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  1. UsedtoSkidoo

    Idgit Tire Kickers

    The real idiots ar the sellers. It kills me when I see the ads for a 2008 Skidoo with 10,000 miles and $6000 firm NO LOWBALLERS.
  2. UsedtoSkidoo

    Which Sled To Sell, Or Keep It?

    if you have room keep both. you will never replace the 570 for what someone will give you for it.
  3. UsedtoSkidoo

    The freeriding has to STOP

    Let's hope so.. Farm fields only.
  4. UsedtoSkidoo

    The freeriding has to STOP

    I'm going to buy two free rides is that wrong.?
  5. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

    lots left out there but you need scratchers. trails were flatter than piss on a plate. Thanks again by the way. was a great day.
  6. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

  7. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

    looks good
  8. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

    perfect. Daughter is excited to try out her new ride
  9. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

    closer to my place anyway. thanks
  10. UsedtoSkidoo

    Port Sydney conditions

    Can I get a rip in this weekend? Like to ride Saturday?.
  11. UsedtoSkidoo

    Revrnd's Adventures

    OMG! He seems like a nice guy. Hope he does well. He said he will have dancers in on Thursdays in the fall...………….That should be interesting.
  12. UsedtoSkidoo

    2020 polaris adventure 137

    That is cool...……………………..
  13. UsedtoSkidoo


    That stinks for more than one reason. Traveling is a great experience March Break is the only time we can go so its expensive but who cares. We were going to do the Keys for two days before the cruise but I didn't want to drive and be busy so I booked a hotel right on Ft Lauderdale beach for the time instead. We go there every year and will hit up our favorite restaurants and such. No kids as well. Thank god. Daughter will be on a bus somewhere in the US and my son will be snowmobiling. Good Times
  14. UsedtoSkidoo


    Yup. There will still be snow when we all get back from March break. Probably have to trailer north but Ill get there Yup. Always costs us more. Heading to Ohio for a day, then Florida for 2, then Cruise out of Miami. Wife runs ragged and its no big deal to take ten days
  15. UsedtoSkidoo

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip