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  1. After limited myself to cottage riding last year, looking forward to riding new districts. Recently, some on the forum mentioned Southwest Ontario had a banner year in '21. Couldn't go - outside the health unit. Anyhow, I'm working on some type of 'bucket list' system where we can 'tick off' if we've visited a District. No rules. Catch it at the edge, you've been there. Definitely a Work in Progress, but suspect that this winter will not be 'off to Cochrane' as in year's past (past). Appreciate the District launch/staging suggestions over the years and the online resources are fantastic in this regard (OFSC site, some Google map overlays, calls to Turbo Doo '22 if I must).
  2. There was a precipitous drop in permit sales after a certain price point. We are the 'converted'. I bought 4 permits and ran 4 sleds at whatever price. For some reason, Ontario sledders balk at the $200 price point. I don't understand why the Ontario gov't doesn't pony up more funding. Our local BIA just received a $25,000 grant for storefront window dressings. These types of grants are ubiquitous. That leads me to believe that maybe the funding model should be 'each club' asking for $ - would that be more palatable than a $ million cheque for Ontario snowmobiling?
  3. I hope it works out for you. Thanks for volunteering.
  4. There are thousands of Ford Edge vehicles parked in the lot(s) around Oakville. Fully* assembled. Waiting from modules/chips. Rationale was build 'em; store them; install chips when available. Now, some thought of shipping them this way to the dealers - who will store, then install chips. I've never been thrilled with dealer diagnostics (they're more maintenance, if in doubt rip it out and replace) - not sure if I'd enjoy owning a car that sat outside for months, then McIver'd to go. Also, passed a BRP delivery truck, with crates, as I was heading to Toronto. Northbound, from Mexico. SeaDoo delivery. Thought 'August' was a little late, but who knows. Good luck on your team yellow orders.
  5. Tough to nail down the cause of this hubris. The 'roaring 20's' followed WW1. That made sense. This sh*tshow is an economic frankenstorm - government largesse , the generational wealth transfer that many contemplated; the inability to make discretionary expenditures for 18 months (restaurants, travel, entertainment). Yoots don't seem to need or want to work. I went to Canadian Tire, Rona and Home Depot in Parry Sound recently and EVERY PERSON (but one) who worked in the aisles (not cashiers) was 60 years of age or older. Quite helpful, but the demographic was surprising. Yoots must have a few bucks, aren't working. Anyhow, in hindsight, powersports were cheap. 4 years ago you could buy a leftover Arctic Cat 7000 for $10,000. And they'd finance it at no interest. That made no sense. I didn't price this years sleds, so no comment. Similarly, happy with my boat, but doo wish I pulled the trigger on a vessel at the January 2020 boat show. Again, it was 'cheap' - I knew it then and I know it now.
  6. I enjoyed following the white lightning(s). Very reliable sled on our trips. One issue with the other white lightning a couple of years ago - but I always had a good feeling about those sleds.
  7. That's one of the reasons I sold the yamaha Apex. Very hard pulling. Ignored it for a few years - rubbing ice on hand at trip's end. Likely me ( how do you spell wooooos ?). Actually went back to 2 stroke arctic cat for less wear and tear. Didn't know Skidoo might've been the answer.
  8. I once received leather work gloves with ofsc logo. Nice memory - thought about sledding every time I put them on.
  9. Thanks for your post. Welcome aboard. No first hand experience with trails open to some, not others.
  10. I was reluctant to post - truly detest 'ver are your papers' mindset. But we've all been stopped. Usually where a trail crosses a municipal road. 'Driver's Licence, Insurance, Ownership'. Usually not a problem. The wrinkle here is what the foregoing flushes out. Hopefully this practice - either didn't happen or was just the usual check; or if happened will stop 'happening'. Folks need fresh air; there is no opportunity for this form of activity in many health units; people will go onto (dangerous) ice soon to avoid 'ver are your papers'. With dangerous consequences.
  11. Second hand report of OPP officers in the Orillia area issuing tickets to 'non residents'. A friend heard from a friend - then advised me. It was on his Concession Road, so I believe it. Just fyi - deal with above info. as you want. Appreciate all info. to date from this group.
  12. Appreciate all the suggestions, for future rides. Thanks.
  13. Drove up to the cottage ( Port Severn - Six Mile Lake). Seguin Trail was open, went a bit further north towards Parry Sound. Freshly groomed, worth the drive. Really only a break - in , sled tuning trip. Enjoying the Artic Cat 800. It felt great to get out. Two sled family - out with son today. As for trail itself - limited. You can open it up 90 percent of the time, slow down for ice, occasional snirt. They're working ( brilliantly ) with what they have. Parked at the Public parking south of Petro station. Basically cross bridge over hwy 400 between Petro and the cell tower, right turn ( West ) over Hwy 400, look for the green P parking sign. Lot is plowed.
  14. A person walking, on snowshoes or on a snowmobile is outside. Presumably not breathing recurculated air " inside". Ontario is the only North American jurisdiction to ban skiing and snowboarding. Why not encourage fresh air?
  15. Thanks SK. Definitely a " destination " ( base ) riding experience. So many places to go from there. Worth staying at least 2 nights.
  16. This has an Indiana Jones feel to it. " I'm searching for this rare and precious artifact " Great find. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Years ago, when we were in our 30's, our group blew past some "senior members". Waved hello, goodbye, or so we thought. . Zoom - zoom for 30 minutes, then we stop to relax. They passed us as we rested. We played this leapfrog for the entire day. Slow and steady ( they never stopped, or so it seemed) versus us meatheads zoom - zooming, then stopping. The two groups reached the evening destination together. I've observed this many times over the ensuing years. 'Tho roles are now getting reversed
  18. ( kidding with the pic, Puggz- reminded me of those " asking for a friend jokes" ) Hopefully someone can let you ( us ) know. I enjoy that lake, except that one March we found water near Bigwin Island. The whole lake was slush, then open water to our left. Dwight to Bayville that year. Happy ( ice ) trails.
  19. The gift of work gloves was a nice touch, when the trail crossed our land. Lasting memory - you think of OFSC when wearing them ( nice branding on the top of them ).
  20. It seems that the forum has a minimum # of characters necessary to "search". For example, 3 letters, i.e. "RAP", yields no results ( for me ). It must be more than 3 letters. I'll raise this with the suits - " folks who can fix or explain" - tonight :). If you type the longer term " RAP Tour" you'll find it. More characters are required - not the STG type of characters . The expanded search yields many " tour" matches ( RAP and tour ) - but lots of info on RAP. Let me know if the above works. Two quick results, in links, below - there were many matches. I've done it 3 x, great memories. My takeaway - " edge " of civilization trip. Not as remote or isolated as I first thought. Civilization abounds " around" the park. A great feeling when running it with 20 year old son ( safe ). Or, when a team member's sled breaks. Also, from reading the posts, trail conditions make or break the tour. " Evil" wrote a tale of two RAPS, years ago. One great, one less so ( weather resulted in snirt - ...there are a few roads on this trip ). Joyous when snow covered. Less so when you're shooting up sparks. And it's a circle....you have to keep going. Know the trail conditions and the weather ahead. Rain would " suck " on this trip. I say this because I've often sledded in rain in North Bay... either returning from new Liskeard or local staging ( March ). Never on THE RAP. A couple of links from " RAP Tour " search: https://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20752-rap-tour-next-week-225-2-28/ https://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/20785-rap-tour-2020/&tab=comments#comment-304147 Happy trails.
  21. Is that trailer your working on ...insulated?
  22. Enjoy! Goes well with a Flying Monkey beer
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