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  1. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Meteorologist warns of a ‘classic Canadian winter’ with plenty of snow Ontario to receive "above average" snowfall. Actually believe it this year. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/meteorologist-warns-of-a-classic-canadian-winter-with-plenty-of-snow/article37027959/ Thanks for the encouraging pics, group.
  2. Aubrey Falls - Black Creek

    Thx Dan. Lookin good. Any word on trail repairs north of there...to keep the connection to Halfway Haven navigable? (that trail status/progress might be a separate thread. Don't mean to hijack what you're conveying here - the white stuff is falling and we may be in for an early season). Thanks again for pics.The lake/sled photo is awesome.
  3. Lets see your new sleds !

    Polaris looks awesome in that colour scheme. Cross Country 8000 C-Tec 2 ... great looking machine, intriguing (2 stroke, light) prospect. Happy trails, guys.
  4. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    You're right, VR700. I made jest after Domino had 'resolution'. He'll get me back...always does LOL.
  5. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Domino (2018 version).
  6. Sault Ste. Marie - Area

    I'd there's snow north of Pointe au Baril, you're fine. We got turned around at Shell there years ago. Simply ask south bound sledders at Shell. New gas station between Pointe and Britt. IAFG was not up when I looked to see if it's on trail. Just fyi..since you're heading up that way.
  7. First ride of the season....

    GoBills and Wright. Hope the team figures out how to stop the running game. Congrats on selling the water bike.
  8. First ride of the season....

    As a Buffalo Bills fan ... rather go muddin than watch last Sunday's game lol. You're a trooper Nunz.
  9. New ITG

    I was looking for Longlac after reading about the groomer transfer....tried using my Isnowmobile app ( at cottage) and noticed that it's a work in progress this year. Might be old news, but news to me. At least we still have paper maps (guides) : razz: Which are great for trip planning btw.
  10. New ITG

    MOBILE APP The iSnowmobile App is currently under development and will not be available this season. The good news is you can check trail availability and plan your route from any device with access to the internet at: https://trails.evouala.com/ofsc
  11. new sled for the season...

    Nowadays, there'd be Sledjunk's GoPro to catch these displays of snowmobiling brilliance Spring sledding. Open creeks. You know you're Canadian when ....
  12. new sled for the season...

    That would be me, crossing any creek on a sled. Went thru windshield twice on one trip. Buddies (I use the term loosely) still laugh about it. Not sure how guys don't impale the skis in the opposing river bank on a water crossing. Getting better...throttling to get front up...but boy did I learn the hard way. Good thing I was driving my wife's sled that day. Thx Blake.
  13. New sled pictures.. Finally..

    I was looking at some 2 strokes at the snowmobile show. Arctic Cat (can't bear to change my avatar LOL). Wonder what a lighter sled would be like. Yeah...I get it... back of the line with the folks I ride with.
  14. Let's see some pictures of snow!!

    Way to go, group. Thanks for the pix
  15. Sudbury Hotel Reviews

    BP, I recall that you rolled thru Dinner Bell in Bonfield. Chateau Guay' s a lot like that ( without emphasis on dessert; butter tarts). I've stayed at Chateau half dozen times. Visited folks at Moonlight. Sledjunk's summary is bang on- both are motel style, roadside motels. Once parked, you're not near any activity ( get up, ride, return, dine at Chateau Guay' diner, breakfast as well, repeat). I keep returning for the trails. Apart from the 2 loops you mentioned, you can also run a day trip to the bridges and back ( French River and Pickerel River) as well as further south to Manitoulin Island. Both hotels are great hubs. Soupkids provides great local info... I've PM'd him and his info is timely and accurate.