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  1. ontariof7

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    I'll remember that next time I am in Hearst
  2. ontariof7

    New Ski-Doo's

    Appears they are taking a page from Yamaha's five year business plan starting back in 2014.
  3. ontariof7

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

    Perhaps planned by design?? Have a great trip you guys. Send pics
  4. ontariof7

    You Never Know.

    How do you know no insurance?
  5. ontariof7

    If my luck was any better !!!!!

    I dropped you a PM
  6. ontariof7

    2020 Sneak Peak Tour.....

    So, I hear that Cat will have a pre-release Feb 25 and full release March 1. Doo apparently is Feb 18. I still have nothing from "the google" on Poo or Yamaha.
  7. ontariof7

    New guy

    Welcome. I hope you enjoy your new ride.
  8. ontariof7

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    X2. Either my question on 2020 release dates was missed due to Snow bikes or no one knows
  9. ontariof7

    Yamaha 2t Alpha ?

    On a related topic; does anyone know the 2020 release dates for the OEM's?
  10. ontariof7

    FS 2007 Vector GT

    I have seen this sled. Very clean and well maintained.
  11. ontariof7

    2019 Manufacturers Sneak Peak Dates

    All good Baylaker, I have pictures too. wish I could share
  12. ontariof7

    Yamaha steps up.

    Got me there....However, Whoever the OEM is. Thanking land owners is huge gesture.
  13. ontariof7

    Yamaha steps up.

    Guessing all OEM's are welcomed to participate in any fashion they choose. In the meantime; landowners can pick from a Piano to oil. Lets see BRP Doo that
  14. ontariof7

    TSC-Sled Dollies

    Have you solved this issue? I have the same.
  15. ontariof7

    TSC-Sled Dollies

    Shall I send you pictures of my other sled dollies? Oh wait, this G rated. How many sleds do you own again?