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  1. Spoken like true late 90's, early 2000's fans. The SRX has been around for a loooooong time, and not in blue and white. I would imagine people from the 70's and 80's dont like the blue and white. so, you have that. LOL! Ski
  2. hockey, curling, spring break for school kids. it is that way almost everywhere. Ski
  3. there is data out there about the 2020 fires outwest alone, producing twice as much emissions and air pollutants, than all of the California's greenhouse gas reductions, combined from 2003 to 2020 we dont need more carbon help with the cars/factories... we need better forest management. our ego's are way too high, when we think, we can control the weather. it is cyclitic, nothing more. the reason we hear about events, more is, we are in a less than 6 hour news cycle... instead of little to no news cycle, or weeks or months. it is funny to me when you hear the WEF talk about climate, and in the same breath state " We own the science on climate change, you cant argue with our findings"... that isnt science. that is information manipulation. Ski https://www.facebook.com/reel/198085092914593
  4. no, your math is "fuzzy". one third of 100% is 33%. so... 100% of the energy from non e, with one third less energy, is a 30% (33) loss. you can argue all you want, the math doesnt lie. and yes... they do water corn, and yes, they use water to produce ethanol while "cooking" the corn down to get the ethanol out. Ski
  5. how? 30% less fuel economy with e10, costs more to produce, not to mention the water required for corn growth, and then even more for the ethanol production. when you look at carbon output, again, you would use 30% more fuel, to produce the same mileage as non E fuels. tell me how, it is better for the environment. raping the land for "fuel corn", pulling food for livestock, textile, and other cash crop items, from previously cash cropped fields... over and over while using harsh chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers, and GMO plants to get more production for what? an additive that messes up most fuel systems in ICE systems. yes... tell me more, how this is better for the environment. Ski
  6. snake oil. nothing will eliminate, remove, neutralize ethanol/alcohol. Ski
  7. for those of you close to a border town, check across the border, might be easier for you to get fuel. the soo has several very close to the International bridge. Ski
  8. Kellsport pro gun and a gallon (kit) goes a long way. approx 150 usd, then when you need another gallon of sprayable material it is like 50 bucks. Ski
  9. you need to protect them with a lanolin (fluid film, woolwax, surface shield), or petroleum based corrosion inhibitor yearly. they do not come from the factory "rust proof". we spend close to 100,000 on these things now, in some cases. take a few hours, and less than 100 a year, and coat everything that isnt the exhaust, and brakes. otherwise after a few years of salt, brine, beet juice on the roads, they will be a rust hole, shitty looking paperweight. Ski
  10. the tuner, and turbo crowd loves e85, higher octane, lets them bump timing/ignition curves. they are not looking for fuel economy, just horsepower. as I said before, it will take some time but, you will see more places carrying, non E rec fuel (at a very premium price). it will take some time for those places to trickle into the canadian market but, it "should" come. our rec fuel here is rated for at least 90 octane (out of the pump). generally a fresh batch is going into the ground tanks at 91-93. It's all I buy, all I use for all our powersports toys. dirt, street bikes, sleds, boat engines, weed whipper, chainsaw, even my 2019 tacoma, is tuned for rec fuel. it is about .80-1.00 per gallon more than regular 87 pump fuel but, the peace of mind for fuel related issues is almost zero. I dont have to add stabil, seafoam, nothing. I had a saw I forgot about, it sat for almost 2 years with rec fuel mix in it. I shook the saw to "remix" the oil in it... it started on the 2nd or third pull, and idled. try that with eth fuel and any additive. ski
  11. For those that are curious, what it looks like in July. Happy Belated Canada Day! Ski
  12. why would an insurance company pay for something, they dont know you have, and havent collected a premium for insuring it? it isnt covered by your home owners, when stored, and not covered by your auto insurance just because it is hooked to your car, truck, suv, space shuttle. think about if you were the insurance company, just for a minute. would you pay someone for their trailer, boat, sleds, atv, if you didnt know they had them, and hadn't collected a premium for the the unit on the policy, they are claiming a loss on? Didn't think so. I am not pro big insurance, costs, or ways out of claims by any means but, you have to have some common sense and business sense, to understand this situation. Ski
  13. Canadians could always fly to the US, even during the whole covid period. ground border was and still is the issue but, as I stated some border guards are not following the ask about the vaccine status policy. it is/was totally hit or miss. imagine setting up a trip, reservations, then drive to a border crossing and get turned away. yes, it could happen. Ski
  14. still closed from canada to us (land border) for unvaxed, until midnight may 12. sad our gov't didnt follow canada's lead to open borders, especially to property owners. some border guards were not asking about vax status on the us side but, it was a crap shoot. you could get turned away, no warning. many people rolled the dice and crossed by land and were allowed entry. sadly some were not. it was a risk you had to be willing to take. glad that will be over for all to travel from canada to the us, land, sea, and air. border traffic for us, will have a significant uptick soon. Ski
  15. Just a touch of ice left on the river, and a few snow banks. Be up in a few weeks, for walleye opener, moose shed hunting, and exploring in a SXS. Time for lawn work, and boat rigging. Ski
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