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    • We still run collision on the sleds that we value over $10,000.00.  The most value I see in this is for coverage when trailering, which unfortunately seems to be how most of the miles are passed under the sleds now. I feel there is a greater chance of a total loss of one or more sleds in one accident when trailering than  perhaps on the trail.
    • My insurance with TD increased about 12% from last year.   Three sleds (16 800 enduro, 14 zr9000, 15 Polaris 550) cost $853 plus tax last year. No collision.   TD this year for the same coverage would have been $952 plus tax.    Substituted 17 enduro for 16 enduro, and added collision on that sled, for an additional $29. Paid an extra $4 to reduce the deductible to $500 on one sled.     
    • 1200/yr full coverage with TD for 3 sleds.  15 Cat, 14 Rush, 12 Adventure.
    • I have collision on all sleds.  Imo not worth not having it on something that's worth 15000.
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