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  1. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-real-estate/muskoka/henrys-restaurant-on-frying-pan-island/1273406931?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Description Wow! Famous island restaurant with access by boat, seaplane or helicopter. Turnkey operation. Established over 45 years ago. Docks, with deep water, 30 amp service, able to accommodate 100 foot yachts. Separate cottage for female employees, bunkies for the male employees, owner's residence, trailer, 1.7 acres of beauty. Seller will train and help during transition. Opening for business on June 23rd. To view: www.bodkinrealty.com and click on MARINAS
  2. I must visit that place, to imprint the name in my mind. GoBills, I do admit to having eaten one tart from each batch, before taking the photo....as shown by the evidence. Thank you to Sledjunk and TheNavigator for bringing the tarts. I believe Dan Brappman may have provided the cake. Lots of goodies on hand thanks to Nunz, Karen, and the guests.
  3. Thank you to Karen and Nunz for hosting the get together! It's always great to see some familiar faces. And Wilkie's products. Special appearance by the Cottage Maid. Someone is an artiste.
  4. Thank you, Scott. Your information was certainly useful.
  5. Hi SCBATECH. Good to see new members at OC. That's quite a crowd in the photo. Good times.
  6. I'm very interested in this thread and have spent a few hours this summer researching options. (To date I've used only a cell phone for communication. Not good in the numerous dead zones.) My current view is that I would rule out Spot because it doesn't allow for two way verbal communication. If I break down on a trail I'm going to want to be able to telephone someone and make bulletproof arrangements for service or rescue. Satellite phone might be the way to go, despite the cost.....
  7. Denis007, Viperules700, and signfan are all nice guys. I always enjoy their posts.
  8. Tripadvisor review from 2 days ago ....Ate many of my meals in their restaurant as there are not a lot of other places to eat.... Denis, get over there tomorrow for breakfast, and send us a report.
  9. I guess the shops are in full-on boat and summer toy mode at this time.
  10. I'd be afraid of being pepper-sprayed by the host.
  11. That's an understatement.
  12. It was a very well-run and well-supported tournament. There were around 80 golfers, and a good sum was raised for the club. The things people do, while waiting for winter. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors, and golfers.
  13. .