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    Once you get there, you can do aerial tours via either BlackFly Air, or Mosquito Air Tours
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    I say we all chip in as a group and buy it. I'd like to add a share in a hotel to my portfolio. Put Wild Bill in charge as the crusty proprietor. We can call it WildBill's Firetrap. What could go wrong? P.S. I call dibs on the T-shirt and merch concession.
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    I did about 25-30 yrs ago. Quite the experience I tell you
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    I would never spend a night in that firetrap
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    I still remember my wife telling me you had stopped while Paige and I went over to Henry's on Hwy 17 that day. We had to cut trees and break the trail since it was around Christmas / New Years 2012. We made it to Ernie's too that week through the park as Dog Lake wasn't ready yet. We also broke trail up to Hornepayne by ourselves. We were the first to cross the Kaby River and break through to the road. Good times. This was before the motel was re-opened.
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    Not exactly it was an impulse buy to run the kids around and to the lake. Never know what you find on kijiji. Lol.
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    I've been to Dub on ATV's a few times too. That isn't a bad place to stage out of - especially now that Pat is back at the Motel. * Note that I haven't stayed there since Pat has been back tho. Swung in one evening to say Hey to Luc, and that's it for a long time now. Also stopped to see AC/YA, but only his wife was there. He was out sledding. Whod'a thunk eh? I think it was the day or at least the weekend that we scored this prize, not far from Dubreuil FWIW - The boy was prolly 6'2" at that time.
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    Ox, that is the Magpie river, behind the house. we are 4 houses west of the gas station. Ski
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    Yeah. You're right... It looks more like Magpie Blue eh?
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    Likely one of the riskiest investments one could do with say 4 to 5 hundred k for what little return? Need to clear 40 to 50k for that to be worth it on what sales? Your money will do better elsewhere before you ever get up off the chair your ass has been shinning.
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    I think it would be a cool retirement gig. Lease out the restaurant, offer food/accommodation packages for sledders and atv's and live on the third floor.
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    I wish I had some pics of just outside of Pukaskwa National Park. There's some big rocks in there! Or even the bottom end of Long Lac, where you can get to the road. That's a big mine field! Meandering between Volkswagen Bugs basically....
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    blake tell me you haven't thought about buying that place ? what da offer ? so up your alley..get booze ticket back pronto...ease into edibles...dancers few times a wk...anyhow lets talk
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    Not seasonal......just progress (I think) First pic - Sheppard and Kennedy (where I grew up) looking west sometime in the 50's Second Pic - Sheppard and Kennedy more recently!