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  1. North Adventure Inn (was?) owned by folks that didn't have a passion for the business or snowmobiling. Our oc.com gathering at NAI was a blast in spite of the accommodations. Guys came up from the GTA solo, with a sled on the truck box. Long haul, lots of laughs and the usual great trails.
  2. Whatever happens in your boathouse, stays in your boathouse.
  3. There's an expression " That's what she said", often missaplied. Not this time. That's what she said All in jest, to the family that introducted me to 40 Creek chicken wings. Thanks! Glad you have one sled worked out. Happy trails.
  4. I couldn't resist... Think of it as a bump. Good luck ( with the sale ).
  5. Companion - Hearst has great email blasts. Short. Informative. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I have a first generation tekvest. Big shoulder pads. I'm and XL in jackets. I have a 2 XL Klim snowmobile jacket and a 3 XL Mustang floatation jacket ( I switch based upon terrain...occasionally do long rides on Georgian Bay). So yes, if they still have big shoulder pads, upsize for sure. Even if they don't, I'd go up one size. The only time I rolled my sled was in the first 50 kms during breaking in the sled. Figured I won't be going fast, don't need the Tekvest. Tapped brakes on a glare ice road, survived the first 360 degrees. Not the second ( edge caught). Russian judge gave me a 9.0 for form. Tekvest was on a hanger. I just bruised, in any event.
  7. Informative - even for non Doo riders.
  8. I'd read about the non-Canadian reactor purchase. Wondered why. Wouldn't that be something - a Canadian energy policy.
  9. X2. Really like riding in the SSM area.
  10. Great seeing Turbo and Ms. Doo. Thanks to the volunteers. 40 Creek wings exceeded expectations. Well deserved reputation.
  11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ski doo bumper stickers, hats, jackets .... like a motorcycle gang ...wearing primary colours 🙃
  12. If I read it on the internet, it must be true! Lesson learned, Brian. Thanks for the mea culpa. Reports like this actually help ('turn trail status on'). IAG looks good this year. My prior issue was lack of town names. Hope it's fixed.
  13. Thanks, LMV. Call you as I'm driving out. Heading north after. Looking forward to getting out to KW. Going to see the Stones exhibit at the Museum before Christmas (just opened).
  14. Thanks for the update. I looked at the YouTube video regarding the basic vs Pro ($3.99). From what they said, 'basic' is what we had last year for a fee, now free. Pro has many planning, buddy communication, etc. options. If the above (green, red) is true, hopefully they'll figure out the hues. NO YELLOW! Enough yellow on the trails :)
  15. That's a fantastic summary. I'd created something similar in idle summer moments. This is perfect. Thanks.
  16. In Kap - the Advantage is right across the street from the trail ( as mentioned ). Easy to get to. If you're going to spend a lot of time at hotel, because you're ' back at 4 pm", stay at Super 8. Pool, hot tub. But isolated at the Wal-Mart end of town. Never staged from Kap. Always felt the drive was too long( but only 1 hrs 30 minutes longer). Might this year.
  17. Great topic. District 1 - never been. Would enjoy riding in the Kingston, Ottawa, Cornwall area.
  18. It's worth the drive to St. Clements. Look forward to some wings, maybe bump into some KW riders. Thanks to the club for organizing, preparing.
  19. it must be tough, being a police officer. Arrest, let go, rinse, repeat. Like that carnival game - Whack a Moal. You hit it, it pops down. Then pops up again.
  20. New purchase? ( kidding ) Ever had a car broken into? Police don't even show up. Have video? Little interest ( Toronto ). Enforcement matters.
  21. Nice to see your volunteer participation recognized, gents. Congratulations.
  22. I had the honour of volunteering with Gary at Baxter Snow Riders. As Yukon mentioned, we were new members on the executive and there were some incredible initiatives. Gary was front and centre - communication (numerous mailouts throughout the year); participation at fundraisers; board duties; organizing trips with neighbouring clubs (Snocrest Riders). A groomer storage facility was built through the team's endeavors and the concerts in Port Severn raised funds for the Barrie hospital. Gary's participation on that team was instrumental. Organized, methodical and willing to share both his thoughts and opinions. You left every meeting with Gary knowing a bit more than when you walked in. Thanks for sharing, Gary.
  23. Thanks, TD. Fingers crossed. Hope it goes well for those waiting.
  24. Look at it from landowner perspective. If one or two feel ( or have knowledge ) ATV's were on their land due to the OFSC app, keep it shut down until December. I'll keep my paper maps next year for this ( planning ) purpose. The shutdown once annoyed. I now get it. I can't imagine a landowner stopping an ATV rider and seeing that digital map on the handlebar.
  25. Welcome aboard. What area do you ride in?
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