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  1. -crz-

    East of north bay today

    and yet you bought a Cat! j/k I'll be riding a black/lime Assault 850 this year. I also groom for SSRSC. I'll keep an eye out for you. Cheers
  2. -crz-

    East of north bay today

    I recognize that name. You bought my younger brothers old Supersport years ago.
  3. -crz-

    Cochrane This Morning

    oh boy....I can hear the bitching already lol
  4. -crz-


    Curious how many people run newer sleds with and without collision coverage? I have one with and one without. I've always been worried about having someone hit me on a hill or corner and not be able to prove that the other guy was at fault in order to fix my sled if I didn't have collision. Anyone have experience with something like this? thankfully I have never had to deal with it. My understanding is that the at fault drivers liability insurance would cover the other drivers vehicle in a collision. edit: also to add, Intact wants $1200/yr full coverage on my 2017 assault
  5. -crz-

    Helmet of choice

    100% agree. I wonder if motorcycle insurance policies could have a similar exemption.
  6. -crz-

    Novi 2018

    I've been a few times when I lived in SW Ontario. I found it to be better than the Toronto show (more so when the dollar was on par). Agree with more deals on OEM product.
  7. -crz-

    Helmet of choice

    I've always had two helmets to choose from depending on weather and riding style; Modular & motocross style. I have a CKX Tranz modular helmet that I am very happy with, and just got rid of a 509 helmet/goggle combo and picked up a CKX Titan to try out this year. The 509 just never really fit me properly, too much air flow, etc. although I find a Klim Arctic balaclava helps with that on cold days. We'll see what the Titan has to offer. My opinion on helmets is it is a trial and error, what works for some, doesn't for others.
  8. -crz-

    Marten River to New Liskeard

    Sorry, just down to Temagami.
  9. -crz-

    Marten River to New Liskeard

    Rode both directions from our cottage near Latchford over the weekend. Awesome trails.
  10. -crz-


    North and east of the North Bay are good. Anything in and around the city is thin/bare.
  11. -crz-

    North Bay

    We got a few cm over the last couple of days so everything looks nice and wintery again... but we need a good dumping to get back up and running.
  12. -crz-

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I'm familiar with the durability kits, fix kits, etc. I owned a 2012 800cfi and I installed one. A few 2012-2015 800cfi's in our group running Bikeman kits currently. I just don't think its fair to lump the newer 800HO in the same category, its been far more reliable IMO. I agree things happen with all manufacturers, and with respect to the 850, there is inherent risk in buying anything first year until proven.
  13. -crz-

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    I guess if Bikeman sells it, every engine needs one...
  14. -crz-

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    The 800HO is a much better engine that the old 800cfi (pre-2015). The new 850 has been in development since the 800HO came out. I was told by Polaris they have tested several well over 8000 miles. Time will tell I suppose.
  15. -crz-

    Polaris - HP Wars are on!

    9% over current 800ho. My math says 168-170 range, though nothing published. HP numbers don't mean much to me. This new engine works though...linear power delivery throughout rpm range.