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  1. I just looked up where South Restoule is. Powasson. Hwy 11. North Bay area. Thanks for the honest input, group. Pointe aux Baril and the Trout Creek/ Powasson area are typical riding routes for us.
  2. I second the Portage Restaurant. Huge lot. Since folks around,likely safer too. Win - win situation. Active and full lot sends out a great message. Park against a side, to make plowing easier.
  3. That was you guys? ( kidding ). Way to go.
  4. Welcome aboard. Actually heading up for first ride of the season. Latest ' first ride' for me was Groundhog Day, years ago. Rode into April that year. Fingers crossed. Anyhow - great hearing from a long time sledder.
  5. Canuck


    Sorry to hear about the fall and injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery. This thread has proven helpful in my search for a new helmet. Also looking at the Mission, from Rosseau Road Powersports. Really enjoyed my BRP BV2S helmet, but it's getting on in age (like the owner). Bought in 2013, might have been on the shelf year before. What's the expiry date or recommended swap on helmets? And it's not the age of product alone - it never fit perfectly, in the sense that hard plastic front nose enclosure rubbed against nose when it shifted. Not something I noticed at date of purchase, but over time and on cold days, annoying. 8 great years out of it. BRP helmet. Klim (Polaris) suit. Yamaha boots (blue with Yamaha logo). Arctic Cat snowmobile. I felt like the United Nations of snowmobiling. Represented all countries.
  6. Dan, Thank you. Great quick clip, video. You obviously love Polaris and snowmobiling.
  7. Thanks for the updates, TD. Guessing warm up shacks ( in lieu of warm, lunch dining ) will be important this year.
  8. It sounds like rsykes is my neighbour, and Polaris Dark Side isn't too far away. Cool. A Yamaha , Polaris and Arctic Cat go for a ride (it was a warm day, so the Yamaha started ........) 😁
  9. Look at the interactive guide before venturing. We're up that way ( Six Mile Lake ) - but haven't been up since Christmas. We'll be up this weekend. If trails are open, hope to be out as well. Welcome aboard Polaris Dark Side. It's never too late to " see the light ". Many Arctic Cats on our lake
  10. 3 seasons ago, we were the last one's up for the season. They cared and accommodated us - we called in a.m. to say we're on the way up from Cochrane ( left voice-mail message ). Younger gent left Jerry cans, we filled up - met further south and settled up. I remember Bill before that and some chap who worked for him and literally howled at the moon ( cabin fever he said, "alone" ). This is a new chapter. In difficult times. It'll work out.
  11. That sums it up. Fingers crossed in the years ahead.
  12. I remember both places working in conjunction. If Black Creek didn't have fuel or was closed, they'd send you to Aubrey Falls. And vice versa. I also remember the big groups and the ' gulp ' ( literally ) as the finite supply of fuel was being used. It's been years since I last rode up there ( maybe that's the case for a lot of us, low snowmobile traffic impacted sales??? I think they had hwy 129; business as well). Thanks for the updates, Dan.
  13. Great riding and trails @ Hill and Gully. Not a Facebook user, but anything that gets the word out re: sledding is great.
  14. Some folks have been parking sleds in trailers for years ( if hotel based ). Just another option for this unique situation ( secure trailer ). The usual wire cable thru skis, which we actually used to do, for some reason.
  15. The 2022 ( new ) Toyota Tundra doesn't have front tow hooks. In any option/ configuration. Just a big-ass front grill on the new Tundra, but no tow hooks, to maintain the " cool " look. I've pulled trucks out of ditches a few times ( with my 2013 Tundra ). Last time, had to nose in, assist by pulling out. It happens. I digress. Great pics, weather images and thread.
  16. I'd wondered if that was previously posted. Easy target ( Arctic Cat was so far ahead of its time ). Definitely time for some trailside Ukrainian kobassa, Rye bread, Cheese, Pickles and Garlic. Merry Christmas to those of you also celebrating Christmas eve tonight ( Ukrainian Catholic in this case ).
  17. You guys are scaring me. The definition of insanity is doing things the same way, over and over, but expecting different results. I posted this in the meme thread, but it really belongs here ( Arctic Cat rider , totally happy with our sleds )
  18. June provincial election. The temporary 2 week became 2 years. This shutdown is to be "rapid and effective". A lot is depending upon that.
  19. 100 percent local riding last year. Planinng trips soon. Hoping small businesses will be allowed to stay open.
  20. That's what I was wondering, Ox. Starting to think yoots have other things to do.
  21. Because you're 200 kms from your destination as the sun is setting? [ Ooops Greatest trail side conversation ever. My son still chuckles at " seniors trip planning 101 " ]
  22. There have been a few seasons we didn't get on the trails until groundhog day ( Feb 2 ). Made up for it by riding into late March. Good luck.
  23. North Adventure Inn (was?) owned by folks that didn't have a passion for the business or snowmobiling. Our oc.com gathering at NAI was a blast in spite of the accommodations. Guys came up from the GTA solo, with a sled on the truck box. Long haul, lots of laughs and the usual great trails.
  24. Whatever happens in your boathouse, stays in your boathouse.
  25. There's an expression " That's what she said", often missaplied. Not this time. That's what she said All in jest, to the family that introducted me to 40 Creek chicken wings. Thanks! Glad you have one sled worked out. Happy trails.
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