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  1. coldfinger

    St Zenon pic

    Personally I would not want to see all the Ontario riders in Quebec It is not for everybody . Thankful for both options .
  2. coldfinger

    Trailer decision

    V 2 Very nice , now the big decision where to put the Ski doo stickers . Might need a garage meeting for a consultation .
  3. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    Tem Rose has parking , best to call . Great hospitality also permit vendor . Was told that the Canadianne does not support snowmobiling .
  4. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    few modern rooms on main street across from the restaurant .
  5. coldfinger

    Where to stay in Temiscamingue or Kipawa

    Tem Rose has a view modern rooms .
  6. coldfinger

    Oh S*#t lost poll

    Oh crap I Need Theropy List .
  7. coldfinger

    thank you MTO and the lawyer's for this one

    All the more reason to plan your epic ride .
  8. coldfinger

    Who's attending the OFSC AGM this weekend?

    Sled Junk I agree totally with your statements ,personal taught the course for 7 years .When you get a class room of eager young students questions are asked that an online course could not deal with at all . You nailed it instant gratification . If parents can,t find the time to get their kid into a safety course like this keep them off the trail till they are older or they should get their prioritys straight . Snowmobile is fun with a element of danger . J.M.O.
  9. coldfinger

    Epic ride

  10. coldfinger

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Bush Fix
  11. coldfinger

    QC Matagami to Amos - Gas?

    Rode that trail 2 weeks ago it,s a beauty has a bit of hydro corridor logging road wide bush trail . Only worry for gas is if you have to double back for some reason ,we rode tight so we could keep the group together. Suggestion what I have done in the past is grab a empty wind shield washer contain from the gas station fill it after 30 k poured into tank . I noticed a few of those in the garbage at the warm up shack 65 km south of Matagami . I doubt you will run out. take it easy till you get out to the warm up shack . Hope this helps .
  12. coldfinger

    Quebec trip 3rd week of march

    Check out Domain Bazinet near St. Zenon .
  13. coldfinger

    Helmet Suggestions

    I, m waiting till the fall as well by then the Chinese will have a knock with more bells and whistles , retailing at $ 199. Maybe .
  14. coldfinger

    Disappointing to read this.

    If the permit was $ 50 some people would complain .
  15. coldfinger

    Disappointing to read this.

    Zoso Right On Awesome Post . Most of the riders l know are up north now or are going . That club has a great trail system and is a Vital tourist link. Get them what they need know management can piss and moan about it for the next 8 months . Greggie this permit buyer wants the money spent were the snow is .