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  1. Indy adventure models comes in 650 or 850...not sure which model you're referring to. Titan still comes with the 800 engine.
  2. Lot's of excitement for the mountain segment! I know you're not the only one pumped up over the Matryx XCR either Nunz. Should be a hit!
  3. Not a farce. We are keeping up with semi-regular grooming.....and yes some people are trespassing and running closed trails anyways, which makes the whole thing even more frustrating.
  4. I purchased 2 permits and also volunteered hundreds of hours since last summer/fall towards a season that never happened for my club....Guess which one I feel more 'ripped off' about? $200 permit is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things imo.
  5. I think that crowd is probably minimal. There are definitely few trespassers who are running the trails anyways, most likely at night. Speaking as a local volunteer and snowmobiler....I am definitely not applauding the Doc at the moment. With young kids my riding is usually from my doorstep. The Doc has taken that all away.
  6. Try grooming the mint trails that you aren't allowed to ride....I had 2 sleds pass me on D trail near North Bay on Saturday night. I felt like laid on the horn but couldn't get my cell phone out fast enough.....frustrating is an understatement. I have no idea what Dr. Cheerios will do this week. Time will tell I guess.
  7. Not sure when you had this experience. The new drag is a mogul master and purchased new last year. Works much better than the previous old drag.
  8. This is true. We have bought a new snowmobile and a new drag over the past couple of years for the stretch of D trail near Trout Lake in North Bay. The equipment, fuel, insurance etc. to operate it is not funded by the OFSC. This is not a secondary trail as most people know.
  9. As suspected. He will dig in his heals. Another opinion article today. https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/opinion-decision-to-close-snowmobile-trails-is-hasty-and-unbending-based-on-unsubstantiated-complaints-3301240
  10. Axys Assaults came with Pro Taper bars. It was all stock.
  11. Photos from our last ride on Wednesday before the shut down.....what a shame.
  12. Working our tails off is an understatement. This year has been a nightmare getting trails opened...which we are just getting to that point now. It is my understanding that the District 11 office had zero notice of the Health Unit's decision.
  13. I'm devastated. Been at our trails volunteering since the beginning of December to get opened in an already difficult year. Enjoyed a few good rides with my wife and kids obeying all provincial guidelines....and now this....
  14. We have a lot of really good stretched of trail with lots of snow followed by plenty of wide open running water, open swamps, etc. It's frustrating for sure. Clubs with mostly road based trails are open and doing well. Those of us relying on cold temps are stuck waiting. As I type this I'm getting messages with "shouldn't the trails be open by now" in them.....argh....
  15. Nailed it. I am one of the moderators for our clubs FB page and I can tell you we are posting less than ever before. Can't post hazards, can't screenshot the ITG. To be honest we are all volunteers and groomer operators. the FB page is last on our priority list of things to do. Sad but true.
  16. some wet sections in there. its now been packed/brushed with the groomer, should open soon.
  17. Thanks! There’s some custom panel/decal swapping done on this one. This colour combo technically wasn’t available at snow check. I really like the blue this year though.
  18. I got an ownership for my kids 120 that I bought used. I believe at the time I requested that the seller register it and have an ownership to sign over to me. Never insured it though.
  19. -crz-

    AJ Lester

    As a father of two young daughters...I can't imagine.
  20. I groomed D trail from Astorville to Hwy17, D102C, and SSR703 to Lk. Nipissing last night. Starting to see some bare spots. In town/road running sections are bad. Otherwise, for the most part holding up pretty good. I don't like Sunday's forecast though. The sun and warm temps are killing us.
  21. Without sounding like a 'cheerleader' I would agree. I currently own a 2020 600 Indy 137 and a 2019 Assault 850. I found the 650 to be a perfect blend or middle ground between the two. The 650 has the same smoothness and linear pull that the 850 has and noticeable more power than the current 600.
  22. I'm sorry you feel this way. Yes I am a Brand Ambassador for Polaris. Yes I represent a manufacturer that I believe in. Yes my comments and reviews represent my opinions of riding the new equipment. For what it's worth, this is not my first pre-production ride and I have no reason to believe Polaris will 'de-tune' for production.
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