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  1. I guess the shops are in full-on boat and summer toy mode at this time.
  2. I'd be afraid of being pepper-sprayed by the host.
  3. That's an understatement.
  4. It was a very well-run and well-supported tournament. There were around 80 golfers, and a good sum was raised for the club. The things people do, while waiting for winter. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and golfers.
  5. .
  6. One potential work-around could be to connect to Netflix with your computer, and have a big screen plugged into your computer for viewing.
  7. Don't worry, I was just kidding too. LOL
  8. Must be another Blake around here somewhere?
  9. 20% down, financing 1.52 million at 4.75% over 20 years, = $ 9,784.18 monthly.
  10. https://www.parrysound.com/news-story/7362950-henry-s-set-to-open-june-23/ PARRY SOUND – Gas up the boat, we’re going to Henry’s! After nearly a month of uncertainty, Henry’s Restaurant San Souci location will officially open its doors June 23. Just before the Victoria Day long weekend, the restaurant announced through its Facebook page that without necessary staff it couldn’t open its doors. By May 30 things were looking up, another Facebook post said they were “working” on opening for business. Owners, Paul and Joanne Elliot have not officially made the announcement public, but the North Star confirmed they will open in two weeks’ time. “We are extremely pleased!” said Greg Aldworth of the Chippewa, that regularly takes guests out to the restaurant. Accessible by either water or air — it is considered a federal airport, served by five commercial airlines — Henry’s has been a fixture on The Bay for 44 years, the last 25 under the ownership of the Elliots.
  11. Good point, Panther. It is worth clarifying that, as as far as I recall, the OFSC was not the driving force behind Bill 100. OFSC simply got caught up in the fiasco.
  12. Snowcrest volunteers have done a great job getting sponsors for the June 16th Golf Tournament at TABOO. Here's a list of our generous sponsors.
  13. That must be annoying.
  14. Thank you. You too!