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  1. catinental couch

    Pointe au Baril to Parry Sound

    There is a pile of sled tracks on the Big Sound but most of them appear to be running the shoreline.
  2. catinental couch

    Port Sydney conditions

    That would be the Daytona 500 MM. Not the Indy 500. Do you have a Polaris headache? lol
  3. catinental couch

    2019 Great Big Loop Trip

  4. catinental couch

    Watershed Truck Stop

    There are lots of hall roads to ride on as long as you get to them on the Sultan Road without getting run over by a logging truck. No slider lube on the Sultan Road to the Watershed either.
  5. catinental couch


    Doesn't matter whether I am ready or not. If I want to keep my BM license, I have to do retests and medicals and driver abstracts, police checks etc. You know the drill. Another year and a half I have to do another retest and a medical, then every year after that. And of course there are fees for each and every piece of paper you require. Happy fn birthday.
  6. catinental couch

    Southern Ontario is pooched!

    You could go sledding in Maui but the flight to Hawaii might be pricy.
  7. catinental couch

    2016 mxz 600 ace sport

    If anybody remembers; the 440 cc sleds of the 70's were anywhere from 30 to 65 horses and we thought they were powerful. My 1976 LC was 93 horsepower and it was considered to be wild. Mind you it was 200 to 400 pounds lighter than a lot of today's sleds.
  8. catinental couch


    People in denial are often the ones who should be having a license retest. Just sayin'.
  9. catinental couch

    Pics from Rickwards Antique Sled Show

    The 5th picture of the Rupp Nitro II and the Scorpion belong to Kerry who posted above. He now owns my 1977 Rupp Nitro LC. He cleans them up real nice. I need to get to one of these shows.
  10. catinental couch

    big Storm. how much u gettin?

    Four inches on my deck railing in the suburbs of Carling. It has been blowing all day so who knows what the real accumulation is.
  11. catinental couch

    Only in sudbury

    From me as well.
  12. catinental couch


    X how many that should agree.
  13. catinental couch

    Sled thief caught

    The Seguin River stil runs deep. Just sayin'.
  14. catinental couch

    Parry Sound trip

  15. catinental couch

    Weather radar

    Same in Carling and Parry Sound.