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  1. coldfinger

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Oh crap I Need Theropy List .
  2. coldfinger

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    All the more reason to plan your epic ride .
  3. coldfinger

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Sled Junk I agree totally with your statements ,personal taught the course for 7 years .When you get a class room of eager young students questions are asked that an online course could not deal with at all . You nailed it instant gratification . If parents can,t find the time to get their kid into a safety course like this keep them off the trail till they are older or they should get their prioritys straight . Snowmobile is fun with a element of danger . J.M.O.
  4. coldfinger

    Epic ride

  5. coldfinger

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Bush Fix
  6. coldfinger

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Rode that trail 2 weeks ago it,s a beauty has a bit of hydro corridor logging road wide bush trail . Only worry for gas is if you have to double back for some reason ,we rode tight so we could keep the group together. Suggestion what I have done in the past is grab a empty wind shield washer contain from the gas station fill it after 30 k poured into tank . I noticed a few of those in the garbage at the warm up shack 65 km south of Matagami . I doubt you will run out. take it easy till you get out to the warm up shack . Hope this helps .
  7. coldfinger

    Quebec trip 3rd week of march

    Check out Domain Bazinet near St. Zenon .
  8. coldfinger

    Helmet Suggestions

    I, m waiting till the fall as well by then the Chinese will have a knock with more bells and whistles , retailing at $ 199. Maybe .
  9. coldfinger

    Disappointing to read this.

    If the permit was $ 50 some people would complain .
  10. coldfinger

    Disappointing to read this.

    Zoso Right On Awesome Post . Most of the riders l know are up north now or are going . That club has a great trail system and is a Vital tourist link. Get them what they need know management can piss and moan about it for the next 8 months . Greggie this permit buyer wants the money spent were the snow is .
  11. coldfinger

    Elliot Lake

    North Bay trails are awful should be closed as they are . Rode in from Quebec yesterday to get back to the truck .
  12. coldfinger

    I've learned my lesson

    Had same starting issue on our 1200 this year . Starter relay in fuse box we warmed then in our hand and on the 2nd sled switched the relay with the one that controls the lights .When you hit the starter and hear nothing my expierance has always been relay related .
  13. coldfinger

    North Bay or New liskeard?

    Good to know.
  14. coldfinger

    North Bay or New liskeard?

    Was at the Dinner Bell yesterday Monday sign out front closed Monday and Tuesdays place was locked down . Oh well .
  15. coldfinger

    Rouyn Noranda, PQ

    Three sleds stolen this past week from restaurant .