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  1. I got an ownership for my kids 120 that I bought used. I believe at the time I requested that the seller register it and have an ownership to sign over to me. Never insured it though.
  2. -crz-

    AJ Lester

    As a father of two young daughters...I can't imagine.
  3. I groomed D trail from Astorville to Hwy17, D102C, and SSR703 to Lk. Nipissing last night. Starting to see some bare spots. In town/road running sections are bad. Otherwise, for the most part holding up pretty good. I don't like Sunday's forecast though. The sun and warm temps are killing us.
  4. Without sounding like a 'cheerleader' I would agree. I currently own a 2020 600 Indy 137 and a 2019 Assault 850. I found the 650 to be a perfect blend or middle ground between the two. The 650 has the same smoothness and linear pull that the 850 has and noticeable more power than the current 600.
  5. I'm sorry you feel this way. Yes I am a Brand Ambassador for Polaris. Yes I represent a manufacturer that I believe in. Yes my comments and reviews represent my opinions of riding the new equipment. For what it's worth, this is not my first pre-production ride and I have no reason to believe Polaris will 'de-tune' for production.
  6. Gone in most sleds (snowcheck or in season). I believe still offered in the Titan.
  7. I haven't been out since the weekend but things seem to have held up not too bad. The stretch in/out of north bay just off of D trail is a challenge for us to keep maintained with heavy traffic so it is beat up and bare in spots. It's yellow on the map currently I believe.
  8. I've had Assaults since they first came out in the Axys chassis in 2017. I just really like the fun factor and off-trail versatility. I have a remote access cottage that I got to periodically and play off-trail, although I'll admit I ride mostly trail from home. The Assault has the IGX uncoupled suspension, where the 129/137 ProCC is a coupled skid. The 137 would certainly suit my needs and would be a very close 2nd for me. If I was purely trail riding it would be the VR1 - 137 hands down. The reality is, you don't give up much on-trail performance with the Assault, but you gain alot more off-trail capability. Just my 2c.
  9. Automatic grips are awesome. The type of thing you didn't know you needed. None of the sleds we rode had grippers on them, they had pro-steers. However, I order my Assault with grippers.
  10. Ski stance is the same. VR1 handles amazing. I had the opportunity to ride these sleds in January along with Nunz and some other ambassadors.. The 650 is definitely a winner. Such a smooth free spooling engine. I was impressed. Any questions, shoot.
  11. Polaris releases the 2021 lineup March 2nd @ 7pm Eastern! https://snowmobiles.polaris.com/en-us/snowcheck/
  12. Yes it is. I opted for the kimpex vs. the Polaris setup so that I could still use the bag on the tunnel.
  13. Noise and trespassing are big issues in our area. I volunteer for SSRSC which looks after the trails into North Bay. We have recently lost trails and are at risk of losing more in our club. I wish people understood this. I personally do like the sound of aftermarket exhaust, but I know for damn sure that most landowners don't. I am tired of knocking on doors and putting up more signage in an effort to keep trails open only to read the 'just send it' 'frig'em' attitude that so many entitled people have.
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