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  1. infernobuster

    Mileage this season, so far...

    I got in 1700 k this season before it ended abruptly a month ago. Still waiting for TD insurance to come to a decision. Heads up to those that have TD, great rates .. crappy service.
  2. infernobuster

    Tek vest

    No the Cartridge is much bigger than a normal C02 cartridge from a pellet gun or such. And the holster that you screw the cartridge into wont accept such a small cartridge either.
  3. infernobuster

    Tek vest

    Suprisingly it does a great job of preventing major injuries for a rider on a motorcycle. The vest first came out for equestrian riders, where the bike market picked it up and seems to be spreading into different markets slowly. I dont know about the "bouncy" part you are thinking about. You certainly are the Michelin man with it on.
  4. infernobuster

    Tek vest

    The Air bag vests we were testing them out in the US a few years ago, before they got big up here. They do a great job of protecting an individual from further injury, but the vest does not stay inflated as one said to help you "float". When it fires off, it remains inflated and eventually starts to deflate itself and return back to normal per say. The other thing is with all your gear on, and still attached to the sled to get gas or lunch and you walk away tethered still, BOOM the system will fire off. The replacement cartridges are around $30-$40 per one..
  5. infernobuster

    Tek vest

    Naw, still off work and will be for rest of march now. I head to the caribbean in first week of april, so hopefully when im back ill be good to go. TD is supposed to give me an answer this week now finally. Only been a month whether they will repair it or write it off. $5500 bucks is the repair bill currently ..
  6. infernobuster

    Tek vest

    After my near head on crash just a few weeks ago, for next season ill be riding with it on all the time. ( thats if TD insurance ever decides what they are doing with my sled.. sigh)
  7. infernobuster

    HWY 407 Ticket

    They cant under the privacy act.
  8. infernobuster

    Trucks on Groomed Trails are Legal But Cause Problems

    Seen they found the guy on social media on trucks of ontario site. Apparently they've been sending him messages etc, that he pulled his account down now.
  9. infernobuster

    Help needed in whitney

    X rays are clear of any breaks. Waiting to hear back from Insurance whether its a write off or not. And with it being the end of Feb now, i may just write off the season. With ski doo showing off their new sleds monday night .. well see. I either jump to the new ace turbo or go with a sidewinder.
  10. infernobuster

    Help needed in whitney

    Thanks all. Ill remember all of this for next time.. praying there wont be a next time. I got off really lucky .. and go buy a lotto ticket is what i heard from the hospital and OPP. Guy coming around a blind corner outside whitney, riding middle of trail .. target fixated on me and hit me. I got thrown .. his sled barely any damage. Me i took the brunt of it all and as of this morning the estimate for repair is $4700. Right wrist is swollen and can barely use my right hand. Normally i ride with my tek vest, but wasnt wearing it this time.
  11. infernobuster

    Help needed in whitney

    Thanks for reaching out. Really didnt know what to do since CAA wouldnt tow me. Signfan, thanks for the recommendation.
  12. Yep. It was my sled. Seasons probably over for me now.
  13. Was through there yesterday all the way to Whitney and it was good. B trail through the hydro lines a little bumpy, but groomer was headed through there yesterday.
  14. infernobuster

    Help needed in whitney

    Anyone able with truck/ trailer to pick up a sled that’s been in an accident? In Whitney.. delivered back to Peterborough area? txt me 416 970 4060
  15. Got friday off, and see kinmount and northwards are yellow? Worth a run too Whitney or not ? Anyone post up current conditions ?