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catinental couch

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  1. At least it is not yellow. Lol
  2. Ya. OK.
  3. The only thing that is free is advice and most of the time it is not worth that price.
  4. Roflmao
  5. I was told they don't do boats that have cooking facilities. Period. My boats are all under my house policy with another insurer.
  6. Good for the club. Well done.
  7. I enjoy listening to a well tuned engine and I agree there are a bunch of them that are too noisy but you can't throw rocks if you live in a glass house. I don't think loud pipes save lives, they cause a distraction but at least everyone knows you are there. Distractions cause accidents.
  8. Again, I totally agree. Why are they complaining about lake noise when you have to listen to cars, trains, airplanes, etc. .....
  9. I totally agree UTS.
  10. Good question O2.
  11. I wouldn't believe the press anyway. It's only a cheap newspaper. lol
  12. We get a multi discount from TD because the wife's car and the sleds are insured with them and something else she owns. They wouldn't insure my business, my dually or my express cruiser but still wanted my house and contents as well as the PWC's. I didn't go along with them for various reasons but if they pull any of the tricks you guys have said about, they will lose the rest as well.
  13. Sorry buddy. Just kidding. Have a great day.
  14. Then I still couldn't afford to be involved monetarily. But if I had Blake's money....