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  1. skidooboy


    havent had one tested in real world, personally. it is one of the most expensive cans out there. stainless is approx 6 pounds, titanium is approx 3 pounds, stocker over 20 lbs. also, what would vintage people doo, if their pipe, can from the oem rusted through and was only available in the aftermarket? zero tolerance doesnt always work well. Ski
  2. skidooboy


    diamond S quiet can, certified to be 88db's. no loss in hp (actually gained), quieter than most stock systems. some cans are quiet but, some people just want a can to be loud. i understand the loud cans closing riding areas but, they really need a db test (like some states, inc Mich) to weed out the bad seeds, instead of a blanket zero tolerance. Ski
  3. skidooboy

    Trail pad locks keep freezing

    only put the locks on when at the destination. dont trailer with the locks on, use carabiners to secure the load doors, until you get to the destination. store your locks in a warm dry area, coat them with wd40 or spray penetrant, after use. Ski
  4. skidooboy

    Searchmont to Timmons?

    I know, just poke' in the bear. Ski
  5. skidooboy

    Searchmont to Timmons?

    boy scout motto "be prepared"... go through life, with no planning and stuff goes sideways... its on the end user. oh, and search and rescue. are you a millennial, or gen x'er? Ski
  6. skidooboy

    Searchmont to Timmons?

    searchmont to halfway haven is 90 miles, halfway haven to chapleau is 60 miles, chapleau to timmins is 175 miles. this is in MILES so 325 miles, plus or minus missed turns, re-routes, problems, illness, breakdowns, ect... get an early start, it will be a long day. plan not seeing much other than gas, and food stops. personally, I don't see the draw in riding that far, and not enjoying what you are driving/riding through. it seems to me, people riding these high mileage days, are riding for the sake of riding, not really enjoying the ride... being more worried about their time off, and pushing further than they should for the sake of a schedule but, everyone has opinions, and their own ideas on what sledding is about. enjoy your trip. Ski
  7. skidooboy

    Atv winter trails

    ^^^^ IF THE OFSC HAS A LAND USE AGREEMENT IN PLACE ON SAID CROWN LAND. no agreement, no permit needed, atv's trucks, ect… are able to access general crown lands roads. the ofsc cannot just commandeer a known road for their own use, by signing it, and claiming it. I know, we don't want this common knowledge but, again... it is the truth. we don't have to like it, but, it is the truth. if you don't like it, get involved and make changes to the system, but, don't criticize people for pointing out the truth, when others are spreading false information. at some point we (snowmobiliers, will have to work together, and hand in hand with the atv'ers and clubs to keep any trails. Ski
  8. skidooboy

    Get ready to blow.

    togwotee has close to 40" Ox. closer than island park, and no dealing with the west Yellowstone tourists. Ski
  9. skidooboy

    Mandatory Groomer Operator Retirement

    sounds like some people have a problem with a certain groomer operator but, don't have the balls to "ask him to leave". so, they make up some b.s. age limit to "feel good" about backhanding this guy out of their way. call a spade a spade, tell the guy why they don't want him around and be done with it. Ski
  10. skidooboy


    this really is worse case scenario for clubs, especially in the north. couple early snows, gets everyone pumped, the inevitable warm up, then the holidays, where hardly anyone can groom due to time and breakdown parts, repair constraints. then the inevitable storm that dumps a ton, and the follow up knock out punch, about jan 5-10th... ALL THE PEOPLE NOT UNDERSTANDING THE LOGISTICS, WONDERING WHY THE TRAILS ARE NOT TABLE TOP, MID SEASON CONDITIONS, BITCHING ALL OVER FORUMS, AND SOCIAL MEDIA HOW TERRIBLE THE CLUBS, DISTRICTS, AND OFSC IS BEING RUN. Ski
  11. skidooboy

    Halfway Haven info??

    from his info on fb, i wouldnt make any reservations prior to jan15th right now. no grooming, not enough snow. snow is spotty from the soo to wawa right now. some areas have a lot, a few km's down the road, almost nothing. Ski
  12. skidooboy

    Through the ice in Chemong

    probably careless driving, my guess. play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Ski
  13. skidooboy

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    rode the new sled out Dub's north trail. Lynne and I were first sled tracks on trail. (there were a few tracked atv tracks, close to town). and the road portion had old truck tracks on it past the RR crossing at km 17. rode out to the old airport curve (km 30), and back. round trip we put on 40 miles. the sled has a hard rev limit set for the first 18 minutes, doesnt allow for anything over 6400 rpm's, and pours the fuel and oil to her as well. after 7.5 miles (putting around, up and down on the throttle), no more rev limit, OFF WE GO!!! THE NEW SLED IS AWESOME! so smooth, very little vibration in bars, feet. alot better than our 2009 m8's. BUT, and its a BIG BUT.... the 2.5" windshield makes the sled look tough but, it is ccccccold as hell and then some. didnt take the time to install my hand guards so, my hands were cold too. LOL! had to switch with the wife and ride the older sled with a windshield and functioning warmers, a time or maybe two... LOL! was a good first ride. we need more snow but, the cold weather the last 4-6 weeks really froze everything up. we even rode across the magpie, in town. no grooming yet, we need more snow. should be a great season. we will be back up dec 21- jan7th. Ski
  14. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    well, you did go to school with Jesus, so... there is that. Ski
  15. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2018-2019 - Season

    there is no grooming going on yet, if you want groomed look to the UP, some areas around grand marais are grooming but, they have closures around there until dec 15 or 16 for hunting. the soo north received ALOT OF RAIN in sept and oct, water levels, and swamps are high and wet. i know everyone is itching to ride (like every early season) but, like Matt stated, unless you are back country bush road riding, and know the area, dont expect great conditions, or groomed trails, until well after the new year. the terrain, snow, manpower, equipment ect... are just different for ontario and we need alot more base to start grooming or we do more damage than good. Ski