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  1. I agree Nunz. Good marketing plan in my eyes..
  2. No i have not sent a reply yet.
  3. Yes i would also like to know..
  4. Thanks Nunz .Was just trying to figure out how or why i was picked? I don't even own a Polaris sled.
  5. Got an e-mail from Polaris today asking me to submit my name to be an Ambassador.Asked me to reply by the 16th. My question is "has anyone else received this e-mail " ?
  6. Were lucky here in Kearney. Fetterlys gas has two dispensers. Each one has a dedicated regular hose and a dedicated premium non-ethanol hose.
  7. I think you are correct Stoney. The web has a taken an issue that has happened a few times and has blown it up .It doesn't matter which brand has a problem the haters are going to jump all over the issue and post the issue any where they can and slag the brand they hate.
  8. Never had a spare. Guess i've been lucky.My last sled(2011 TnT 1200) had 30 thousand klms on it when i sold it.Original dess cord and post still working fine the day i sold it .
  9. I guess we could say we are vertically challenged for our weight.
  10. You must be skinnier then me cause i don't see much more then my forearms.
  11. I have the hand guard mirrors and find that they do not work for me. If your a big guy all you mainly see is your forearms.I put these on cause i have been told you need mirrors in Quebec and they need to be fastened to the sled. I still prefer my left hand glove mirror as mentioned above.
  12. Just needs a sled deck lol....
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