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  2. E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    I did some reading on the new 850 and it shows a lot of promise. The iron inserts for the piston rings is a big winner imo. I've replaced a ton of burnt pistons over the years trying to squeak every drop of hp out of them old tanks pipes etc. Waste of time really now I know better to leave the engine stock and work the clutches. The priority main oiling is interesting. Is it monitored in or measured in real time? Or is it a case of spray and pray set within the tune to squirt so much so often and thats that?
  3. Kirkland lake corridor

    Timmins is a solid home camp. I've stayed there a couple times for a week plus and had a blast. I'd push further north now though as the Southern/Western trails are all closed which limits your options for tours. Quebec maybe? I only rode there once for a day so I have no suggestion otherwise
  4. Parry Sound ride

    15 might be a little steep for the day, but if not staying or eating, if I owned it you would be paying too. as pointed out, costs money to maintain and clear. lots of liberal trough eaters around I guess
  5. Howdy

    harharrrrr!!! well done thanks for the welcoming all
  6. Kirkland lake corridor

  7. Some input needed Kirkland lake or Timmins or temiskaming shores which city would you stage from don’t want to go as far as cochrane want a hotel with a hot tub recommendations for this corridor would be great
  8. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    Heading that way tomorrow from Lindsay and have never been in that area, any suggestions where to launch from. Thanks Mark
  9. unloading town of Rosseau

    well boys she just turned green today!!! Thank you Rosseau and the Parry Sound Groomers for their extensive work everyday this week on the trails
  10. Today
  11. Planning a February trip on the Quebec side Temiscaming north with an overnight stop in Ville Marie/Notre Dame Du Nord area. Anyone have recommendations for a night's accommodations for 2 couples? I see La Bannick, but it looks like cottages only and a little pricey. Looks like a couple of Mom n Pop motels as well. Anyone have experience there? Thanks.
  12. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    Hey, Pota...sent you a PM.
  13. Abitibi Canyon

    Hey soup, how was the canyon? Is there a lot of snow for off trail riding?
  14. Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    Meh it is what it is and needed to be said IMO. Everyone for the most part i hear commending them blah blah. And in some ways I guess so since they got themselves out of the mess they were in and no one died from this stupidity. Thanks bud, although yes in some instances some leg breaks can be serious and depending on which leg or femur is broke, could have nicked an artery and bled out so even then 911 should be called to an extent. Its not that that im upset with that but rather the two agencies involved that thought they knew everything and especially the super troopers taking everyones lives into their own hands by NOT calling on the proper resources that were and are available to them. This could have been a SIMPLE patient extraction from his cabin in a safer controlled environment with the available resources to them.
  15. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    I got gas at sunnidale corners yesterday and saw your sled. The 301/601 was pretty good. Even though we lost the snow the moguls were gone.
  16. Have fun up there...something wrong with or tow vehicle keeps hanging a right in NB ...lol. Of to Qu for another wkd.
  17. Cobden area

    that's not too far from me right now there's barely a base to work with from the last warm up right now were a crap shoot on the next warm up on daily checks at TWN says snow on monday the next says rain as of right now the weather says there's about 3-7 cm of snow coming this weekend but rain 10mm on tuesday now. there's no promise of a good snowfall before the 26th but long term is showing a lot of snow falling from the 26th to the 31st but i wouldn't bet any money on a forecast that far off. the base from Chalk River West is open and trails are a little thin which isn't too far up the road from cobden (45 min) if you want to trailer a little to ride and that area west looks to be missing most of this rain thats coming but id say its a 50/50 chance for cobden right now. Id check after this Tuesday there's a chance this rain will actually be snow with the temps that i'm seeing if it is snow trails will most likely open Timberline SC is reporting all their ice crossings still hver 17" of ice so they just need the snow to open.
  18. Parry Sound ride

    Thanks SuperG. I won't be giving them my business again. Pulling a 23 ft trailer with a crew cab dually I knew they had the room. I have never trailered to Parry Hoot before. We usually ride over from home in Huntsville. Would love to get out for a ride with some guys from over that way to see the sights. Micar
  19. Cobden area

    Going to Cobden on Jan 26. Traded a timeshare into logos land. (Between Renfrew and Pembroke on A trail). Looking like we may cancel which means I lose the week. Anyone have any inside info on trail openings in the area soon?
  20. Extreme, I’m arriving in Cochrane Monday, any chance of meeting up for ride tue-thurs?
  21. Great! Watch for us in the Moonbeam / Kap area. Drive safely and hope to see you up there.
  22. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    Starting at wasaga thismorning, thanks for the pictures!
  23. Good news for NRSA Trails! Check the OFSC interactive guide for up to date trail status!
  24. Collingwood to Wasaga B to Midland trails?

    thanks for the pics wow has it ever thinned out compared to last week............yikes
  25. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    Be careful and do NOT fall asleep at the wheel. WD is right. It's a long straight and BORING drive up there. Make sure you keep in touch with everyone so we know you made it okay. Yes, they are a great group of guys. How long do you plan on staying up there?? We are THINKING about going up Monday to Timmins.
  26. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    Ya that was us Matt thanks for putting so much of your time into the trails
  27. Saddle Bag Tour

    We are in Hearst tonight. Met up with 1049 and tricky at the companion bar of course. There actually was a pretty good group of us sledders in the bar tonight. Lots if laughs and a few beers. I will post more on our trip when I get home. The trip so far hasent been without it's adventures.
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