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  1. Looks like a great time. What a great sport for camaraderie.
  2. nothing north of Huntsville on the west side of eleven. missed us completely. could be a bit of damage on 55 between Huntsville and Port Sydney. Twister hit Griffin Lodge road.
  3. zing!
  4. we are all close. I'm a 30 min ride to reeves place
  5. just found a 2012 doo back country x. that will be my first choice,
  6. that's probably why its cheaper.
  7. No not yet. Going to look at a 2011 800 assault in the long weekend. Good price and low miles. Would make a great Asshat sled.
  8. Cat riders are so touchy.
  9. so it loaded up from going to slow? I'm thinking it just needs a good fast ride and it should be ok
  10. that sounds right. I have never been there but heard good things.
  11. Whats wrong with it? I have heard good things about a sled repair shop in Port Sydney. Not Arnies cat house but an independent guy. Other guy I know is in New Lowell but that's not near you.
  12. I was told by TD that they dnt do boat policies So we go with a marine broker. Weird
  13. I was told they don't do Boats.
  14. Now Slomo, we can all criticise but to be honest we cant criticise the OFSC. Radio ads are ridiculous. Social media is the only way togo
  15. Sound waves are linear and cannot travel in a direction that they were not emitted. So in reality by the time you hear the bike, Its too late.