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  1. Garage Goodies

    jesus. don't do that. that's a fire waiting to happen
  2. DIstrict 7

    Good thing all my sleds are gone. Snowmobiling is like a hot girl who cheats on you. You love the girl but man she is a heartless wench!
  3. What is BRP Thinking?

    I will be skipping that bodystyle for sure
  4. WTB - 340 Snowmobile

    I have one sitting up north at the cottage and we wont be using it. It needs a few things but nothing crazy. extremely low miles as well. Its a 1996 Indy lite deluxe no reverse.
  5. Early snow

    Those are legal roads that he is riding on. So they are not considered trails. They aren't even summer access roads. They just aren't plowed. I looked on maps to confirm what they were. But I'm not advocating riding now.
  6. Early snow

    and those are actual roads so legal to ride too!
  7. New Years Ride

    new years is always good for some snowmodrinking and that's all. I remember being on the trails twice in all the years I have been sledding around the cottage.
  8. Early snow

    Great site! Thanks
  9. Lets see your new sleds !

    probabaly one of the best sleds out there right now
  10. SOLD Triton TC 118 SOLD

    you have a message
  11. For Sale CKX TX707 Carbon Fibre Helmet

    Would you trade for some snow tires? BTW quick straps are awesome Good luck,
  12. OC group ride

    nope..................I'm busy.
  13. Winter Tires

    Come on guys no one wants these slightly aggressive tires? Ill even throw in this moist towellete picked up at the sled show on the weekend. Said it would make everything seem bigger...............not sure why
  14. Snowmobile Show

    Only one I ran into was Steve at the Pet Booth. Been awhile.