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  1. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    I see Bracebridge has now went red
  2. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    Just came from a little rip south of Port Sydney on D .top is getting washed of a bit with drizzle .could be icy by weekend .bring scratchers
  3. Muskoka Man

    The freeriding has to STOP

    We have more fun riding mining rds,logging rds,crown property north of the north bay regions ,endless running and no trespassing as riding in the Muskokas is starting to be boring ,,we find hydro lines are dangerous with the big drop offs and big water crossings so we stay away from them ,I’m 55 so I’m not a off rd 2 inch paddle track stand up rider, just getting out for some fun,you would not want to be Sledder trespassing on my back 40 ,that’s all I can say
  4. Muskoka Man

    North Adventure Inn

    had some good times there in the past for sure, have not been back in at least three years since the joker behind the desk double booked us, drove 6.5 hrs to find out we had no room ,he was rude dirty and didnt give a f^%#$k, stayed at westway ever since, will take a lot of good reviews for this guy to go back
  5. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    D trail south of Port Sydney this morn Could feel the back of the sled drop in the low spots but good riding really
  6. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    Looks like no real snow in the next few days and above freezing at the start of week ,groomers may sit for a bit
  7. Muskoka Man

    Rain north of orillia??

    Go hard rains today in Port Sydney area
  8. Muskoka Man

    Lake Muskoka Ice Conditions?

  9. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    Was there at 830 or so .I know some other trails close to there that are now flat
  10. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    Things were a rockin this morn in Port sydney.lots of guys unloading at Smiths gulf .met lots of guys going full bore heading north .back home safe now .lol
  11. Muskoka Man

    Lakes in Sudbury

    Yammey 4 strokes rock have treated me well ,over 25000ks between 2 of them ,riding a 800 adrenaline time bomb now
  12. Muskoka Man

    Lakes in Sudbury

    Didnt ride today as I had to work but could see the colour of the lake changing and calling for very warm temps on the weekend. Lake riding will be toast as will be Rd riding
  13. Muskoka Man

    Lakes in Sudbury

    I hear you all the lakes here in the Muskokas are slushing up real fast .no lake running for this guy for abit
  14. Muskoka Man

    Bass Lake Restaurant

    I can't give you a today report but thinking with this bit of warmth it will be deep snow and slush .just my take though and I'm sure one of the he guys here will know a better update
  15. Muskoka Man

    Port Sydney conditions

    On my travels from work yesterday everything from a aspdin rd down to gravenhurst looked nice ,groomed up and not beat from traffic