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  1. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Awesome job, Wimpy!
  2. Snowmobile Show

    OFSC Districts D7 and D10, when combined, will be one of the smaller of the 12 districts in terms of geographic size and kilometres of trails.
  3. Snowmobile Show

    I saw the train going over the bridge, and figured it would make a good photo op.
  4. Snowmobile Show

    That's one heckuva nice photo on the D10 trail guide.
  5. Snowmobile Show

    I assume this may be due to the fact that at some point, the districts are being rejigged, renamed, renumbered, etc. For now I guess it's time to break out the black magic marker.
  6. New sign

    You should be ok, as long as he's not coming toward you from behind.
  7. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    West of the Southwood Road crossing there's been an OFSC "trail closed" sign on the north side of C101D for at least five or six years - - and it seems to head in the general direction of Torrance - - but I'm too much of a newbie to know the trail's destination. Someone a littler older and wiser might know the route....
  8. New sign

    Winter's on the way. STG has come out of summer hibernation!
  9. Hey Trail Map

    The Great Northern Loop
  10. Hey Trail Map

    Other sayings also come to mind. "Hope for the best but plan for the worst. " "The proof is in the pudding."
  11. Hey Trail Map

    "O ye of little faith." LOLOL
  12. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    Here are the two road routes, but I hesitate to post the routes that involve unstaked lakes or abandoned trails.
  13. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    C101D is the closest OFSC trail (about a mile of road-running when conditions allow). The road-running from the end of Trail 9 is a slightly longer distance, on a less active road. You can be reached with less road-running via an unofficial route known to a few locals, but this path will be difficult to convey to the masses. It involves an unstaked lake crossing. There is also an abandoned OFSC trail that would be handy if it could be reopened. Contact the MLSTA club. The thirsty Torrance and Bala boys will soon sniff you out.
  14. New ITG

    From Facebook.