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  1. The person(Donna) that took over the kitchen at Silversands a little over a year ago has left and went to the Legion in town. Her Grand Opening was today.As of right now there is no one running the kitchen at Silversands. The person (April) that was at the Legion has moved into the former Suds on Main.I think she is calling it The Fork on Main.I will update if i hear anything new. Hope this clears any confusion.
  2. When i first purchased my place it was not winter ready.The people only used it in the summer and shut it down for the winter.It had electric baseboard and wood for heat. So first plan of attack was to have water year round. I draw off the lake so that resulted in burying the water line deeper from the building into the lake. This avoided the use of heat trace cable. Now i needed to heat the crawl space so that the plumbing and pump wouldn't freeze.To do this i used a 4800 watt electric heater .Up on the main floor i kept the electric heaters at 50 degrees.When i would arrive i would turn on t
  3. Looks like there are lots of crates sitting in the yard at Geislers in Powassan today.
  4. I agree Nunz. Good marketing plan in my eyes..
  5. No i have not sent a reply yet.
  6. Yes i would also like to know..
  7. Thanks Nunz .Was just trying to figure out how or why i was picked? I don't even own a Polaris sled.
  8. Got an e-mail from Polaris today asking me to submit my name to be an Ambassador.Asked me to reply by the 16th. My question is "has anyone else received this e-mail " ?
  9. Were lucky here in Kearney. Fetterlys gas has two dispensers. Each one has a dedicated regular hose and a dedicated premium non-ethanol hose.
  10. I think you are correct Stoney. The web has a taken an issue that has happened a few times and has blown it up .It doesn't matter which brand has a problem the haters are going to jump all over the issue and post the issue any where they can and slag the brand they hate.
  11. Never had a spare. Guess i've been lucky.My last sled(2011 TnT 1200) had 30 thousand klms on it when i sold it.Original dess cord and post still working fine the day i sold it .
  12. I guess we could say we are vertically challenged for our weight.
  13. You must be skinnier then me cause i don't see much more then my forearms.
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