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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of.....

    Welcome aboard TN, Keep your eye here for trail opening and closures. You'll find that many on here know before the Maps show trail status. As for Haliburton Forest, it is a private trail system and often embellishes trail conditions. You've been warned, avoid disappointment. There are also many of our Members that are from the Kitchener/Waterloo greater area as this forums roots came from New Dundee. I'm sure you'll find lots of riders in your area, plus Muskoka if that is where you choose to ride. Domino
  2. Haliburton Forest MAY be open next week

    Have you ever seen them actually refuse more sleds on the trails???
  3. Haliburton Forest MAY be open next week

    Its never worth going to HF early or late season. The conditions are rarely as they state IME.

  5. Riding Alone/Gps tracking

    I have used SPOT. I have deactivated ALL products from Globalstar as they have jacked up pricing, added "Network Fees" and bill in USD. Ask yourself, am I in cellular coverage, if so, just grab an old iPhone and put a Tablet plan SIM in for $5-$10 month, and you can be tracked using Find my iPhone, and/or Find Friends. Both native to the iPhone. 911 is a free call from any active or non-active cellular device. Calling 911 has to be faster to get help than SPOT emergency Services.

    The summerland pizza is very good! I often order a pizza on my way up to have it for dinner on Friday night. Their pizza has even survived Argo & sled rides. I've tried to pick it up on the PWC, but for some reason that didn't work out.
  7. Ice In Report

    Impressive. Based on the weather in the south, it's hard to imagine 6 inches.
  8. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    If I recall, it was October 30.
  9. Polaris cover

    Second only to an Arctic Cat Cover
  10. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    In my case it was before they admitted to having an issue. I thought it was just busy and kicking me out. Never thought it was at that stage to bill me. I also did not receive multiple purchase confirmations, just one. The vendor in charge of this platform should be paying up for damages and costs to the OFSC.
  11. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Frustration has been eased as a direct response has now been received and a resolution is expected by end of day. This really sucks for the OFSC Staff and all the Permit Buyers affected. Somebody needs to be held accountable!
  12. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    I am now pissed. Over two weeks and not a friggin word (Directly) from the OFSC. I have sent them another email and told them I am filing a claim with my CC company if they have not confirmed the refund by the end of the day. My patience is done. This is their issue, their problem that they have made my issue and my problem.
  13. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    Has anyone seen a refund yet? I'm growing very tired of waiting and I will soon have to pay my Credit Card company for $1580 worth of fraudulent charges. I expect a time, not a stupid dam statement like "will take some time". How much time will you hold my funds without being more specific on the resolution?? Lesson learned, don't give the OFSC your credit card info. Let's go back to paper and cash! I received this statement of crap from the OFSC: Due to the high volume of permit transactions during the end of October while the system was experiencing technical difficulties, it will take some time for us to sort through legitimate transactions versus duplicate charges. We’d like to assure you that the staff team are working through the duplicate transactions as quickly as possible.
  14. Trail Permit Purchase Screwup

    It's a cashback card ($1.75%) and I wondered why my Rogers bill was redeemed in full. So I had to look and thats when I found my extra spending. So I'm sure I'll lose the cash back on the refund. Hell, I think I'm going to owe them by the time I'm done.
  15. Why is it a 190 bucks already

    I think my issue with the OFSC Admin fee is that it's not an OFSC fee that is going to the trails. I know it costs money to provide the online/Credit card/administration. Just bury the fee and advertise the true price of the permit. Adding the admin fee leaves the perception of deception and it really is an honest fee, unlike Car dealers...