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  1. Poo Man

    Ski door recall.

    Someone trying yo save 2 cents a machine with a cheap clamp?
  2. It does and it's a testament to how unclear the law is. If you can tow a 15,000lb fifth wheel with a one ton truck and not need yellow stickers why should you need to towing a tandem axle sled trailer? Oh and if your towing that same trailer with a suburban you don't need yellow stickers ridiculous
  3. To me it's simple. Everything is over regulated to make up for a lack of enforcement. There should be no yellow stickers for personal use as long as your at or under your g class license weight limit. If your equipment is found to be seriously defective or your towing beyond the manufactures limits you should have the book thrown at you. Right now the system punishes those that play by the rules because the way the rules are enforced your average Joe will just not get the stickers and take a fine if they ever get caught.
  4. I'm guessing they're slowly taking basic standard stuff away so they can eventually reintroduce it on a more expensive model.
  5. Poo Man

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    I saw a beautiful log house with a slick looking off grid system consisting of solar and wind turbines in Cochrane. At the price they were asking I would be mortgage free and figure you could get some supplemental income from sledders. Wife put a damper on that real quick!
  6. Poo Man

    Beer cans on trails

    I see both your points but I see it as no different then having a beer at lunch, or having a beer at dinner then hoping on a sled. I personally don't do it, but I have stopped at a beautiful, quiet section of trail to admire the view before and thought it would be nice to have a drink. Much different then packing yourself a six pack and drinking at every stop.
  7. Poo Man

    Beer cans on trails

    I don't care if you stop and have a beer as long as your within the limit, but why would you just throw the can? People find a way to ruin everything
  8. Poo Man

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    My dream sled, have fun!
  9. Poo Man

    Idgit Tire Kickers

    Yea it's always lots of fun! Some sellers are also terrible. No phone number, hardly any detail, and give one word answers.
  10. Poo Man

    Mileage this season, so far...

    What year is it? I almost would have pushed for a new sled
  11. Poo Man

    OFSC Trail Guide

    After being extremely disapointed in the app before, this year was much better. Few issues you guys pointed out, not sure why improving the resolution to read road names etc is such a challenge.
  12. Poo Man

    OFSC survey

    You can't be serious? The permit is one of the cheapest parts of sledding, and you want to pay less because of where you live you can't sled from home?
  13. Poo Man

    Snow tracker carbides

  14. Poo Man

    Snowmobile Fatality North of Maynooth

    Thanks for the well wishes, he is doing great. His treatment protocol is over 3 years long, he has a year left. He has received nothing but the best care, and money has never factored into any of the medical decisions which I don't think is possible with private health care unless you have a very expensive plan. I guess my point is I have seen first hand how well our system can work, when all you seem to hear is the horror stories.