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  1. Rock Auto, 4 days from California to Ottawa. Fedex. I spent longer waiting to ship from my local post office. Room for 3 staff up front, but...... Social distancing. One employee at the counter.
  2. You do NOT need data on your phone (or tablet) to use the Imotoneige app. Or the OSFC excuse for one. Maybe they studied the PQ one and took some notes this year and fixed it. Who knows. Download it on WIFI and use the GPS in your phone. It won't update on the trail, but the OFSC one was so slow at that, my fingers would drop off before any change occurred anyway. Quebec has much more than a geographic advantage. The province does the math, and realizes that for every dollar they spend, they reap dividends. Ask anyone who has ever unloaded a sled in the province. My worry about the OFSC is my local club following the path of the Snowbirds. The stuff I hear would make you mad enough to spit.
  3. As far as I know, no gas station ever shut down. Pack a sandwich if they close restaurants. Closing trails without closing roads? Ridiculous.
  4. Your tax dollars at work.
  5. Put the trails on an actual map. Our local maps are beyond vague as to where they are situated. Useless in the event of a breakdown or emergency of any kind. It would be nice to see roads marked.
  6. Just need politicians, lawyers, insurance companies and other fear-mongers and profiteers to stay out of the way. And the LUP department to get into the game. There are a LOT of P-O'd people in my neck of the woods after last years City property debacle. Many are in influential club positions. It's hard for them to keep swimming upstream without proper support. Especially when Quebec is SO close.
  7. Here's a thought. Dirt biking totally BOOMED this year. ATVing too, I'd imagine, but I have zero interest in that, or participation other than at very casual level. Sales up over %50 at retail over last year. Dealers are sold out of everything. I personally sold 4 bikes this year, one I thought I'd keep forever. When they're selling for twice what they're worth, or more, it's time. This all happened without co-ordination, or an organization of ANY kind. It just HAPPENED. Imagine what organized group might accomplish.
  8. Didn't they just waste announce an 18K investment into the "app"?
  9. Dirt bike world is in a kerfuffle about this issue. They all dropped out of insuring kids and their bikes. Effectively destroying entry to the sport. Now they have stopped insuring bikes 150cc and under. It would truly suck to have a 125 right now. Government enforces insurance, does not demand the supplier provide it. Great way to teach kids that big business, government and lawyers all suck.
  10. Lord, love a duck... This was all over FacePlant... 3.3 billion generator industry gets 18k. For an app. Spend it on law enforcement, or anything to keep the lawyers, politicians and insurance companies out of our pastime.
  11. It's all going to be about the politicians, lawyers, and insurance companies this year. Sad. They all did their best to ruin things locally last year. One more year of their bullshit shenanigans, and no adequate pressure from the province and OFSC, and I'm done. Quebec is just too close. It's not about the piddly $200 or so, I just can't take the drama. It's hard watching my local club administrators, that work SO hard, and spend SO much time biting their tongues, instead of just loading the trailer, and driving 1/2 an hour or so to great sledding.
  12. I suspect a fair # of people will hold off buying a pass after last year's debacle. I'll wait to hear about LUPS locally. I'm sure the band of lawyers, politicians and assorted A-holes will want to draw attention to themselves again this year. At our expense.
  13. Maybe when the RCMP is finished with Justine they'll get right on that. They sure put on a good show when terrorists blocked our rail lines. And as baggage handlers at our "unconventional" crossings. Made me proud.
  14. Discuss. IMAGINE an interprovincial snowmobile pass. I'd happily pay DOUBLE for my OFSC pass. Maybe more. It's a conversation I'm engaged with over on FB. Some say Quebec would not benefit, as virtually nobody in Quebec would ride here, but I say they (unlike Ontario...) understand investing and promoting tourism. This would definitely bring more travelers to Quebec. And a few to Ontario.
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