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  1. yup for sure on that now that we have a permanent trailer I got into cans in my Bubba mug a must when you leave the site LOL We are getting beer here at the brewery and dont laugh 3 cases for 90 bucks all in its Laker lager Deal is Sun Mon Tues but its a pain to take to the trailer The brewery had cans on a deal before a long weekend but I wasnt home arg
  2. Yup one of our riding buddies says that mobile 1 oil its what his c8 corvette calls for and thats what he uses Im in warranty and think best to go with BRP stuff
  3. I actually think you can get some re refined oil here at Saftey Klean 🙃
  4. ha ha not really a tall boy guy except good craft beer then in a real glass glass reg bottles are for me now wait for the slider replacement that's a different animal 🙃
  5. I havn't bought alot of premium this year the vehicles really didnt get alot of use but last year Costco premium for ethanol free hopefully was prob 25 cents more the previous year it was 10 cents more but other stations have been 30 cents give or take and here is some info for the price that is charged when the trucks take the fuel for delivery https://www.shell.ca/en_ca/business-customers/app-rack-pricing.html# sarnia depo on Nov 11 reg price is 88.9 and premium is 106.4 17.5 cent difference gouging yes
  6. Easy peasy follow the operators manual buy the kit from the dealer takes about an hour and at the end the beer tastes so good
  7. The sleds are still in the barn haven't really thought about them. Normally I put a couple tent trailers in that spot so I would need to start them. Move them and trip over them. Not great since older guys don't heal as fast :). Fire them up in a month and oil changes for both and sliders and new to me snowtrackers to the Endoro.
  8. My vote is for Bridgepoint snowmobile club. LoL.
  9. I think it was posted on this forum already about the renewals and needing a mail out as a reminder. Like it's a date that you really shouldn't forget. LoL
  10. as to the MTO val tag stickers on our plates and the dates such as 2021 if you are all up to date carry the receipt to prove in case and out of town Bufford T Justice wants to give you a fine there are stories out there it happening
  11. Another notice that doesn't get mailed out is your drivers license and health card renewal kinda important to keep them up to date
  12. Slowmo had written a detailed report on the trains . He was a good contributor on O C .  Now he can be found on D T or facebook. I have contacted him for info from time to time .

  13. Anyone run south of Gaspe and to New Brunswick ? Any one stay here ? https://www.shamrocksuites.ca/train
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