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  1. Blake G

    Hali Forest

    Was looking at the signs, but rode past.
  2. Blake G

    Hali Forest

    Probably similar to today, or maybe a little better if they get an inch or two of snow. The Forest has posted trail conditions as "poor to fair" for the past several days. I would say it would actually be a little more fair than poor. As usual during spring riding, it is better to turn right onto East Road (sketched orange arrow on map image) after leaving the base. Part of North Road has gravel showing, so avoid the area shown in orange.The remainder of North Road is better. Should also avoid Red Trail as it has some bare spots where logging has occurred north of Dutton Lake Rd. As is typical, the areas farther from Base tend to be better. BFB and I had an enjoyable 80 mile ride today. Good lunch at The Cookhouse. Washout image is on East Road (the only washout we encountered - - water was half an inch deep). Image with new red-roofed shed is at Base Camp. Other images are from some shelter cabins. Saw only two other sleds, so don't go alone.
  3. Blake G

    Hali Forest

    I paid the full monty today. I've paid half price for preseason (November) riding at least once in the past.
  4. Blake G

    OFSC survey

  5. Blake G

    Hali Forest

    10 4. Thanks for the tip.
  6. Blake G

    Hali Forest

    Who's up for early tomorrow?
  7. Blake G

    Cochrane Update..

    Good man.
  8. Blake G


    It's never hard to twist a rubber arm. It was a good day. Will see you on the trails next year for sure!
  9. Blake G


    I was a little skeptical at first, but the scratchers are great. Very easily deployed by reaching back while seated, or by using the toe of your boot while standing. (I'm not a fan of bending over, other than on election day.)
  10. Blake G


    Trails were very good on the last day of availability for Almaguin District. Very impressed. Rode with Oro Guy (around 150 kms for the day).
  11. Blake G

    Oh the people you meet

    How are the trails? LOL
  12. Blake G


    Heading to Kearney in the morning.
  13. "I'm not that gullible on April 1." I realize you're not gullible any day.
  14. Still on the fence. I intend to ride, but not sure of the location. Skidoo in shop now for mid-season service.