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  1. volunteer2

    Ethanol free gas stations

    Saw these in Brantford and now in Kitchener
  2. WooHoo for sure Happy Canada Day Oh, and by the way Summer doesn't suck LOL
  3. Funny you mentioned that. I was in the Home Depot in Waterloo and talking with the rental guy. There were yellow stickers on the dump trailer there and he had mentioned that it's up to you to be legal and you sign off on that when you rent. He said one guy didn't return with the trailer. He was stopped and he wasn't legal, everything was impounded. Home Depot basically didn't know where their trailer was. They had his credit card so they just kept charging him (if there was any credit left ).
  4. actually this is good news and really no confusion If it's personal use no yellow stickers more $ in our pockets I never thought they would allow this
  5. I agree with SJ Cube van is stickered on its own so obviously the trailer needs sticker since you use a total GVWR Another idea is to use a SUV , Yukon, Suburban. Expedition etc and leave the seats in ( so it's not considered commercial) and everything is exempt from annual safeties. Go figure ............
  6. yes that is true but very very very sadly this combination needs yellow stickers too, 1/2 ton chev 1500 silverado GVWR 7200 lbs plus a single axle hybrid prostar sled trailer with a GVWR 2990 Total is 10190 lbs or 4622 kg, over by 122 kg Sad but the numbers don't lie.
  7. volunteer2

    Your last ride this April

    Doing better then this guy
  8. Today I heard from someone that if you're truck has the yellow sticker you MUST have a log book. Apparently it's something new they were saying. I have not heard anything about that yet. Any one else heard this ?
  9. volunteer2

    Throwback Thursday

    Too funny. Got 2 in the barn. BIL bought them and we were to get them back on the snow But life got in the way.
  10. volunteer2

    Beer cans on trails

  11. I will buy the trailer. Lol. Have a fun day
  12. volunteer2

    2020 polaris adventure 137

    I remember it too He drag raced that against a pretty fast Yamaha and Ski Doo too if I remember LOL
  13. volunteer2

    Trucks on Groomed Trails are Legal But Cause Problems

    and she said...........turn right in 500 meters.........turn right in 300 meters.......turn right now.......
  14. volunteer2

    Sauble Beach

    Thanks as well. Ya it's just unbelievable that D9 is not getting the snow like the past. Always said that if we don't get snow in D5 at least D9 is a short trailer ride. Still trying to figure if Durham may be worth a try. A buddy is to call me. He lives there.
  15. volunteer2

    Sauble Beach

    Thanks W M appreciate the news