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  1. Muskoka Man

    Cochrane This Morning

    Why aren't the trails open?
  2. Muskoka Man

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Got my 2 permits ,much easier this year
  3. Muskoka Man

    OFSC BOG Decision

  4. Muskoka Man

    Oxygen Helmet

    Staying with the cord until they come down to 350 or so
  5. Muskoka Man

    Gowganda Accomodations

    Nice trails out there when they are groomed up
  6. Muskoka Man

    Oxygen Helmet

    750 ,not happening
  7. Muskoka Man

    Gowganda Accomodations

    Looks like their trails are yellow now Might want to phone Giselle and ask about this .might be a groomer down
  8. Muskoka Man

    Gowganda Accomodations

    Gowganda lake lodge .great place .their number is on the page here .they are a site sponsor
  9. Muskoka Man

    Disappointing to read this.

    We just came back from the north this morn and there is still a pile of trailers heading north ,I’m sure there all going to liskeard and up this was the first year I have even seen any chop on cochrane trails ,so yes the traffic has been heavy and more coming to invade
  10. Muskoka Man

    New Liskeard

    Driving back home now through liskeard Looking thin.Go north
  11. Muskoka Man

    New Liskeard

    New liskeard looked thin and snirty this morn
  12. Muskoka Man

    Disappointing to read this.

    This ones going to go long boys ,lol
  13. Muskoka Man

    Disappointing to read this.

    I rode this area 2 weeks ago in -32 and the trails rocked ,not sure about any of the political crap with ofsc and this club ,but if they stop grooming the town and motels will be dead for sure and guys will get their last run in wherever good trails are and will not wait for the two parties to play games ,ofsc has not been the same in the last 4 or 5 years ,I have a trail sled and a off trail one just for these occasions ,we are in gowganda now off trailing as the 107 coming in from Sudbury is pummeled and I won’t ride that ,ofsc needs to wake up fast
  14. Muskoka Man

    Gowganda Lake Resort

    We are here now doing some off trail stuff on the minimg rds .conditions are perfect now .we also bring the quads in the summer .days of exploring in gowganda
  15. Muskoka Man


    We are in gowganda now and Urs is out grooming it today