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  1. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    Buddy of mine bought an RD350 this summer. Ziinggg zinngggggggg! sounds almost odd these days I had one in the early eighties. It was a hoot.
  2. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    If I were you I'd park in Orillia, at the municipal lot located at Carlyon Drive and Division Road. The trails are going to be thinner than you might like, regardless of where you ride in the Orillia to Collingwood area tomorrow. There is more snow closer to Midland.
  3. Today’s ride out of wasaga!

    You guys might have already been close to Midland, while I was heading from Orillia to Wasaga on 309? I got to your parking area about 1030.
  4. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    First 2 pics were taken on the 601, east of Wasaga. Next two pics from the B Trail, near Sunnidale Corners.
  5. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    Yep. Had a lovely ride from Waubaushene to Sunnidale Corners and back today. Light on snow, especially near Wasaga Beach, but still pretty good overall. Conditions deteriorated a bit as the day wore on, even with low to moderate sled traffic. I would not hesitate to repeat the trip tomorrow, in fact I might. A few inches of snow would help. Factor in some warming weather and higher traffic volumes though, and the fair conditions could go downhill quickly. I have no intention of being in that area on the weekend.
  6. Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    As far as im concerned im going to be that one a$$hole here and state the hard facts that many will see as harsh but sorry I call it the way it is. This whole scenario was doomed before it even started. First was the STUPID decision to go out on the ice just after a significant thaw and over a river that has a decent current! Second after venturing out with sleds they make another STUPID decision to venture off the hard packed trail to make it easier on the patient which then definitely put ALL their lives at risk. Its definitely better for the patient to put up with a bit of discomfort than to make a decision like that that put everyone at an increased risk more than they already were. The one firefighter I do know and can attest she is not the sharpest tool in the shed! As well the supper troopers who do think they know everything and decided NOT to call a fully assembled and certified Ice Water Rescue Team AND AIRBOAT from Seguin FD A mere half hourish down the highway, decided to take everyones lives at risk when there was definitely a way better and safer alternative that was most certainly available to them! Sorry but it friggin irritates me the friggin ego on some of those super troopers to put everyones lives at risk rather than call out a specialized team and equipment to deal with the situation properly and with way less risk that is available to the whole Parry Sound DISTRICT and beyond. Let the hatred comments towards me fly for speaking the truth.. And to think, SuperG, I was about to compliment you for your public relations and diplomacy skills, as demonstrated on another recent thread. LOL PS: No hatred here, good buddy.
  7. unloading town of Rosseau

    Wouldn't it be feasible to stage at the 400 Petrocan and ride down to the Rosseau loop and back?
  8. DIstrict 7

    I'd predict you'll find some yellow Muskoka trails on the ITG before next weekend. Trail base is thin, but intact where I've been looking. Fluffy snow is gone - - it melted and caused trail flooding here and there. Freezing up again now. No more worrying about the snow insulating the ground. The rain melted the snow on the lakes, resulting in water on top of the ice, but now things are locked up. Better ice will be the result, imho. A few inches of snow should put clubs back in business. I'd be watching the ITG, before booking rooms hundreds of kms north.
  9. Parry Sound Area Trails

    Water holes are frozen. EDIT: I didn't go under Highway 400 on C by the Jolly Roger, because it looked as though there may have been water in that spot.
  10. Parry Sound Area Trails

    Yes it's ok. I'm on it right now. Lots of frozen base with an inch of fresh snow on top. Pancaked smooth by the warm up, but rutted badly lots of places where folks made trenches by riding before the temps dropped. Need to slow down periodically to navigate ruts.

    Last year's gas discussion thread for area east of Wasaga Beach:

    Warmer for rider.

  14. Lake of Bays ATV Club is officially offside

    This is a can of worms.