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  1. UsedtoSkidoo

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    this time it as right outside the door close to the cars.
  2. UsedtoSkidoo

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I actually liked the new owner. he was a nice and genuine guy but you could see he had managerial issues. Food was ok . Only thing that ticked me off is in between service on a busy day some locals and the owners were out "smoking" in the parking lot. Never a good sign.
  3. UsedtoSkidoo

    The aberfoyle of Polaris dealers

    At Peak the sales guys don't even know what a Snowmobile is. Last time I was in there I had to explain to the sales guy that Polaris made mid size and Full size rangers. He didn't believe me. Idiots
  4. UsedtoSkidoo

    2019 Toronto Sled Show..

    I would say Arizonas but haven't been in awhile. They used to stock the waitress pool with strippers from the Landing Strip...………….but I wouldn't know anything about that. Lonestar is there too but cant vouch for it. Hooters for good wings Earls is just down the road as well. But more expensive Not going this year. No need
  5. UsedtoSkidoo

    First ride.

    I rode mine off the trailer yesterday?...……………….
  6. UsedtoSkidoo


    When you run organisations on shoestring budgets don't expect more than what you get
  7. UsedtoSkidoo


    its no big deal if mine get here within 5 days im fine.
  8. UsedtoSkidoo


    lol. just got email it was shipped...………………………………...
  9. UsedtoSkidoo

    Jolly Roger /Super 8

    seems like they are supporting the sport so we will pop in for a meal
  10. UsedtoSkidoo


    haven't got mine yet. and it says log in to your online permit page and cant find that anywhere on the OFSC site.
  11. UsedtoSkidoo

    Announcement coming soon

    that parking lot is always full. Im betting in Huntsville he would do quite well
  12. UsedtoSkidoo

    Announcement coming soon

    Great spot for what you do . That lot at the Ultramar is full all winter. Will mean a lot of last minute forgot my gloves at home "Oh shit" moments. Make sure you put up lots of signs And right next to the Salmonella Grocery store...………………………:)
  13. UsedtoSkidoo

    Announcement coming soon

    I figured that. It was a logical choice. Great Move !
  14. UsedtoSkidoo

    Announcement coming soon

    good that location doesn't really make sense for you guys. Im sure we will be saying congrats
  15. UsedtoSkidoo

    Gas - Huntsville

    yes there is that issue as well. Nope Huntsville wants an upscale microbrewery restaurant destination feel to it. Nothing wrong with a trail to the hotels near Walmart though as they would benefit greatly. true, ive heard that. or a lot are looking for a blank cheque as well