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  1. andreyboater

    On line trail map?

    That's sound scare
  2. andreyboater

    OFSC Online Purchasing for 2018-2019

    Got 2 permits, stickers, insurance, everything is ready, sled in truck, waiting for snow
  3. andreyboater

    On line trail map?

    Hi guys, any idea when interactive map will be available, I'd like to make a plan for upcoming winter. Thank's
  4. andreyboater

    Marmora - Ted Bonter Marine Fire

  5. andreyboater

    Winter 2.0

    Still riding...
  6. andreyboater

    still riding...

  7. andreyboater

    April 8 Hearst to Hornepayne Ride

    Cool...will look through tomorrow. Very interested
  8. andreyboater

    Winter 2.0

    Parry Sound this morning
  9. andreyboater

    Meanwhile in Quebec

    Great picture, I hope they told something to each other.
  10. andreyboater

    Last ride of the season

    Looks awesome
  11. andreyboater

    Brain Freeze in Dubruilville

  12. andreyboater

    Show your 2018 pics.

  13. andreyboater

    Show your 2018 pics.

    Last two pictures The Best end of competition!!!
  14. andreyboater

    ITG User Survey

    Yes survey looks a little bit silly, but I think we don't need go back to old version, just improve new one and provide information what we like to see on new ITG.
  15. andreyboater

    Mont Valin March 26-feb 1st

    Looks awesome enjoy!