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    • I spend a lot of time in Qc. I have on occasion got the same treatment about reg #. This would be the cops signfan. Also had a couple asshats make me take off body panel to check exhaust. Recieved ticket to comply about left handed mirror, I had the wrist one. 
    • The answer is yes it does exist.  Your district office should be able to access all available material for you.
    • Wow that's BS.  Maybe I'll carry the ontario regs on reg stickers with me this winter.  What part of the province were you in?  Was it a trail Warden?  Or the actual police?
    • Love Quebec and love the trails, am however tired of being harassed about my Ontario Reg numbers. Thought two years ago was a fluke, but again last season officer went up one side of me and down the other saying it's illegal to display anything other that the full Ontario reg sticker. While a ticket would have been a piss off, his bs went directly to threats of ordering a tow truck and impounding my sled for improper registration.  Just like the first time, saw he and his partner were stopping sleds, pulled up and shut the sled off, removed my helmet and proceeded to get all my paperwork out. Sled has absolutely correct Ontario numbers, has a current val tag and Ontario pass both displayed correctly, also has season Quebec pass displayed exactly as required. I also had all required documents, yes all up to date as well and no never ever once gave him even the slightest hint of anything but courteous respect.  For the second time, sent a letter to the Quebec Federation, no reply. Will not be purchasing a Quebec permit this coming fall, neither will the riders I was with, we all received similar treatment.
    • With Trudope's carbon tax prices will have to rise every year!
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