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  1. ontariof7

    Yamaha 8DN belts

  2. ontariof7

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

  3. ontariof7

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    Thanks! Adding a sea of Red to the already sea of blue with the SRX, Winder
  4. ontariof7

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    I have should you mine, now show me yours!!
  5. ontariof7

    Yamaha 8DN belts

    Price change to $145 for the four belts.
  6. ontariof7

    Oh the people you meet

    Apparently a groomer is on route....lol
  7. ontariof7

    Yamaha 8DN belts

    I have four 8DN belts available. Three used one season each and one brand new. Asking $160 for the lot.
  8. ontariof7

    Throwback Thursday

    1995 340cc with heated grips and electric start. So fun to ride down the river. WOT. I laugh out loud every time I do.
  9. ontariof7

    Throwback Thursday

  10. ontariof7

    Westway Motel - Cochrane

    It worked too well for you; you showed me your browsing history
  11. ontariof7

    Another PQ 'Urban Legend'?

    I had to wait for my custom numbers for my Apex. I cut a sheet of clear vinyl; the one with a peel off backing. I cut it 1/4" larger then the MTO license. Stuck the vinyl to my tunnel then MTO license to it. It stayed on perfectly and peeled off when my numbers came in easily.
  12. ontariof7

    Tek vest

    Would the moderators kindly remind me how I ignore an individual? Never mind I figured it out....
  13. ontariof7

    2020 Yamahas

    Could not agree more. Great seeing him in the 2020 video launch.
  14. ontariof7

    2020 Yamahas

    It was great to see Chris Reid back!
  15. ontariof7

    2020 Yamahas

    Then buy a Polaris