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  1. extreme600

    How’s wasaga area right now?

    When we ride from Severn Bridge to Wasaga in good conditions we can do it in about 2 hours. From Rail bed in Orillia to Wasaga took us about two hours (take a lot of pictures) and due to the low snow areas we took it easy. Good time on rail beds and other trails. pm sent
  2. extreme600

    How’s wasaga area right now?

    We rode Thursday (yesterday) from Orillia to Wasaga over to Stayner. Like Poo Man said stay AWAY from the fields on both the 601 for sure!! The B was great except all the fields were wind blown. In the bush was fine to great. All other trails were good to excellent. Here's some pics to show you. B trail Orillia to Barrie Just entering the Wasaga Beach trail B-above Pic Below-Wasaga Beach Pic below----Very thin at Sunnidale-they have done the best they can with what they have. The wind pretty much blew everything in the ditches. We rode the ditch along the road anytime we came to a field where we could. This pic below was on the 601 that was one of the better fields on that trail. I would run the B trail before the 601 IMHO This pic was the 301. It was amazing. Like I said the bush was great. Open fields not so much. This picture is back to Orillia on the railbed from Port McNicol to Coldwater. Plenty of snow in Barrie, Orillia, Waubashene, Midland and Coldwater. Hope this helps.
  3. extreme600

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    Have fun guys. Safe travels
  4. extreme600

    Trail 44

    That would be awesome
  5. extreme600

    District 7 trail conditions update

    The clubs are doing an awesome job.
  6. extreme600

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Be positive Zoso. Look at the glass half full buddy
  7. extreme600


    Thanks Bill. That looks awesome. You guys are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. extreme600

    If my luck was any better !!!!!

    That's awesome. Glad they are helping you out. You deserve it. Enjoy
  9. extreme600

    Trails in D11 are EXCELLENT

    Great as usual. Still miss you too!! We had another great day today. Can't believe the snow here this year. Snowing every day now. 6" last night and another 6" throughout today.
  10. extreme600

    Mileage this season, so far...

    About time. Geez, I thought you retired from sledding
  11. extreme600

    Trails in D11 are EXCELLENT

    We rode today in Bonfield, North Bay, Marten River and Temagami. Didn't get to take too many pictures. Little chilly, lots of snow, snowed like crazy on our way back from Temagami. Trails were all 8/10 to 10/10 for all 4 clubs. Great job everyone. OMG probably one of our best runs in this area. Even the lakes were pretty smooth and fast. You know 50kph. Here's a few pics of our little journey today. Started out at -27C and the wind was wicked. But, perfect for sledding IMHO
  12. extreme600


    Good luck Soup and get better REALLY quick.
  13. extreme600

    Baysville Express (Closed )

    Love that ride!!! Woohoo Baysville Express back in action
  14. extreme600

    Trails in and around Timmins

    Exactly. Geez if I new that picture would cause all these posts I wouldn't have posted it. Lesson learned. Make sure signs are correct before posting anymore pictures. Back to the awesome trails in and around Timmins. Looks like they are opening up more trails in the area. They received a lot of snow Wednesday!!!
  15. extreme600

    Trails in and around Timmins

    FYI the sign is correct. That picture was taken at an intersection. When you approach the trail there's a stop sign which you go left as the sign shows. I know the picture looks different but seriously it is correct. Sorry for the misunderstanding.