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  1. white dragon

    April 6th to 9th Temiscaming Quebec

    here is a few more pics of our last trip,always a great time with this crew...
  2. white dragon

    halfway haven

  3. white dragon

    White River/Marathon

    bite your tongue eddy...c u thurs nite
  4. white dragon

    My update

    way to nunz 1 less sledder to smoke with...quitter
  5. lol...u r like a hawk,don't miss a thing
  6. white dragon

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    Polaris is giving me new crate motor,clutch & starter in my 3rd yr of warranty with 8700 miles,i have access to demo sled until mine is ready...u must find a good dealer who works for u...no bs
  7. white dragon

    Going up North, anybody want to join?

    knew u would say something,i do like to joint alot
  8. bill,glenn,fabio,eddy,myself & a friend ken..in dub on 17th around lunch then to dog lk.imagine we will be a both places,hope to see u then
  9. sled will be ready this wk,heading to halfway & dubreuilville 15 to 19th...party & free sausage on dog lk,worth the ride right there
  10. & yes my sled blew up on 2nd last day 8700 miles,we were all beat anyway...good note,new crate motor with clutch & starter + Polaris replaced $ 850 shock b4 I left on trip...Polaris taking a beating with me & still another yr left...like having sponsor
  11. sorry for doubles,little rusty 20180211_100507.mp4
  12. white dragon

    Beaverton - Timmies

    H 11 is trail that will take u down to lake,head south on H 9 which runs along hwy12 to H 11 (aka conn rd 4) hope it helps...ofsc map will show it
  13. white dragon

    Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    superg defends himself ...ofsc...etc steady on facebook & never loses it...& u should hear the crap
  14. white dragon

    Snowmobiles to the Rescue

    I agree gav,this was not a 911 situation...but almost was...someone hit the panic button & wouldn't let go...even I know better
  15. white dragon

    Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    sledjunk is right Jensen...rather meet u for lunch than breakfast...if it means not meeting u at all...dark single lane hi-way with zero to look at...unless u got big bag of Columbia marching powder don't do...freak I have never made full trip as passenger without seniors snooze..a .member on here did same thing last yr...everything into scrap metal with in seconds...going deep here