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  1. Yup you'll just dig a hole to China on your concrete floor.
  2. Poo Man

    Are We Getting An App ?

    That actually looks great
  3. Poo Man

    First Open Trails

    Sorry but your just plain ignorant to a lot of facts based on your comment. The ofsc and volunteers want to open the trails as soon as they possibly can, but between snow conditions and labour it can take longer. You can't just magically levitate a groomer to take care of a small 30km long club trail. Even if you could, it would get beat up so quick as there's thousands of permit buyers versus the limited number of spots available to ride in hali.
  4. Poo Man

    Quebec Free Trails Weekend

    Making me hungry
  5. Poo Man

    Boots! What do you recommend?

    I get cheap Wal-Mart boots. Last time I got some sorels and found them way to hot. I'm sure if I ice fished or something they would be to cold. I also get ones without laces, seen someone rip there seat when the lace protectors rubbed while putting their foot over.
  6. Poo Man

    eye in the sky

    I feel the same as you. Expensive enough sport, let alone getting a few $110 tickets over the course of a season
  7. Poo Man

    First Open Trails

    Why don't you do just that if the ofsc doesn't magically open trails for you? They can't control the weather.
  8. Poo Man

    Maybe one of you guys have an answer...

    I think ruts are more preferable to plowed
  9. Poo Man

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    Broke my 18/19 cherry. Didn't go to far, thought there would be more snow in the Bush.
  10. Poo Man

    First Open Trails

    This is awesome, glad I have a trailer this year
  11. Poo Man

    Early rides 2018 - 2019

    You certainly get around!
  12. Poo Man

    eye in the sky

    With all do respect if that's what you expect from a SNOWMOBILE forum your being a little silly. People aren't getting mad at you for what your saying, it's because your constantly ramming it down everyone's throats at every opportunity. Makes people wonder why your even here?
  13. Poo Man

    eye in the sky

    Yea which is obviously great for all of us. The only thing they could realistically do is maybe do different limits for trunks vs club trails etc. We've always done the split the ticket thing, but it's never been an issue
  14. Poo Man

    Shaking My Head

    Based on what I receive for my two under 6 that's not suprising. Although we did lose some different tax credits so really you end up the same at the end of the year. Nine kids this day and age is just crazy
  15. Poo Man

    Toy Drive Sunday December 2nd

    Good job Was going to stop in with the kiddies but we ended up at a Christmas party instead