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  1. Trail to the Super 8 was groomed yesterday (Thursday Feb. 25) Tough start to the day... but trails all round in good condition. Motel parking lots are empty - where is everyone?
  2. I like the Top A ...it holds fond memories of my first ride of the season for 6 out of the last 8 years, usually Christmas day, while others languish uselessly with their families. ug. Leaving the Advantage or the Apollo motel and heading west toward Hearst feels like an old friend after 9 months of no riding. I have done the other trails too....just letting you know so I don't get dumped into that low "tourist" level of the sledding hierarchy - a big bruise to my self esteem...thanks revrnd...but the A trail will always have a special place in my heart. Gonna ride it tomorrow morning as a ma
  3. Surely you're not disputing this are you? Toronto Star...look it up... "Over the past four years, Skelly and his corporation have been convicted for operating without a licence a total of three times: Once in March of 2017, once in December of 2017 and once in September of 2019." Ribs and roaches combo plate this week... Citizens! To the barricades! oooops....donate to my Just Fund Me page....it's great how there are a cluster of useful idiots who's first response is to throw away money without any idea as to where it is going to be spent. Did you know that 3/4
  4. yep, ran a restaurant without a business license - nice way to get out of health inspections. Like cock roaches with your ribs? Special this week...
  5. Took a tour down that way last week - trail passes by quite a few nice homes who are enjoying being on the waterfront and probably couldn't care if the trail is groomed or not. The impression I got was that many of the streets there were labelled as private drives. In my opinion it is too bad they don't open up parts of the water front to the general public I kept an eye out for business signs and they were there, but in my opinion, access from the trail to them was sketchy or breaks from the trail to them did not correspond with the signs. Th
  6. Nice report! Sounds like you know your food! It's great when someone takes the time to do a report like this as it gets other readers interested in the place and doing a bit of research to see if it suits their vacation types. Thanks again!
  7. No offence to whits-end or anyone else here....but he certainly has more medical qualifications than anyone on this forum if you don't mind me saying so. Having a specialization takes more schooling as well. Where did everyone here showing charts and spouting quackery get their medical degrees? BTW - the danger of the variants is that a person showing no symptoms goes longer before showing symptoms than in previous iterations and is infectious to others for a longer period of time without knowing it. Fact. No charts.
  8. If the Cartier Moose Loop is any indication, I would say trails deserve green status with some thin spots. Might have more to say later regards other areas. (some darn steep hills in the area would need studs of some kind to let yourself down them slowly)
  9. The Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce is calling for the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit’s Medical Officer of Health to provide the stats behind his decision to extend the lockdown in the Health Unit’s region. On Friday, the Health Unit confirmed that the Stay-at-Home order along with the shutdown would remain in effect for the region until February 22nd, 2021, joining Toronto, Peel, and York regions. In a joint letter sent today to Dr. Jim Chirico, PSACC President Gail Burrows and Executive Director Christy Cafovski on behalf of the Chamber, formally requested “empiric
  10. Consider this place to stay - https://www.logosland.com Self contained fully equipped motel suites on the cross of two trails - good deals in the winter and for some reason practically deserted? Good spot.
  11. Keep an eye on district 6 as well...should be more green after the snowfall this morning.
  12. Opens up some trailside possibilities - good work revrnd! Posting map for a friend. Blake.
  13. Check with wildbill at Rosseau Rd. for parts - I got some Rouski parts from him when my springs went.
  14. zoso - do those drivers on the "Ice Road Truckers" shows get a premium rate for driving or what?
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