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  1. Muskoka Man

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    great idea for sure ,but with this now added to the list and chainsaw course and 12 hrs runs volunteers with be non existent ,just my 2cents
  2. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    Yup seen this out come so as I looked at the washout . Can't even see clubs grooming up to this and turning around making it a dead end also with all the road work near this area from the loggers I seen they are going to be in there heavy this winter .sad to say but this might be a area to avoid
  3. Muskoka Man

    Announcement coming soon

    Congrats Bill ,just up the rd from us
  4. Muskoka Man

    Gas - Huntsville

    All us good guys are booked up .lol
  5. Muskoka Man

    Atv winter trails

    we followed all the new proposed atv trails yesterday on the quads .most are the summer atv side trails but some do cross the ofsc ,this is not going to be good i think he is going to have a hard time keeping his areas groomed as the bikes will chew it up real fast , he did a few last winter and bikes were on it 2 minutes after he groomed it and he gave up fast , would be nice if it worked out but not betting any $ on this one
  6. Muskoka Man

    Atv winter trails

    Looks like these guys are going to attempt some groomed atv trails again .just east of baysville area. Hope this does not work out and these ones cross the ofsc trails bit not down them
  7. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    The pic doesn’t show but the washout is 12 ft deep and 20 ft wide and 30 ft in length ,just putting in the new culvert and all the fill in this area will be a task in itself ,I’m sure the MNR will drag their feet and not help out the clubs what so ever
  8. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    If MNR is involved that washout will be there this sled season I'm afraid and no way around it
  9. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    Hello OFSC
  10. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    Yes trucking fill and the machines from port Carling would be crazy although it seems clubs in the area use him for bridge installs,backfill around them ,he did the bridge on D trail just south of port Sydney
  11. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    I realize my bike will not ruin the fill in but some posters here seem to think so ,but nothing new there as some think atvs are worse than a nuke spill ,another debate for another day and yes Brent is high on himself and exspensive
  12. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    it is the MNR that has closed this off ,im assuming a person would have to deal with them on this and we know what that means ,the loggers are all over the areas there widening the sides now in prep for winter haul i would think ,if this hole is not filled by winter it will be a big hole in the loops there ,if they do fill it soon i will stay off of it with my quad so it doesnt get ruined again
  13. Muskoka Man

    B trail washout

    Massive washout on B trail west of hwy 35 on pine springs Rd .it's were baysville club stops and turns around to come back home .the pic doesn't show its real size .can't see this being filled by winter as it's been like this since spring floods We took this pic today out on the bikes
  14. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    Getting deep here
  15. Muskoka Man

    Beer cans on trails

    Sure can tell the snow is gone as we now have a great debate on beer cans going ,lol