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  1. MXZSlider

    AJ Lester

  2. MXZSlider

    AJ Lester

    I believe, ither during or once the investigation is done the family has the legal right to request the dogs to be destroyed. The dogs owners if they are credible should just have it done automatically before it's even requested. I'm thinking a rabies test might be ordered to rule out that if the attack was unprovoked. Bernards are not very prone to incidents of this nature, it's seems odd for sure. Prayers and thoughts for the Girl and the Family
  3. MXZSlider

    2021 Polaris Release

    If ya have the means, it might be the best time to make a purchase beit Sled, Car/Truck etc. For most it won't be the right time until 2-3yrs afterwards. Usually it's the toys that get sold off quickly in financial crisis and given the nature of what we are experiencing currently, I'm already seeing that in other hobbies and adjoing forums I'm on. Not quite fire sale status, but if you believe the hype surrounding possible outcomes maybe in a few months time it could reach that level. I'm suspecting a lot of folk with all this "home/family time", are re-thinking what is actually practical or required vs luxury items and getting back to a simpler, less debt induced lifestyle once it is over. . We really haven't seen the likes of this type of re-set on lifestyle since either of the two WWs. Got that email today as well. At least they're making an effort given the market dynamics. I suspect they could extend it yet again.
  4. MXZSlider

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    Wondering if our current events will have an effect on the big three and this years Snow Check? With the un-certainty of work shortages/stoppages across the continent will we see an extension of sorts? Perhaps some extra incentives? I say no, but I'd gladly eat crow on this one if any of them stepped up even to a small degree.
  5. MXZSlider

    Tekvest or variants

    That KTM piece looks interesting. I'll have to drop into the local dealer over the summer and take a peak at one once the whole social distancing thing is null n void. Probably end up road tripping up to Kinmount as well to peruse through Tekvests offrings.
  6. MXZSlider

    Tekvest or variants

    Great input gang. I've looked at them online, but need to find a source somewhere close to home to try on some various models. So, a few questions. - I've worn Kevlar for a number of years previously for work and I'm used to some weight and bulkiness. For those that have them, are you finding a need to "up-size" your Jackets to accommodate? - Breathability? It's great that some have noted the warmth factor, but does it come at the breatheability/sweat factor? Kevlar loves to hold a stink/sweat smell. It can be a nightmare to get rid of. Once it gets into any sort fabric, your pretty much walking around smelling like a sweaty gymlocker at the local public fitness establishment. I'm hoping these vests are different. Thanks again people
  7. Looking for Skidoo QRS Clutch Tower Brace BRP # 860200783
  8. MXZSlider

    Tekvest or variants

    So, going off the Tether Cord thread. Who has one or a variant there-of? Thoughts, inputs, pros vs cons etc?
  9. MXZSlider

    Tether Cords

    Mines gets tethered onto my Jacket before I even get moving. Speaking of Tekvest... been meaning to start a thread on that to get some input.
  10. MXZSlider

    Summerizing routine

    - Strip front cowling/headlights etc off - Inspect wiring/harness and fuses for wear n tare - Check engine bay, motor braces, exhaust, skid plate etc for any damages hidden by cowling - Inspect/replace Clutch belt as required - Inspect & grease front suspension (order runners/carbides if required) - Inspect/add or replace Oil, Coolant & chaincase fluids - Inspect Tunnel, Heat Exchangers and Track - Check Skid, Idler Wheels & replace bearings if required - Grease Rear Suspension - Add fuel stabilzer and full tank of 93 Octane minimum and let run - Hit Summerization mode - Re-assemble - Wash/Clean etc - Cover and store on stand, push to back of garage 2-4hrs work all said & done. Usually a Sat/Sun morn or evening after work effort. I may be a little OCD on my procedure, but at least I know what I may or may not be dealing with at the end of the season and what needs attention before going into the next.
  11. MXZSlider

    2021 Polaris Release

    My train of thought on the new 650 plant vs the 600R E-Tech as well. But good on them for offering up an alternative I built three different models yesterday morn over Coffee XCR 129 XC 137 Assault 144 Other than E-Start and PIDD ($1k alone) no other options. All were in the $17500 range and within $600 of each other. I'm trying to understand why Polaris charges for E-Start when it's regarded as standard fare elsewhere these days?
  12. MXZSlider

    2021 Snow Check

    I'm trying to figure out whether I stay in the 600/650 class or jump into the 850 realm and/or move up in length to 137" or 144"? 137" track seems to becoming the norm for a pure trail sled from manufactures and out on trails, but the the allure of a 144" and some Boondocking capability is tempting. Yet there's also something to be had and said for a 129" ease of flickability on tighter trails.. At least I have until the 14th/15th from Doo & Polaris respectively to decide
  13. MXZSlider

    2021 Polaris Release

    Well that's just it isn't it? Hype.. Really depends on whether you bought into the marketing onslaught or not? Certainly as consumers we are bombarded with a bevy of articles, photos, videos and the like on social platforms. Todays society has been pre-programmed to want the "best" of everything (and let's not factor in the age of entitlement mentality shall we?). While we can certainly get a misrepresentation of any product based on the afore mentioned online onslaught (the bulk of it coming from online end-users). We seem to have forgotten to take everything with a grain of salt or the fact that we/us as individuals conjure up a notion in our heads of what said product or brand should be like and then are dissapointed by it (for whatever reason), only to go off about it online or elsewhere & to anyone who is willing to listen. Brand Ambassadors As a whole they take a s*+t-kicking... Loyal to the brand because they believe in it, approached for discounts or free swag (you have no idea how often this happens), wanted for their opinions on said product at a moments notice, yet slammed in the same breath for being a "paid puppet" & over-hyping a new product/brand. (90% aren't paid btw). Believe me, as an Ambassador/Pro-Staff'er in another realm for almost 22yrs, I've seen, heard and been called all of it. Ambassadors are there and have been chosen predominately because they are familar with the brand, have high visability in the field per-say, it's values and can represent them in a professional manner on an end-user level. My hat is off to those who are fortunate enough to take on the task of Ambassador in these days. Manufactures Are caught in a conundrum, because if they are not releasing new product every couple of years the consumer either thinks they are resting on their laurels or a are falling behind their competition. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes not, that's just the way it goes. Again, all of this is being driven by the consumer wanting the "best" of the moment. Product launches are always a big deal on high ticket items. It's a way to get their distributers/dealers behind said product and build sales for the year. End-users always whine about these Sales Meetings or Product launch to-dos (insert a plethora of complaints/comments here). The reality is, a Company uses them to create sales which turns into profit, which then drives new R & D, turning that into new product yet again and there-by perpetuating the cycle It really is a fine line or double-edged sword for them. So, Is there a best behind the Hype? Short and only answer? NO .. What suits one person, may not suit another regardless of conceived popularity, online banter or even brand/make regardless of whether it's Sleds or a dang Q-Tip.. Having said all that... It basically comes back down to this... Do you or did you buy into the "Hype" ? .. If you did or didn't is irrelevant. The point being is the individual consumer made the choice one way or the other and no one else. Like it? Perfect. Don't like it? Deal with it..
  14. MXZSlider

    2021 Snow Check

    With Doo, Polaris and Cat all released and Yamaha shortly, whose got their eyes on a Snow Check model? I'm considering one of two '20 Doo Demos, possibly making the jump over to Polaris but might wait a year to see how the new 650 plant fares.
  15. MXZSlider

    2021 Polaris Release

    Makes you wonder? 1 - Did they just go bigger rather than try to compete with the new 600R 2 - Will Doo follow suit? Agreed Ya, having the different choices is nice. Some of the costs associated with them not so much. Still, they've given the consumer options instead of looking like the rest of the masses out there. Oddly they dropped the Blue/White/Black scheme this year (??) Actually don't mind the Purple/White & Silver scheme myself.