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  1. Henry's has re-opened, right? I'm enjoying the Britt - Killarney axis, so haven't been down that way. Attending two Midland events in August, so want to plan a stop midway at Henry's.
  2. See what happens when the local 'ballet' closes?
  3. They sell food? I never get past "1 bottle of Canadian. Put it on Sledjunk's tab". Thx for the update, group.
  4. I'd love to meet up .. will keep an eye on this topic. Thx Nunz et al.
  5. Your input re: Sudbury snowmobiling has been extraordinary. It's difficult to think about sledding in summer, so best not to. Pop open a cold one and enjoy!
  6. Too funny (wife, girlfriend and Amzoil girls - retirement means you can start on the Coors light earlier in the day , I guess LOL. I know 02Sled, Pepsi only). It would be great to meet up somewhere this summer. I've seen that some of the gang at the Parry Sound PET ATV ride in the past (just attended dinner). Crossed path's in other ways. Keep us posted.
  7. Want my Bee Gees? Steve Miller as well.
  8. Wow, Denis Thanks for assembling this (probably not the first time you've heard that, LOL).
  9. A blue hair dryer would be quite funny. Yamahaha has it's issues. Quite the scene with Yami riders trying to start sleds on a cold morning. In fact, Ron and Giselle want forewarning if I'm still on the Viper next year. Went through the relay issue on Apex/Vector and then starter kickback on the Viper. Cold mornings and Yami...not a good mix (this past year it was simply 'cold' - can't explain why 3 Yammi's didn't start that day, but Ron's boost sure helped). Have now driven thousands of kms with Ski-Doo riders on their reliable 4 strokes. Never a hiccup (hangover, yes, but never a hiccup). Time for a new avatar? LOL
  10. I live in GTA. Find that it's an unofficial start to the season. Usually go on opening day. Great place if you know what you need, ready to purchase (usually accessories). Never found the actual OEM snowmobile displays helpful. Can't put my finger on it, but suspect that if you're in one camp (i.e. team Blue) and venture over to Eat Shit Blvd (oh, let's say Polaris) ... you're surrounded by folks who've consumed the kool-aid. Tough to discuss the advantages of a sawed off sled (oh, let's say Polaris) when you're in a Yamaha jacket and the Polaris riders ask how your hernia is healing.
  11. 30th Anniversary. http://www.torontosnowmobileatvshow.com/
  12. 30th anniversary of the show.
  13. Would waiting at the Port Severn electric station be 'that bad"? You can complete work on your computer - isolated, quiet work up in the rotunda. You can answer or make calls. If retired or on a day off, walk down to the river. Bring a hammer, work on 02Sled's new home Interesting book that's on my summer reading list: The book's premise is "we can overcome the multiple stresses of an age of accelerations - if we slow down and use the time to reimagine work, politics, and community" From an earlier book review, I recall that it started with Friedman waiting for someone in a restaurant. He reflected on the time this accorded him - he was waiting, but at the same time, didn't have to be anywhere else.
  14. Great to see McCauley, Triton, Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and others supporting the cause. I'm looking for a propane supplier. Going to call Budget Propane....see if they deliver our way. Thx for the list, Blake.
  15. Port Severn. 02Sled loves messing with city folk. Have to remind him not to park there