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  1. cant beat first tracks on fresh snow, with snow up to, or over the bumper. thanks for sharing with us Dan! Ski
  2. usually the Opposite, closer to the big lake. usually forecast for less than actually falls. Ski
  3. hoping we can get a group together from the forum, for a northern loop meet n greet. if we get to ride this winter, I will be happy. missed last season altogether. Ski
  4. there may be a few but, with the current supply issue, sleds are at an all time high in price for used units. take a clean, low or no mile "new unit", some are going to go over msrp, for those that "want". if you ever wanted out of the sport, and not get hurt too bad, now is the time. Ski
  5. we need a forum "ride in", we could schedule it for whatever works better for the most people. some could stay at our place, if they would like. bounce back and forth between, hearst, and dub, or other options. great way to put faces to names, meet, and put forum silliness behind us. maybe a loop around the "Big Loop" where people join and depart as they see fit... Hearst, Hornepayne, Dubreuilville, Wawa, Chapleau via Halfway Haven, Folyette, Timmins, Cochrane, Smooth Rock Falls, Kap... you know, "the thing". Ski
  6. this is good news for this season and I applaud all involved, including the gentleman (Junior) who holds the rights to plow the Simpson side of the trail, for giving access to the sled club this season. the club, towns, and districts, have known about both the 100 mile loop roads, will be closed to sled traffic, due to hauling and logging permanently, for the last 3 years. there needs to be a permanent solution to this on going issue, or we will be right back here again, in a year. Ski
  7. Cat's fail as much or more than the yamaha's. either keyway/pin the bearing, or use the expander, and add grease. Ski
  8. That would work with touring riders in larger city centres but, try that in a small northern community, trying to get everyone, including the locals... and those that enforce it, would be out of business the first winter. it would spread through town like a wild fire, and those getting outed by the business owner, would tell their friends, family and like minded neighbors, and they would group together to stop utilizing that service in that town. It is bad enough when you have kids on bikes, atv's, sxs, sleds, ripping up community, and private property with pics, video, etc... and when confronted, the parents say... "that is not my kid, in that pic, video, prove it". yes, it happens. Ski
  9. Marathon's are not a flagship tire, any longer. Goodyear endurance, and Maxxis m8008 are widely held as the premium trailer tire, in north america, for trailer and rv use. I have maxxis on my 9000 lb dry weight toyhauler, on recommendation from another internet forum I am on, I am very happy with them. the main thing is to get them balanced and keep up on pressures. Ski
  10. the front two dollies will be ok but, you will hate that rear single wheel. need a 2nd person to hold it level, while you lift the rear and place it on there, trying not to crush the other persons fingers, hands, and not destroy your back or shoulders, in the process. too much effort for my liking the ones with 3-4 level casters are "easier" for one person. just lift the sled, and slide the track over the platform. your results may vary. Ski
  11. looking forward to the reports, pics, and video's as always Dan. Maybe this year we can get you with Scott and Paige, and run to Dub, Wawa, for a weekend. you all have a place to stay, no charge. Ski
  12. got confirmation yesterday, our permits were shipped. next time we are in Dub, we should have them. Ski
  13. if you are just going in and out of the driveway, to the snow, why the need to turn? line em up on the inside, and drive out, line em up on the outside, and drive in. in reality the v dollies, work pretty well, you can roll, turn, spin the sled around pretty easy. hardest part is getting the rear dolly under the track, by yourself. Ski
  14. those two bridges have been in planning for a few seasons. with the two clubs being in different districts, it is hard for the two clubs to know the entire goings on with both systems. I have been speaking with both clubs on this issue, to make sure both know the issue, and to keep up with the situation, since I found out about it, in August. when I spoke with Matt in Hornepayne last week, he had no idea there was an issue on Dub's end. his quote was, I hope they get it figured out, otherwise the trail to our south, will be a dead end. dont get me wrong, I am not being negative here, I am being a realist, and the reality, there are some huge issues to the trail connectors in Dubreuilville. Hornepayne has had the vision for permanent trails, that are hard to disrupt by logging, mining, roads. Dubreuilville, has always counted on the roads, and this is coming back to haunt them, and us. Dubreuilville has asked the ofsc, the mines, businesses and everyone they can think of to get the funds to fix their system but, right now the ofsc does not have the funds to help them. Ski
  15. yes, there are things "going on" with Halfway haven. not sure to what extent for this season, maybe just for fuel and snacks, no lodging. the problem now is, can Dub connect to Hornepayne, this season, and or in the future. always something in D13. Ski
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