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  1. Great post TY. I'm glad you had fun riding and making new friends. Stay strong and keep fighting in the off season.
  2. Mxzexpress. Thank you for posting this information.
  3. Zrtkat crew. Thanks again for your daily trip reports and pictures. I always enjoy following your tour and wishing that I can plan a trip like yours someday. Andrew
  4. Hi Giddy. I parked at the curling club in Capreol.
  5. Thanks for posting this info Blake
  6. You have my full support Livin. I'm available to work as well.
  7. ^^ sounds great. You should introduce Paul to the awesome people at "Heart of Ontario"...
  8. Trail 78 is closed due to a landowner issue.
  9. I rode with my dad today. I'll plan different trip for me and junior before the season ends. Thank you spending time with junior during the trail maintenance day.
  10. Great pics Kris
  11. ^^ amazing people passionate about snowmobiling. Kelly, Auld Reekie, Gowganda Lake lodge, Darcy and Joanne at Cedar Gables, Scott at Blue Spruce, the lovely owners of Windy Lake Lodge near Sudbury...... These are just a few and I know there are many more. I love snowmobiling, but it's the people that make it special.
  12. I went for a ride with my dad this morning so we could have some father-son time. I knew the groomer had been out last night on the D101B and we were the first ones to ride on the white carpet. Stopped by the ASC warming shelter. Thanks ASC for helping to create these special memories. The trails were amazing.
  13. I agree with you weapon. I highly recommend staying there. It's the perfect place for you to stay Slomo.... You can ride down to Dorset, or up to Kearny. Lots of amazing club trails, like #76 that leads down to LOB. Blue Spruce also has its own groomed cross country skiing trails. They also clear a section of snow off Oxtongue lake to create a skating rink.
  14. Geat pictures Baylaker. Thanks for posting them.
  15. Hi Paul. Welcome to the forum. You will meet lots of great people here.