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  1. andreyboater

    Looking for 1200 or 900 BRP Enduro or GT

    Congrats Blake, nice machine I have the same and love it.
  2. andreyboater


    Honda no doubt
  3. andreyboater

    10' Toy Carrier

    I sold my toy carrier same time then I sold my 2003 grand touring fishing sled it was fit perfectly, as now I have 2017 grand touring 1200se and 2017 renegade 600ace and its doesn't fit, that what I see, but I was surprised a guy who bought it from me put 2018 renegade 850 e-tec with 137 track in it. It was very tight, touching windshield and rear bumper, but it's fit I saw it. So it's up to you. I prefer to have some room inside.
  4. andreyboater


    When you are really miss a winter
  5. andreyboater

    groomer guy

    We need you on trail buddy! Wish you to be in great shape!
  6. andreyboater


  7. andreyboater

    Your last ride this April

    That's how much we love winter
  8. andreyboater

    Your last ride this April

    It was amazing season, glad to see a lot of guys enjoying April riding.
  9. andreyboater

    Your last ride this April

    Just wonder when did you close a season? When did you make your last ride? Photos will be awesome. I already miss a winter My last ride was 14th of April Smooth Rock falls.
  10. andreyboater

    Cochrane Update..

    12-14 April Abitibi Canyon solo trip.
  11. andreyboater

    Beer cans on trails

    For sure ATV's guys can be a part of that. but cans I puck up was on snow and some of them on trees branches and looks fresh, I even found one full beer can not even frozen and Coors hat
  12. andreyboater

    Beer cans on trails

  13. andreyboater

    Black Creek Outfitters for sale?

    Have been there nice kept place, sad to see it up for sale
  14. andreyboater

    Beer cans on trails

    On my last Canyon trip I wasn't in a rush, so I stopped and puck up every empty beer can I saw on trail, by the end of my day I have 37 cans in my bag. What's a shame! I'm pretty sure no people on this forum who ever left garbage on trail. Let's keep our land clean!!!
  15. andreyboater

    Two Thumbs up!!

    Just like to say Thanks to my club for great season and al affords you make to maintain a trails.