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    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    There is no difference between the classic permit and the regional classic permit other than the classic permit will be within one of the regions (which are quite large) If you have a classic sled that you wish to saddle bag across more than your region you will need a full season permint. Logisticaly it would have been impossiable to implement a regional permit for all sled, it brought up to many how do we ?? enforcement, selling etc. Most classic permits (98% or more) are put on sleds that don't really stray far from home.
  2. soupkids

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    Yes that is the proposal so far
  3. soupkids


    Must have been close to a foot over the weekend !!! Winters back, along with the cold, predictged high of -26 here on Tuesday
  4. soupkids

    Cleaner for oxidized trailer

    Aluminum Cleaner and Brightner Product 7510 Its a product I got from a local (Sudbury) firm. Mix solution as directed on the bottle (1 Gallon jug) Spray on, hose off.
  5. soupkids

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    I don't remember the regional divisions right now but proposed priceing as follows Full season uber early bird (before Nov 1) $180 Early Bird (before Dec 1st) $210 After Dec 1st $280 Regional Classic Permit $140 Remember these are only proposed prices, has to be OK'd by MTO first. The only regional permet next year will be in the classic form.
  6. soupkids

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    I was just offer up a way to see the inside of the system, I was judging by the tone that he/she was not involved in any way. Many, many, many like to offer up opinions/ideas with no idea how the system works. I have been involved in the "system" for 25 yrs. I've seen many things work and even more that don't
  7. soupkids

    Throttle back on trail permit fees

    This already exists and has for a number of years. Get invloved in your local club and find out just how it works !!!. Other factors New groomer costs $200 k + Average life of a groomer 5 to 8 years Fuel 128.9/l for desiel right now ($4.87 a us gallon) might get a little better price on non road tax stuff Last year the OFSC had a fund strictly for groomer replacement, 1 milion, how many groomer does that buy, maybe 5 Out of 200+ clubs I would say there is 800-900 groomers, thats a lot to try and replace in a timly manor.
  8. soupkids

    hey freezy!!!!!!!!!!

    Differene is you are doing it for the fun of it, not for the Money !!
  9. soupkids

    My Request

    Can't fix stupid !!
  10. soupkids

    Another Dealership Gone

    Don't need as many dealers as the qualioty of all sleds has gone up and they run forever with no problems !!
  11. soupkids

    4 charged with DUI on south simcoe trails

    2 season ago I picked up a sleigh full of empties on the trails. We went out to get the last of our signage and was a very profitable day
  12. soupkids

    North Bay

    This can be taken a couple of ways
  13. soupkids

    Groomer fire???

    Jeezzzz, just trying to lighten the mood in here a little. I'm glad the operator got out ok and it was only property damage done. Situation could have been a lot worse in may ways.
  14. soupkids

    Groomer fire???

    Going to be hard to find a log book for the groomer in question I think
  15. soupkids

    Dry winter???

    Cold up here, glad to have the cold before snow
  16. soupkids

    How common is speed enforcement?

    O came down the rail line into Temisqueming at close to 100 mph last year
  17. http://www.noradsanta.org/
  18. soupkids

    Friday Storm

    I have 4 24" tall lighted animated deer in the front yard who are now belly deep in show !!!!
  19. soupkids

    Groomer GPS Tracking System - Batteries dying

    Same issue down this way as well
  20. soupkids

    Friday Storm

    I am not going to get all worked up about it till its n the ground
  21. soupkids

    Hardy Inn - Cloyne

    What does 2 days get you, in friday evening out sunday ??
  22. soupkids

    Winter is coming

    I need a few more weeks to get the summer stuff put away
  23. soupkids

    MNR Forest Management Plan Site

    I've been using that site as my bible all summer. I've been working with MNR and the forest managemt groups to see who is logging where and when
  24. The Sportsmans has meels included