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  1. skidooboy

    On line trail map?

    fun stuff mike, when we going? and Denis... REALLY? I am 51 and still thrashing myself in the woods. may even do a sprint, enduro race this summer/fall. only as young as you act. (and feel after a day of riding). no comment on the latter! Ski
  2. skidooboy

    On line trail map?

    what we learned here in mich is the dirt bike trails started as single track (less than 40" wide) via the enduro racing series, MANY YEARS AGO, the state utilized them as a mcct (motorcycle only) trail. then the atv's (quads) start "stretching" the width. and they end up at 50" ( then get designated as orv trail) which allows mixed bike, quad traffic. the quads eventually erode the topsoil to sand, make large whooped craters before and after turns (braking, and acceleration bumps), making the trails wide enough, some side by sides "try to use them" and then the bikes go look, find, and make a new system, and it starts over. we have orv "routes" (think bush roads) which are truck, jeep, sxs, atv, bike mixed use too but, the 2 wheel purest (myself included), prefer the 40" or less "single track". Denis, we need to get you and alex down here to ride some single track. it is a BLAST! I dare say, " more fun" than sledding. Ski
  3. rode dubreuilville Saturday 162 miles, saw one sled total. north trail held up really well, a couple of road crossings, and the rr track north of town at km17 were the worst parts. made it to the warm up shack, and then went to the hornepayne side of the d108a for a bit of added mileage all in all was awesome. the south D,F trail didn't fair as well. approx. 10-12 miles south of town the loggers plowed the trail (road) to dirt/mud, with no warning. 2 weeks prior it was mint. the club had a bypass but the warm temps and the multiple road crossings of mud, made it a no go for our group, to try to run to hawk and back. the F trail to missanabie and ernies has been messed up for several weeks, with a power crew in replacing poles so, we didn't even try it. the west trail toward white river, fishing moose lodge held up well, with one small stretch where you cross the magpie, where a work crew worked on the bridge this season. it was getting toward sunset, so we headed to the magpie, v.s riding anymore dirt. the magpie still had the trail markers up. the water level has dropped about 12-15 feet since the freeze in the late fall/early winter. lots of magpie mushrooms, stumps, rocks, sandbars exposed ect... awesome sunset on the reservoir. it was plus15 or better Friday, sat, and sunday. the snow was going FAST. The club did a great job with a late start on snow, then a big wallop the end of feb. then the last storm on Monday, before we arrived. conditions were great almost the whole season. glad it is over. rode in just a tekvest, and mx jersey Saturday. no gloves for most of the day. sunburnt wrists, hands, face. LOL! was a blast. ended up with around 1200 miles for the season, mostly offtrail. broke 7100 miles on my 2009 m8, next year she will be 10 seasons with me, the longest I have ever kept a sled. not planning on replacing her anytime soon. ready for bike season. Ski
  4. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    from fb (older post on the clubs website) Wawa Sno Riders Trails have to close on the 15th so will groom as long as we can and weather holds up looks good as of now. Luc confirmed "they are told by the ofsc, the trails should be closed april 15th" with that said, heading north to ride tomorrow. ski
  5. skidooboy

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    feel bad for you guys... mobil1 5 quart jug, is 23-28.00 usd everyday at walmart in the states, for all grades. not sure what the price is at wallyworld in canada. Ski
  6. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    we have been told by clubs via facebook, the trails were to be closed april 15th. something about an initiative from the ofsc a few years ago but, some clubs do not subscribe to this initiative. Ski
  7. skidooboy

    April 8 Hearst to Hornepayne Ride

    might need your expertise on this endeavor too ox! be a good trip. Ski
  8. skidooboy

    April 8 Hearst to Hornepayne Ride

    denis, I believe that is a fisher, not a mink. (think, bigger than a marten). mink have short legs. I have something you matt and I can work on for a future endeavor. Ski
  9. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    pretty damn good. roads are bare in town, trails have lots of base, no real need to groom any more in my opinion. not enough traffic, and trails are relatively flat/smooth. wawa received about 6 maybe 8" Thursday night. dub might have received 2 or so out of that. rode 105 miles today, saw 2 sleds (in first 5 miles of day). saw no one on trail yesterday. it is spring riding so, towns suck but, once on the trail, you are good to go. 2 blue bird days this weekend, a bit windy but, awesome for almost mid april. we will be lucky to have ice off the lakes for spring walleye opener. next week we will be getting ready for our annual spring motorcycle ride down south (smokie mountains). the following week we will be home again, big reg, and his wife are coming to our place in Michigan. the following weekend (first week of may) we will be back up... might get a chance for a may ride, you just never know. heading home to Michigan tomorrow. Ski
  10. skidooboy

    Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    they were calling for 15cm, how much do you think you received dan? thanks for the updates all winter, really keeps us up to date on the snow conditions. probably heading to dubreuilville next week, for the weekend. if we do go, we have been riding at least a weekend a month for 5 months. Ski
  11. skidooboy

    Safety suggestion

    we carry the portable bivy bags, a bit thicker than the space blankets of old. about the size of a roll of TP. fits right in the backpack. haven't had to try them out yet should, just to make sure they will do what they say they will. I always carry, shovel with saw blade, pocket chain saw, leatherman/gerber tool, sandvic (bush axe), tarps, zip ties, wire, fire starter (several kinds), butane torch, stainless cup to melt snow, make water, from snow/ice. freeze dried meal, lipton cup o' soup, granola bars, jerky, couple bottles of water, candy... things to make you comfortable, to take your mind off the situation you are in, until help arrives. I figure I have enough for 3 nights in the bush... anymore than that, and I will be in trouble if help doesn't arrive. ALWAYS tell someone the area we are riding, if we don't show up by 9 pm, start worrying. contact them when we are in town safe. common sense. Ski
  12. skidooboy

    Pretty bummed out

    no one ever sits on their death bed, wishing they worked more. you have the power to change this, you just have to call a time out and recreate. all work and no play, make you a dull boy. if you never take a break from work, you don't know what you are working for. you have the power. Ski
  13. skidooboy

    White River/Marathon

    hotel is still there, larger bar, resto, apartment building is gone. Ski
  14. skidooboy

    White River/Marathon

    you have been gone too long my friend... the resto building has been gone for almost 2 years now. the LOL! resto is in the same building as the hardware and grocery store, on the end, where the car wash is. but, to answer your question, No. Pat Dubreuil does not own the resto. it is owned and operated by a young lady named Christine... good people, hard worker. Ski
  15. skidooboy

    White River/Marathon

    if you were ready to leave... you can always walk up to the bar, to the cash register, and wait for the bill there, they will get right to you. help them, help you. you are in the middle of nowhere, you cant expect fast food, mcdonalds service, in a town of 600 people, 200 miles from the nearest "metropolitan" area. get over yourself, you seem like all you are there to do is pick the place apart. Ski