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  1. volunteer2

    Sauble Beach

    Thanks as well. Ya it's just unbelievable that D9 is not getting the snow like the past. Always said that if we don't get snow in D5 at least D9 is a short trailer ride. Still trying to figure if Durham may be worth a try. A buddy is to call me. He lives there.
  2. volunteer2

    Sauble Beach

    Thanks W M appreciate the news
  3. volunteer2

    Sauble Beach

    Any reports from Walkerton towards the Beach. Would like to attempt Wednesday. Please and thanks.
  4. volunteer2


    I am surprised they didn't call 911. The citiots around here would
  5. volunteer2

    600 ACE Sound Level

    Ours gets to 60 quick enough and it will see 70 in regular conditions. Not noisey. Just the thumping sound. Also we have a 12 so still the old throttle. Torquee for sure. Pulls instantly so with the new throttle with eco mode would be more gentle. Just thinking the settings may be comparable to the 900.
  6. volunteer2

    600 ACE Sound Level

    Yup definitely a thumpy sound Great description Thanks
  7. volunteer2

    600 ACE Sound Level

    Have one too Quiet for sure, but engine noise is very different and kinda hard to describe. Has a different tone, maybe since it's a twin, but a totally different sound than the 900 Ace and maybe a bit louder too.
  8. volunteer2

    North Bay Staging area

    Did this and worked perfectly Thanks for everyones help Had a real nice ride in the area before the freezing rain shut us down And Brian if you going to a Ranger game let me know and we could meet up Nick
  9. volunteer2

    Try Our Trails February 2nd and 3rd!

    I have wondered that a bit too Where is the "line" or is it a postal code or what is it that determines where the North is in the eyes of MTO to get the reduced val tags for vehicles and with Rev Can for the tax break ( if any ) ?
  10. volunteer2

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    Hey there my Daughter is there too. Was up there this weekend sledding with her, Mattawa, Deep River and back. Tons of snow. Rode today in North Bay too and freezing rain. Left at 3:30 pm with -4 and at Powassen was 2 degrees and 3 and pouring rain by Sundridge. Couldn't believe the temps going up and rain all the way home. 8 degees from Huntsville till hwy 9 then climbed to 11. Windy too and that melts the snow quick. The truck and trailer dont need to be washed at least LOL
  11. volunteer2

    North Bay Staging area

    No sorry will be riding the area next Monday The student needs to be back at school Mon night so thought best to stay in that area
  12. volunteer2

    North Bay Staging area

    Thanks as well
  13. volunteer2

    North Bay Staging area

    Thanks so much Brian Our Daughter is really loving it at Nipissing and North Bay We have been up alot in the last few months. The city and the people are all very nice. Even got great advice from a muscle car guy about which rims to put on the Chevelle. And enjoy watching the Battalion play even if the Rangers aren't in LOL
  14. volunteer2

    North Bay Staging area

    I am looking for a location to leave the truck and trailer for a few hours to go for a ride in North Bay. Please and thanks for any help
  15. volunteer2

    TRAIL STATUS 18/19

    Brian I put an order in with TWN 15-20 on Monday We are good to go LOL