted in two guys sharing a single bed there one night and we didn’t get kicked out. I guess they must also be rainbow friendly. What happens in Englehart stays in Englehart.
  7. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    Cousins. Good restaurant !
  8. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    I’ve always been a shy, retiring, quiet sort of guy.
  9. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    LOL. Wait till I tell SlowTouringGAL what you called her !!!
  10. Club mekoos

    Ever since squirrel man stayed too long at the bar and forgot to put his boots on for the walk back to his cabin he has preferred the main chalet rooms.
  11. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Stayed at Cedar Meadows a couple of weeks ago and paid 99 bucks for a double room for the two of us. Waterfront in New Liskeard is 150. I can’t imagine any of the other places mentioned in this thread are much less than 99 for a room. Not sure how this qualifies as overpriced. Please post the prices at these other places. I’m interested.

    Many thanks Dan Senior ! Many thanks, indeed !!!!
  13. upper canada snowmobile region - december 30-2017

    La plume de ma tante est sur la table. I hope the stingy b*st*rd brings authentic Quebec Maple Syrup when s/he contacts me.
  14. Zrtkat is in Quebec

    Good looking trip. ENJOY !!!
  15. OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    Egad !