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  1. Congrats to Dubreuilville and Timmins - both have sections of trail still open. Dub has 'many' kms, Timmins less. Until next year ....
  2. April 6th to 9th Temiscaming Quebec

    Great pics Fabio.
  3. Anyone else out inthe Missing Link this weekend?

    Too funny! Someone ( Dale ) actually took us down into a valley...too steep on both sides for groomers. Pointed to a spot where 2 trails join...the missing link. Great trails! I mean great TOP trail. Yeah..stay on the main trail.. nothing to see on the side trails LOL.
  4. quebec trails map & info

    Thanks, Slomo. As mentioned, great summary of resources for Quebec snowmobiling.
  5. Show your 2018 pics.

    Wow! Winter 2.0 indeed.
  6. Heading to Cochrane

    Thanks, revfnd " Red means red - closed " Hopefully events like this ( rationale is your safety! ) will help sledders ' get it '.
  7. Last ride of the season

    Way to go, SK
  8. Show your 2018 pics.

    Wonderful pic. Stubborn moose. Guess you don't want to rile them (says the city boy).
  9. Glasses lost in Cochrane

    I see that you've also snowmobiled with Domino. Silly mouse x2 lol.
  10. Sudbury-Gowganda-Temagami-Sudbury

    Way to go, Andrey. Wonderful pics! Also wondering where that iron bridge is. Trail 'inscription' is a great idea.
  11. Last ride of the season April 5th - 9th

    Pretty much the same in the Northwest corridor of Ontario. First day..passed 3 riders ( 300 kms). Next day ..not sure if we saw anyone on the way out to Longlac. One group of 3 on the way back eastward the next day. More as you approached Hornpayne and D'ville ( sole rider, smaller groups). Fun part was actually joining up with some oc'rs on a ride from Dubreuville to White River day 4 ( incredible trails for this time of year). Waste high snow in D'ville area. Pulled a couple of sleds out after (failed) attempts at turning around ...too funny. Long days and trailside lunches make spring sledding special. Come hungry, my friends. Definitely plan for trailside snacks. Not the usual Feb " are we there yet".
  12. White River/Marathon

    Wonderful pics. Dubreuville to Marathon would be awesome.
  13. Cross-Country Weekend

    Where are the ....... trails? Looks like a challenging, but fun, trip. Great song.
  14. Cross-Country Weekend

  15. Made big loop back in Timmins now.

    Way to go, VR 700 Looks like trail snow base is hanging in. You had so many sunny days! Great pics.