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  1. Never had a spare. Guess i've been lucky.My last sled(2011 TnT 1200) had 30 thousand klms on it when i sold it.Original dess cord and post still working fine the day i sold it .
  2. I guess we could say we are vertically challenged for our weight.
  3. You must be skinnier then me cause i don't see much more then my forearms.
  4. I have the hand guard mirrors and find that they do not work for me. If your a big guy all you mainly see is your forearms.I put these on cause i have been told you need mirrors in Quebec and they need to be fastened to the sled. I still prefer my left hand glove mirror as mentioned above.
  5. Just needs a sled deck lol....
  6. ^^^^Lesters just posted this a little while ago.Thought you might find it interesting.^^^
  7. I would like to go to Daytona one day. But i would probably still wear a helmet. I only wear a "half" helmet so not a lot of protection as it is,but i always wear a jacket of some type and gloves no matter what the temperature is outside.
  8. I have several of these in my garage. I like them cause you can tip the can right up and it won't start to pour until you push the red tip down on the filler neck of your sled,chainsaw,leaf blower etc,etc...Bought at your local CTC or PA...
  9. I can not imagine sledding or riding my Harley without a helmet.But to each their own.
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