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  1. slomo

    Val D'or

    At this point I would suggest using airBNB to try to find accommodation from which to do day trips and where you have more control over your living conditions. This virus lives for hours on clean surfaces and days on hotel breakfast buffets (depending on the amount of snot in which it is encapsuled) and despite all the emails you're getting from everyone and his dog about heightened health precautions, all it takes is one person to take a short cut and you're infected. If you can't cook, stock up on M&M foods. Take some Lysol wipes (if you can still find them) and before bringing in your stuff, wipe down counter tops, light switches, appliance handles, tv remotes, everything you commonly come in contact with, and make a pact with your buddy to constantly remind each other to keep your hands away from your head! Alcohol based (at least 60%) hand sanitizer is recommended - isopropyl gas line anti-freeze will also work in pinch. Good incentive to being careful is to remember that people who die of this virus, end their days with lungs full of water. Makes it difficult to breathe. Despite periods of rain, and then drizzle trails are generally in good shape although some of the remote Indian communities are closing access to trails to protect their people.
  2. slomo

    Norvic Motel Trail

    Thanks Jason for making folks and me aware of this place....perfect place to start out on the Wolf Loop in the STP if that is on your list or over around Lake Wahnipitae....Skeed...Capreol...Garson ...Falconbridge....etc. Nice light show to start your morning off..... Modest clean well equipped and direct access to the trail system and there are few of those in Sudbury. Found it quite comfortable for one person, larger rooms are available. Good heat and hot water. A type of breakfast is available, but I brought my own, so can't comment on that. As Jason mentioned, pizza can be ordered and delivered or if you give Mike the owner a heads up before a certain time in the evening, he will go and pick up your take out order for you saving disconnecting your truck and trailer. Free local calls. During that 4.5 richter seismic event in Sudbury at 10 am, my sled fell into a hole that suddenly opened up close to the motel and Mike came right over to help me dig it out. Not many motel owners will do that! He then went and marked the hole to prevent further calamities. Mike has been at the motel nearly 2 years, is a local snowmobile STP map advertiser, and despite not having the time to sled himself, has downloaded the OFSC phone app in order to inform his sledding customers of the trail conditions and where to go. A large batch of paper maps is available. Lots of truck and trailer parking. I was given some coupons in case snowmobilers wanted an offered deal at the motel - I have taken a picture of them here - print out and trim should work as well as the original coupons I think.... As usual, when doing this sort of thing, I have received no discounts or other offers not available to other sledders , unlike some.
  3. slomo

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Don't like my posts, fill out the following form and then head back to Freedom Sledder forum where you belong.....can't find any evidence that you've ever posted anything of value on this one....
  4. slomo

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Have you thought of naming that sled "Skunk" ? Nice white stripe up the center!! Good to see snow in that area.
  5. slomo

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    I remember a long winded blast out the ass of Craig Nicholson a year ago last fall going on about these various concerns - trespassing particular - the article was in an OFSC publication, but nothing appeared on the facebook pages to which he contributes - he might have used whatever facebook influence he has to explain what problems the cans and trespassing are causing.' and perhaps lead some kind of initiative? ......as I believe he is paid to do..... Wouldn't want to hurt the aftermarket parts business though....
  6. slomo

    Petawawa - Marriott Hotel

    All right...don't forget a visit to McGuire's doughnuts in Pembroke - kind of off the trail but worth the effort - I have tried every one of them: Link to map and pics...
  7. There is a four nights for the price of two nights promotion at Au Chalet en Bois Rond (chalets built of large logs) close by Saint Raymond. The week of Ontario March break is pretty well booked up by the look of things (but have a look anyway in case your options are different) We stayed in one of the chalets last year and had a great time. Many trails in the area for day loops. Looking forward to extending ms. slomo's kilometers without a lost time collision on the wide and well sighted trails on our next stay and enjoy the scenary. https://www.auchaletenboisrond.com/en See this and several other offers on their promotion page: https://www.auchaletenboisrond.com/en/offers/promotions Found it easy to book by phone as opposed to on-line reservation - good English spoken, but did not laugh a lot at my French. Franglais I guess you would call it. The only drawbacks are the possibility of rain in this area later in March and a fairly stiff cancellation policy - seems to be de rigeur among Quebec's upper scale places. Added : link to last year's report..... https://ontarioconditions.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19914-straymond-quebec-march-8-12/&tab=comments#comment-286158
  8. slomo

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Thanks for the stats - my pipes are within spec: pipes.mp3
  9. So it looks like right at the red circle..no P designation yet....thanks for the info.... The parking P indicator to the left on the map above is at the former Jolly Roger (not sure what they are callling themselves these days) ....is this outdated or are they allowing parking for non-staying guests? It is good of them to provide groomer service area and garage.....is it possible to could park there for a day and buy some food if the restaurant is open?
  10. Read that as well......So this is somewhere around where the red oblong is on map? Access by Horseshoe Lake Road? Still would like info about the parking at the travel center though.....nice to end the day or the ride with a bit of food and haven't tried the burrito place yet. Hope to get there and compare food notes with Blake G.
  11. I know there are other spots, but specifically, is day parking truck and trailer, still allowed at the Parry Sound travel center? This is the PetroCan / Tim Horton's /Licks/ Burrito place south of town on highway 400 at the end of the Seguin Trail. Thanks in advance!
  12. slomo

    Petawawa - Marriott Hotel

    Save yourself a trip....will be across the road from it in a few weeks...right now their web site won't allow on line booking...looks a like a 'long stay' apartment type layout with kitchen. Likely finds its market with military coming into the base for training and temp quarters prior to permanent.
  13. slomo

    Warning to you guys with "cans"

    Well...what are you going to do.....the so called OFSC marketing team of the Lesters, Nicholson and spouse and other of their ass kissers and facebook hangers on make their living advertising after market parts including these altered exhausts.....don't want to rock that boat.
  14. I did have a look at their facebook page this past week....decided to support the local business. The owners seem to be on site only Thursday - Sunday for winter, but accommodations arranged easily by email and a confirmation phone call. Actually the restaurant is closed due to an unfortunate circumstance....cabins are open. Looks like Wes found his cabin okay...not the guy we saw on the side of the road. Snow conditions look good around here and will be able to update once the sun comes up. ms. slomo back on the trails again for the second ride of her sledding career - hopefully less expensive this time around. Good suggestion Big Pete - I will let the club know somehow. Lack of cell phone service on the highway contributed to some degree of frustration using alternative location methods. I still think we need a better trail map.
  15. EDIT- the owners of the Mazinaw Resort restaurant have had some kind of misfortune, so the restaurant on-site at the Mazinaw Lakeside Resort is closed currently. If I see the owners I will try to report when or if re-opening occurs. If that was you at the side of the road this evening.... pick up with sled in back....looking confused on highway 41 south of Cloyne trying to find Mazinaw Lake Resort....the resort is north of Cloyne about 20 kilometers from where the fffing useless OFSC map says it is and hard to see in the dark.....keep an eye out for a truck and bullit trailer. Good luck sir. Ontario sledders deserve better than this POS map . More later.