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  1. That was a while ago, I hope not. Shining Tree was also down a groomer. There needs to be better co-ordination of spare groomers imo. I know our Dist (11) has a spare that floats around and even that is not enough at times.
  2. As an Ambassador you could argue I am biased, however here's my input. I have a 21 Assault 850 and a 22 VR1 137 650. The 650 was purchased primarily for my wife but I will say I am more than impressed with this package. The VR1 and SP will share the same suspension geometry with a different shock package. I would buy one again in a heartbeat. It has strong mid-range power, and when driven kindly it will get great fuel and oil mileage. Any questions feel free to ask.
  3. our 650 when driven kindly is on par with 900ace (within a liter or two) at fill-up. We were told last night the S4 is better than 650. I haven't had the opportunity to ride it, but I've heard good things. Hoping it works well next season.
  4. my 650 will hit the c-note, but it certainly flattens out above 90. mid-range its awesome.
  5. We've had this happen to operators in the past. It's never good. We groom the trails in and out of North Bay which is a thankless job because it could be done every day and still be trash by 5pm. It would be my last day in a groomer if I was bitched at like this.
  6. I've got one. My daughters started out on 120's, I had a Bravo for a year or so and then an Indy Lite for a year. The Evo is heads and tails above the Indy Lite for the young ones IMO. My oldest turns 9 next week and is small for her age. The Evo is smooth and predictable. IMO the key is the clutching. Engine is similar to older fan cooled carbureted engines, they can be hard on fuel and oil compared to newer stuff. Let me know if you have any questions
  7. by Dec 31 for me. Definitely difficult times.
  8. Indy adventure models comes in 650 or 850...not sure which model you're referring to. Titan still comes with the 800 engine.
  9. Lot's of excitement for the mountain segment! I know you're not the only one pumped up over the Matryx XCR either Nunz. Should be a hit!
  10. Not a farce. We are keeping up with semi-regular grooming.....and yes some people are trespassing and running closed trails anyways, which makes the whole thing even more frustrating.
  11. I purchased 2 permits and also volunteered hundreds of hours since last summer/fall towards a season that never happened for my club....Guess which one I feel more 'ripped off' about? $200 permit is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things imo.
  12. I think that crowd is probably minimal. There are definitely few trespassers who are running the trails anyways, most likely at night. Speaking as a local volunteer and snowmobiler....I am definitely not applauding the Doc at the moment. With young kids my riding is usually from my doorstep. The Doc has taken that all away.
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