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  1. Last ride of the season

    Still good riding today on Crown Land near North Bay. Left home around 6 to get to trails while temps were still cool and before the snow got too mushy. Unloaded around 830. The base seemed to be a couple of feet thick. Beautiful day with smooth trails. Probably be great again early tomorrow, but I seem to have run out of people to ride with.

    I could have used that today, when delivering some cornbread and fried chicken from the grocery store to my parents' house. I steered with one hand while holding a plastic bag in the other. Rather unprofessional for a man of my stature.
  3. End of season prognosis

    I call BS. LOLOL
  4. End of season prognosis

    Sure, Denis.
  5. quebec trails map & info

    I believe the ITG will show all fuel stops etc if the data is provided by the clubs.
  6. quebec trails map & info

    Thanks, Paul. Great idea.
  7. quebec trails map & info

    I found this year's ITG to be quite adequate. The site seems to load faster than the previous version. I also prefer to use the little green, yellow, and red sleds to determine distances, as opposed to having to click each trail section, as was required with the previous ITG. My biggest complaint is the inability to remove the large white information box that takes up the left side of the screen on the desktop version. I also check the Facebook groups of clubs, along with Ontario Conditions, to find comments from riders, groomer operators, and other club reps.
  8. Winter 2.0

    Should have tried your typical early-bird start?
  9. Show your 2018 pics.

    Yesterday near Latchford.
  10. Show your 2018 pics.

    What's that woodland creature dressed in red?
  11. ITG User Survey

    Glad they're asking for input.
  12. 2015 Yamaha VECTOR LTX

    Three winters.
  13. 2015 Yamaha VECTOR LTX

    Now there's a man who knows what he likes.
  14. Sturgeon Falls aka West Nipissing trails

    Sand Dam Road parking lot. A/D northbound 9/10. D west to Crystal Falls 7/10 WN400 to Sturgeon Falls freshly groomed. See video. We found a popular unloading place on the north end of town. The road sections were toast closer to town, so we turned around. D west of Crystal Falls was mint. A104D to Rock Pine was freshly groomed too. South half was a bit twisty for my liking 7/10. North half was more open 9/10. A south back to Sand Dam Road was 8/10. Saw 9 sleds in 172 kms.
  15. I haven't noticed much discussion about the trails to the north of Lake Nipissing. Has anybody checked them out recently? We may head from Sand Dam Road toward Sturgeon Falls and Field, then up to Marten River tomorrow. I'm curious about conditions on the WN400 trail into Sturgeon Falls. It's coded green, but seems to run along Nipissing Street. Are there any good snack stops in the area?