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    New ofsc mobile app.

    Lord, love a duck... This was all over FacePlant... 3.3 billion generator industry gets 18k. For an app. Spend it on law enforcement, or anything to keep the lawyers, politicians and insurance companies out of our pastime.
  2. It's all going to be about the politicians, lawyers, and insurance companies this year. Sad. They all did their best to ruin things locally last year. One more year of their bullshit shenanigans, and no adequate pressure from the province and OFSC, and I'm done. Quebec is just too close. It's not about the piddly $200 or so, I just can't take the drama. It's hard watching my local club administrators, that work SO hard, and spend SO much time biting their tongues, instead of just loading the trailer, and driving 1/2 an hour or so to great sledding.
  3. manotickmike

    Haydays Cancelled

    I suspect a fair # of people will hold off buying a pass after last year's debacle. I'll wait to hear about LUPS locally. I'm sure the band of lawyers, politicians and assorted A-holes will want to draw attention to themselves again this year. At our expense.
  4. manotickmike

    Hotel/ resort rentals this winter.

    Maybe when the RCMP is finished with Justine they'll get right on that. They sure put on a good show when terrorists blocked our rail lines. And as baggage handlers at our "unconventional" crossings. Made me proud.
  5. Discuss. IMAGINE an interprovincial snowmobile pass. I'd happily pay DOUBLE for my OFSC pass. Maybe more. It's a conversation I'm engaged with over on FB. Some say Quebec would not benefit, as virtually nobody in Quebec would ride here, but I say they (unlike Ontario...) understand investing and promoting tourism. This would definitely bring more travelers to Quebec. And a few to Ontario.
  6. manotickmike

    Best time / place to buy - tek vests

    Going to be an interesting one for sure. IIRC Tekvest went into producing protection equipment. Good on 'em. I sure wouldn't want to be hanging my hopes on recreational luxury stuff at this time. We have a serious crisis about to hit. And a child without a clue or a spine steering the ship.
  7. manotickmike

    It keeps on Happening, Doesn’t It?

    Pretty simple. If nobody is listening, you yell at somebody else. Eventually, you get some sort of satisfaction, however small. Sad truth is, if anyone knows where these trails are, soon, everyone does. Sometimes it starts with a sledder. It has happened 3km from my house, all over the web last week. A-holes winched the rocks blocking the trail. Likely another local sled trail lost. Yes, the ATV trespasser was a sledder. The ATV crowd that trespasses typically has no concern for the trail, the carnage, or the owner. Without any viable enforcement, it will be this or insurance that ends everything.
  8. manotickmike

    Valois in Mattawa

    Good timing. Best wishes!!!
  9. manotickmike


    A Canadian hypocrite. And a Canadian ruling. Bombardier, anyone? Just give them the $100 USD, and pass it on to the consumer. Or eat it. Whatever.
  10. manotickmike

    Toys for a carreer

    The Dude testifies.
  11. manotickmike

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I say we all chip in as a group and buy it. I'd like to add a share in a hotel to my portfolio. Put Wild Bill in charge as the crusty proprietor. We can call it WildBill's Firetrap. What could go wrong? P.S. I call dibs on the T-shirt and merch concession.
  12. manotickmike

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    Compensate the land owners. End-of. Groomer operators are now compensated. Like them, if they wish to donate the compensation, there's no stopping them. Good on 'em. I just don't support risk with no reward. Ask yourself if you would allow access to your property, with existing lack of law enforcement. If there was a demand for a group insurance policy, some underwriter would be all over it. I'd subscribe.
  13. manotickmike

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    Wynne-bag's Ontario liberals (R.I.H.) ((rest in hell...)) fumbled that one horribly. I've met a LOT of land owners. Terrific people, for the most part. We need to show empathy. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Under existing circumstances, would you participate? Enforce the law. Incarcerate trespassers. That will keep them on-board. Give them a small thank you, like a tax rebate. Just to show appreciation for their risk, and inevitable headaches. Save the few remaining volunteers all the re-routes, and the rest of us a lot of road running. It really doesn't need to be complicated.
  14. manotickmike

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    I can't see the government contributing financially, despite Quebec using a VERY successful investment model. I'd be happy to see low, or no cost incentives. Tax breaks for land owners, some sort of appreciation for volunteers, and about 1000% more enforcement of compliance and trespassing violations. If they can't make #3 work, relinquish the responsibility to the clubs. It doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Unless someone wants it to be.
  15. manotickmike

    So... Any thoughts on the new CEO?

    I read part of the OFSC blurb. The fact that he rides was missing. Not important I guess. My pal and local club Prez filled me in. Fingers crossed.
  16. manotickmike

    2021 Polaris Release

    Don't quote me, but when I was looking into the Rhino thing, Canadian products were limited to 1 watt, where the US models kicked out 5 watts. No savvy consumers were buying the Canadian market product, opting to buy 'Stateside instead, and the Canadian buyers were VERY disappointed. Some years have passed so I may be a bit off here.
  17. manotickmike

    Summerizing routine

    I almost never recommend, but Frank at Shock tec https://shocktec.ca/ treated me like a valued customer. My phone call was answered, by FRANK, all questions answered, and service was quick, no delays, no bulls#it. I've both bought and had shocks serviced.
  18. manotickmike

    Stolen Sleds Recovered

    I read the words Police beat in the link, and really got my hopes up.
  19. manotickmike

    Time for Leads to Wear Safety Vests?

    I find startled speeding idiots tend to go for the brakes, and present sideways, offering a larger profile. Sadly, the old "leave yourself an out" chestnut that works on the roads does not always apply. Trails are only so wide, and if they were wider, idiots would only go faster. I have gone left to avoid out of control idiots taking corners wide, but only as a LAST resort to avoid collision. You leave yourself open to being on the wrong side of the trail when his pals come along. Happily, by then the sight line is usually better, and the trail is straighter when you have to deal with that.
  20. manotickmike

    Time for Leads to Wear Safety Vests?

    That was my plan for the visor. Didn't bother, as the helmet just plain works. G-Max G11 electric. I'd be interested in a self-powered, either rechargeable or replaceable battery version.
  21. manotickmike

    Time for Leads to Wear Safety Vests?

    I wonder if a self powered setup is in the works. I think I might have plugged my G-Max in once this season. Pre-emptively.
  22. manotickmike

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    Can they charge people with trespassing on Crown Land? Last I heard, we couldn't keep trucks off.
  23. manotickmike

    2020 Sneak Peak tour cancelled...

  24. manotickmike

    2020 Sneak Peak tour cancelled...