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  1. T bird

    Your last ride this April

    Last ride of trip to Corridor. Decided to head south on the 4th of April... trails were mint!
  2. T bird

    My new Favorite t shirt..

    LOL!! That’s awesome!.... except for the coffee part!
  3. T bird

    Cochrane Update..

    Makes me wanna go back already!!
  4. T bird

    New liskeard up through hearst

    Whst scottyr said. You won’t be disappointed. When we left yesterday it was snowing pretty good and forecast shows more snow next few days so should make things even better!!
  5. T bird

    First trip to Cochrane.

    It was off of A trail between SRF and Fauquier. Think it’s on Ouellet lake. Guessing it may belong to the OFAH
  6. T bird

    Thanks everyone!

    X4.... huge shout out to all the dedicated and hard working volunteers who put together an amazing network of trails for everyone to enjoy!
  7. T bird

    First trip to Cochrane.

    Had an amazing time riding and exploring around Cochrane and areas for the first time! Weather was great, trails were fantastic and scenery was superior!! 700 miles in 4 days of riding which is pretty good I think considering my gf hasn’t rode a sled in nearly 10 yrs. on the plus side I think I have her hooked!. I will certainly be back. Was nice to meet you sledjunk and moosifier. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Still lots of good riding up there yet so if your on the fence about it. Just go! You won’t be disappointed!
  8. T bird

    Cochrane Update..

    KL doesn’t look bad but I would go right to Cochrane for sure! Nailed it! For sure on that!
  9. T bird

    Cochrane Update..

    Cochrane is beauty! Trails are holding up well!! Currently snowing now. Expected to get 5cms today. Road crossings and parking lots are toast but other than that, things are good up here! Too bad I’m leaving
  10. T bird

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Cashing in for the night here shortly. What are your ride plans for tomo?
  11. T bird

    Cochrane to Hearst Mar 22 2019

    Rode the canyon today for the first time! What an experience! Great views and a great ride! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s excursion! Westway was packed all wknd, starting to empty out a bit now.
  12. T bird

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    We are here now. Staying here for first time. Stayed Friday night Swan castle best western. Not my type of place. I like being ground level and having easy access to everything. Sleds/ truck/trailer. I so far have enjoyed our stay..... anyone ever stayed at the chimo down the road? See they advertise having a kitchenette.
  13. T bird

    Found Cellphone Cochrane

    Got in touch with the fellow who found the phone and we will be picking it up on our way home as he has already left Cochrane. Thanks again to everyone.
  14. T bird

    Found Cellphone Cochrane

    And Revrnd for putting the post up here as I’m not a Facebooker!!
  15. T bird

    Found Cellphone Cochrane

    Got accepted and found the post! Yes it’s her phone. Thanks a bunch! Pm’d The guy. Hopefully get it back sometime today/tonight! Thanks Nunz