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  1. I have 5 4 lire jugs of XPS full synthetic if anyone needs it. I will give good OC discount. Apparently I have gone full senior citizen and just realized i dont need them
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  2. Go ahead just buy Quebec permit. That ensure your small town gets snowed in for days like 80’s.
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  3. $440 to buy one early this year. Ouch. Has anyone heard what the OFSC is talking about for next season?
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  4. Typically around $40 yes. Buy the permit with insurance. Then go on the insurers website and claim your refunds. Cheque will arrive in a months time. You get it all back this way. If you select no insurance when buying they charge an admin fee of like $20. So you lose half the refund.
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  5. I remember our last stay there mid 90’s I think. After supper, I was asked if I wanted a post dinner drink and I responded “yes”, a rusty nail please. After some time passed, the waiter came back and asked how to make a rusty nail and I gave him the products and suggested quantities. After a while, he came back to the table carrying a bottle of scotch, a bottle of drambuie and a glass and said, “ do you mind mixing it yourself ?” Graciously, I agreed and I don’t remember a lot of the rest of that night.
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  6. Its around that much. I never got mine back last year. Called 2-3x and they said that it was claimed but I never got the cheque.
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