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  1. Blake G

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    Nunz and Karen: thank you for hosting your second annual get-together. Much appreciated! Enjoyed the conversations with you and Karen, as well as with Sledjunk, Revrnd, Catinental Couch and Laura, The Navigator, GoBills and family, Muskoka Cat Guy, Mr Amendola, Brappman, and all the other hardcore summer-haters. Also loved the cheeseburgers and salad, doo dogs, butter tarts, and the Ski-Doo cake with your foot print on it. Looking forward to seeing you all again real soon.
  2. Blake G

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    He's up now. I drove by his house a few minutes ago and saw him outside in his pajamas, firing up his sleds!
  3. Blake G

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    Nunz is waiting for us.....
  4. Blake G

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Not sure, but perhaps volunteer groomer repairs would make the club's allocated grooming money stretch farther, in case the funding (based on $ per grooming hour plus $ per kilometer) is insufficient to meet the actual grooming costs? If a club could quantify the value of their volunteer groomer repair time, perhaps they could make a better case for receiving some of the district's discretionary money? Understandably, most supporters identify with and volunteer for their local clubs. Fewer identify with and volunteer for their district.
  5. Blake G

    MOTS deadline September 6/2018

    Here's a club that's extremely committed to helping their neighbour:
  6. Blake G

    2nd Annual Summer Sucks Party-

    I'll drop by Nunz. Might be a little hard on the carbides.
  7. Snowcrest's 2018 AGM has now adjourned. Thank you: to the two dozen hard core sledder attendees, who braved sunny 23 degree skies. to the meeting host , Residence Inn Gravenhurst - Muskoka Wharf. to guest speaker, Paul Murray, our former District 7 Governor and new OFSC President. We are very fortunate to have Paul at the helm of the federation. to retiring Snowcrest Directors Graeme Reading, Glen Debes and Steve McDonald. Thank you and welcome to our new board members: Scott Spencer, Tom Koegler, Henry Vandevalk, John Lake, and Nunzio Iacobellis. These are long standing Snowcrest volunteers, who have now offered their time at the board level. These gentlemen will be working with continuing directors Bill Horosko, Jon Massey, Paul McNichol, and Ron Roberts, along with returning director Kelly Hart. Best of luck, and thank you for volunteering to work for Snowcrest Riders! The group are already involved in their first meeting, to finalize plans for the Snowcrest Annual Golf Tournament, scheduled for Friday, June 15th.
  8. Blake G

    Summer Projects

    Looking good, Mike!
  9. Blake G

    Last ride of the season

    Well, I quit adding the kilometres a couple of weeks ago. Don't want to have an injury next winter, trying to keep up with myself.
  10. Blake G

    Last ride of the season

  11. Blake G

    Summer Projects

    I'm with sledjunk on this one.
  12. Blake G

    Last ride of the season

    Still good riding today on Crown Land near North Bay. Left home around 6 to get to trails while temps were still cool and before the snow got too mushy. Unloaded around 830. The base seemed to be a couple of feet thick. Beautiful day with smooth trails. Probably be great again early tomorrow, but I seem to have run out of people to ride with.
  13. Blake G


    I could have used that today, when delivering some cornbread and fried chicken from the grocery store to my parents' house. I steered with one hand while holding a plastic bag in the other. Rather unprofessional for a man of my stature.
  14. Blake G

    End of season prognosis

    I call BS. LOLOL
  15. Blake G

    End of season prognosis

    Sure, Denis.