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  1. Viper

    Mustang or Challenger

    Congrats hope he enjoys the ride!
  2. I have lots of OC Stickers so if you want any stop by the Prostate Extreme Team Booth in Hall 2
  3. Viper

    How'd You Find OC?

    I remember the 1st official OC ride for me was in Port Sydney @ Sydneys, had to be 04 or 05, Rick do you remember the year? I brought a group up with me that thought I was crazy because I was meeting a bunch of strangers off the internet, bwahaha oh the memories! Scott & Mandy owned it back then and it was cold as all hell, I remember waking up to snow in the room, what a night that was. I know Cement Head was there, I think Slider was there, maybe Snowman but for the life of me I cannot remember who else, Rick jog my memory will ya?
  4. Viper

    How'd You Find OC?

    How's that working out for ya banana breath?
  5. Viper

    How'd You Find OC?

    Ya but do you remember who you rode with for the 1st time from the forum? I will never forget that ride, haven't been the same after meeting you, lmao All kidding aside great work getting it back together after the crash!
  6. Viper

    How'd You Find OC?

    LMV stalked me from the old Snowgower forums then a bunch of us met in Port Sydney and the rest is history... Had allot of fun around here over the years met some great people most of whom I am still great friends with, even cement head, hahahahaha I still have my original hat, toque and I even have an original OC Sweatshirt. Who remembers Wonderphant, I am sure Reved will drag it up from the archives bwahahahahaha
  7. Viper

    Green Green Grass of Home

    Thanks now I am picturing Carlton from Fresh Prince dancing to that tune, lmao
  8. Viper

    RAP Tour

    We switched from the RAP to The Gold Rush Tour although we are still trying to figure it all out
  9. Viper

    Thanks for the memories

    Great advice and its one of the things that we constatly promote! Please don't hesitate to contact us that's what we are here for, see ya on the snow very soon!!
  10. Viper

    Thanks for the memories

    Glad everything worked out for you. We would love to see you at our event you can find out more at www.pet4pc.com Alternatively I am also on the board of our local pc support group so if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me. You can pm me here or email me from the website listed above. Steve
  11. Viper

    WTB - used to new 4x4 ATV

    Can't believe I missed the drama lmao
  12. Viper

    Toronto & Peterborough Fall Shows

    We will be at both shows as well make sure you drop in and say hi!
  13. Awesome work folks, all the best in getting to the final stagesand completion
  14. Viper

    Who needs one of these?

    Borderline extortion that's all I will say publicly Dom