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  1. I will try to locate the thread read in passing....general gist was underestimating the number of engines needed and being shipped for the year with increased numbers ordered for covid. Just something for potential buyers / possibly spring orders for certain models to think about, particularly if the dealer or elsewhere has your last year's sled.
  2. If CBC news can be trusted, a new doughnut shop Good Glaze Doughnuts has opened, is expanding, and a new location should be open in time for sledding season. Prior to that they anticipate a new store opening on June 3.....Their stuff looks pretty good... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/sudbury/gourmet-doughnut-north-bay-1.6026632?fbclid=IwAR3E5cOi4wZc2_GXVWAGfa_TyEN-_ytCJaprGeOMIXDbLMsg6c1waczeKDE Will save me a bit of a drive if out on a gourmet donut tour ....web site: http://www.ggdoughnuts.com/ To
  3. Noticed on dootalk from some fairly reputable sources (Quebec) that BRP is going to be short 900ace motors and not meet production numbers. I suppose this would include both the NR 900's and the turbos - being the same engine.
  4. Have them hold the sled show on a 36 hole golf course. You buy a ticket and get a "tee time" over the 3 (or more?) days at which time you can start wandering the "course" - keeps spacing safe. Merchants /clubs are set up on tees, greens, and in-betweens. Your admission includes an umbrella. Too bad I only thought of this now. "Visit Rosseau Road Enterprises for some great deals! We are located at hole number 17."
  5. That was a pretty good day....dad bought me a celebratory Fanta Lime, there being no Fanta Orange in the machine at the club house...was fifteen cents at the time...although thirteen cents at convenience stores....still remember sliding that bottle along to where it was released once your money was in.... In relation to your comment, I worked part time at a golf course in Mississauga in order to save up money for our wedding - particularly expensive as it involved getting a septic system installed - so I feel qualified to speak on the subject.
  6. No - I got a hole in one on hole number six on the Garson golf course near Sudbury many years ago. Gave up the sport as I was never going to do better than that - no challenge left.
  7. Golf courses make most of their money at the 19th hole - alcohol. At some of the ritzier clubs you will not find many servers with the courage (or fear of losing their jobs) that will tell some well heeled club member what he or she can't do. All it takes is one person infected and spreading.
  8. Even fooled with the spelling..... Scoff Restaurant 159 MAIN ROAD, JOE BATTS ARM, NL https://scoffrestaurant.com
  9. It does not seem to me that the owners have widely advertised the position or its responsibilities - nothing in any of the internet job sites that I can find. I believe the last two managers were hired from the U.S. (could be wrong about that admittedly) Despite the trail closures etc. the optics aren't good for any government help given the broader needs of society currently. Just blue skying here but here's a potential solution.....the Lesters hand over the OFSC publicity contract they have to Craig Nicholson and spouse and completely divest themselves from any OFSC involvement.
  10. For some reason, was reading your headline as... Now I got it....windshield mounted mirrors.
  11. Not sure why they have not come up with rear view cameras yet.
  12. That's accounting teacher retired - early - due to very successful investing and discipline over the years. Still have a few irons in the fire though. As for secondary level stock market and other investment strategy games many are available - such as this one: https://www.stockmarketgame.org I suppose given your abhorrence of living off the government you'll be donating the tax payer's contribution to the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan to charity?
  13. What's your spouse say about that? As I understand from a previous post on here, she is a high school principal? No? Maybe you could be a guest lecturer.. As per Muskoka 1 - other than a rudimentary outline of personal finance concepts, unless the kid has got a part-time job and is handling his/her own money, the information usually goes in one ear and out the other. Most figure they will count on their rap music careers for a good living, and leave the financial end to an accountant. Telling them the tragic tale of MC Hammer didn't work either. What I found most usefu
  14. If you have kids, buy them the book and get them on the right track early. Most parent don't talk to their kids about money, nor can the majority explain various investment options.
  15. Not sure about entitlement - I would say confused priorities. In the "Wealthy Barber" by David Chilton, his strategy is "pay yourself first". (first edition) He advocates your allocations should include pension and savings payments each month to (for) yourself in addition to paying your external bills. If day to day bills are paid and RRSP's and TFSA's, emergency funds etc. are taken care of to top up levels each year, indulge yourself with what is left over for other things in life.
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