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  1. I carried a ratchet strap as a come along/tow strap and had to use it once when I got stuck alone. Not 4 stroke specific but I think needed with the heavier machines.
  2. Only way I'd do it is if they allowed park models. That way you could easily remove it and retain some value if you sold it, as well as less initial investment
  3. Thank God none our close to me, I'd gain 50lbs easy
  4. Carried a spare in my jacket, never needed once.
  5. I imagine the torque would be incredible if they could get the sled light enough.
  6. I think 10 people are allowed to gather outside. Guessing people will have appointment times
  7. That's what I'm banking on next fall. If not I'll wait another year.
  8. So dumb, Barrie has an issue so they lockdown a massive area that doesn't.
  9. Just a spoiled rich kid who saw an opportunity to get 15 minutes of fame, as well as I go fund me
  10. The c along there is always beat quickly. I think it never gets a chance to build a base/setup as people start riding it when there is 1/2" of snow.
  11. Yup that's why my kids are in school as we speak, and that's why we kept a "bubble" going with our neighbour's kids despite the lockdown so they weren't as isolated.
  12. Yet cases are trending down pretty much globally even in countries without lockdowns, and with all these "variants". I'm so over this, we sacrificed until there was a vaccine to protect the vulnerable and our hospitals. Now it's time to return to normal
  13. Video is pretty grainy but that didn't even look like much of a corner? That guy shouldn't be able to operate a sled again
  14. Take some from my snowbanks! Going to have to chop them down as the blower can't go over them
  15. Yea ALL our media outlets are really doom and gloom. I only pay attention to the data and there is already positive trends even with a low percentage of vaccinations. Dying to see my sister and neices in the states
  16. That chart is interesting. Was there any details on where the data is from, or the scale? My thoughts are that the curves could look similar, but the number of cases could be wildly different.
  17. My dad once failed to realize how warn his carbides were and wore a hole thru his ski doing all the road running that used to be done around Minden. Was pretty funny seeing snow shoot out of his ski like how sea doos used to shoot water.
  18. My brother is an ice fishermen. He is cautious, goes out on foot with a survival suit making test holes as he goes. He says almost every time he's out there some idiot comes by on a quad or sled to ask with if he's caught anything. He showed me pictures from cooks bay last weekend. Probably 5 or 6 vehicles half through just offshore because they didn't want to pay to park.
  19. I remember my dad having an Everest 500 that had similar graphics. That thing seemed so fast to 8yr me!
  20. I do, I was actually going to remove the ad if the person coming didn't buy it! But I have a busy schedule with home renovations and figure I can upgrade next year if I decide to, might take another year off. Swing by in the summer and we'll head out in the boat instead
  21. I think non sledders assume the municipality takes care of it.
  22. I sold my 2010 for $700 more then I paid 3 years ago in one day. I doubt the prices will stay high into next fall, but wouldn't count on getting a brand new sled. My 2010 mxz had 10,000km on it and I got $5400 for it, you would make out way better selling private
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