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  1. snowchopper

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    The club in my district is all paid and i'am pretty sure all drivers for Highland Rovers are also paid. A lot of the groomers are guys that have been laid off their regular jobs for the winter.So they are looking for some income for the winter.
  2. snowchopper

    groomer driver s now need first aid

    Years ago most operators were volunteers. Now cause of liability/ insurance reasons most if not all operators are paid.
  3. snowchopper

    Heavy Boots?

    Hey OX google " Nats Boots". They carry a few styles similar to what you have shown.Saw them at my local Polaris dealer. Look like they are well built.
  4. snowchopper

    Gas - Huntsville

    Huntsville imo does not want sledders. They tried once a few years ago to accomodate sledders but that only lasted one season.
  5. snowchopper


    I don't have my vin yet on my new sled .What would be the best way to acquire my permit without hassle?
  6. snowchopper

    -Thank you Marty-

    Same boat as you Slomo using my laptop,couldn't access OC for a couple of days.I just thought it was my laptop cause it is all eff'ed up lol....
  7. snowchopper

    B trail washout

    There is a quarry on 60 near where the MTO does pop up inspections just east of Huntsville called MacFaddens. I might have spelled it wrong. Maybe Mcfaddens. Like others have posted club should maybe ask local quarry's for help.
  8. snowchopper

    Great news for northern trails

    I don't get all the negativity guys .If the government didn't invest one red cent would that make you happier?
  9. snowchopper

    No 2020 TOP Trail Guide

    I hope your right...
  10. snowchopper

    No 2020 TOP Trail Guide

    Maybe i'am wrong but if the Top trail map goes it probably won't be long before the district maps go.Then i'll be screwed lol...
  11. snowchopper

    No 2020 TOP Trail Guide

    x2 !!!
  12. snowchopper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Good idea on saving the sides of your trailer. Just a thought.You could also use those pockets to hold extra bottles of oil, spare drive belt,spare skags,sliders or tie down straps..Just my 02 cents..
  13. snowchopper

    Single axle hybrid trailers reviews

    Enjoying this thread. Lots of good info on the trailers.Thanks Slomo for posting things that you did or did not like on your trailer and posting how you made little changes to make it your own.This info hopefully will help people make a better informed decision when purchasing a new trailer. And like BP said "do a good summer check over to avoid frustration when you are needing your trailer".Keep the good tips coming.
  14. snowchopper

    A New Trailer Suspension?

    That's the crap that the Mto should be concerned about. They need to remove trailers like that from our roadways.Just my 02 cents...
  15. snowchopper

    LF Looking for RH control arms for my Nytro

    There is a guy in Orillia that parts out 4 stroke Yamahas only. His number is 705-327-9936. He has an add on Kijiji.Hope this helps....