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  1. Parry Sound Area Trails

    I don't think so. The young fella next door plows my driveway and I don't want to scare him away. I don't think his mother would appreciate it either. lol
  2. Parry Sound Area Trails

    As of just now, the Carling Club has not had the groomer on the trails north of Parry Sound. Need some more snow.
  3. I so want this.

    They don't even get that right because they are too lazy to look out the window to see what it is doing right now.
  4. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Three to five inches fell here in Carling. Temperature has gone down 22c since 2:30am.
  5. How bad did the weather hurt your area ??

    Snowing and blowing out of the north here in Carling. No accumulation to speak of yet but they are calling for 2 inches. The temperature was plus 8c at 2:30am and is now -7c. I just finished shovelling up all the slop that fell off the garage roof. Packed like concrete when it hit the ground. My aching back.
  6. no start

  7. Parry Sound Area Trails

    Over the last three days I have been driving a lot of places I wouldn't normally go to. Anywhere the trails were close to the road, the groomers made the trails look like white asphalt. Good on you guys. Well done.
  8. A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    I totally agree.
  9. A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    For the very short time that I was biking, I didn't experience this but I didn't have or see anyone have any trouble for others to come to the rescue. I wish my back could have been rescued.
  10. A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    Good on you extreme600. Up in God's country a person could perish without some help sometimes.
  11. A quick shout out of 'Thanks'

    Most sledders are like that O2. Other walks of life, not so much.
  12. Sunday Jan 7 ride..

    Oh oh. Trail Wars.
  13. Happy New Year to everyone

    Hhhhhmmmmm!!!!!! Santa on a red Alpine. Who woulda thunk it. lol
  14. Happy New Year to everyone

    Happy New Year y'all.!!!
  15. GM Truck Accessories

    Sorry. You are four hours away from me. The products you have for sale are great but I can't get the time.