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  1. Yesterday
  2. I guess I must be a baaaaaddddd dog. Lol
  3. ..... depends on the dog .....
  4. The motel isn't readily accessible to the trails, but if you're looking @ staging in the Madoc or Marmora, here is a basic motel. I can't vouch for the conditions, but this is what I got in reply to my survey today from this business: "Hello Kris, Thanks for inquiring about the information. We are open during winter Please see information as requested for your website. The Motel as a gesture will offer a 5 percent discount to snow mobilers staying at our Motel. Thanks kindly Yatin Patel"
  5. post is 3 years old. welcome to the site, and 2017. Ski
  6. Here and I thought being in the doghouse was a privelege not a punishment. Lol
  7. Looks like a great time was had. I wish I could have been there but my wife had made plans for my birthday that day and I would have landed in the dog house for sure if I was missing in action for that.
  8. Is this still available?
  9. Found this on Google tonight: The guy named @ the bottom used to be on CHEX TV.
  10. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-real-estate/muskoka/henrys-restaurant-on-frying-pan-island/1273406931?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Description Wow! Famous island restaurant with access by boat, seaplane or helicopter. Turnkey operation. Established over 45 years ago. Docks, with deep water, 30 amp service, able to accommodate 100 foot yachts. Separate cottage for female employees, bunkies for the male employees, owner's residence, trailer, 1.7 acres of beauty. Seller will train and help during transition. Opening for business on June 23rd. To view: www.bodkinrealty.com and click on MARINAS
  11. Last week
  12. Did the ski-doo dealer that was in Magnetawan not burn down as well several years ago?
  13. Thanks Bill!
  14. west wind inn now private
  15. magnetawan inn burned down and gone
  16. Weather/ trail conditions makes all the difference. When it is cold, hard trail can get cut up more from studs than lugs and powder suffers most from the throttle jockeys with any size lugs. We followed a group with no respect for others last season. They had met the groomer running back to Wawa from Halfway in the daytime and the throttle jockeys had no mercy on that trail! Six sleds on a day-race-ride out to Halfway and back to Wawa destroyed the grooming for all. It does matter how you treat the trail with your throttle! When the weather is on the warm side, the bigger lugs throw large chunks especially as the trail starts to freeze back up. Nobody can help this, but scratchers are needed as the trail turns to ice. Scratchers also tear deep grooves in the trails. Warm temps make the trail vulnerable. In fact, I have seen the most severe damage to soft trails come from heavy 4-stroke machines pushing in corners and sinking deep ruts in straight portions of trails. This is fact and caused by nothing more than the physics involved. I have a 4-stroke and hate riding it in warm weather. In cold hard conditions it is great! In loose conditions like snow packed but not hard or unpacked, deep lugs will start and stop better. On anything hard like plowed road or icy trail, studs will far better start and stop. When the trail jumps onto a plowed road or you hit an icy patch, the safety of studs is unsurpassed and sooner or later you will get a surprise if you don't have studs. I don't run studs and have had many surprises, but tempered with many track and heat exchanger failures due to studs, I just run slower on hard conditions. I plan to try screw-in studs to see what happens. I may add some regular studs to another sled also for safety.
  17. Looks like a great time. What a great sport for camaraderie.
  18. Might be time for me to find a new hobby. If I can't get out and ride smooth trails anymore, it won't be much fun anymore. Local trail is already gone, so now I have to road run or trailer to the trail.
  19. Thanks so much for the beans, they were very yummy, had them with our dinner last night, Sounded like trumpets playing later in the evening though lololol.... Good seeing you and the guys and again thank you.
  20. I'm very happy with the 1.325 on my poor. It is studded as well.
  21. Thanks for a lovely evening! With gas at $1.11 a liter in Parry Sound and gas in Gravenhurst at $1.05 a liter it was a good opportunity to bring along several fuel cans and stock up. Missed the opportunity to discuss with Blake the psychological background behind his butter tart affliction - currently working on a new song inspired by his butter tart travels - deep background info would influence choice of keys etc. and might inspire the bridge section of the tune which currently degenerates into the melody for Auld Lang Syne each time I try to figure it out....ah well, might have it done for next year's get together.....ms. slomo passes on "try vaping" to no one in particular....something about a shoe fitting...hope the beans were okay with the steak...great meeting everyone.
  22. Here's some pics from just east of the tunnel in port sydney.
  23. Lol they are know we are Sled freaks
  24. Thanks to everyone that came out it was great see you!!! We are hoping to make this an annual summer event!!
  25. Last trip to Quebec, while stopped for a trailside break, passed by a group of 12 or so sleds, all longer deep lug tracks. Was surprised how much they chewed / chunked the trail up just cruising, always figured it was only an issue when someone acted the fool n dug a trench to hell and back on take off. Rained hard that late afternoon n well into the late evening, woke up to dramatically lower temps and nothing but hard / icey trails. Couple of groups at our hotel (deep lugs / no studs) marooned until around lunch time when temps climbed back up and the rain returned. I'll gladly give up the killer bite / loss of fuel mileage from a huge lug track for my studded 1.25. Have always felt it's the breaking point for an all around trail sled but thats just my take on things.
  26. That will be the next thing.
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