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  1. UsedtoSkidoo

    Clearing the D trail Huntsville

    I think a reroute there would be very simple.
  2. UsedtoSkidoo

    eye in the sky

    Your quoting the CBC. Your wrong on all fronts by using that source of "news"
  3. UsedtoSkidoo

    Clearing the D trail Huntsville

    Must have made the Hunters happy. lol D trail is always a mess. So heavily treed there.
  4. UsedtoSkidoo

    ISO polaris sled

    I have an indy lite 340 for sale
  5. UsedtoSkidoo

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    welcome to Bantario
  6. UsedtoSkidoo

    Wonder what yamaha has up their sleeve....

    how much now? 25k for a sled?
  7. UsedtoSkidoo

    2019 Ski-Doo Release Date

    this sledder said enough this year. so glad I did with the 3 week Muskoka window.
  8. UsedtoSkidoo

    OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    so your discussing matters related to Snowtrax and Craig Nicholson on behalf of yourself? Or on Behalf of the OFSC? I'm not sure which one your represent?
  9. UsedtoSkidoo

    OFSC "Stay Connected" Events Section

    if that is Slomo its pretty low and quite possibly illegal for someone in the know to reveal that info that he is privy to.
  10. UsedtoSkidoo

    Rosseau Road

    I saw the Northland thread and realised that one of our own treated us the same way. After We sold all of our sleds (I wont say I'm right but.) we looked for an ATV for my daughter. Saw Bill had one for sale and bought it site unseen. He gave me a great price and she is happier than anything. Quick easy transaction and we were on our way. I wouldn't hesitate to buy one from Rosseau Road again. Bill has been part of OC and a sponsor forever so dollars spent there are well spent. Thanks Bill. p.s. Was going to ask if he had a slightly used and damaged side by side for sale but I wasn't going that far.
  11. UsedtoSkidoo

    What to do ??

    get a skidoo
  12. UsedtoSkidoo

    Garage Goodies

    jesus. don't do that. that's a fire waiting to happen
  13. UsedtoSkidoo

    DIstrict 7

    Good thing all my sleds are gone. Snowmobiling is like a hot girl who cheats on you. You love the girl but man she is a heartless wench!