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  1. Bryan XC700

    Best Cold Weather Suits

    I bought a Team FX jacket with the FAST system straight from FXR 2 winters ago in their clearance area on the website, it was marked down to $125!! Not once have a I had the liner in the coat & haven't been cold at all! I bought a pair of the FXR pants with FAST last year at Royal's tent sale. I only where a long sleeve shirt & track pants typically & haven't been cold since.
  2. Bryan XC700

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    As far as I can see they haven't released any HP numbers yet.
  3. Bryan XC700

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    That's great to know! I heard those 800's were pretty good on fuel as well, just didn't have any first hand knowledge of them!
  4. Bryan XC700

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I was curious about the 800's as well, just to compare did you ride from Cochrane? We filled up at the Esso in Cochrane & rode the East side up to the Canyon (long way) & then filled up.
  5. Bryan XC700

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I'm curious about that as well. I was in Cochrane two weeks ago riding with friends. We rode the Canyon on the Friday so here are real world fuel consumption for that ride with 4 different sleds & all of us on the loud button for the ride. We filled up at the Canyon for $3/L . 2018 Ski-Doo XRS 850 - 23 L 2018 Ski-Doo Blizzard 850 - 22 L 2013 Polaris Pro R 800 - 31 L 2002 Polaris 800 XC SP - 34 L (me) I'll be very interested in the fuel mileage of the new Polaris 850.
  6. Bryan XC700

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    So it appears that Polaris is gunning for top spot in the 800 class with the release of the 850 Patriot Motor to rival Ski-Doo's 850. They're offering a full 4 year warranty with it so they seem confident that this motor with stand up to the abuse! https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-ca/snowmobile-engines/850-patriot-engine/
  7. Frustrating doesn't even cover it!! Especially with Indy Salvage!! I actually spoke to someone who took my name & number not once but twice the week before family day weekend & still am yet to get a call back. I was going to be in that area for family day so if they had the parts I could've picked them up that weekend..........but as it sits now still haven't heard anything!!!!
  8. Sent an email there as well & haven't received any back yet. I sent emails/called Indy Salvage, Snowline, Bent Toys, JT's, Rickwards in Kearney & even a place in Saskatchewan!!! And they only place who bothered to return an email was the place in Saskatchewan!!!
  9. Thanks for the offer but I was able to order a front bumper for it. I'll be keeping my eyes open for parts sleds going forward. Unfortunately with Mother Nature I think our season is done!
  10. I've called multiple times & emailed them as well & I am yet to receive and email or a phone call back from them!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yes that's the way it's looking for the time being. But I've got it pieced back together for now so that the boy can still ride & will spend the off season trying to come with a more permanent solution.
  12. Thanks for the offer but it won't fit. The Indy Lite chassis is smaller than the standard Indy Chassis of the 90's, that's why the parts are so hard to come by.
  13. I've done that for the time being so that my boy can ride this weekend since we're heading up north. A friend who's an impressive fabricator helped me out with it so that my son's year isn't ruined. That being said the pan is busted up pretty good & I'll have to try to find a pan protector that will fit that chassis, which won't be the easiest I assume.
  14. I've sent email to them, Bent Toys, Mikeys in Timmins and even a place is Saskatchewan, I'm still waiting for a response.
  15. Bryan XC700

    Guess I need to change my screen name

    At least you're back up & riding again........even if it meant switching to the Dark Side lol!