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    • Yep. I only have my 2 sleds (97 v- max & 09 nytro) insured with TD and they both went up.  Truck, ATV & Boats all with different companies. Each year I lower the value of the sled and my rates have been pretty fair in my opinion.  I guess its time to shop around and see if I can get back to where I was paying.   At least have a few months to figure out a new company if that's the way you have to go. Good Luck to everyone else that's with TD.
    • Fare enough but is this really a problem for the MTO? I get the fact the OFSC needs distance from this, thats my earlier comments re absolving liability for non OFSC designated areas. If someone goes boon docking they are now roamers, not trail riders. To my knowledge no one is damaging hydro towers or causing harm to anything other than leaving some tracks in the snow. Seems harsh to put the hammer on that and make life harder for all sledders as a result   Tourism is good, winter is TOUGH for many. Putting more sting on the few opportunities for winter play + economic gains doesnt make any sense in my eyes
    • Wow, brings back some memories thanks for sharing that. Gehrke was a character, I had some dealings with him back when everything was localized and the nearest second option seemed like a universe away. I can remember them days when a ride from one town to the next was epic distance. Not sure if thats because the machines made it there and back breaking the 2/20 rule ( two hours ride, twenty hours repair ) or if its because our backs survived the 3" of suspension. But them were fun times   One carbide runner only on purpose. Anyone else?
    • The sleds are on a separate policy for us as well. There is one policy for the trucks and trailers, another for the sleds and yet another for the house and boats. The rules for insurance can be "funky". I recall a conversation with them. If you are driving and a ladder flies off the roof of the vehicle ahead of you and hits you while still airborne it's a comprehensive claim and no effect on your premiums. If it flies off and hits the ground first then they consider that you hit the ladder and it is collision which impacts your rates.  
    • My rates also stayed the same with TD.   I have my sled on a separate policy as to not effect my other vehicle rates if a accident were to happen. It's still the cheapest for me, for now...
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