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  1. Canuck

    Beach Run - Wasaga - Warning

    Thanks for the danger warning. Applies pretty much anywhere on the Great lakes (and interior lakes) that had higher than normal water. Bicycle couriers call hitting an open car door "the door prize". Beware of 'stumpy' - guess all we can do is slow down and hope for the best. I, for one, predict a cold winter and look forward to G-Bay exploration with riders who know the area. Haven't gotten out as far as I have recently (enjoy Port Severn to Parry Sound on the bay). Woods Bay, etc.
  2. Canuck

    Hornepayne Food Options

    I've seen the Dutchman on his best behaviour! No wonder it's 'closed' . It's like a Seinfeld episode..."what happened" "what did I do?" The secret password for entry might be "The Dutchman isn't with us. Please open the door".
  3. Canuck

    Just found this site

    Welcome aboard. Any updates from Dunsford or Bancroft would be greatly appreciated. Bancroft is a great place to start the RAP tour.
  4. Canuck

    Hornepayne Food Options

    Cindy's is wonderful. Thanks, Matt.
  5. Canuck

    The Ice Machine is Working Overtime!!!

    Great news re: freeze up.
  6. Canuck

    Oh S!*t I need HELP List

    Yes for me. No changes.
  7. Canuck

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Nice to see you as a sponsor at Slederama, Wildbill /Rosseau Road Powersports. I had my boat in Peterborough a few nights this summer - folks seem to have an active, outdoor lifestyle down that way. And .. totally understand Sprucedale "Hotel" as a magnet/destination for riders.
  8. Canuck

    Good news in D17

    Thanks for sharing the info, Soupkids. I looked at the IAFG. Wow. So many trails in the north-west. I wanted to head to Atikokan this winter...and now see trails way beyond that. Appreciate the efforts of all volunteers to bring the trails back.
  9. Canuck

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    I keep thinking that as our 'range' extends, we bypass places. Sprucedale was a natural stop (tm-STG) from Parry Sound. Now I'm there in a flash (ahem) and Kearney feels like a natural destination. Same thing heading north from our cottage on Six Mile Lake. Gravenhurst was a haul...trails got way better and we now by-pass Gravenhurst and stop in Bracebridge or Huntsville. Add the range of some sleds and you're flying by places you once stopped at. Just IMO, and realize that if I bypass Gravenhurst riding north, someone heading from the north will bypass their town and land in Gravenhurst. All good in the end. But our destinations have certainly changed. Heck, Bonfield>Mattawa (lunch) > Bonfield would've been at the edge of comfort for wifey and I years ago. Now it seems easy. Actually go for a toot further south after completing that loop in a day. Sleds are better, suspension more forgiving, trails are wider, better signed and just easier to ride. It's almost like the highway freeway model has come to Ontario sledding. And I sense more changes to dining & gas will follow. It wasn't just the Sprucedale hotel's 'issues' - there are other choices, not too far away.
  10. Canuck

    Haliburton Forest

    My experience seems to mirror Blake's - several 'good rides'. Point of reference - Boxing Day, three times, so pretty early in the year 'tho not opening weekend by any stretch. I've stayed in the onsite cabins (pricey but very convenient). Also at cottages offsite. From years on this forum, it's 'what were you promised and when did you travel there'. You can run the RAP , have mild weather, road rash - and hate it. Two weeks later, perfecto. Same with Haliburton Forest. The issue here, in the past, has been oversell and under-deliver. Riders were told trails were 'open' or 'had snow', only to experience under whelming conditions. Tough to accept after you've booked off the day(s) and driven out there. You should try it once, C6 - but hit it after a storm, consistent low temps and a quick check of local weather at that higher elevation.
  11. Canuck

    Parry Sound Early Snow!!!!

    Way to go. I remember doing that in the Midland area, 1980's. My riding buddies are too far apart nowadays. Be safe ... odd incidents 'first ride' and 'last ride' of season.
  12. Canuck

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Stay warm, northern friends.
  13. Canuck

    Sault Ste. Marie - 2019-2020 - Season

    More snow than I thought. Thanks, Dan.
  14. Canuck

    The Groomer Guy Podcast

    Oh.. I heard the beginning...safety brake kicks in when you opened window on BR...feel like you guys need hockey helmets from the1960's... Sorry about the leaf blue ... Be safe, Luc.
  15. Canuck

    The Groomer Guy Podcast

    Thanks Luc. This will be great in-car, long trip listening.