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  1. Kitchener to Timmins

    I agree revrnd. The moose travel at night and while they don't do well in a truck accident, neither does the truck. The last time I drove the 144 from 17 to the Watershed, I counted 12 moose kills. Not a great place to drive at night.
  2. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Nice to hear from you STG. You have been rather quiet lately. lol
  3. Best accomidations and restaurant in Timmins?

    Why not revrnd? You could get paid for that app and it would make all the work you do for us more worthwhile to you. lol
  4. My update

    Hey Nunz. Will you be going to the snowcross at Horseshoe Valley this year?
  5. WAWA Trails?

    My neighbour just came back from the Soo, Searchmont, Halfway Haven and all that area. He said it was far better than further north.
  6. Arctic cat procross accessories

    So I later found out. I guess I am just behind on my info. I don't get out much. lol
  7. My update

    It will be 3 years ago this coming June that I quit cold turkey. Still having a problem with the weight thing. If you need a shoulder, call me.
  8. Arctic cat procross accessories

    Ahh. You are just giving that poor old Polaris a rest. What a good guy.lol
  9. Arctic cat procross accessories

    By the way Nunz, I hope you are getting past your health issues and will be as good as new real soon. You have a high mileage sled reputation to uphold. lol
  10. Arctic cat procross accessories

    Well my buddy Nunz. My touring Cat as you know and have seen is a 2008. My wife's Polaris was a 2007. No, my Cats never blew an engine at 1300 miles. I still wish Reevester all the luck in the world but that Polaris and my youngest son's 2012 Polaris 800 make me feel that we will be sledding in Hades before I buy another Polaris. By the way, in 1971 I was racing against Polaris.
  11. Arctic cat procross accessories

    Time will tell if one or the other may be the correct decision. The last time I bought a Polaris instead of a Cat, it turned out to be a disaster. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have completely stripped the Polaris when I bought it and fixed all the things that Polaris screwed up when they built it. Instead, I did that after it blew up. I wish you better luck with yours. Where are you buying it from?
  12. Arctic cat procross accessories

    Silly boy. You should go with the 800 cat.
  13. Arctic cat procross accessories

    Are you getting a new sled?
  14. 2016 Grand Touring For Sale

    I was just pulling your chain. I am not very political. lol