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  2. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    I plan to attend Peterborough show and would like to meet up with OC members. Jerry
  3. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    IIf we don’t have family plans we will take the drive out and see everyone for sure.
  4. Novi Snowmobile Show, November 3 - 5

    Yes but you are closer to north in the winter when it counts.
  5. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Kettle Drums on hunter st. is a good eats place. St Veronas on hunter as well is fantastic also with a superb beer selection, May not be suitable for a crowd though. I go every year, many good deals to be had. Busy early gets quiet later on. I usually go for a bite afterwards so I'd be in for that. JB
  6. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Looks awesome. Did you put a retainer on the bench so it won't swing out n contact your sled?
  7. All righty then..... Venison stew....(from Mad Musher in Whitney)...make it your own..... This perfect lunch has stayed in memory for years - filling, yet not so much you needed a nap. No real gas problem as I recall either. Also had raspberry sauce on back ribs once - from the road side place next to Leatherdale Marine in Orillia - hasn't been on the menu for years though - won a ribs contest with it in Barrie one year they say. Come to think of it, we had a great venison with raspberry sauce in a Collingwood restaurant one time. Guess you could substitute cranberries...add sugar.... Can't beat a good meal of weiner schnitzel ....use veal, or pork....both are good (stuck that in for Dave K) chicken even works well and you can brag it's organic.... A perogy cabbage roll combo.... Or maybe some omega 3 brain food - pickeral fillets and home fries......(walleye fillets sounds damn stupid doesn't it?) ......................... Next trip by, will drop in a try some of that cranberry radler...grapefruit radler is going down pretty well.
  8. OC group ride

    Might be doo able depending on location to ride from the house on the sleds. looking forward to the winter off,
  9. Soucy Track Groomers

    we had/ have a number of them in what was the Golden Triangle Snowmobile Association part of District 5. I was always told by some of the groomer captains and some operators that they didn't do well on steep slippery hills such as the one going west from the St. Clements clubhouse. Those units didn't have the studded tracks. The track kits were new with each tractor so we didn't have many issues with them. I think they still prefer the tractor / Soucey units because of the number of tractor dealers that makes for easy to get service in this area. The area has a lot of trail on farm fields/ hydro right of way and railbed with some bush but not alot.

    Rode my vstrom up to blyth on sunday,a very impressive place.Didnt eat lunch there but will have to go back and check it out.For a small town its pretty amazing.Someone spent a lot of money.
  11. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Awesome job, Wimpy!
  12. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Looks good! String up a few of these and save on motel rooms.. I'd also recommend in addition to your coffee maker, a small microwave, toaster, kettle, and a box of flatware and cutlery. You should be able to store stuff outside in a cooler during the winter so no fridge needed.
  13. Yesterday
  14. OC group ride

    Pricey, lowest price at this point $169.00 per night in February, plus taxes, 15% compulsory gratuity for large groups in restaurant, BUT could get a good deal per person (check the website) if somebody was going to get married and we were all invited. Parking pretty bad as I remember at the Prostate Cancer thing a few year's ago, but may have improved. Did not realize they had 53 rooms - larger than I remember. Super 8 - formerly Quality Inn - formerly Jolly Roger is $105 per night. -mixed reviews about this place and have no doubt Wild Bill is being kind by not mentioning some of the things he knows.
  15. Switched the traler up a bit..

    It sticks out about 2.5 - 3" lots of room still in there.
  16. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Great idea! Thank you.
  17. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    I think you sell replacement suits. The trade in allowance would be the craps though. Lol
  18. Switched the traler up a bit..

    I like the bench, but how far does it stick out from the wall when folded. It seems like the legs fold behind it so they would take up the about 2 inches plus the thickness of the bench (3/4?).
  19. OC group ride

    tappatoo would be my choice
  20. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    my favorite show by far
  21. Switched the traler up a bit..

    Tear the plywood off the interior walls and insulate them with 1" Styrofoam and reassemble the plywood back on. You'll get lots of moisture in the form of condensation on the walls and ceiling. A friend of mine did this to his, huge improvement.
  22. OC group ride

    Does the QI (or whatever it is called now) still have a restaurant that does not serve dinner, or closes early (can't remember which). AFAIK, the restaurant service was very limited which is why I haven't visited that facility for a few years for sledding. Hopefully, some locals will chime in as to whether, or not, this location is of the quality and service that it was when we had the OC ride there.
  23. Hey folks, So last December when I first met some OC folks like Blake, Gizzly Griff and a few others at the Halliburton Forest, I realized I was not a fan of open trailers, for many reasons. I watched Grizz unload from his enclosed, and thought it was a great idea, especially since I trailer everywhere, and quite frankly was getting tired of throwing the suit on at the side of the road or parking lots. This past month I sold our double sled trailer and bought at 12X6 (with 2'vnose) enclosed. I made a counter and cupboards for storage other things in the vnose. I also built a fold down bench/table on the one wall, and put hooks for the suits on the other wall. I ran 2 electrical outlets and hardwired box on outside for my genny in the back of truck to run the heater, tasimo or whatever else, but also have a deep cycle battery with solar panels for the rv lights. For those of you who trailer, any suggestions for the ease of convenience? I'm looking forward to having a spot to change and get ready to ride out of the elements. Any suggestions, fire away! Cheers, Wimpy
  24. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    I will be working the club booth as well, so count me in!
  25. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    Mrs. IQ and myself are thinking of attending. Would be up for a gathering as well..
  26. Peterborough Snow Show(Sledarama)

    I usually go. May be working the Paudash booth for part of the day. I'd be up for grabbing a bite afterwards.
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