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  1. Congratulations The Groomer Guy!

    Wow. Way to go, Luc.
  2. x2 Nunz. Way to go. I usually attend the show on Friday (and Buffalo Bills football game on Sunday this year), so not sure if our path's will cross. Really enjoyed seeing Karen, you and the Summer Sux sled crew this summer.
  3. Hey Trail Map

    Thanks Panther, Great idea and should be applied to sledding. Not sure if it's a HTA or Trespass Act amendment (both, more? for sledding) but definitely a step in the right direction for Toronto. Kids asked me why Toronto police were wearing baseball caps with"TPA". I didn't know. Looked it up (article at end). They (police association) want more hiring (actually 4 items). Understandable, from their viewpoint. Have a feeling that removing them from pylon duty will free up many resources, so new hiring may not happen. http://www.torontosun.com/2017/09/14/toronto-cops-wear-hats-in-protest-of-low-morale
  4. Hey Trail Map

    The "ride free weekend Ontario" , then "ride free weekend Quebec" plus "per use" OFSC passes discussion came up a few times this summer (Britt, Ont. where boat is seems to be in a 'low snow' zone. Folks leaning towards per use passes). This forum has diehard sledders. Heck, I bought 2 passes last year and only used one sled. That was a choice..wife enjoys cottage sledding more than northern adventures and we didn't have consistent snow @ cottage. In fact, last season had some of the oddest freeze/melt frequency I can remember. We assume that for someone with $ thousands invested in a sled, a season pass is a no brainer and the seasonal purchase is a given - but it isn't. As riders get older (what is the 'average' in Ontario - creeping up?) and "warmer climates" are an option...a la carte passes will gain favour. Florida in January; Feb on trails. I'll keep buying annual..but others? Hope so. "Trail pass", "ski pass", "gym pass" - folks will always do the math (as they should).
  5. Gowganda Lake Lodge

    Thx for the ATV ride report. Gas station info also appreciated, although we always fuel up at Gowganda Lake Lodge. I recall Ron and Giselle mentioned that the best fishing is accessed via ATV trails to lake (they have boats strategically placed. So many fish that even the site admin, LMV, could catch one ). Never thought the ATV system would be so well developed. Great info. Thanks.
  6. Hey Trail Map

    There was a pre-September 1st desktop computer message, but it worked on September 2nd. As Yukon notes, a bunch of red lines LOL. Today, back to the old message : With all trails unavailable at this time, the ITG will be offline until September 1, 2017.
  7. Hey Trail Map

    I also glanced at the interactivce guide sept. 2nd. Not necessarily for 'trip planning' on a specific date, but to determine where the trail went in the Britt/Byng Inlet area (more of a curiosity thing, given the extensive highway 400 construction over the past couple of years). Snow seems to bypass that area (and Killarney), so if you're gonna go, it'll be on short notice. The interactive guide is up and running.
  8. Gas Station Closures & Openings

    I hope Orangeville area gets consistent snow and temps this year. Topography looks awesome. Want to try the trails out that way.
  9. That would be a very convenient place to stage from . Thx Blake
  10. Open or Closed Businesses

    A friend mentioned that he was renting out a second floor room (Toronto) via AirBnB . It got me thinking about sledding and rooms off the beaten path ("Slomo was here" ) Here's one for Iroquois Falls. Too difficult for Revrnd's list to keep up with Airbnb, but interesting in a pinch. This house, built in the early 1900's, was home to Frank Anson, one of the original founders of the town and the Abitibi paper mill. It has been newly renovated, and converted to a Bed & Breakfast to preserve the historical relevance of the site. We are located on a spacious lot at the end of Argyle Avenue, overlooking the beautiful Abitibi river. A full breakfast is included in the price. Guest access The house has a small crossfit gym, 2 big tv rooms with sattelite tv, 2 dining rooms, a big backyard. The 5 bedrooms share 2 freshly renovated full bathrooms https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/18626580?location=Cochrane%2C ON&s=oSLRZROT Funny how some Air B n B reviews for northern Ontario (i.e. Timmins) say "Couldn't get a room due to ..convention..hockey tournament...so tried Airbnb" Worth keeping in mind.
  11. Gas Station Closures & Openings

    Keeping the boat in Britt, so passed the new Esso a few times. No shortage of summer fuel as you head north from Parry Sound. Great summer hours as well. 6 am to 11 pm Magnetawan Gas Bar and Store. Tried to map out proximity to trails, but Interactive Guide is down until September 1st. Which is tomorrow!! The first sign of winter LOL.
  12. 900 ACE Life Expectancy

    Thx for real life results, Denis. Didn' intend to hi- jack from initial 900 Ace thread. Great info all around.
  13. 900 ACE Life Expectancy

    A recent magazine (American Snowmobiler, current issue..fall 2017) writes that SkiDoo may have been stretching mileage on the 850. I have the hard copy of magazine at home...but reading between the lines, riders aren't get the expected range.
  14. 900 ACE Life Expectancy

    If an 'avatar' change was in the works, I'd look at a SkiDoo powered by the 900 Ace. Have heard great things from Denis, riders and media reports. A friend spring checked one (I tried to get him to Denis' dealership, but he stayed well south). Hope to try it out this winter.
  15. X2 for Yamaha in the diagram .....grrrrr Efficient set-up. Enjoy!

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