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  1. Here's a report from the Norvic Motel last year - you can see my motel box stuff there as well, as I make the room 'my own': I like the Windy Lake motel as well: https://www.windylakemotel.com There is the Motel 6 on the trail: https://www.motel6.com/en/motels.on.sudbury.5732.html?lid=Local_Milestone_5732&travelAgentNumber=TA001305&corporatePlusNumber=CP792N5W&utm_source=google my business&utm_medium=listing&utm_campaign=visit website
  2. Unfortunately some of the problems are larger than nuisance complaints....two lakes in McDougall, Harris Lake and Manitowabing have experienced break outs of green algae this summer...deadly stuff which can't be filtered out, treated, or decontaminated. Both of the lakes are overbuilt and much of the shoreline has been "developed" as per Cottage Life Magazine. Comes from septic system failure, over fertilization of gardens and grass areas which runs off into the water, and removal of aquatic plants which tend to act like filters to keep water cleaner.
  3. "When I first came to this land I was not a wealthy man... So I got myself a wife.. and I did what I could... And I called my wife..... run for your life And I called my cow no milk now......" I rented a place for a couple of years close to the Seguin Trail and Nipissing Road while I looked around for a lakefront lot. Located one with 400 feet of water that I could afford without going into debt. Moved an used 55 foot Atco construction trailer to the lot ($2000) and eventually got hydro, septic, etc. attached. (septic got put in in time for our wedding on property - none of this spending $50K uselessly on a wedding party as happens these days) Over the years expanded and refurbished the Atco to two stories, R2000 spec without a loan. It was always my intention to retire here, which is what I have done...ms. slomo still working health care in the south by phone...comes up on weekends with the Instant Pot for a week's full of meals. Pretty well a standard story for anyone born and raised north of the French River - where men are men and women are women... a darn good arrangement. Luckily this all happened before 1986 or so...that year prices for waterfront almost doubled... The original township was unorganized which meant you only needed permits for hydro and septic and it attracted a fair amount of "characters". For years, on the Bunny Trail, there was a guy who's only qualification for interacting with bears was that he was not afraid of them when he was drunk, which was most of the time. People used to come and watch him feed huge groups of the animals who were used to a steady hand out. After he died, the township passed a bylaw outlawing the feeding of animals and had an arrangement as such with his nephew who inherited the property. On another road coming from the highway, in a large collection of travel trailers, small sheds, converted ice fishing shacks etc. centered around a larger trailer, lives a group of single men who (presumably) got fleeced by former spouses and can't afford to live anywhere else. Rumour has it that a legal defense for a group busted for a large pot growing operation in the township appealed for leniency in that the owners had recently attended government sponsored small business training and were exhibiting entrepreneurial spirit. (video takes a couple of seconds for the sound to be heard)
  4. Not exactly....pertinent .....renters should be aware that if the owner is renting illegally, the township bylaw officer might boot them out half way through their scheduled week. There was a story on the wind in July about this happening on Lake Manitowabing. Rent was a pretty good amount, not to mention some inconvenience when the "holiday" is over. Usually happens after a complaint to the township. Another story has it that a bunch of guys showed up at a "cottage association's" annual party with a bunch of "escorts" not realizing that everyone there knew everyone else. In the case of the guy on our lake, the noise and theft mainly bothers a neighbour who lied twice to get the name of the lake changed after a relative who didn't deserve it...no military service, no community service and too stupid to move when everyone else did when they realized the land would not support farming. Her self-entitled husband, legally blind with no driver's license, insurance and no helmet continues to ride his ATV on public roads. He can kill himself if he wants, but if he runs someone down, no liability for injuries....would have to sue him. So you have to take the good with the bad in some cases.... However, most people are buying property with the expectation that their enjoyment of said purchase is protected by whatever laws are in force.
  5. McDougall Township in the Parry Sound area has a bylaw against short term rentals of cottages - month to month rentals are ok. Guy on our lake is doing this illegally - over loads septic systems not meant for large groups (25 last Labour Day) , stolen firewood, garbage left behind and attracting wildlife and rats from the guy keeping chickens two lots down, noise, campfires and fireworks set off during fire bans. Did not rent this summer and was pulling a lot of furniture and appliances from his main larger of two cabins - probably trying to collect a business loss due to covid or access the free loan money for small businesses.
  6. Stayed here twice - easy trail access just down the street: https://www.choicehotels.com/ontario/owen-sound/quality-inn-hotels/cna74?mc=llgoxxcaqil -ask for the sledder's special -there is a row of ground floor rooms that you could park your sled outside your door - if asked they will give you a key to a ground floor general exit as well. -lots of trailer parking around the back -pool is sometimes out of commission -best to ask ahead if this is a priority. edit: post from 2018 - a few pictures
  7. Every year at this time there is a general pent up urge to spend on snowmobiling stuff. For someone with merchandise, email contacts, and a large barn, might be a good opportunity for one of those new-fangled pop up stores....with the proper pandemic procedures in place of course.
  8. Would you mind sharing these places? We stayed in a cabin at this place last year and liked the trails very much: https://www.mazinawlakesideresort.com Cabin was OK for the guys and as ms. slomo and I have put up with much worse in the NWT, she could put up with it as well. Should we return to the area, would appreciate a bit more upscale next time. Sadly, one of the owners died while we were there so a report on the place seemed unfair. Just for fun, here's another good place for a base for tours right across the road from the trail in Hawkesbury - a little run down, but lots of parking (around back) and conveniences. https://www.choicehotels.com/ontario/hawkesbury/quality-inn-hotels/cna52?mc=llyxcncnnbl&pmf=canada BTW- if on your way to destinations in Quebec north of the St. Lawrence river, this is a good place to keep in mind. Leave work from Toronto or points west, stay here over night, cross over into Quebec, follow highway 50 or 148 east to hwy 15 to hwy 158 and avoid the multi lane mess around Montreal. You can go south to highway 40 once past or continue on 158. It is a two lane highway that moves pretty quickly in most places.
  9. Have fun! Waking up to the sweet smell of someone emptying "black water" not the best way to start the day! Just happened to be there one day checking out the place and this occurred. Made a note of it in my "vacation" files. BTW - just for fun, here is a link to the trans-Newfoundland ATV tour in case you need something else to add to your bucket list: https://www.crossingnewfoundlandbyatv.com The guy provides a printable day by day tour book and a map which will open in the free version of Locus. (you also get 3 free maps with Locus) Something to kick around with your gang when you get back in the evening.
  10. Pretty well a foregone conclusion for several months now despite the tone of their writing.
  11. In the words of Napoleon upon the return of his troops from Moscow..."Une armée marche sur le ventre".
  12. IIRC cabin 10 is next to the rv pumpout - just saying...... The 'winter' page has a list of possible targets for touring....I am flummoxed by the "you won't be sharing your place with strangers?" notation .......experienced this in single motel remote communities in the Northwest Territories, but unheard of anywhere else in Canada. Strange. Looks like some new cobalt mining development in the area. The chip stand in the white building east of Elk Lake is preferred over the portable one by the post office/convenience store near the bridge.
  13. I remember buying my permit through D'ville several years ago as mentioned. My two Ontario permits are on their way....anticipating a couple from Quebec also, emailed them to find out which clubs are sucking the hind tit in that province and received a very courteous reply and information. Apparently picking the numbers of remote clubs there is helpful.
  14. Concur 100%. Two good motels with decent prices with park out your door access and a couple of better hotels for nicer if required. Here's a list of what's in our "motel box" which might be helpful: We squeeze all this into a plastic tub with snap lid - 17.5 inches wide, 23 inches long 15 inches high. -1 liter kettle -full size coffee maker (those ones supplied aren't worth the bother to even fill)&filters -toaster (operate in such a way not to set off smoke alarm) -2 melmac plates (the green camping ones of your youth, microwave safe and won't break if dropped) -2 melmac bowls -2 forks, 2 spoons, 1 butter knife, 1 paring knife, fish filleting knife for the tougher things to cut (or for cleaning fish) -2 large stainless steel tall mugs (usually kept in the truck for coffee stops along the way) -2 plastic stacking cups -can opener -wine bottle opener -the above is kept in a plastic milk bag pouring container.(usually carry milk in emptied plastic juice bottles - Ocean Spray bottles are the best for durability - milk and juice can be frozen ahead of time for keeping your cooler cool while in the room. As for ice, best thing to use is wide mouth spagetti sauce bottles (Ragu RIP) as you can refill them from a motel ice cube machine. -various extension cords and multi connectors (older motel wiring inadequate, helps set up applicances, chargers, laptops etc.) Enables shutting off some things to use kettle or coffee maker without blowing a fuse. -jar of peanut butter, small tub margarine, small tub honey (won't spoil without refridgeration, thaws out well if frozen in vehicle) -use empty plastic peanut butter jars ...kraft or skippy's...hold sugar for coffee, tea bags, ground coffee PRO TIP - at home prior to your trip, get 1 kg container of Melitta coffee (sale price 12.97) and 1 bag of strong ground starbucks.(sale price 7.99) Mix well in a ratio of 1 bag to 1 can and put in peanut butter jars with a plastic coffee measure spoon. One spoon full per cup in the basket plus one for the pot. You'll get some premium tasting coffee to get your day off to a good start. -lipton cup of soup various flavours although chicken seems the best - good with a sandwich -Via instant coffee packs - tastes almost like fresh brewed for those afternoon pickup after a nap. -small packets of condiments, salt and pepper shakers -use a couple of snap lid tupperware to hold some of the stuff - comes in handy for left over delivery pizza, chinese food etc. -small container dish soap (also works as shampoo if revrnd finds no bath products in room) quick dry towel and wash cloth. -roll of saran wrap. -also have a small microwave if none is supplied with room. Inside keep oven mitts, stir spoon, cardboard shield for glass rotating dish -a couple of tins of condensed milk will keep forever if not opened or for several days if opened and covered - beats the powder coffee creamer. A couple of other things to keep in the truck if you find yourself stranded in an area in which the hydro is out: -coleman camp stove and fuel -fry pan and a couple of pots to boil water and warm food -camp lamp - naptha fuel -at least 2 full 20 liter gas cans and a siphon to drain the sleds for the truck- no pumps will be working. See if anyone else can add some more ideas either here or somewhere else. If I think of anything further, I'll add it later. -forget pyrex casserole dish in motel box - put small items in it when packing - can be used for microwave cooking kraft dinner etc.
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