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  1. Winter Tires

    Of the tires, not those nudes of STG!!
  2. Winter Tires

    Do you have any pics?
  3. SPOT Tracker Alternatives

    I cancelled 3 of the spot traces. No way in hell I’d pay a network fee, and a 50% increase, plus pay in USD. They got got greedy and lost. instead I’m using an old iPhone with a tablet sim. I can use find my iPhone to know where it is at anytime and google maps to see where it’s been. this is assuming you travel within cell coverage.
  4. Summer Sucks Get together.

    Been there, done that. Great atmosphere.
  5. I have not attended the past two years and I don't feel like I'm missing anything anymore. The Keehoes have made it so that it has no focus anymore. Just pay you high entry fee and wander around. 15 minutes is about right.
  6. Summer Sucks Get together.

    X3 Nunz for Mayor of Gravenhurst. President of the Local Snowmobile Club and ....
  7. I never like to see people abusing trails. ATVers are notorious for trespassing. Bicycle helmets must be mandated because parents are all stupid, Natives are all drunks. Black youths are all criminals. Muslims are all extremists. Woman just can't stop talking. If you stand up on a sled, you are an asshole kid. Arctic Cat sleds are only owned by aggressive riders..... Yamaha sleds weigh more than most cars. These are all statements of mis-perception and not fact. Most couldn't care less if an ATV is on a trail going for a nice ride ON the trail and not IN the trail. So who cares?? Really, who gives a.... if they are not trespassing, pissing off a landowner and creating a problem for others? I like to hear from our OC Members about their ATV adventures, Boating, Motorcycling, Camping, hiking, Prison sentences and even their sheep herding atrocities. This site is not regulated or censored by any association, club or federation. Speak freely, but with respect and all will be good....
  8. Rumours

    The show will change for the worse IMO. I've stopped attending the Toronto show because if you are not looking for something new, it's just not worth the price of admission anymore. Some great deals to be had at WildBill's and the Group that was selling off the non-current Ski-doo stuff (Not sure if they are still). Royal sucks a$$ these days, unless you want to wear a cheap suit. Some of their pricing is so high, and then some is really good. You have to be edumacated before you shop.
  9. FB OC Group ??

    No worries, facebook cannot and will not replace OC. The only connection to facebook is the ability to use your fb credentials to sign into OC.
  10. Kahshe lake

    Kahshe is still staked and the cold temps have thickened the ice. The club has never groomed the trail to the south/east on trail D, so there was really no point in staking the lake. It was a great TOP trail.
  11. Fx$537ng Thieves

    Friggin B@stards!
  12. MOTS again....

    It appears we have several new volunteers but we have lost several others. There is appreciation awards and land owner appreciation. Since the OFSC will not fund any grooming that is not done with a commercial groomer, local trails are not prioritized. I know several volunteers that are ok supporting the club by not demanding re-imbursment. However, it is not a consistant or fair system when this is not done across the OFSC. In the past, clubs had their own Scandics, ATV, Argos etc to conduct local trail brushing and grooming. We seem to be going backwards. I am hoping that MOTS will rectify this at least in part.
  13. MOTS again....

    Its amazing that a club had the funds to give away permits. Our local club will not even reimburse expenses incurred by volunteers using their own equipment. I.e. Fuel for grooming local trails, chainsaw fuel, basics.... Good luck finding new volunteers that are not only willing to work for free but pay to do it.
  14. Kahshe lake

    A sled did go through at the narrows on Gull Lake that weekend. Coincidently after KahsheDoo asked about the narrows on Kahshe, a sled did go in near the shore. This area is a known flow area and will open up around the shore because of the water flow and the rock warming in the sun. I went through the narrows last Sunday and dropped the kids off to go home. On why back through the narrows about 30 minutes later there was a small sled halfway through the ice. It was only 10 feet off the shore. The centre of the narrows was still solid at that time. After this weeks warmup... anything may have changed.
  15. Kahshe lake

    I just went through the narrows a few hours ago. No sign of any weakness. Didn't hear about anyone going through on Kahshe