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  1. ontariof7

    Some OC Celebrities?

    Great Pic! PS: Need help! or Need help?
  2. ontariof7

    Quick Question

    10' 6" ski tip to bumper. 10' 7.5" to bumper sleigh hitch. You may have to remove the windshield, she is a tall one!!
  3. ontariof7

    Oh S*#t lost poll

  4. ontariof7

    2018 Kapuskasing Adventure

    DAM those are nice pictures Did you attempt to order french dressing at Smoothies? Chat soon,
  5. ontariof7

    you might like these - potato donuts

    Ketchup, vinegar and salt donuts?? Or chocolate layered potatoes?
  6. ontariof7


    Are you for real? Think about what you wrote. Volunteer shortage or possible land owner concerns for the OFSC trails or simply red tape. Versus a private enterprise.
  7. ontariof7

    Almaquin SC no longer supports their webpage??

    Appears to be a "waze" version of the trail guide. User defined.
  8. ontariof7

    OC group ride

    I was interested. I may reconsider
  9. ontariof7

    1995 Wellcraft boat- Price Reduced *****

    Reduced to $4,600. Pictures of interior available as well.
  10. Selling our boat. Due to work schedules we have decided to sell our boat. A 1995 Wellcraft Eclipse 233. Cuddy cabin; alcohol cooktop, sink, small marine porta potty, table and sleeping for 2-3. 5.7L motor. 10 person safe capacity. Has been winterized, stored and summer ready the last 6 years by the local marina. Currently at Everglades Marina in Pefferlaw, slip paid for the season. Asking $5,300.
  11. ontariof7

    Advantage Motel - Kapuskasing

    I would absolutely return to the Advantage; under their current ownership.
  12. ontariof7


  13. ontariof7

    few pics from this year

    "shot of bill on trip to norland,early season". I can only imagine Bill was on a trip Great pics!!!