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  1. -crz-

    Snowcheck! Spring Check!

    Keeping my 850 Assault and ordering a 600 Indy Adventure 137 for my wife.
  2. -crz-

    Thanks everyone!

    It was a great year to be a snowmobiler and a volunteer. It is so much easier when mother nature co-operates! ...until next year
  3. -crz-

    North bay lakes?

    Grooming is starting to be backed off depending on the area. After the rain we started to get some water in certain areas and none of the local clubs are interested in getting a groomer buried after such a great season. The end is near but the trails are in pretty good shape for the most part with the odd wet spot so use caution.
  4. -crz-

    North bay lakes?

    They are tightened up but rough I am hearing.
  5. -crz-

    2020 polaris adventure 137

    Very nice!
  6. -crz-

    Is the RAP Tour Almost Dead?

    too risky to plan a trip, book rooms, vacation days etc. when we have had major melt downs over the last few years.
  7. -crz-

    North bay D trail

    Thanks Brian, you are correct. The stretch between MrGas and Trout Lake is left yellow because we can't access it with industrial groomers. It is a 3km stretch and signed accordingly. I believe our club is working with the Travelodge to get the hill fixed, but it was just too dangerous for the club to leave open. Obviously we can't access it with the groomer. Hopefully this can be resolved and get the access opened up again. The Astorville stretch was a land owner denying access very late in the fall. It is another tricky location that doesn't offer much for quick alternatives. We are continuing to work on that one. Riding roads around is an option, but it is lengthy if there is no snow pack on the roads.
  8. -crz-

    North Bay Staging area

    There is also a lot at the end of cranberry rd. leading to Lk. Nipissing on SSR703 near Callander.
  9. -crz-

    Night Riding

    All the time. With the demands of a young family and operating a groomer, I squeeze in rides whenever I can. Usually that means a week night after kids are in bed.
  10. -crz-

    D trail south of Astorville

    Our club posted this closed section on it's facebook page in an effort to warn people. It was a last minute closure by a land owner at the start of the season. Alternate routes are not that easy to find. Advertising that amount of road running was not practical in our opinion, although some people will look at a map and decide to run the roads anyway.
  11. -crz-


    Noise and speed in residential areas are by far the biggest complaint our club has. It's getting worse. And yet, every ride I've been on (including grooming), I've come across multiple sleds with cans. So many of these guys are only worried about the OPP and the potential fine.....how about the trails that are closing? I know I am preaching to the choir here, but it is so frustrating as a club volunteer.
  12. -crz-

    North bay?

    Correct. The trail to the travelodge is not accessible by the groomer and is a little tricky getting through parking lots, ditches, etc. but its very close to D trail & Trout Lake. The trails through town are pretty good right now, but can deteriorate over the course of a day depending on temps and traffic. We groom these trails every other day or so.
  13. -crz-

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    I don't know where the gps data came from for the new map, but I am from this area and can see multiple minor errors in the screenshots you posted alone (can't imagine the rest of the province). Its like they used data from 10 years ago.
  14. -crz-

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Th grocery store in Astorville carries regular, and as Slomo posted above the Crevier on the lake also has fuel (reg & premium).
  15. -crz-

    Trail Closures Near Powassan

    Agreed. But he who owns the land, makes the rules....