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  2. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    Thanks, might just ride the local loops and eat locally in that case.
  3. Well just got news my riding buddies brother just passed away this morning so it'll just be me and the grandson and his GF on one of the 660 T's it's def not gonna be the same without him there.
  4. WTB Polaris Seat for Edge

    The seat I'm trying to find is like this one
  5. Normally I would be there but we are supposed to be running Quebec next weekend. We will be at our camp in Deux Rivieres on 18 and 19 then heading down to Cobden for rest of week. Always make the March Bow-Tie poker run though. Have a great time.
  6. iroquois falls

    Hey, WD...try Auberge MacDonald Guest Inn...decent-sized parking lot, and they might let you leave your rig there for a few days if you stayed there one night, or paid them a small fee. Website link is http://www.amgi.ca/web-content/ and phone number is (705) 232-0779. irREV
  7. WTB Polaris Seat for Edge

    I'm also in the market for an upgraded seat for my 2002 Polaris XC SP red & yellow 'X'. I would like to find a all black or red & white Polaris PASS seat or an aftermarket one that someone is looking to sell. I made the mistake of riding my wifes IQ & then went back on my sled & I'm sitting way too low for my knees!!
  8. iroquois falls

    anyone know of place in Iroquois falls we could leave truck & trailer for few days...thx
  9. Today
  10. Looking for seat for polaris edge

    Let me know if you come across another one, I'm looking for one as well. I one that is blue & silver but that won't look that great on a red & yellow edge!
  11. We will have a full house in Stonecliffe see you there.
  12. Whos going to Missing Link Poker Run This Weekend?

    Some of the best trails I've ever toured, and my "home" club.
  13. Quebec Weekend January 20th

    Conditions are all over the place. Check carefully. http://www.motoneiges.ca/actions/showConditionsSentierFCMQ?lg=fr Ride carefully, too. There's actual enforcement on the Quebec trails. We got stopped twice to check compliance. I watched a guy get fined $275 for having a pipe on his sled.
  14. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Funny how it goes, we have been there probably 10 different times over the years and the place has been packed and parking lot on downtown side full every time i can remember.
  15. A Trail north of Matheson

    Ask about the C trail when you are in Smooth Rock Falls. Their club the Arctic Riders is working on a re route for the C trail due to the logging, Their groomers run out of a building along the highway close to the welcome to SRF sign. Please let us know if you find out any info. about the re route.
  16. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    That moose head is XTC500's avitar. The old trail through Missanabie was very slow with rocks and stumps. Never done the longer route. BP
  17. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    We've done it once before the route went through Half Way. You have a big day set out for you IMHO. We stayed in Chapleau the time we did it. From Chapleau to Timmins is approx.175 miles. It was a full day for us. We lost about 45 minutes getting a rock out of the doo tunnel that he picked up going through a creek. From Chapleau to Folyet was a "work for your miles" trail at that time. Somebody told me it has gotten a bit better since then, but still looks pretty wiggly on the ITG. From Folyet to Timmins was a little straighter. When we went there was fuel and food available in Chapleau and Folyet. The ITG still shows fuel at the Folyet general store and food at the Northern Lights Restaurant( where you can get your pic with an mounted albino moose head ). Good luck on your trip. Sounds like fun.
  18. I so want this.

    so far so good the rain has pretty much changed to no rain or very little all along the ottawa valley now to small amounts of snow and even down by Kemptville its been pushed from saturday to monday keep doing your snow dance guys and it might miss eastern ontario all together.
  19. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    Last year food was very limited in Shining Tree , microwave meals at the gas stop . Owners are good people .
  20. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    According to the ITG, trail D111 and C are still not open to the Moonlight or Chateu Guay. There are a few miles there in red. I need this open too in Feb. BP
  21. Dubreuilville to Halfway Haven to Timmins

    Going to be a long day no doubt. I have never done it either. I heard trail is very rugged terrain and not a fast trail by any means from chapeau to Timmins. Wawa dub side is faster no doubt.
  22. This is the last leg of our 3 day loop. I have never run Wawa to Timmins; is this a fast section of trail or is it tight? Is there fuel available in Chapleau and Foleyet? Any good look outs or must sees?
  23. Perhaps we ran into someone having an off day, reply from the lodge shows no problem except for dinner. Hi, Here are the hours for the meal. Breakfast is between 7:30 to 9:00 Lunch is between 12:00 and 14:00 From 14:30 to 16:00 we can make chicken wings with fries. The evening meal is between 18:30 to 20:00 For dinner, you need a reservation. Thanks Bobby
  24. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Clubs did a great job preserving what was left after the thaw but trails are thin,hoping forecast is wrong for this coming weekend.
  25. Worth the drive to Sudbury

    Booked into the "moonlight" in sudbury. New to this area, looking at the ITG thinking will head to Shining tree and back on Saturday... any input would be great. Going to have the girls with us so not looking to put on to many miles...
  26. A Trail north of Matheson

    If your referring to the matheson stretch, its awaiting signage by the district Tata..
  27. A Trail north of Matheson

    I messaged the polar bear club about the C trail and it's closed due to logging. Same issue with the A trail maybe ??
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