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  1. snowchopper

    Beneficiary of 2021 Skidoo 'Snow Check'

    I just went this past season from a short track (120inch) to a long track(137 inch). What i noticed is the same as Signfan said "is that it hooks up and brakes better".The 137 gets on top of the snow better coming across a lake when making my own path then my previous shorty.My shorty would be nose up,tail down digging in slush or deep snow on the lake.The long track would just get up on top and motor away .It did take a bit to get the sled dialed in for handling but i was coming off a shorty sc5 chassis sled onto a gen 4 137 r-motion chassis .Two pretty different sleds with completely different skids.My only complaint is the longer sled takes up more room in my garage.And it probably won't fit in my utility trailer if i need to trailer it for some reason.It fits ok in my 6and half foot box with the tailgate down. Hangs over a bit. Imo overall it is better.Just my 02 cents..
  2. snowchopper

    Sprucedale Hotel is for sale

    Well that sucks that the Orrville Bakery will be closed. Always liked stopping there for a cold drink and some type of pastry when out on the motorbike.
  3. snowchopper

    Are you getting the storm

    Got a good 5 inches in Kearney .Started late monday night and continued on/off till late yesterday.
  4. snowchopper

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    Blake i would think that played a good part in the crane tipping. We had lots of high winds today.Also like OX said the front outriggers were not out as far as the rear.
  5. snowchopper

    Worker hurt removing bridge

    Just saw on Barrie CTV news that a worker was hurt when the crane tipped over when removing temporary snow mobile bridge. https://barrie.ctvnews.ca/ Scroll down and click on worker injured in Port Carling. Hopefully he recovers quickly.
  6. snowchopper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Thanks Blake that is where i was heading. I have thought about getting an enclosed trailer but it would need to be duel purpose for the sled and bike.
  7. snowchopper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    I'am going to assume that the windshield would hit?
  8. snowchopper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Thanks for the report. Could you easily load your motorcycle in the trailer ?
  9. snowchopper

    2021 Polaris Release

    Nunz i have a question. I understand you can have up to 10 friends on your screen showing the location of each. This would be good for a ride in Cochrane,Quebec when your on the big fast trails. My question is how does say the lead sled connect to the others sleds? Does it connect through an app on everyones phone? Do the other sleds have to be Polaris with this same technology?
  10. snowchopper

    Port Sydney green trails

    Thanks for the info Blake. I have personally seen many accidents at this crossing. Definetly will be an improvement for peoples safety.
  11. snowchopper

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    You might if you run out of toilet paper.
  12. snowchopper

    Supertrax mag still in print?

    I haven't received any magazines for a few years evev though i check the "yes" box when applying for my trail pass.
  13. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Bp sounds like a trip of a lifetime that most will not ever experience. Glad to hear your story.
  14. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    ^^^ Like ^^^^
  15. snowchopper

    2021 Doo Release

    My buddy had it on a 1999 Mach 1.That was the first one i had seen one with it. I had him open the hood while he hit the button and watched the engine slow down till it almost stalled then kick backward,started running and the rpm picked up. He then hit the button again and it slowed down,almost stalling speed then kicked forward. I was amazed at what i had just seen. Truly a great idea.