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  1. Canuck

    Jolly Roger /Super 8

    We'll also pop in this winter. Wonderful trail riding, and memories of a wonderful oc.com gathering.
  2. Great pic. And I get the connection between 'thumbs up' and thanks to landowners for permission to cross. No way you were going to catch Evil and crew, photo op or not, LOL
  3. Canuck

    New Jacket.

    Looks great! Thanks for the website - I glanced at it, but it's a hit and miss proposition. I'll circle back in the future - find that my Klim jacket is too short. It rises as I stretch my hands out to handlebars. Much prefer the longer jackets I had in the past. Anyone aware of 'longer' jacket brands? Thanks again, Zoso.
  4. Way to go! Happy 33rd anniversary. It's a lovely place - 'tho I only stayed there with some ruffians from this forum (Domino, 14Snow). Cabin to yourself, short walk to the main lodge for EXCELLENT food and hospitality.
  5. Canuck

    Announcement coming soon

    Congratulations, Bill, Jennifer and family. Port Sydney's the first area we 'staged' from - years ago. Pine Lodge, Charlie. Great memories, including Pump and Barrel. Wonderful trails. Look forward to visiting the area again, and as mentioned, last minute opportunities to purchase may be helpful. 2 stroke Arctic cat oil? Even the "Oh heck, where's the balaclava? Wife's releasing her inner Mactier, black balaclava 'omitted' from the wash, pink will have to doo".
  6. Canuck


    ...and barbirch. Great idea.
  7. Canuck


    Agree with Spidey and you. Great idea. If I don't have a Quebec trail pass ( as an example ), I'm not surfin the interactive guide. If I'm thinking of buying one, a static ( .pdf ) will let me know if it's worth it. 10 years ago...all we had were maps or magazines.
  8. Canuck


    There was a connection between permit prices and annual sales. Prices rose, permit sales fell. I spoke to this at AGM, years ago. We had some awful winters (southern Ontario) in the ensuing years and I was thankful that prices were in the $190 range. During the ensuing years, I kept asking: a) non permitted sledders (riders stopped at trail, on ofsc trail, without a permit) and b) non sledders (i.e taxi driver in a northern town) what they thought permit cost. Standard answer - $400. We kept permit prices low, and kept riders 'in the game'. But somehow the message about the 'low' permit cost didn't get out (imo). Tread carefully as you proceed north of $200 (plus s & h)'; realize that Ontario riders pay insurance on top of this (unlike quebec's $330 permit that includes $1 million liability and $2 million for club). Would any of us on this forum bail over a $240 permit. NO. Not for one sled. But if we were keeping 2 or 3, for occasional family ride...yes. You might add it up. What's your tipping point? Get the message out re: the bargain Ontario sledding is, from permit price perspective.
  9. Canuck

    Our New online Store

    Lookin' good. Let it snow, let it snow.
  10. Canuck

    Horse Stall Mats at TSC

    sledwhisperer.....you know you're a snowmobiler when...
  11. Canuck

    Ethanol free gas stations

    Thanks, Soup. Wonder why ... "; however, the below provinces/territories don’t have ethanol: · New Brunswick · Newfoundland · Northwest Territories · Nova Scotia · Prince Edward Island · Yukon
  12. Canuck

    -Thank you Marty-

    Agreed. His time spent behind the scenes is appreciated.
  13. Canuck

    Halfway haven update

    Thanks goodness Halfway Haven is there. It brings sleds in from all around, etc. Preaching to the converted on this forum (most like the place). Enjoyed my visits with Sean.
  14. Canuck

    Deep River Updates

    Wonderful topography - you must have a blast at that hunting camp.
  15. Wonder if you still need to carry 'paper pink insurance slips" while sledding? Automobile exemption in this article https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/car-insurance-pink-auto-ontario-electronic-1.5271540 For those of us out of cell phone range ..or backing up to the cloud.. Drivers will be responsible for making sure their phone can display the proof of insurance, even with a poor signal, drained battery or damaged screen. And ... The province is also reverting back to the default benefit of $2 million for those who are catastrophically injured in a collision, after it dropped to $1 million three years ago. Happy (and safe) trails.