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  1. extreme600

    CSRA Finale - Horseshoe Valley

    I'm pretty sure there's a pic somewhere showing you below the belt buddy!!!! That's why the blonde has the WOW factor
  2. extreme600

    Port Sydney conditions

    Sure is
  3. extreme600

    Port Sydney conditions

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm Blake you sure are having an AWESOME season. By my calculations you are at 6190 MILES not kms so far. Keep it going bud. WOW most I've done in a year was 5435 miles. I won't ever be able to do that again. Not enough time devoted to it anymore. Good for you. Yes the pictures make me jealous right now while I'm working. Geez You really need to change your name on here to one of the following: Roadblake Trail Reporter Blake Trail master Blake
  4. extreme600

    The freeriding has to STOP

    It's all comes down to a lack of respect. Plain and simple. Yet unfortunate.
  5. extreme600

    Revrnd's Adventures

    Looks great!!!! Enjoy
  6. extreme600

    Great riding in D7 & D8 this week

    Yes it is. LOL Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I actually have quite a few. Don't get me in trouble!!!
  7. extreme600

    Tek vest

    Oh Blake
  8. extreme600

    Revrnd's Adventures

    Pictures look great. Hopefully next year we can get back to your neck of the woods
  9. extreme600

    Tek vest

    BINGO!!! That's exactly what the hubby says. He will NEVER ride without it again. He wears his under his coat and feels so comfortable and warm. Smart investment. I have one also. Just haven't wore it do to the fact I need to lose weight. Many of our go-kart racers wear them now and won't race without it. Good to see. Saves on the ribs for sure. We have the Off road tek vest
  10. extreme600

    Great riding in D7 & D8 this week

    LOL Thanks IQ Turbo. I didn't know his code name. It was great to see you two again. I'm trying to edit the video from that day. Only issue I have is that there's 4 hours of video and I don't want to cut out too much. LOL
  11. We rode majority of the trails in the following areas: Coldwater, Orillia, Barrie, Port Severn, Waubashene, Severn Bridge, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge, Port Sydney, Huntsville, Sprucedale and Aspdin. All the clubs have done a FANTASTIC job. Seriously one of the best years with the most consistent trails. THANK YOU to all the clubs and landowners. Here's a few pics. Oh and it was great to ride with some old (not age either) OCers and some new OCers (to me). Always a pleasure to meet more sledheads!! Lots of laughs and miles of smiles on the rides. Thanks for more great memories.
  12. extreme600

    How’s wasaga area right now?

    When we ride from Severn Bridge to Wasaga in good conditions we can do it in about 2 hours. From Rail bed in Orillia to Wasaga took us about two hours (take a lot of pictures) and due to the low snow areas we took it easy. Good time on rail beds and other trails. pm sent
  13. extreme600

    How’s wasaga area right now?

    We rode Thursday (yesterday) from Orillia to Wasaga over to Stayner. Like Poo Man said stay AWAY from the fields on both the 601 for sure!! The B was great except all the fields were wind blown. In the bush was fine to great. All other trails were good to excellent. Here's some pics to show you. B trail Orillia to Barrie Just entering the Wasaga Beach trail B-above Pic Below-Wasaga Beach Pic below----Very thin at Sunnidale-they have done the best they can with what they have. The wind pretty much blew everything in the ditches. We rode the ditch along the road anytime we came to a field where we could. This pic below was on the 601 that was one of the better fields on that trail. I would run the B trail before the 601 IMHO This pic was the 301. It was amazing. Like I said the bush was great. Open fields not so much. This picture is back to Orillia on the railbed from Port McNicol to Coldwater. Plenty of snow in Barrie, Orillia, Waubashene, Midland and Coldwater. Hope this helps.
  14. extreme600

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    Have fun guys. Safe travels
  15. extreme600

    Trail 44

    That would be awesome