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    • No doubt! From what I've read the option will be available on the high end Denali trim, so the only items they'd ever see might be a big screen TV from Best Buy.   It will be interesting to see if the idgits offer the CF floor on the 3/4 tons in 2020.
    • I don't think you can stud that track. He's obviously headed for the mountains anyway! CF? In a truck bed? Will Ford have commercials of guys dropping sharp objects on it from a height?  Idiots.
    • I should've asked this guy what he uses to protect the tailgate. I doubt he has to worry about the studs touching the box floor.     I saw a 2019 GMC Sierra go thru the village tonight. I imagine carbides & studs would make a mess of the optional box that is coming down the pike (w/ floor made of carbon fiber).
    • I use a piece of 5/8 plywood, cut about 4’ x 3’.  To this, I’ve attached a 2x2 which goes across the 4’ width.  The 2x2 fits into the gap between the truck and the gate, so the plywood stays put when you’re launching and retrieving.  I’ve got it so it’s about 60/40 on the tailgate and the bed of the truck.  I find this is enough to elevate the track off the gate and the truck bed so it does not touch it.  I also feel that this spreads the weight of the machine a little better, rather than the tailgate taking the majority of the weight.  I’ve got it set up with about a 2” gap from the end of the tailgate.  This allows the ramp to slip in under my long track sleds without having to lift the back of the sled up. i don’t worry about the carbides on the bed too much, but find this set up helps with them not ripping the tailgate step off as well.  Notch out the spot where the carbides contact this plywood at the front, or it can sometimes catch as you’re backing off, until they get worn in.
    • Buy or build a sled ramp JK   I have seen aftermarket bed mats but never used 1. I thick they're rubber like truck mudflaps.
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