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  1. post is 3 years old. welcome to the site, and 2017. Ski
  2. it seems like the touring sledders, halfway haven, the soo club, the Elliot lake club, the wawa and chapleau clubs, AND ALL LOCAL COMMUNITIES AFFECTED BY A CLOSURE OF THIS TRAIL, WILL HAVE TO JOIN FORCES, to get the ofsc, mto, mnr to get these washouts fixed. without support, and working together, this trail will close, halfway will close again, and the D trail will be lost again. effectively cutting off the soo, Elliott lake, and their riders from traveling north by sled. also this puts a HUGE hole between the north of lake huron system, with the northeast of superior system, hurting all communities along the ofsc top trail system in the northern corridor region. Ski
  3. both have their place. if you go cable, store them down out of the retainer or they will take a set, and not want to put much pressure on the ice you need to chip away at. the spring style don't like rail road crossings, and backing up but, they put the most loose snow in to the cooling, lube area, in my opinion. Ski
  4. been watching this from day one. very sad time, for the motorcycle world. Ski
  5. you guys need to start on your accessorizing, and updating your current, or soon to be... new, delivered whips. helps with the wintertime withdrawals. rec'd another portion of the graphic kit for the snowbike, installed the front fork leg graphics. have the custom colored/braided stainless steel brake line, and all the goodies to make the bike street legal. (headlamp with high beam indicator, horn, rear running and brake light). just need the mirror, and a place to mount the plate, and a signature from a police officer, and the title, registration will be made street legal. laced up some black rims for it last week. waiting on my guy to true them, install new tires, and tune the bike on the dyno. (yes, it is getting tuned on the dyno). the yamahas have their own tuning programmer, where you can augment the timing, and fuel curves for the efi bikes. it is a wonderful thing. tinkering in the garage on winter long term projects gets me through the summer. Ski
  6. I am with you... cannot wait for the delivery of my kit. I want to build it SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! Ski
  7. 4000 oil, 10000 filter, or once a year, whichever comes first. so in theory if you only rode, 1000k a season, you would "need" to change it, by the manuals recommendation. in theory, it is cheap insurance, let the motor sit with old oil, acids, and contaminants, over the storage period, possibly causing internal permanent damage... or bite the bullet for less than 60 bux, and maintain your investment. you can pay a little now, or a lot later. with the rpms and extreme temp swings these units see, I was told to think of sleds, in automotive terms (mostly body, suspension, frame, but, you get the point), 10,000k (or miles) on a sled is like 100,000 on an automobile. you have to be vigilant with the maintenance, or they will break down, and strand you at the worst possible moment. Ski
  8. the cat has the new ctech 800, 2 stroke motor. nice choice scott! we both wait now. Ski
  9. is it safe? Ski
  10. LOL, no worries Jim! hope things are going well for you and the Mrs. I will work up a fee schedule for you, for my personal wardrobe assistant duties. "should" be sufficient for the tax man. Ski
  11. slomo, you would have to dress in clown clothes like the rest of us "asshats" if you want to claim, wadrobe persona deductions. Ski
  12. it is official, deposit put on a new 2018 snowcheck Polaris timbersled aro ST 120LE, in blue today. it will fit nicely on the 2015 Yamaha wr450. now we will have two snowbikes... and my wait until delivery begins. the sunset pic is the wife's bike we built this winter. the other 2 are the new 18 pics from Polaris/timbersled. Ski
  13. known as "homefield advantage". Ski
  14. I use the "it's difficult to get two inches of peter, out of four inches of clothes" analogy every season. Ski
  15. have the order in for a new polaris, timbersled aro 120 LE snow bike kit. just have to drop the deposit off to solidify the order. heading in a new direction, keeping the current sleds for sled duties. Ski http://www.timbersled.com/en-us/snow-bike/aro-120?utm_medium=email&utm_source=selligent&utm_campaign=tsl_1704_snowcheck