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  2. We're working on a 4 day weekend long weekend of August ... stay tuned, other options 2 weeks before or after....
  3. Last week
  4. Nope, never had a Six Star sticker on my old sled. Those stickers are for warming shacks. LOL.
  5. Feel free to talk as slow or as fast as you like...nobody'll be listening anyway.
  6. Congrats on the new whip Mike! I know the first thing you'll do is slap a six star sticker on it lol.
  7. I have my sled with Unica. I know I could save $100 if I shopped all over the place but I like my local broker and its not worth $100 to me to have to deal with Gurdeep or Sanjeet if I ever have to make a claim. I pay $542 for my 2017 Switchback 800 with full coverage and a $500 ded.
  8. Insurance experiences tend to always vary a fair bit. TD seems to be getting more of a negative rap as of late, but so far, our policies with TD have been fine, shopped a little bit, but the savings to move has not been worth it yet, so we stay put. I too have been emailed or faxed documents. The co-operators for me have always been on the high side, there rates have come down, but still on the higher side.....we have our home policy with them and they will quote me from time to time on the cars and sled.
  9. not that I am aware of
  10. If the party is going to be crashed by a bunch of skidoo cowboys I think I will find another party lol or just talk slower at any doo gathering
  11. Has anything improved?
  12. Ms Iq turbo and I may attend. That's if ski doo owners are welcome.
  13. healey lake lodge is open for business and looking good
  14. quality inn parry sound is now super 8 parry sound
  15. Selling our boat. Due to work schedules we have decided to sell our boat. A 1995 Wellcraft Eclipse 233. Cuddy cabin; alcohol cooktop, sink, small marine porta potty, table and sleeping for 2-3. 5.7L motor. 10 person safe capacity. Has been winterized, stored and summer ready the last 6 years by the local marina. Currently at Everglades Marina in Pefferlaw, slip paid for the season. Asking $5,300.
  16. Some recent updates Fenelon Falls: Sundial Motel is now the Road 121 Motel Gilmour: Gilmour Inn is no longer open for lodgings HR Steakhouse appears to be closed (signage has been partially dismantled) Rosedale: Rosedale Motel is now Balsam Lake Boutique Motel
  17. If the price is right great truck for the average person or city delivery IMO Even as a light work truck, I might put on 300-500km a week on my work van,I doubt I hit 200km in a day at work so plug it in after the shift ready for tomorrow Same goes for personal truck Sure you are not going to haul 10,000lbs, drive halfway to BFK , but for the average truck owner that uses his truck daily and does not have to drive 200+km a day why not
  18. I keep telling myself I don't need to go next year but after thanksgiving I get thinking about it ive missed the odd one over the years like othrrs has said it's really the same every year sometimes I enjoy the spring sneak peak show more
  19. we are all close. I'm a 30 min ride to reeves place
  20. I kept up with Poncho on my 600 lol.. jk. Yes we should meet up for a few rides next year, for sure.
  21. You mean the people that go to those shysters and shylocks aren't sledders? LOL D&D are clogging up the airwaves in Ptbo now
  22. Rickwards has a 13 800 renegade x for 7k doesn't say mileage.
  23. just found a 2012 doo back country x. that will be my first choice,
  24. Rickward's has one for a really good deal,
  25. that's probably why its cheaper.
  26. At least it is not yellow. Lol
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