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  1. Hanging in Dubreuilville

    we did, works for us. LOL! Ski
  2. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    dub to wawa approx. 50 MILES, wawa to halfway haven approx. 75 MILES, halfway to Chapleau 60 MILES, chapleau to timmins 175 miles. that is a 360 MILE day. that will be a big day, no time to stop and smell the roses, and you will be putting yourself in a bind if you have navigation, sled, or people issues. it is your call, and your trip but, if it were me planning a group trip... you may be better off, adding a day, going from dub to chapleau, then finishing your trip with the chapleau to timmins ending. still averaging close to 200 miles per day. your results may vary. Ski
  3. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    calstock it is. or carry enough fuel for 162 MILES (plus a cushion, plan 175, more if deep snow or sled troubles). Last time we did this it was 55 TRAIL MILES from hearst pumps to bambino's (mooseland, 631 hwy 11 corner), then from bambino's to klotz lake camp (moot point now) it was 70 MILES, klotz lake camp to pumps in longlac 37 MILES. add, for deep powder, playing, missing a turn ect... it's a loooooong damn way with no fuel. 162 miles or more, with the detour to calstock, you can trim some, give yourself a cushion but, not alot. Ski
  4. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    looking at the long term forecast for central Michigan (think west of central/southern Ontario, weather coming to the east) after thursday of this week, the next 11 days have 9 over freezing temps for highs. this may end the southern/central riding for our Ontario friends. be prepared to trailer, if you want to ride. your results may vary. Ski
  5. Garage Goodies

    friend had a kerosene heater in garage, working on fuel pump issue on sled, line split, gas everywhere, few minutes later POOF, sled in flames, they tried to put it out, (while being burned very badly on face, hands ect... "helper" opened garage door, INSTANT FLASHOVER. burned garage, house to the ground, days before xmas 2016. he his family and kids lost everything. he himself was in burn unit for months. I take it seriously. (I know you were kidding soup). Ski
  6. Garage Goodies

    and no working with gasoline, or flammable vapors. kerosene heat is open flame heat, results can be catastrophic. Ski
  7. with approx. 2 weeks to go for your timeline... before you fully commit to that loop, you may want to wait until the trail from chapleau to folyette and timmins is at least packed, and listed as limited. that Is a 175 MILE stretch that usually takes awhile to get opened due to manpower issues, during good snow years. right now, it is anyone's guess as to when it may open. your results may vary. Ski
  8. Food in Hornepayne

    if you remember going to the centre inn, when you cross the road, instead of bearing left to go to the front of the centre inn building, go straight, behind the building, perpendicular to the RR tracks. take that to the first cross street, and turn left. go through the first stop sign, cindys is on the right. Ski
  9. Food in Hornepayne

    I believe she cooked at Louie's and craigs place too, if I am not mistaken matt. matt we came up mid week during mid sept, I think you we at school at the time. ride was great! hope to see you soon. we may ride up from dub next week for lunch. is cindys open 7 days? Ski
  10. Food in Hornepayne

    cindy's is a great place to stop. good people there too. stopped this summer on the bikes for lunch. it is chips stand, burger, fries, poutine type foods but, good food none the less. ski
  11. Halfway haven to chapleau..

    I do not recall... what chew talkin bout wilis? see what happens when you don't check in before you turn in for the night? the monkeys take the keys, and run the zoo. LOL! nice one Ox! made me laugh. I needed that. j feces, heyden corners now has a gas bar, not sure you can park there (I have never saw people park there). might be better to call carl at driftwood valley chalets in searchmont, and stage there. easier access, security for trailers/trucks is better. and no worries about fuel by starting there. Ski
  12. Timmins to ??

    timmins to hearst is 225 miles (give or take). good ride. Ski
  13. looks like you can ride from the soo to wawa, to dub, to hornepayne, hearst and points east, right now. Algoma, and the corridor du nord are shaping up nicely. wont be long and you can run from hearst to longlac, and dub to marathon. they are all close to opening green. Ski
  14. we will be in dub Thursday night, through Monday am 1/18-1/22. I believe ac/ya and crew are coming up too. ski
  15. Geraldton/Greenstone Reconnected

    where is Akron Orange when we need him? he was REALLY GOOD FRIENDS, WITH KLOTZ LAKE CAMP. ski