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  1. coldfinger


    Well I guess I am down right ignorant then .
  2. coldfinger


    Most thieves are lazy cowards they would scatter . Yes I have ran thieves off .
  3. coldfinger

    North bay?

    Does the Travelodge contribute or assist the club in any way ?
  4. coldfinger

    st jean port joli january 2-5

    The one sign Quebec has that the OFSC should have is the larger stop ahead signs . Quebecs seem to be about 30 % larger . Maybe Slomo can varify that.
  5. At the last snowmobiling meeting a discussion regarding the forced retirement of groomer operators at the age of 77 was discussed. It sounds to me from a very reliable source, high up in the district level that this is going to go through. The reasoning for this is because a certain club has an operator who is 80 years old and is unwilling to step down from their essentially life long grooming position. What are your thoughts on this forced retirement mandate? Merry Christmas.
  6. coldfinger

    Are We Getting An App ?

    He does not know any better he is from Hollow Landing .
  7. coldfinger

    St Zenon pic

    Personally I would not want to see all the Ontario riders in Quebec It is not for everybody . Thankful for both options .
  8. coldfinger

    Trailer decision

    V 2 Very nice , now the big decision where to put the Ski doo stickers . Might need a garage meeting for a consultation .
  9. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    Tem Rose has parking , best to call . Great hospitality also permit vendor . Was told that the Canadianne does not support snowmobiling .
  10. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    few modern rooms on main street across from the restaurant .
  11. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    Tem Rose has a view modern rooms .
  12. coldfinger

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Oh crap I Need Theropy List .
  13. coldfinger

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    All the more reason to plan your epic ride .
  14. coldfinger

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Sled Junk I agree totally with your statements ,personal taught the course for 7 years .When you get a class room of eager young students questions are asked that an online course could not deal with at all . You nailed it instant gratification . If parents can,t find the time to get their kid into a safety course like this keep them off the trail till they are older or they should get their prioritys straight . Snowmobile is fun with a element of danger . J.M.O.
  15. coldfinger

    Epic ride