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    • You think Ford is going to fund our sport, look at the slashing and hacking he has done already. I'm not happy with what he is doing but at least he has the kahunas to do what needs to be done. Many on here must remember Bob ray, he did the same thing.
    • By them, who do you mean exactly?

      As for the current method of waiting for a crime to happen before an arrest is made? Do you suggest something else?     Its crucial to grasp there is no them and us. Its only US. Thats it and thats all there ever will be. ALL of US have a right to a fair trial based on the presumption of innocence and the benefit of doubt. If you dont agree with that granting rights skirting powers to police to act as a judge/jury in a road side manner is NOT the way forward. Its backward.   Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.     We need to keep the checks and balances in play
    • Looks very positive to me, hopefully the data can be put to good use to get some funding.
    • My wife and daughter ride horses.  I'm sure that the results in that sport would be flipped 180 * in gender respondents
    • Looks like sledding has a long way to go for gender equality...    
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