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  1. andreyboater

    First Open Trails

    Here we go, I see first green one
  2. andreyboater

    Parry Sound Area Trails

    That's a great news
  3. andreyboater

    New loop?

    That's awesome, nice new loop for great family day ride
  4. andreyboater

    Trailer decision

    Thank you guys, will keep my eyes open.
  5. andreyboater

    Trailer decision

    Guys need a help Any idea if 2017 grand touring SE will fit inside 10ft triton trailer This sled is 10.6 overall, but trailer has around 8inches in bullnose. Thanks in advance
  6. andreyboater

    First Open Trails

    Looks awesome
  7. andreyboater

    When will it happen?

    Parry Sound this morning
  8. andreyboater

    East of north bay today

    Very Sweet
  9. andreyboater

    just for fun

  10. My congratulation What is age you can be licenced to ride a snowmobile? Thank's
  11. andreyboater

    Haul sled in truck

    With tailgate down not enough space trailer.
  12. andreyboater

    Haul sled in truck

    Just wonder if it's good idea to load touring sled (137" track) in 5.5 bed with tailgate closed and tow a single trailer. does anyone have any experience? Thank's
  13. andreyboater

    I'm looking to rent double snowmobile trailer

    yes tailgate, just worry about aggressive slope of snowmobile
  14. andreyboater

    I'm looking to rent double snowmobile trailer

    I just wonder if anybody trying to carry a touring sled in 5.5 truck bed with back cover closed. If it's fit this way I will be able towing another sled on single trailer.