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  1. Today

    That's not entirely bad ...
  3. Gas - Tarzwell

    Driving by Perlita's on Hwy 11, south of the Hwy 112 junction & it looks like the pumps have been removed.

    I noticed that in the weather forecast. Realized I never once snowmobiled in actual 'snowfall' this year. Lots of blue sky sledding.
  5. Marten River to New Liskeard

    See my Hwy 11 Viewpoint thread
  6. Marten River to New Liskeard

    Last Friday afternoon we rode from Sand Dam Lake Road to Temagami. 95% of the trail was almost perfect. To isolate the bad places......Tonomo Lake Road and most of Wilson Lake Road were excellent, but the northern 2 kms of Wilson Lake Road was sketchy, but still passable, with some bare patches that required a weaving path to stay on snow. Between there and Temagami, Lowell Lake Road had a very bad 1 km section, because plowing for a construction project removed almost all of the snow and left a trail of rock and sand, with a bit of ice. Everything else was lovely.
  7. 2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    Cool that you saw moose. We spotted 1 in the Mattice years ago. Had a nice chat w/ Candace @ Cabin Fever. Picked up a new Unwind balaclava as per @irREVerent advice who was told by @Evil to use them. Probably a little late to test this season. LOL I wondered why you guys were going thru the Petro Pass lot. The Peterbilt is driven by my childhood friend that lives in North Bay now. Good thing Jerry's sled sticks out. My friend had just asked me if we ever spotted friends while out riding. I told him of knowing Denis's sled when we met him north of Hearst. Lots of deer on the east side of 11 north of the Emsdale info centre & east of Limberlost Rd beside Hwy 60. Then on 118 between Canarvon & West Guilford a car had hit a deer. Rolled into Apsley @ 9:15.
  8. 2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    The 3 of us have run Amsoil Interceptor. We never reslly had any 'description' for its smell. When I had the 1st SDI & was running XPS full or semi-synthetic, even I thought that (fill in the blank) smelt like (fill in the blank)!
  9. A107C

    A Trail is good east of Elk Lake. It is an error in the reporting software that links the A107C. It will turn green as soon as our district Admin gets it figured out. West of Elk Lake should be okay but not great.
  10. 2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    Headed off to Cochrane for lunch at Terry's. Along the L123, there were two moose on the trail. We stopped and watched them for a few minutes until they wandered off into the bush. ApeXMAN was able to snap a couple of photos that hopefully he will add to this thread. When we got to Cochrane, we found that Terry's was closed. Not sure if they are not open on Monday's or if something has changed. We had lunch at JR's. Not a big fan of that place but it was sled accessible.
  11. A107C

    K.L. Has been cold and sweet last three days. Grooming had been kept up very nicely.
  12. Hwy 11 Viewpoint

    Great riding in Kirkland Lake. Fresh groomed Earlton to Matheson all to ourselves today.
  13. A107C

    The groomer being down doesn't explain why the railroad bed east of Elk Lake is yellow - different club and different groomer. I'm waiting for an update on that one.
  14. Cochrane will be excellent if you want to drive that far. Temagami north is still very good to excellent with some bare spots right around New Liskeard - unfortunately salt melts snow at road crossings. Lots of places to stay in and around New Liskeard right on the trail.
  15. Marten River to New Liskeard

    The A Trail from Temagami to New Liskeard is being groomed right now. The short section that Tri-Town manages south of Temagami (17 km) will be groomed tomorrow night. Weather is supposed to be good through next week. Sun is making a mess of plowed roads so I'm not sure how the Wilson / Tonomo Lake roads are but they were good last week when I was down there.
  16. Marten River to New Liskeard

    Same ride Sunday and was still in great shape.
  17. Looking at North Renfrew trails. Why is the A closed in this section? Was it plowed?
  18. Marten River to New Liskeard

    Rode A from New Liskard to Temagami and back Friday and was in great shape.
  19. Marten River to New Liskeard

    I met a solo sledder Saturday afternoon, around 2:00 pm, in Kirkland Lake that rode up from North Bay that morning. He mentioned that he didn't know why the trail was listed "yellow" because it was in great shape. He was actually heading up to Cochrane if he could find a room.

    Looks much better north of highway 17. Never rode the area though. Sun is going to be out every day this week too.
  21. Marten River to New Liskeard

    Wondering how the A trail is from Marten River to New Liskeard? The south part of the trail is yellow. Has anyone been on this trail recently? Is it due to lack of snow, no grooming, or road running?

    Looks not good
  23. Yesterday
  24. I will be in cochrane Friday staying at westway going to do canyon and back to Timmins most likely.
  25. Kitchener to Timmins

    I agree revrnd. The moose travel at night and while they don't do well in a truck accident, neither does the truck. The last time I drove the 144 from 17 to the Watershed, I counted 12 moose kills. Not a great place to drive at night.

    Other than these couple of spots, I was told the conditions were good. Video.MOV
  27. sledding /ice fishing next week ?

    There still out there fishing.
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