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  1. the cat has the new ctech 800, 2 stroke motor. nice choice scott! we both wait now. Ski
  2. is it safe? Ski
  3. LOL, no worries Jim! hope things are going well for you and the Mrs. I will work up a fee schedule for you, for my personal wardrobe assistant duties. "should" be sufficient for the tax man. Ski
  4. slomo, you would have to dress in clown clothes like the rest of us "asshats" if you want to claim, wadrobe persona deductions. Ski
  5. it is official, deposit put on a new 2018 snowcheck Polaris timbersled aro ST 120LE, in blue today. it will fit nicely on the 2015 Yamaha wr450. now we will have two snowbikes... and my wait until delivery begins. the sunset pic is the wife's bike we built this winter. the other 2 are the new 18 pics from Polaris/timbersled. Ski
  6. known as "homefield advantage". Ski
  7. I use the "it's difficult to get two inches of peter, out of four inches of clothes" analogy every season. Ski
  8. have the order in for a new polaris, timbersled aro 120 LE snow bike kit. just have to drop the deposit off to solidify the order. heading in a new direction, keeping the current sleds for sled duties. Ski http://www.timbersled.com/en-us/snow-bike/aro-120?utm_medium=email&utm_source=selligent&utm_campaign=tsl_1704_snowcheck
  9. sorry for your loss Panther. this is never easy. Ski
  10. I read it and understand the message, and yes mark has blinders on, and isn't listening to his readers, in this case. with having the contract with the ofsc (we bought 3 permits the last 2 years, and haven't saw one mag from them in over a year) they should have supertrax as trail friendly rag, with trail articles... and they should start a freeriding mag/rag and seek their viable riding options they are asking for, through themselves and that demographic. if this is how the ofsc members fell, then the clubs, and their votes need to be heard at the agm, have the lesters and supertrax removed from all ofsc doings, unless they remain true to the trail rider demographic, and tell the bog that the ofsc is and always will be organized TRAIL RIDING ONLY, and if a group within the group wants to seek out viable freeriding areas, that group needs to start their own group, and provide that viable area for their client base, at their cost, time, and promotion, with their own funding. but, what you are asking in your one post is to eliminate freeriding sleds, and their riders, altogether from the trail system. "Not asking for anything Ski. I already have my plan B in place. But..... -what do you think volunteers will do when the 'meeting of minds' as suggested by the Lesters takes place and decides that the freeriding crowd should be allowed on the trail system? -what do you think landowners will do when this happens?" last I checked, if they have a permit, ALL snow vehicles, with a track in the back, and ski (skis) in the front, listed as a snowmobile are able to buy a permit and ride the ENTIRE OFSC SYSTEM. the land owners are going to do what they want, it is their land, sleds, atvs, horses, skiers, squatters or not. this drives a wedge between groups of snowmobilers based on the type of machine they own/ride. doing this alienates your younger demographic that the system needs to retain, to enjoy longevity of the sport as a whole. Ski
  11. Dave, please go back and re-read my post... I didn't say that the ofsc has to embrace the offtrail riding, they should want to embrace that demographic of people. they have the sleds, the energy and the money. get to know them, educate them, work with them... to find out how we can work together for all of snowmobiling to continue to exist. like I said they are the future, they are younger. they have the staying power, WE DONT, WE ARE OLD, AND WORN OUT. jim, the freeriding crowd IS ALREADY ON THE TRAILS. always has been, always will. the sleds don't cause the damage, it is the rider, and their thumb, and mentality. that is where enforcement, and education come into play. look at the snowbikes as an example... no studs, one ski, narrower track, and truly cause less damage to the trail, when ridden reasonably. if there were 1000 of these in Ontario, and the ofsc says, not in my back yard, they lose out on x1000 trail permit dollars, and the opportunity to grow this group of individuals as the next group of worker, volunteers, club members. and do you think they are not going to ride your trails, if you wont let them buy a permit? hell no... they are going to ride for free. Michigan recently came up with the position on snowbikes, they are only allowed on multi use atv, snow trails, as they are deemed kits, and not purpose built. in Michigan to ride a bike with a kit, you have to have a registered/titled bike, purchase 2 offroad permits, one for public lands, and one for the atv trails, AND THE SNOW TRAIL PERMIT. Michigan gets more from a snowbike, than they do from a snowmobile for revenue of licensure... sleds need a registration (which is good for 3 years), and their snow permit, that is it. with this stance, I can see the snowbike guys, not buying sled trail permits, and riding where they normally do anyway... catch me if you can attitude. if the groups would embrace these genre's, there would be more money in the kitty, for ALL. it is really just like skiing... not too long ago, it was "WE DONT WANT, NEED THESE NEW FANGLED SNOWBOARDS AND THEIR ILK, ON OUR HILLS" ... now snowboarding IS Skiing, and is bigger than skiing ever was. I know it is scary, I know they are different but, why not get to know them, see if we can work with them, for the better of the sport AS A WHOLE? we need to find out what needs to be done to harness their energy, and attention span, to help them, and us. if you get them to buy into, if they help with the trail system, they have easier access to the offtrail opportunities... IT COULD BE A PIVOLTAL MOMENT, IN RIDING GENRE INTERACTIONS. if you close them out, shun them, ect... they wont buy permits at all, and still use the trails to access their offtrail areas. there is no one to stop them. with our demographics getting smaller, and age increasing, WE might as well bump the permit pricing to 500 per sled, and go full on, paid workforce... and let the chips fall where they may. like I said, if you don't get these young people involved, we are in the final chapter of organized sledding IN NORTH AMERCIA. Ski
  12. jim, I understand your distaste for the current ofsc, and the Lester's but, be careful what you ask for. for years the club elders, club orgs, and mfg'rs have been trying to figure out how to get the younger crowd involved to help prolong the sport of snowmobiling. now with the advent of freeriding, back country riding, mountain riding, exploring offtrail, and snowbikes, the younger crowd is dipping their feet in the pond. are they inexperienced, do they need help, and education to be good stewards of the land? yes but, not all of them. embrace them, or lose them. now I am not saying the ofsc a trail based org, to get involved in making "offtrail riding areas" for this group but, if you don't try to work with them, they will last longer than all of us based on age alone. lets take your wish, and these younger people leave trail riding altogether, and develop offtrail areas and stay off the trails. now you lost that demographic again, and have no real future plan for the trail riders, except the current model, which lets face it... with the aging volunteer base is "don't die", we need to use you up. if these younger people get organized and leave the trail community, you lose all those permit buyers (I know the argument, none of them buy permits anyway, which may be true to an extent but, ALL is a pretty big brush to paint them with). but, you lose their youthful enthusiasm, their time, and energy to help the trail system, and all of the money, funding, economics for trail riding. I like both, everyone sees me as offtrail only but, in reality it is far from the truth. we love trail riding, love fishing, and love the sport overall but, you have to stop acting like the old "get off my lawn you punk kids", or they will do just that, and you will be left with nothing but, memories of the good ole days when you could ride the entire province on one system, and little to no trails to ride without traveling great distances. do the kids need guidance and education, yes, no doubt... but, if you push this group, and this generation of sledders and they WILL take their ball, and their energy, and MONEY, and do their own thing, laughing at you the whole time. I don't have the solutions but, I can see it isn't shunning a group due to the sleds/bikes they ride, the stand up style, or the clothing they wear. if we go down that road, prepare for this to be the last chapter in organized trail riding in North America. when the trail system disintegrates, it was the failure to work with one another among groups of sledders, that ruined it for everyone in organized sledding. I know it comes across as harsh but, I am only trying to tie my first paragraph to the last, no disrespect meant: remember, you asked for it. Ski
  13. with what the parents are trying to do here, you can see the guilt they have in the loss of their child's life, and are trying to come to grips with that. albeit a noble cause, you cannot mandate something like this, when many people never see water. there are too many styles of riding, large swings in temperatures, and specific clothing requirements that floatation devices would hamper certain activities. FXR for example already has this built into their line of trail riding apparel. the options are already there, there are no needs to mandate something like this at all. it was an accident, that is all. you cant prevent EVERY ACCIDENT. and what if'ing the situation only makes it worse. what if she was wearing a floatation aided suit, would she have survived? possibly. what would have happened if she survived, made it out of the water and perished from hyperthermia? are we now having a discussion on mandating heated outerwear for all sledders? what happens when the electronically heated suit malfunctions due to getting wet, and stops a pacemaker in someone who needs it? what if'ing is a large, and deep rabbit hole to go down. in the end, it was a terrible accident, and better education on these situations for all, may have helped more than all the mandated equipment discussions we could have. Ski
  14. heading to Dub tomorrow after work, have Monday off. Pat Dubreuil has posted on FB "ride until it is dry" discounts at the Relais Magpie Motel. we are heading up to fish sat and sun, coming home on Monday. matt you up for another crack at esnagi, Saturday afternoon? Ski
  15. then you stated "that is weather" and I am wrong, and you are right... ok, I get it now. Ski