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  1. Blake G

    New Liskeard Staging

    Tri-Town Sno Travellers Club president is an OC'er: bramsay Or ask on their Facebook page.
  2. Blake G

    195 charges laid this past weekend in Eastern Ontario

    Too bad the Ottawa Police Services don't patrol the rest of the province.
  3. Blake G

    Port Sydney conditions

    Rode some great trails today with Mr and Ms Extreme600. All recently groomed: 4 from Severn Bridge to Kahshe. B from Barkway Road to C103D, to 41, to 44. Also C103D to Port Sydney, and D south of Port Sydney.
  4. Blake G

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    Snow Rider, I agree some local trails were pretty beat up over the weekend. Sheer traffic. Now today...a little better.
  5. Blake G

    Muskoka Magic Tour

    I would probably ride the route with my wife, but I'd keep a close watch in case I had to help swing the back end of her sled on some pavement, or help her over a bank or two. Not sure how adventurous your wife is as a sledder. 02Sled, let me know if you want to do a trial run some time, so you can assess the route. Or I'd be happy to ride along with both of you, if that would work.
  6. Blake G

    Muskoka Magic Tour

    C102D through Port Carling is a pinball game. Up and down roadside snowbanks, a few street crossings, and potential for road rash - - unless snow conditions are good. (Sort of like the trail through the core of Penetang, but trickier.) Any sledder who navigates Port Carling without missing a turn gets a prize. The biggest award goes to the MLSTA, for threading and maintaining a trail through a constantly changing urban core with a patchwork of physical and landowner challenges. The route is harder to follow on midweek mornings, after a snowfall. Likely easier on a weekend, when there are sled tracks to follow. You get a smaller prize for that, as locals consider it cheating.
  7. Blake G

    Port Sydney conditions

    Maybe we were the first two guys out on D? I was in Sprucedale by 930. Stopped to take some photos between Bracebridge and Port Sydney:
  8. Blake G

    Today's Surprise - NCDN

    Was he checking for trail permits?
  9. Blake G

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    I believe MLSTA may be currently dealing with a shortage of trained operators. NOTE: There are ways to get from 17 to Bala with minimal use of C101D.
  10. Blake G

    Port Sydney conditions

    I'll bet they'll be good tomorrow from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m.
  11. Blake G

    Gravenhurst Staging/Parking

    Gull Lake Rotary Park allows overnight winter parking, other than this weekend (Gravenhurst Winter Carnival).
  12. Blake G

    Are they grooming Muskoka?

    I saw the Snowcrest groomer heading west through town, just after dark last night.
  13. Blake G


    SlowTouringGuy is like The Sasquatch - - comes out only on special occasions.
  14. Blake G

    Kearney Area Loop Suggestions

    Enough to make you abandon the sport, or head up to Cochrane.
  15. Blake G

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    While driving today, I caught myself thinking about avoiding the pavement and driving on the snow.