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  1. Poo Man

    OFSC BOG Decision

    My only problem with this is I feel like the increase would just go towards increased bureaucracy. Seems like there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen, and they all like burning money.
  2. Poo Man

    OFSC BOG Decision

    Every time I see a thread about the inner workings of the ofsc all I can think is why does it have to be so complicated? What am I missing?
  3. Poo Man

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Is he "the intrepid snowmobiler"? I also laugh at the radio spots. "Never ride alone", I guess there goes a lot of permit sales!
  4. Poo Man

    any body heard fron the ofsc board meeting

    Sounds good to me!
  5. Poo Man

    Newfoundland anybody

    Wife's aunt moved from Montreal to Newfoundland due to the much lower cost of living. She said something to me like wouldn't it be nice to be able to semi retire already, until I told her about the weather
  6. Poo Man

    I quit

    I heard they are trying to match current prices in an attempt to reduce that. Government weed is also going to be regulated with respect to thc content so you know what your getting.
  7. Poo Man

    I quit

    Congrats, no easy feat.
  8. Poo Man

    Summer Projects

    Yup, painting is a 5 year minimum. Live with it for 5 years, then I'll paint.
  9. Poo Man

    Summer Projects

    Where to start, finish basement Reno, insulate/drywall garage and install heater/lift/compressor, take down a few more trees and plant grass,add saltwater system to pool,go through new to me sled and maybe fix or part out blown up one. The wife wants me to replace all the deck boards and railing but I think in just going to replace rotten boards this year! She sometimes thinks home projects are done as quickly as they seem on those damn tv shows
  10. Poo Man

    Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

    It's very hit and miss, my sled and car take it so I stick up when I find it on sale. Probably why it's never there, others doing the same!
  11. Poo Man

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    Even set fines can be up to judges discretion. I got hit with talking on cell phone even though it was on speaker phone when I passed it to my son in the back seat. Ticket was $500, minimum was $350 or something and I ended up getting it down to $75.
  12. Poo Man

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    I believe your exempt with the rv. Before I got a sticker for the enclosed and truck I would load it up and hit the scales sinces it's a half ton. You might be ok depending on trailer construction. The other crazy thing is anyone could get themselves a Tahoe or suburban and tow no problem aslong as you keep the seats in it!
  13. Poo Man

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    No to both of those as you are not commercial. No need for cvor either
  14. Poo Man

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    That's what I'm saying. If you have a yellow sticker on your truck and horse trailer, but also have a 4x8 box trailer I don't think you should have to sticker the small trailer just because you had to sticker your truck. I agree about junk being pulled around but I also see a lot of crappy travel trailers or people hauling huge fifth wheels around with half tons
  15. Poo Man

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    It all boils down to what type of person you are. If you want to be 100% legal and never worry, or if your ok knowing that your towing a few times a year and chances are high you won't be bothered. Personally I think they need to get rid of the rule where every trailer needs a sticker even if under 4500kg combined. Even better include sled/atv/boat in the recreation exemption.