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  1. Abitibi Canyon

    Nice to hear the great reports ,sleds are loaded up and ready for a early morn take off ,get there around 1 or 2 and a quick spin around the block
  2. Kirkland lake corridor

    3rd that
  3. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    Will see your ride .i also had a red and black 13 vector long track before switching over to the doo side .hope i dont regret it
  4. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    Moonbeam maybe or kap timmies .not sure .going to pack on some ks and eat at night .might not be a lot of good runs this season
  5. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    We are heading to kap on sat from cochrane .lunch then doing a couple loops around kap them back home Black 800 doo.yellow 600 doo
  6. Can’t wait for Snow.... Going to Cochrane

    We are arriving in cochrane fri night and riding sat and sun and heading home on mon..forcast is looking good
  7. unloading town of Rosseau

    Forgot about that spot ,thanks RCR
  8. New 2018 yamaha ltx dx!

    Nice toy
  9. DIstrict 7

    The westway was totally booked ,they have full house ,going to be busy up there on the weekend ,night life should be interesting ,lol,had to book across the rd ,good thing we are not picky
  10. DIstrict 7

    Calling for + 5 and rain next weekend here in Muskoka ,f@_£ work , f$#& the wife’s opinion I’m going to cochrane ,
  11. We are trying for a fri morn take off from Muskoka
  12. DIstrict 7

    They are now calling for + 3 next sat here in the skokes ,want to get out and put some Ks on and not waiting for Mother Nature to crap on my day again ,looks like a winter to chase snow again
  13. DIstrict 7

    Almost a 100% for me to hit cochrane next weekend,calling for drizzle here next weekend ,I was surprised to see the groom by snobombers actually,just seen a bunch of guys riding the frozen moguls on the HGR trails which are also red ,unbelievable
  14. DIstrict 7

    Looks like the sno bombers groomed out of bracebridge last night going north up to 37 .looks quite flat actually .seen guys riding it of course .one blast of snow and they will be in business .still thinking of cochrane next weekend though
  15. unloading town of Rosseau

    Probably at the public boat launch just slightly south of the store .big parking lot and usually plowed out and banks to unload if you need .trail is just up the rd