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  1. T bird

    Hunters with rifles on 301!

    Last year while riding the seguin trail we come across a group of guys wolf hunting. Stopped and talked to them for a bit and everything they were doing was completely legal. I agree that it’s startling when u come across them walking down trail w guns in hand!!
  2. T bird

    Bancroft area

    Hey y’all!! Does anyone hear have any knowledge/insight as to what the area currently is like? I heard they got some and r getting more snow in the next little bit. Have a trip planned for family day wknd. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! Keeping fingers crossed that all works out!! Don’t really wanna have to cancel another trip!!
  3. T bird

    Criticizing the OFSC

    Well said!!!! Couldn’t agree more!!
  4. T bird

    Hello from Kearney

    Purplemotoman,, group of us heading to Kearney on Friday. Just inquiring on conditions. Anything to watch or look out for?? Any help from anyone would be appreciated!! thanks!!
  5. T bird

    What was your first sled?

    didnt own my first sled till I was bout 21. Bought a 2000 Indy 500 xcsp. Loved it!! However as a youngster I remember ripping around on mom and dads sleds. Late 70's tx 340 for mom and 79 centurion 500 triple for pops! Loved that 500!! Be nice to locate one and restore!!have had several sleds since and absolutely love this sport!!
  6. T bird

    Mitchell to Mt Forest?

    Kirkton/Mitchell area is bare minimum!! They groomed this morning. Looks quite patchy in areas. I dropped in Palmerston this morn. Would recommend at least listowel/Palmerston area imo. Needless to say I trailered 2 hrs to ride 50 miles. Think I have chain case issues!!! At least I managed to limp back to trailer!! Still better than being at home doing nothin!!
  7. Great start so far!! Thanks!! Any chance of more trails opening Mitchell listowel area?
  8. Hi all!! Been following this site now for awhile! Love it!! Great info and people!! Looking to drop in Palmerston fri and ride for the day. Any insight as too trail conditions and parking? See they have trails listed limited. Hoping more open by tomo. Any info will be appreciated. Looking at 2hr drive to get there. Thanks everyone!! T bird