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  1. Winter Tires

    I thought you were trying to sell winter tires not porcupines.
  2. Work party on the weekend

    Nice shack.
  3. Winterforcast

    The odd snow flake at Mill Lake, Parry Sound today.
  4. Congratulations The Groomer Guy!

    Outstanding Luc.!!!!!
  5. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    ..... and the possible up and coming Nascar track at Fort Erie.
  6. Anyone Know what this is about?

    Dave, that is the same story that I have been hearing but now the ATV crowd are getting disenchanted in some areas.
  7. Trailer Wheel Stud Circle

    Correct BP.
  8. I did it.. can't believe it !

    I don't think you should shoulder all the blame Dave. We had the free lock passes on all our boats and only did 3 locks return all summer. Blame it on Canada 150.
  9. Anyone Know what this is about?

    It might be politically correct Dave but not physically correct. I might be an old Canadian but after the doctors have been carving at me, I am no longer stock. In fact considerably modified. Lol
  10. Cooler nights

  11. Cooler nights

    ...If you have good blankets on board. Ok. I'm a wuss.
  12. Summer Sucks Party-Saturday August 12th

    Cold shoulder does not make a great meal slomo. I am already partially deaf so the silent treatment would go unnoticed.
  13. Hello from SCBATECH

    Everybody pickin' on poor STG.
  14. Summer Sucks Party-Saturday August 12th

    I guess I must be a baaaaaddddd dog. Lol
  15. Summer Sucks Party-Saturday August 12th

    Here and I thought being in the doghouse was a privelege not a punishment. Lol