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  1. I have a similar one. One day SJ called me stranded at the Pefferlaw post office in his Miata. The pack got it going! We were very pleasantly surprised. I have had to use it for my riding lawnmower on more then one occasion. I throw this into my luggage when sledding. Figure I may only need it at the motel on first start up, never have. But, simple peace of mind. RE-leaf and I both needed the hairdryer treatment when staying at Speckle Lake year ago, was minus 37 that morning. Executed perfectly and off we went for the day. Next morning we head to breakfast, hairdryer and extension cord is wai
  2. I have no facts...only my opinion. Most companies do not buy the brick and mortar, that is easy to start. Most companies purchase a contract or Intellectual property. Guessing Cat had IP Textron wanted. Again, no idea what but Cat sold it.
  3. Yamaha Corp has enough pocket change to buy the entire sledding industry.....That who
  4. Nope. Drain bolt is for an Apex, maybe...Vector. Not the YamaCats.
  5. LOL..Oh I have those too. You are welcome to purchase a set from me. They come as a male and female set. Plant them in your lawn. You too could be lucky
  6. If anyone is looking for the drain bolt for a Yamaha, I have four new ones. Postage plus couple bucks.
  7. I still have a Zumo, for the time being . Otherwise. I still have the cell number for the guy that bought it. I can always call and ask him where I am?
  8. lol. Yes you can. But can you avoid certain hazards....GPS may help
  9. Selling my Garmin etrex 20x GPS. Used for hiking and sledding. Asking $120. Small blemish on the bottom right part of the screen. Works perfect simply bought a new unit.
  10. Big call out to Fenelon Falls Marine and Orillia Power Sports; although no longer sell sleds. DeWildt Marine in Innisfil, not a fan.
  11. Three more arrived just over an hour ago. Driving the trucks to Hearst in the am and riding from there next 4-5days.
  12. Place near Orillia sells used sled parts. I would have to search their name.
  13. Bought a new pass online, certainly did not want to ride without one. Our loss : (
  14. Thank you 02, no need for likes. This entire situation is not a "like" one. Is there an F'in sucks emoji you can share? Everyone has their options, my opinion is not to listen to side line coaches in any situation. Oh wait I just did, damn spider got me; work, life, relationships or COVID I do not wish for such people. I know I am frustrated, fatigued, unrest; miss my daughter, my friends. However I would miss them way more if COVID took them or even placed them in a crisis situation. I do my part; mask, clean hands, keep my distance and too my bubble. I listen to what the governme
  15. call your MPP and get the beds freed, you make seem simple. In fact, can you share with us how to free more beds?
  16. I am going to close this off with you Spiderman (superhero?? LMAO) you think "brick and mortar" is immediate and unlimited; enjoy. I will continue to simply hunker down. Damn straight I wish I saw my mom more or especially my daughter who lives with her mom; it hurts!!!! But I believe lots are hurting as well . Call your MPP with your great advice. I look forward to an update, please share. I hope I never end up in a make shift unit nor anyone for that matter.
  17. I read. You just acknowledged that health care is being pressed to a brink.
  18. Admittedly I have no science or health background to confirm your statement, I assume you do. Assuming you do. Here is the problem; when we move around, whatever that limited population you mention, is eventually going to be exposed. No??? Whatever, political party I support I do not envy a single politician attempting to navigate this world wide crisis that appears to morphing into something even worse. I for one would be scared to death for me or a loved one placed into a 10 or less month unplanned health unit to pivot. Pivoting a clothing company to suddenly supply PPE is one t
  19. ontariof7


    Depends what you ride....
  20. Last year in Kap; trail side lunch.
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