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  1. catinental couch

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Some of them are p!$$@d that they are on sled duty. Some are out to make a name for themselves. Some are are just miserable enough that they want to screw up everybody's day.
  2. catinental couch

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    That is what I have been told by the officers as well as others.
  3. catinental couch

    Helmet of choice

    ..... strapped around their chests....
  4. catinental couch

    Helmet of choice

    Legalized thinning of the gene pool.
  5. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    See what I meant about this subject PLC. Even slomo doesn't want to speak on the subject.
  6. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    Sorry PLC. The ticket goes to the driver and the CVOR is registered to both the vehicle owner and the driver. If we continue on this line of discussion, it will get really complicated and will resolve no explanation to the layman. There is no way I am misleading anybody about needing a CVOR if you are driving for pay any vehicle over 4500kg. This is the misunderstanding the MTO is counting on to be able to give unknowing driver's the big ticket.
  7. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    ..... unless an officer on patrol sees it being used like a commercial vehicle. Then all bets are off and out comes the ticket book.
  8. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    I agree Poo Man but a 5500 lb trailer should be stickered unless it is an RV. Let's face it. It is only illegal if you get caught.
  9. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    Sorry PLC. Even my wife's Ford Ranger in her personal name has black and white plates and is commercial by the laws of the MTO. ANY Ontario vehicle with black and white plates is a truck and comes under truck laws. They were very specific about that at the OPP/MTO meeting we were at in Gravenhurst two weeks ago. This has not changed since they came out with the black and white plates. The only reason anybody would need a CVOR is if you are driving over 4500 kg for pay or over 6 people in the case of a van or bus AND the vehicle is registered to a business.
  10. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    Not entirely true PLC. Any vehicle that has or is supposed to have black and white plates is considered commercial.
  11. catinental couch

    F-150 weight

    Your F150 will be over 4450 lbs. Either borrow/rent a stickered 3/4 ton to pull the trailer for one day or risk the fines. Fines start at $350.00 and quickly work their way to $1000.00 and then they start looking for safety problems. The yellow stickers on the truck and trailer is what they look for. If none are present then they pull you over and start looking for regulatory infractions and they are stiff penalties.
  12. catinental couch

    Caution / Warning - North Bay truck & trailer Blitz

    You are correct revrnd but Zertrider is also correct and additionally, those who pull an RV plus a boat trailer at the same time need a modified "A" license. It gets more confusing after that.
  13. catinental couch


    Might be interesting when the renewal comes in from TD for the Crown Victoria. They were extremely absorbident for the premiums on the new Silverado.
  14. catinental couch

    A Look Into The Past

    Every year I think Kris. A major one was in the mid 80s.
  15. catinental couch

    A Look Into The Past

    Lots of names I remember. Like crispy said; one carbide on purpose.