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  1. Everything's legal..

    Was actually going to ask for info on the above. I agree that the sled trailer combined with your half ton pick up don't have a combined rating of 4500 kg so no sticker is required with this combination. If the truck has one it's only because of the heavier trailer being towed at another time. Never heard that all trailers being towed by stickered truck needs to be stickered. If this is the case I will be covering up my yellow sticker when I pull any of my lighter trailers.
  2. Conditions Update

    Ya and apparently the asshats are on it with the pipes past an Old Order Mennonite church on a Sunday. That is what my buddy is really POed about. We all know they own a lot of land we are able to ride on FOR NOW!!!!
  3. Conditions Update

    Talked with a volunteer and landowner from Mount Forest. He is majorly POed with the pipes. He is saying if there isn't a stop to them there probably will be more road running. Anyway, preaching to the choir here probably.
  4. New groomers

    New groomer delivered to our Groomer Captains place on Fri. On the back haul moved the existing groomer to another club in our District.
  5. Everything's legal..

    Yes You are golden I reread the MTO outline on the other thread The trailer needs to be weighed and determined if it's 2800 kg or not. You look like you're under so no need to bump up your RGW on the truck. The GVWR of the trailer is only needed for determining if the combined truck and trailer need a yellow sticker.
  6. Everything's legal..

    With the stickers it is unlikely you get pulled over on your own. We have had random checks around here and everything gets looked at. Again, I agree plead stupid especially if personal.
  7. Everything's legal..

    Yes I am commercial and licensed under 4500 I am very glad I bought a single axle trailer that transmits less than 2800 kg to the ground. Kept my registered weight low enough for no CVOR
  8. Trailer Advice

    Buddy has a Suburban and 4 bed enclosed triton Yellow stickers on both
  9. Everything's legal..

    Hey SJ From the way I understand it that is fine for the registration of the truck only. Now you need to add in the trailer. If it's an RV then no worries, nothing needs to change. If it is anything else you need to determine if it transmits more or less than 2800 kg to the ground. A tandem axel sled trailer will be greater than 2800 kg so you need to add the GVWR of the trailer to the tow vehicle then register it for that much. If it's personal no CVOR but if it's not personal then CVOR is needed.
  10. Everything's legal..

    Just pulled up old thread called trailer advice info is there regarding safetys etc
  11. Trailer Advice

    found some older info that I thought I would pull up hopefully helps a bit
  12. Everything's legal..

    Also, if registered over 4500 kg yes CVOR is needed but I did read on MTO site if for personal use the CVOR is not needed.
  13. Everything's legal..

    Thought I would put my 2 cents worth in too since I run with yellow stickers on my 1/2 ton pickup and single axle trailer. GVWR on truck is 7000 lbs (on the door pillar) and add the GVWR of trailer of 3500 lbs (on the sticker on the tongue) and over 9900 lbs ( which is 4500 kg) so yellow stickers. Now for the licensing/ registering of the truck. I read on the MTO site, and stated above, if the trailer transmits to the ground less then 2800 kg you need to add the tongue weight of the trailer to the registration weight of the plate and if the trailer transmits more than 2800 kg to the road you need to add the GVWR of the trailer to the registration weight of the plate. Blackstar had all this on the forum I believe last year with MTO pics and all. Of course the ONLY trailers exempt are campers. But if you pull with a truck with GVWR of more than 4500 kg the truck needs a sticker but RV doesn't. And if the trailer is homemade there are different rules again since there is probably no GVWR for trailer. I have a homemade landscaper that I am sure I am ok with without stickers. Running a light duty tire on it. Anyway I carry MTO printed copies with me always. I think this is an important topic since we all seem to pull some sort of trailer and I don't like to hear guys getting these big fines from MTO.
  14. More changes at OFSC

    From what I understand no E- test in Moorefield but needed in Drayton These areas are 20 minutes north of Kitchener Waterloo
  15. Clubhouse expenses

    Aren't the equalizations payments for grooming and trail expenses ? Also, we shouldn't forget about administration expenses for the District, would that need to come out of the 30% ?