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  1. My sister in Sauble Beach says they got around 3feet this weekend. Here in Kearney we might have 10 inches total on the ground .Big storm missed us.
  2. You are correct Stoney.They had an argument with Kimpex which is the Ckx supplier.I think it was over the pricing of the all new Titan helmet a few years ago. What i heard was when the dust settled Kimpex quit using Royal as a dealer for all of their products .
  3. This store is a division of Performance rec in Midland which is a Brp dealer.Give them a call. They should be able to answer your question.
  4. You might want to pm BlakeG or Slomo. Pretty sure they have these exact trailers.They could probably answer any of your questions.
  5. Was out for a bike ride today and came through Sprucedale. Looks like they've torn the front entrance/mud room off the building. Hopefully they get the much needed repairs done and open for this upcoming winter.
  6. I bought a pair of Fxr leather gloves a couple of years ago .They are warm and seem to be holding up well. The reason i bought them over Klim was the recommendation from the sales girl at Royal. I had the Klim in my hand when the girl came up and asked if she could help. I then asked her did she know which were warmer.She said the Fxr were warmer and that they get a lot of people returning the Klim cause they are not satisfied with them.Hope this helps.
  7. Was by the Sprucedale Hotel last week on my bike. Truck and trailer with spray foam written on the side sitting out front. So must be doing some renovations.
  8. This has been my experience also. Having three Chev trucks stolen i no longer drive Chevs.I would have to grab the latest copy of Truck trader back in the day and find all the trucks that were comparable to mine and show them to the adjuster.He would give you an offer then we would go back and forth on the value of mine to determine a fair price.I could tell you some stories on the questions the adjusters would ask me.They are not looking out for your better interest in my three experiences.
  9. I was through Kearney to Dwight to Dorset,Port Sydney,Sprucedale Yesterday and all the trails were very good..Today Kearney,Burks Falls,Magnetewan,Sundridge. All trails were very good again.Even the roads are fair.No need to go further north yet imo.
  10. ^^^Giesler is who i deal with.Mark is very good to work with. Anyways left Kearney this morning rode down towards Dwight then hung a left and went to Dorset. Highland Rovers and Algonquin SC had the trails in great shape. Then rode Lake of Bays up to Deerhurst then rode towards Port Sydney.H@G SC had the trails in great shape also. Then went under highway 11 to the D-trail north.It was a little bumpy but passed the groomer and they were laying some fine ribbon. Rode up to the Seguin then back towards Sprucedale.Got stopped by the OPP at the 704 where it starts just west of Sprucedale for a quick tag check,They were doing radar also.Got gas at Sprucedale 1.93/l for premium.Then back to Sand Lake Kearney.Nice 265 kms .Hats off to all Clubs for the great trails today.
  11. ^^^I agree it was rough to Horseshoe lake. Just saw a post about one of the Almaguin groomers being down on the "D" trail south of Sand Lake so beware.....They hope to get the parts today and get it up and running.
  12. What part of the Seguin were you on? I will say it was bad from Bear Lake west to Parry Sound. But Bear Lake east towards Kearney was very good..
  13. Rode to Parry Sound and back today. Almaguin and Highland Rovers were all groomed to perfection. Bear Lake to Parry Sound have not been groomed.Was bumpy. Gas was 1.79 /l regular at Petro-can. Stopped at Kearney legion for chili and a coffee. Came home and cleaned up my driveway and the neighbours. Overall it was a good day.😊
  14. Got about 5inches of fresh snow by the time it stopped last night.Saw the groomer had been out on the 303 last night.Heading out for a ride here shortly.
  15. Little bit of rain last night in Kearney. Got off easy so far.No rain to speak of yet today.Wind has picked up.About 9celcius at 11am.Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain this afternoon. Ok edit... It is now raining ugh...
  16. Thanks Steve for looking into this.Have a good day!
  17. Just had a quick look at the Trail map and a short section of the 77 trail into Dwight is marked as red/closed. Does anyone know why?
  18. Just got in from riding.Rode from Kearney across the Seguin to Sprucedale.Took the 704 to 711 into Magnetawan then the c104d to Sundridge.Then across Lake Bernard to the d trail then d123 to Kearney. Then 302 to 303 back to Sand Lake.All the trails were in good shape.The 711 was freshly groomed.All the trails have a great base. Corners are icy so be careful if carbides are not sharp.Trails in my eyes are the best they have been all year.Just my 02 cents...
  19. Around 3 inches off fluffy snow last night in the Kearney area. Went for a ride with my friend up the D trail to the c105 into South River .Then across the c105 to the 415 to 410 across lake Bernard to the D trail then D123 to 302,303 to Sand Lake. Trails were very good with the few inches of fresh snow. No over heating issues today. Not like yesterday. Got back to my place and blew out my driveway and my neighbours.Just watching the 6 o'clock news now. And i almost forgot the corners are icy...
  20. Could have used scratchers today. Was out riding in the Almaguin District today and the rain left the trails very hard and icy with lots of low hanging frozen branches.Talked to Mark from the Highland Rovers and he was having a hard time picking up any snow in the drag. My friends Polaris kept getting hot. Had to stop and pack snow on the tunnel to help cool it.Otherwise it was a good ride.Saw a bull moose and a cow on the 303.
  21. Yup Turbo Doo need to get my azz to Quebec next year. Update on the weather in the Kearney area this morning.Minus 3 and lightly raining since around 11:30 am .Thought we were going to miss the rain.👎
  22. Sad that the guy stopped and complained about the berm. The guy should be happy that they are out there getting the trail back in shape. SMH....
  23. Was out saturday for a ride with a couple of lady friends on the Almaguin system.Trails were in great shape and not busy.I was quite surprised how quiet it was considering it was family day weekend..Did hit a snow covered rock which broke my carbide. Lucky i had some used ones under the bench which i changed out today. Waiting for my new ones to show up that i ordered last week.
  24. Probably about 6 inches of fresh snow this morning in Kearney.Still coming down as of 8;30am.Going out shortly for a rip.
  25. Currently minus 18 c in Kearney shortly after 8am. Got maybe 2 inches of fresh snow.Was hoping for more.
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