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  1. Hey Trail Map

  2. New restaurant/brewery looking to attract sledders

    Here is a pic of the new place Thought i would throw you a plug Martin as we are working around the corner
  3. New ITG

    been sledding for years without that stupid thing ,never got lost and always made it home and sledded all over ontario
  4. Hey Trail Map

    unlike the OFSC to bugger up something that worked fine
  5. New sign

    Need to get this sign moved to gravenhurst instead of the rosseau area
  6. Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    I know OFSC is not province owned ,just seems it is run by the same bunch sometimes
  7. Another OFSC corporate position!!!

    she would sell the OFSC to Ontario Hydro
  8. OFSC Swings and Misses

    Makes this upcoming season look great I just want to go out and buy a bunch of passes
  9. OFSC AGM Fri and Sat

    I think Wynne might be working at the OFSC sometimes
  10. Groomer spotted

    Seen this ebert welding truck hauling a new tractor and drag going south on hwy 11 around the kearney area
  11. Gowganda Lake Lodge

    Yes .
  12. Gowganda Lake Lodge

    This is the gas station in Elk Lake .we did Gowganda to elk lake and back .cant say enough about the quad trails here Endless and smooth .been riding them for years and still.coming back for more
  13. Gowganda Lake Lodge

    Packed up and left the muskokas for 4 days of biking at our site sponsor Gowganda Lake Lodge .calling for sunny days and warm .great to see our hosts Ron and Giselle again .
  14. Should of Brought The Sled Instead of The Atv....

    i think that trail is closed