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  1. Blake G


    Welcome, volsla.
  2. Blake G


    My insurance with TD increased about 12% from last year. Three sleds (16 800 enduro, 14 zr9000, 15 Polaris 550) cost $853 plus tax last year. No collision. TD this year for the same coverage would have been $952 plus tax. Substituted 17 enduro for 16 enduro, and added collision on that sled, for an additional $29. Paid an extra $4 to reduce the deductible to $500 on one sled.
  3. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Still good value though.
  4. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    $20 is the normal shipping fee to the U.S., and there is no way to pair up and save anything.
  5. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    I've had police satisfied with photocopies of heavy truck ownerships, but not happy with photocopies of insurance slips. Always keep sled originals with me in my purse (along with wallet, keys, back pills, and emergency food.)
  6. Blake G

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Maybe use a list that would be accessible to anyone with an OC account. The "helper" would be identified only by their OC name. No personal information would be displayed. The person needing help would need to be an OCer and use the OC Personal Message system to request help.
  7. Blake G

    OFSC Trail Guide

    The ITG's been taken down the last two years in the off season. I've heard the removal was to help protect landowners who were experiencing trespassing from folks using the ITG for non-snowmobiling purposes. The new and improved ITG has been promised for November.
  8. Blake G

    OFSC Trail Guide

    Trying to plan ahead also. Not having the greatest luck with Polaris Ride Command or Sled Trails.
  9. Blake G

    On line trail map?

    Supposed to be up in November some time.
  10. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Good at cyferin' with my my fingers and toes. Those 8 years in grade 3 came in mighty handy.
  11. SEEN TODAY ON FACEBOOK: "As President of Happy Wanderers Snowmobile Club in Baysville, Muskoka Snowmobile Region, I'm super pumped to announce that after 3 years of hard work by numerous members of our club, the trail through Big Wind Provincial Park will be reopened. We just received the Agreements from Parks Ontario this week. We should be able to start clearing the trails next week and float the new bridge in by the end of October. This was a three year project with many obstacles to overcome. Special thanks to Danny M, Ted B, Glen G, our contractor Warren and Brittany at Parks Ontario. This top trail is one all of the riders in our area LOVED. We are so happy to bring it back to you. Let it snow!!! ❄" FURTHER DETAILS FROM FACEBOOK: "Just to clarify for those who are not aware what trail this is. It’s D102B south of trail 45, all the way to B, (Old Wagon Rd). B trail south to Black Creek Rd. B trail to Bird Lk remains closed temporarily."
  12. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Middle name is Jethro.
  13. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Svekers, Slaght, Hall, Hermiston, Clark, Stimson, Gillan, Whitehead. I must be a lot younger than you guys.
  14. Blake G

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Permit prices are too low. Throwing in a few extra bucks won't slow Nunz down very much.
  15. Blake G


    Click the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of your screen. When the little window pops out, click the little "word bubbles" icon (like those you'd see in a comic strip). Click the "Compose New" button. Start keying in "Domino" as the "to" person.....etc.... Domino is the master of this site and will set you up with sponsorship details.