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  1. manotickmike


    How many KM on the Vector? Looks like the shaft might be off center, could have been camera angle, or happened posthumously...
  2. manotickmike

    Pembroke Riding

    Yes, the 127 didn't look good. Looking unless it was snowing hard & the road was snow covered I'd avoid it as it's almost 5 klicks of road running. Is there a sure-fire way to tell a carbide killer from a roadside fun-run? I have seen both, one a disgusting sled torture, and one a delight, 10 feet off the road. Both look the same on the ITG. Social media helps here, but shouldn't the ITG be a source of credible info? It would really help with trip planning, especially as Spring (ugh) draws near.
  3. manotickmike

    2021 Manufactures Sneak Peek Shows- Ottawa/Barrie

    Why in Ottawa, I wonder? There are 2 dealers here, no show, no aftermarket. Just 1,000,000 people.
  4. manotickmike

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Bought by a defense contractor. Textron. I can't see them continuing using Yamaha motors. They also bought out a motor manufacturer, the name escapes me. Several of my "die hard" Cat friends are moving on. Reluctantly.
  5. manotickmike

    2021 Yamaha’s

    Happily, my (Japanese) Yamahas are holding up just fine. Theoretically, the cat buy out will lead to real Yamahas returning. I haven't lost hope.
  6. manotickmike

    Map gears app

    Could be improved upon. This is a well travelled road. Learn from those who have gone before. Lots of good nav apps out there. The constant re-loading is a pain. Pulling it out of my pocket and waiting, then waiting for the GPS dot to move.... Wow. Little tip, turn off the auto rotate screen on the phone. That way you don't have to re-zoom all of NA down to your area every time the phone moves.
  7. manotickmike

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    That, in a nutshell, is why so many people are no longer going by the ITG. That and the little issue about no enforcement. I see riders on my local trails from my car. Trails that are not open, and about which even the regular news outlets are getting air time about. (Remember television? ) Has anyone been charged with trespassing on a closed trail? I think they can either get on this, or let people use the available "work-arounds" at their disposal. I don't wish to be some sort of outlaw, but I'm not going to trailer away from my local trails when people, including those with inside info are out riding them. I'm sure the ITG current model was a good idea when trails opened, and then closed, but those days are over. I do hate to keep bringing up the model of our neighbors to the east, but I can get on the spot updates, visit local clubs to get info from their websites, get ACTUAL trail conditions (remember what somebody started this forum for?) and find out when the last groomer passed, and decide which trail to take at an intersection. And we get open/closed 3 days late? Canada Post would be faster.
  8. manotickmike

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Thank goodness for social media. I have lost count of the days I have enjoyed local trails, opened by the clubs, days before the ITG etc caught up.
  9. manotickmike

    Ride Your Side

    Original is more eye catching, and thought provoking, just my opinion. The new one is too easily dismissed as noise.
  10. manotickmike

    Ride Your Side

    Thanks for crediting MLSC members with the original sign. I much prefer it to the "meh" replacement.
  11. manotickmike

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Some clubs are still waiting.
  12. manotickmike

    OFSC Press Release Regarding Land Use Agreements

    Some clubs are still waiting.
  13. manotickmike

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    What's working in Quebec is enforcement. They have a good thing going, and have no intention of letting a few A-ho's ruin it for everyone else. I've never HEARD of anyone getting hassled for speed, but just try sledding without a pass or insurance or license. Or an unsafe or obnoxious noisy sled. Chances are HIGH that you're going to get nailed. And prosecuted. Problem solved. By the clubs, mostly. It's what we're going to wish we did.
  14. manotickmike

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Talk to your automobile insurer about modified vehicles. They can deny a claim if your tire size isn't what came on the vehicle from the factory. You can REALLY get in deep doo-doo for the smallest mod if it isn't declared.
  15. manotickmike

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    OEM or stay off the trail. Introducing gray areas is not going to move this issue out of the way. If there was a blitz on enforcement, as we can't seem to get regular enforcement of anything, and results were made public, maybe we would get somewhere with this "black and white" issue, and move ahead.