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  1. Snowmobile Show

    Only one I ran into was Steve at the Pet Booth. Been awhile.
  2. Winter Tires

    Honestly, I'm sick and tired f everyone trying to ruin my thread. I'm just trying to sell some used tires and everyone is on here hijacking and joking around. If you cant be serious please stop responding.
  3. Winter Tires

    Looks like the sale fell through thanks for all the feedback. I'm looking for $250.00 a tire. They were on my mothers 1993 Ford Taurus... let me know if interested.
  4. Winter Tires

    so lets recap....................... I posted for tires for sale and then I responded with "That was quick" Hint: wasn't talking about my marital relations. Thanks for the interest though.
  5. Winter Tires

  6. Winter Tires

    message me for pics
  7. Winter Tires

    That was quick!
  8. Royal Distributing No Tax Sale Sept 21-24

    same here. I doubt I will go now.
  9. lots of rentals Pete, no issues
  10. Royal Distributing No Tax Sale Sept 21-24

    We went Saturday Afternoon in barrie. Was some decent deals actually and you didn't have to buy size 4XXXXl Got a great new FXR jacket for my daughter.
  11. OFSC Swings and Misses

    If Its free why not but honestly the sport will die unless we bring the youth into it.
  12. Anyone Know what this is about?

    The ofsc needs to get on this as they are our future
  13. Anyone Know what this is about?

    A magazine? What a waste. OFSC is doing nothing to attract youth to the sport. Was just talking with my son about that. He is a city sledder and really doesn't know many other kids who ride. It needs to be promoted
  14. Phazer Saddlebags

    can you send me a pic?