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  1. 3-4cm on the ground yesterday, stopped by 2 melted by 7. Groundhog day? Woke up to another 3-4 on the deck this morning. I was not expecting that.
  2. I stored the Apex in a garden shed once. Once. I had checked in on it pretty frequently, then lapsed. When I went back after a month... Little buggers had pulled the SOS pads out of the muffler outlets, and moved in. The "nose cone" where the CDI and a MILE of wire lives had new tenants. Last year the sleds lived in the trailer, this year, I WILL be travelling, unless the military set up road blocks, so I'll be needing the trailer to bring bikes and quad. Going to find a way to stack them on shelves in the garage.
  3. Main thing I noticed about my tandem axle is manoeuvering the thing. I ran out of real estate once, having just switched from my 6x12 single axle to a 7x14 (+V) tandem. I unhooked, and attempted to do a short radius turn when re-connected, tore up the side yard, and dug ruts with the truck. It sure won't pivot like a single axle. My (much more experienced) pal mentioned with his tandem, if a tire or bearing goes on his, (with Torsion axles, like my single had...) all he does is put on a ratchet strap, remove the remains of wheel/tire and drive on. On the sled/Cargo trailer is
  4. A steal, and just my size! I wish I was shopping! Bump.
  5. We need much more stories like this. A few where idiots are charged with reckless driving would go a long way too. I reached out and slapped a clown's helmet Sunday. 4th in a line of "fast" drivers, this one JUST missed hooking skis with me. I had to go up the bank to avoid his pals, the last guy in line is almost always most out of control, trying to keep up to be cool, confident the path is clear courtesy of those leading. I waited for them to turn around, but nope. Diane was 50 feet behind me. We were out for a local fun ride, after my spirited 350k Saturday out
  6. Guy deserves a parade, if not a medal, IMHO. Crispy, I hear you. So do the critical thinkers, and those with a healthy degree of skepticism. I think there's 2 schools here. One is in disbelief. Understandable, nothing like this has happened before, at least not on this continent. The second are either in deep denial, or believe all will come out in the wash. The vast majority of these people have not been financially devastated by the actions of this government.
  7. LogosLand are good people. I have had friends stay, good location. Few years ago they were happy to have us park on the property to access the trails. I believe there is a small fee these days.
  8. Ever try yellow tint shooter/safety glasses? If you get the no-fog type, they help. When I skied bumps, Vuarnet had a lens that just opened up your retinas, flat light was almost no issue. Probably saved my skinny neck 100 times.
  9. I got a message on FB guy looking for a 8DN belt on Family day. I had a spare. I think they're $90 all in @ the stealership. He had the Nytro 5 years. Bought used, never changed the belt. Turns out he had a snow ingress issue, belt was fine. Now he has a spare.
  10. Note to self... Go for a spin with Gadgetman!
  11. Too bad a Yamaha belt won't fit...
  12. Don't jinx us! Not a lotta snow this year, but at least there has not been 16 freeze-thaw cycles!
  13. Rules, laws, lockdowns. Been ignoring all since March. As best I can. Things to do, people to see, places to go. I only follow rules that are enforceable, or that make sense to me. Wear wool if you wish. I refuse. ASSuming we get past this nonsense, this will make a great class study for a history lesson one day. "WTF were those people thinking? Didn't anyone speak up? Did anyone suffer any consequences for perpetrating this?" Etc.
  14. More likely 2 obese clowns on any other ride.
  15. This could be a watershed moment. Remember, every other entitled pig at the public trough is watching how this works out for "Dr" Bureaucrat. Nobody who is theoretically in charge has done a damn thing. Safer that way. For the pigs.
  16. There are posts on FB by NB area sledders applauding this turd, and enjoying "their" trails. Comments such as STFA Toronto A-holes, etc. etc. I'm guessing there's more traffic on those trails than we might think.
  17. No offense intended. Sadly, if you cannot see that a pandering, self-serving political appointee closed those trails for personal attention/gain, backed by propaganda, spread by a paid-for media outlet, You may be part of the issue. No offense.
  18. They truly know upon which side their bread is buttered. All you need do is watch what is said on (government sanctioned and supported financially) media. Engage your critical thinking skills, and apply a healthy dose of skepticism. It's your responsibility. It's not being a "conspiracy theorist" if it's actually happening. Rights and freedoms ARE being denied. Propaganda IS being used. We just saw free speech threatened. This really feels like a bad movie. That I can't turn off.
  19. Jeeze, let me know how you feel when they knock on your door.
  20. Wonder if anyone has a viable plan.
  21. Not a classified document. And he gets RCMP at his door. You see nothing wrong with this? Just curious.
  22. I wouldn't be without my trailer winch. Ever try to back up a Yamaha? Good deal...
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