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  1. Wow, just wow! but, it is ok for you to do it, on purpose. I see where you are better than I now. thank you for enlightening me. Ski
  2. Not a jab at all, sorry that offends you. it was a anecdotal way to describe what happened. some didnt agree with others on certain items, dug their heels in, then just left, vs trying to work out differences, or ignoring the differences, or better yet, ignoring those they didnt agree with, or like. But to leave, start your own places (not the first time that has happened here either), then to invite people from here, to join their newly formed group, seemed to be a weird change of events. (at least to me). I dont wish any ill will, nor do I have bad feelings for the people that left. I just think it was sad that, it was just those things that made people turn on one another and leave. having the ignore feature turned on for the people that upset you the most, is a great tool to utilize on any media platform. and I am with Ox, I dont believe in deleting someones account fully. there are links, helpful tips, history, that help others. wanting all of your info you shared with others wiped from existence just doenst make sense. unless there was, is, some high security risk. Ski
  3. missing it, monkey barrel didnt start until the "problems" and difference of opinion during covid. that was when several left, starting their own website and FB page to be sledding only, instead of a social club around sledding. was kind of I'm taking my ball and going home kind of theater. I miss the larger group, and the more threads, discussions, pics, reports, trip reports, the things people were building, working on. the fights were in the open, before the barrel was offered. Ski
  4. Bluebird day up there. Cold 5f at 430pm. Wish we were there. Maybe next week. Ski
  5. it was an opt in or opt out for those that didnt want to see political, or covid related posts on a sledding forum. Ski
  6. The complaining, infighting, and difference of opinion on the trails, clubs, districts, ofsc, govt, and covid handling, treatment, protocols, vax status, and conspiracy theory, mis, disinformation beliefs, really changed our site, friends, families, and world dynamics. It is sad really but, part of the information at a glance age. Welcome to our future, unfortunately. Ski
  7. Snowing and blowing today. Every little bit helps. Ski
  8. Good for you! making memories! livin the dream! DIY trip, or guided? love the mountain west... Revy was/is on the bucket list. always dreamed of riding with the "Ghosts" (snow/frosted trees, like popsickles). Ski
  9. coating it with anything helping stop, block, corrosion, will make the trailer last longer and easier to maintain later. Fluid film is thin and will require a yearly application, wool wax is the same product only thicker, still needs reapplication. the newest kid on the block is Surface shield from the people that brought us PB Blaster spray penetrating oil. they say it lasts 2 years between applications. it wont hurt, can only help. you spent how much on a trailer, or vehicle? a few hundred up front, and 50 a year to protect it, is well worth the time, and effort. Ski
  10. Lots of antlers over the years. we have over 20 now. still a hoot to find them, on and off trail. the antler with the water bottle for scale, is the one on my back, in the blue, green, white gear. it was pretty big. the one with Lynne in the pink gear, Dan Kelly from Manitouwadge, and I ran it over, my sled kicked it up, for Lynne to see. the one with Lynne and I, was the first pair we found laying together. I found another later that day, that gave us 3 in one day. The one with GrapeApe and I is from circa 2012, in Manitouwadge. We have found them in Dub, Mani, Hornepayne, etc... they are everywhere. the most we have ever found was 4 in one day. that day lynne and I each found one, and my buddy and his wife, each found one, taking turns leading. Ski
  11. Looks like we received a little snow, since the last update. Every little bit helps. Ski
  12. Rain went a long way north. Wawa club, made a statement closing what little trails they had opened, until weather, snow cooperates. Ski
  13. no, they are not on the trail any longer. when they eliminated the F trail, they eliminated the access to flame lake. sad, for Karen, Gary, and Maureen. that was a favorite trail stop, and overnight place for us. Ski
  14. it says please, not required, not law, not mandated. it is a suggestion. could Barney Fife ticket you, yep. and further hold up the court for dumb stuff, only for the judge to read the "please", and not a "required, for permit to be valid", and say case dismissed, oh, opp, ofsc, mto, pay the courts and the defendants costs, please. Barney, next time read the fine print before you ticket someone and bring this S-show to my courtroom. guessing here but, I see that is how that would go. Ski
  15. big temp swings, make the air pressure change wildly. check the daytime night time, temps difference, or the temp difference when inflating, and checking. stranger things. Ski
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