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  1. A Trail north of Matheson

    NO this section is maintained by the district and I recall reading that they were looking for help to start working on that section. Yes what IQ said
  2. Sunday Jan 7 ride..

    Really? I did know you lost your love for the sport.
  3. Todays Ride..

    Nice little report. Miles of smiles I am sure.
  4. A little picture..

    Can't wait to get up there and see what IQ's 850 will do.
  5. Major C TRAIL change in Sudbury

    The new trail looks straighter and quicker than the old trail.
  6. OC group ride

    I may be in, depending on when.
  7. Tornado's Resort,Port Loring

    What a great trip it was. We had good snow that winter. Too bad about Tornados. Nice people.
  8. Cochrane feb 25...

    This is basically a good plan. We just did a similar ride last weekend.
  9. New liskeard

    Sounds like we are on a similar plan. 5 of us are heading to Kirkland Lake tonight, hopefully the drive isn't too bad.
  10. Gaspe question

    Try the below link. http://www.infomotoneigistegaspesie.com/
  11. New liskeard

    Thanks! I exchange messaged with IF last night. Should be perfect when I ride it on Thursday.
  12. Scheduled Sick Day Ride ....

    nice post, trails look great.
  13. New liskeard

    Any idea about north of Matheson towards A111C? Still shows limited.
  14. Cochrane feb 25...

    Nice pictures. Actually looks better now than when we were up there in January. Especially at Opaz gas. Have a blast. See you later in the week.
  15. New liskeard

    I am heading up Wednesday night, hoped to start in Liskeard but pretty sure we will be pushing on to Kirkland Lake. IQ's pictures yesterday helped confirm that one.