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  1. Zertrider

    Cost of being towed

    It's really too bad someone didn't have GoPro footage of the F800 jumping driveways on the end of a tow rope.
  2. Zertrider

    Cost of being towed

    Have towed a friends Apex and my brothers F800 with my ZR6000, both times probably 10 miles or so. That was 1000kms ago and I am still riding the same belt. Didin't expect a thing from either of them, as there were days in the past that I was the one on the losing end of the rope. Both of them were a bit frightened at the speeds that I was towing them at.
  3. Zertrider

    Hand Sigbals and Ride Lite

    That is just ignorant. I know that when someone signals there are riders behind them, I will make an effort to stay back from a blind corner, just so that I do not put myself somewhere that could result in a collision. If a rider in your group apexes a corner, I want to know he is coming.
  4. Zertrider

    Green means rocks?

    And in the end, if I hear a few rocks scraping under my skis, who gives a crap, I am riding.
  5. Zertrider

    North Bay or New liskeard?

    I do believe you may be right. One was definately a Sidewinder and on was an 850, but not sure of what else there was, it was a group of 5 or 6 twits with small dicks.
  6. Zertrider

    North Bay or New liskeard?

    Just got home at 10 last night from staying at the Crows Nest in Restoule for a couple of days. Trails were great everywhere. Rode to Port Loring, then south to Sundridge, and up to Restoule, and trails were fresh and flat. Yesterday rode over to Bonfield, then east on up across the Mattawa River Provincial Park, and into NB. Had lunch at the Crown and Beaver, then a quick ride back to the truck at the Crows Nest, and only a few spots that were not fresh groomed. Met a few hooligans tearing up the trail unnecessarily on the jaunt back into Restoule, proving all the power their sled had by blowing all of the snow off of the ice base on the trail, but I guess some people dont care what happens to the conditions after they have been through.
  7. Zertrider

    E-tec 2 reliability and Gen 4

    The Cat 600 c-tec has a great reputation for longevity so far. And that is pretty normal for oil consumption. I believe O figured mine out to something like 70 or 80:1 fuel/oil ratio.
  8. Zertrider

    I think I’ve been converted...

    I would agree. Many older sleds will corner better than the new equipment. The old zr440/570's would hardly even lift a ski while cornering, no matter how hard it bit in. For corners, lower is faster. But I still prefer the ride of the newer stuff.
  9. Zertrider

    I think I’ve been converted...

    I would think you would need to compare it to a new Cat 800 to be a fair comparison though. Of course the Viper was heavier in the twisties. There is an extra 40lb over the skis. Glad to hear you like the sled. Cousin went from Cat 800's to the 850. Thought it was great until the engine blew. Not sure if he stayed with it or went back green.
  10. Zertrider

    Lets talk suspensions & track length !..120-129-137 or ?

    So then get 2 exact same model sleds with same rear suspension and shock setup, one shorty and 1 136 or longer and verify that. Guesses are that the difference will be imperceptible.
  11. Zertrider

    Lets talk suspensions & track length !..120-129-137 or ?

    I have a 129in zr6000 and my brother has a Crosstalk 600 which is 137in and swapping back and forth you cannot tell any ride difference through the bumps. Steering on the other hand is different, more so due to his 1.6in lug to my 1.25in.
  12. Zertrider

    Saw sledjunk today with his horn

  13. Zertrider

    Saw sledjunk today with his horn

    Obviously it was not his group. Regardless, when a group of sleds stops on the trail and takes up all but a small sliver of it, especially when it is 16ft wide, they should be called on it. And that is what someone in the group who we came across had done, with the lead sled being an older Polaris with some bull horns mounted on the front bumper.
  14. Zertrider

    Saw sledjunk today with his horn

    If he was in Pembroke yesterday I saw his group too. Took up a lot of space stopping on the rail trail, leaving just enough space to barely get by.