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  1. ravinerat

    Kold Kutter Ice Screws

    Please email for response ravine.rat@sympatico.ca
  2. ravinerat

    Kold Kutter Ice Screws

    268 new, unused Ice Screws 12-11x1" Ran these on my Tundra and had great traction on the ice.
  3. ravinerat

    Snowmobile toboggan

    Toboggan has been sold
  4. ravinerat

    Snowmobile toboggan

    Sorry. Won't let me upload the other pictures. RR
  5. ravinerat

    Snowmobile toboggan

    Equinox Trailboggan 7'4"x24". 3 full length Uhmwpe runners on bottom for protection. Cover to protect your cargo. Great for pulling your gear into the cottage or camp. Fits full size auger and gear for ice fishing. Also will hold more than enough winter camping gear. Located in Barrie. $300 Email: ravine.rat@sympatico.ca
  6. ravinerat

    Going throough the ice....

    Know ice travel and know the lakes you run. If not on a staked line stay off at night. Too many hazards come up too quick. RR
  7. ravinerat

    Legal Off Trail Riding Areas

    Farther north you go the easier it is to find. Unploughed Logging roads are my favorite. I go from lake to lake to get back into untouched areas. Easy for me on my Tundra. Two years a go we did 120 km off trail on old logging roads in 3-4' of powder. RR
  8. ravinerat


    Rode Lake Simcoe yesterday. Almost to Big Bay Point. Cracks are minimum and about 6-8" of snow. Drilled some holes and 12" of ice at Bear Point. RR
  9. ravinerat

    Baysville/ pine springs

    Just putting ice screws on the Tundra today or I would join you. I know down near Cider Lk they were cutting and staging logs 3 weeks ago. Still no bridge through Big Wind. RR
  10. ravinerat

    Baysville/ pine springs

    The logging is growing the the area as they harvest in new sections. I winter camp in the area and it may not be possible this year. They ploughed Black River road pretty good in sections last year. Although it was a wet season last year. Lots of new skidder trails in the area. Some new flooded out area's in the spring on BRR too. RR
  11. ravinerat


  12. ravinerat

    EMP Rack

  13. ravinerat

    EMP Rack

    I have an EMP Rack for sale. Used two seasons. It was $300 to my door. Keeps your gear off the top of your heat exchangers. Easy to mount Rotopax and other gear. There is a spot the paint had been chipped off when My buddy slide sideways into my rear and his rack's upright hit the side of the EMP. There is also a little rub mark on the side of the rack. Mounting Hwd. I touched it up with paint. would prefer pick up in Barrie. If shipped purchaser pays shipping. $100. I can take PayPal contact: ravine.rat@sympatico.ca
  14. ravinerat


    I have a pair of BRP Skis # 505072946 for sale. I think they are DS but they could be the model after the DS. Wider than my Pilot skis and give lots of floatation for the lakes. Used only one season mostly lake running. The come complete with grab loops and carbides. Carbides have some rust from sitting but lots of wear left on them. I had them installed on my Renegade which has been sold. Purchasers responsibility to make sure they fit your snowmobile. Would prefer pick up in Barrie. If need to be shipped purchaser pays for shipping. $150. I can take paypal. Contact: ravine.rat@sympatico.ca
  15. The groomer I talked to says they like 8" of good ice. RR