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  1. snowchopper

    2021 Doo Release

    My buddy had it on a 1999 Mach 1.That was the first one i had seen one with it. I had him open the hood while he hit the button and watched the engine slow down till it almost stalled then kick backward,started running and the rpm picked up. He then hit the button again and it slowed down,almost stalling speed then kicked forward. I was amazed at what i had just seen. Truly a great idea.
  2. snowchopper

    Covid-19 Ends Snowmobile Season PLEASE READ

    I was up to Powassan today to the dealer to pick up an oil filter. Lots of trucks,trailers and trucks with sled decks heading north on Highway 11. Guess they didn't get the notice.
  3. snowchopper


    I would ask the seller if the front drive axle was replaced .I think there was a recall on some 08's as some had welds fail and would break.
  4. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Not much of a ride today .Just did the "lap" into Kearney and back to Sand lake. Stopped at the Legion and met Nunz.BlakeG,Gobills and son. Had a nice chinwag with the boys.
  5. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Nice easy ride to Parry Sound and back.Seguin was good except for a couple of bare patches east of the Highland Rovers grooming shed.
  6. snowchopper


    Possible jackshaft bearing seized. There is a guy in Orillia that has lots of parts for Yamahas. I think he advertises on Kijiji.....
  7. snowchopper

    Trail 95 reroute ?

    I was on trail 95 when i came up to an intersection and it was ribboned closed.So i followed the reroute to Maws Road then onto Oudaze lake road to the end where it dumped back onto the 95 trail.Looks like the section of 95 that runs at the south end of Oudaze lake has been shutdown. Does anyone have any info on why the shutdown ??
  8. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Left Kearney at 9am and it was minus 33.Met up with my buddies at the Seguin and trail 711 junction.Went up 711 to Magnetewan Inn for a coffee and warm up.Trails coming into Magnetewan were a little thin but groomed to perfection.Then got on c104 and took it across to Sundridge then took the D=trail to D123 into Kearney.All trails were in very good shape except for the short section of d123 from Deer lake road to Kearney.Stopped at the Legion for more coffee and warm up.Took my buddies down the Seguin.Stopped at Fern Glen road and Track bed road ,then said good bye spun my sled around and came back to Sand lake as they continued west to Parry Sound. Even with the cold it was a very good day!
  9. snowchopper

    Where Did You Ride Today?

    Yesterday rode from Kearney to Sprucedale and met up with a couple of friends from Parry Sound.Headed south on the d=trail to the 37=trail.This was pretty good.Kept on the 37 till it met back up with the d=trail. Then went north on the d=trail to Port Sydney for gas/coffee.Then took the 50 trail to the 80 series across Lake Vernon which was slushy.Then back up to the Seguin. My buddies went west on the seguin and i went east . Very good day. Suppose to meet them again today but minus 35 in Kearney right now.Might have to bail if it doesn't warm up.
  10. snowchopper

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Minus 35 this morning in Kearney this morning. Supposed to meet some buddies and go for a ride today.It better warm up or i will probably tap out.
  11. snowchopper

    2021 Doo Release

    Yup hit the nail on the head and i own a Harley too...
  12. snowchopper

    2021 Doo Release

    Yup pretty sad. Lots of guys on Dootalk recommend Beamtech leds from Amazon. Might have to do the same.
  13. snowchopper

    Are you getting the storm

    Got a few inches last night in Kearney.Need to go out and clean up the driveway
  14. snowchopper

    Coldest Temp 2019/2020 Thread

    Minus 18 this morning at 8am in Kearney...
  15. snowchopper

    Rickwards Annual Antique Sled Show